Deloitte Analytics and IBM software: Pulling together
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Deloitte Analytics and IBM software: Pulling together



POV that explains how Deloitte is working closely with IBM Software. With their recent acquisitions of Cognos and SPSS, IBM Software complements Deloitte's strengths on the technical front, with ...

POV that explains how Deloitte is working closely with IBM Software. With their recent acquisitions of Cognos and SPSS, IBM Software complements Deloitte's strengths on the technical front, with world-class technology and tools that span the stack from data management to predictive modeling with the most advanced technology in the marketplace today.



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Deloitte Analytics and IBM software: Pulling together Deloitte Analytics and IBM software: Pulling together Document Transcript

  • Deloitte analyticsand IBM SoftwarePulling togetherAnalytics Pulling together 1
  • IBM Software needs Deloitte Deloitte needs IBM Software IBM’s strategic acquisitions of business intelligence (BI) and performance Business analytics is poised for exponential growth—the next big thing by almost management (PM) technology from Cognos and predictive analytics from any standard. But it’s not just a flash in the pan. Like reengineering and ERP, SPSS has allowed IBM to broaden our offerings into a comprehensive business business analytics is here to stay. That’s why IBM Software is laser focused on the analytics portfolio. opportunity. As are we at Deloitte—carefully considering the potential impact of advanced analytics across all of our businesses and services. Our goal is to help enterprises emerge stronger and more competitive from the current economic climate—able to predict and respond to opportunities Yes, IBM can be a formidable competitor; we’ve gone toe-to-toe on countless and threats, optimize operations to capitalize on new sources of revenue, occasions. But they can also be a powerful ally. Especially IBM Software. and proactively manage risk while ensuring efficiency. We see this shift as so important, that we’ve restructured IBM Software Group to involve a major new That’s how Rob Ashe, IBM’s Global General Manager for Business Analytics pillar called “Business Analytics.” Software, sees it—and he’s right. He knows we bring the industry knowledge and functional footprint that IBM needs to deliver the value clients expect. These Deloitte is already an IBM Premier Business Partner and has been recognized as strengths form the basis of Deloitte’s unique value proposition as we work to the Cognos Global Partner of the Year or Global Systems Integrator of the Year make the most of analytics applications (such as finance analytics, customer for the last five years running. We look forward to continued work with Deloitte analytics, supply chain analytics, and HR analytics). Our focus on targeted on behalf of our mutual clients as they tap into the potential of business analytics. industry analytics includes federal government, state and local government, and banking, as initial priorities. Rob Ashe General Manager IBM Software is emerging as the global leader in analytics, delivering a stack of Business Analytics integrated software capabilities second to none. With their acquisition of Cognos IBM Software and SPSS, it’s a safe bet they’ll be on any serious analytics RFP anywhere in the world. And we will be there with them. Bob Dalton Lead Client Service Principal and Global Relationship Leader for IBM Deloitte Consulting LLP Pulling together 1
  • The business analytics stack Business analytics 101 t igh Hig res Analytics Business analytics capabilities range from fundamentals like data management, h Fo business intelligence, and performance management to advanced processes involving predictive modeling, asset intelligence, automation, and more. Performance management On the deeper end lie advanced capabilities to move up the stack in terms of An value potential—and across the organization to drive toward deep adoption. al y tic Organizations need to be able to: t igh sc • Engage the full spectrum of people, processes, technology, and governance ap Ins ab • Look ahead to faster, smarter choices ili t i es Business intelligence • Execute process automation • Manage change tied to embedded capabilities and outcomes • Create a culture that thrives on fact-based decisions t igh This deeper approach engages the full spectrum of people, processes, Low ds technology, and governance to look into the past—and the future—enabling Hin Data management organizations to manage opportunities and risks with faster, smarter choices. It embeds analytic capabilities and outcomes deep throughout the enterprise, creating a powerful culture of fact-based decision-making. People Process Technology Strategy and governance2 Pulling together 3
  • Climbing higher by Deloitte and IBM Software—going deeper aligned for value Business analytics capabilities today are moving from the edge into the heart of the business, producing uncommon insights that drive smarter, faster decisions. That’s the essence of deep analytics, and it’s changing the path to performance Deep sector in organizations around the world. knowledge Deep analytics is powered by three engines: deep sector knowledge, broad functional capabilities, and technical sophistication. IBM complements our strengths on the technical front, with world-class technology and tools that span the stack from data management to predictive modeling with the most advanced technology in the marketplace today. IBM Broad functional footprint Software Teaming with IBM Software for business analytics creates tremendous opportunities for Deloitte. It ensures we can work with one of the largest Technical technology companies on the planet. It provides competitive differentiation and sophistication new sources of revenue. And it levels the playing field against larger technology competitors, even against IBM Global Services itself. Deloitte and IBM are mutual clients as well as deep alliance partners. This “Right fit” analytics: How IBM helps us help clients multifaceted relationship encompasses the full scope of our respective portfolios. • A business analytics stack that is independent of any underlying ERP or legacy system, as opposed to SAP and Oracle, with unique capabilities including: – IBM Cognos: World-class BI/PM capabilities for structured and unstructured data Gartner ranks Deloitte the #1 global business – IBM SPSS: Clearly differentiated predictive analytics strength consulting services provider for 2009. – IBM ILOG: The market leading business rules engine with strong optimization algorithms and models — Gartner Dataquest Top Ten Consulting Providers’ Revenue, Growth and Marketshare, • World-class information management from IBM including InfoSphere, FileNet, Worldwide and Regional, 2009 DB2, Informix, Optim, Exeros, and Initiate • IBM Smart Analytics System (server appliance) or IBM Smart Analytics Cloud • Blueprints/Solutions/Analytic Apps for speed to market and time to value4 Pulling together 5
  • Peak performance From hindsight to insight to foresight No alliance partner matches the market leadership of IBM Software in its ability With the acquisition of SPSS, IBM Software rounds out its analytics suite, to support our deep analytics capabilities. delivering capabilities that are essential for any client seeking to become a predictive enterprise. Looking into the future—not just the past—SPSS enables a Layer Award and Recognition IBM Oracle SAP SAS new mindset that creates new value opportunities. When organizations predict Forrester Wave: Predictive Analytics future events and act upon that insight with confidence, they can make smarter #2 #4 n/a #1 and Data Mining Solutions business decisions sooner, and drive better business outcomes. Analytics Gartner MQ: CRM Data Mining #1 n/a n/a #2 Deep analytics becomes a way of life in a predictive enterprise, mining insights Forrester Wave: Business Rules Engine #1 n/a #7 n/a across a growing range of structured and unstructured data. Working with IBM Software, we’ll be there to help our clients turn that vision into value. Forrester Wave: Business Top 3 Top 3 Top 3 #4 Performance Performance Solutions leader leader leader management Gartner MQ: Corporate Performance Top 3 Top 2 Top 2 #5 Management Suites leader leader leader t igh res Analytics Fo Business Gartner MQ: Business Top 2 Top 2 #5 #4 intelligence Intelligence Platforms leader leader Performance management t igh Gartner MQ: Data Integration Tools Top 2 #3 #4 #5 Ins Forrester Wave: Enterprise Data Top 3 Top 3 #5 n/a Warehousing Platforms Business intelligence Forrester Wave: Information #1 #2 n/a n/a as a Service t Data igh InfoSphere management ds Forrester Wave: ECM Suites #1 #2 n/a n/a IBM: DB2, Informix, Optim, Hin Data management Gartner MQ: Master Data Exeros, Initiate #1 #2 #5 n/a Management of Product Data Gartner MQ: Master Data Top 2 Top 2 #4 n/a Management of Customer Data leader leader6 Pulling together 7
  • A time for Deloitte to lead Contacts No one doubts the power of analytics to enable better, faster decision-making. To learn how the Deloitte and IBM Alliance can help you bring value to your The business results are proven and real. The only question is who’s going to lead clients, please contact: this explosive market. Deloitte IBM Through our alliance relationship with IBM, we can deliver unbeatable capabilities Bob Dalton Glenn Brogan spanning the range of decisions from tactical to operational to strategic—backed Lead Client Service Principal/ Global Relationship Leader by the deepest stack of analytics technology in the world. Global Relationship Leader Deloitte Consulting LLP +1 914 720 7352 It can be tricky collaborating with a strong competitor—and sometimes even +1 404 631 3939 Jose Leruth frustrating. But IBM needs us as much as we need them. The strengths we Global Alliance Executive – Deloitte Craig Mallow IBM Software Group bring to the alliance—our access to CFOs, our sector knowledge, our functional IBM Alliance Manager breadth, and our talent—are the essential ingredients that create and preserve Deloitte Consulting LLP +1 508 685 6217 value for demanding clients. +1 416 874 3259 Marc Denner Global Alliance Deloitte And the truth is, all the tools in the world don’t matter if you can’t apply them Terri Cobb IBM Software Group effectively to the right business challenges. That’s where we excel. IBM Alliance BDM Business Analyics IBM Software Lead Deloitte Consulting LLP +1 704 243 7224 +1 713 621 5569 Shane Cook We usually think of IBM as a competitor. Gayle Kalvert Indirect Channels – GSI Lead SPSS, an IBM Company But the truth is they are also one of our most IBM Alliance BDM important relationships—and a key factor in IBM Cognos Software Lead Deloitte Consulting LLP +1-312-651-3819 our success. +1 213 996 6801 Scott Kruglewicz Information Management GSI/MSI Jim Quigley , Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Alliance Software Group Bob Miller IBM Corporation IBM Alliance Technical Architect Deloitte Consulting LLP +1 404 452 6245 +1 918 671 51688 Pulling together 9
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