Apocalypse In Death Valley Recap


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Apocalypse In Death Valley Recap

  1. 1. Apocalypse in Death Valley Back on Track – With Recap
  2. 2. Hello and welcome, my dear readers. That is, if there's anyone out there still interested in a story that hasn't been updated for a year and a half. I'm back on track in my RL after such a long time and finally I'm back to Sims 2 as well. After reinstalling my computer twice during this time I still have my Sims 2 files and reinstalled the game just a week ago... and there they were. My dear Apocalypse family, all happy and healthy. For an Apocalypse, of course. I'd really love to go back and play and finish the challenge (and my story), but I realized I can't very well just hop in and continue – I've forgotten so many rules! Luckily I've found my notes and went through them and the rules so I'm a bit better prepared already. But I have to go through everything what happened already to get it all back together... and I thought maybe someone else would enjoy a little recap. Off we go then! =>
  3. 3. So, this is Braille. Second generation heir, Romance Sim and current head of the family. The only Sim that can hear me right now. That's right. Something very odd prevents normal communication with my Sims. So far, only one Sim per generation could hear me and Braille and I have no idea why. That's one thing we were trying to figure out before I had to go away...
  4. 4. Oi! Braille! Braille! I'm back! „Oh, heya Voice. Good you're back, I wanted to talk to you about yesterday...“ Uh, Braille? I have something to talk about with you, too.... See, what you think was yesterday actually happened over a year ago. Real time, that is, not Sim time.
  5. 5. „Hu? What? Have you been meditating too much? I once had delusions, too... “ Er, Braille. I don't meditate. See, I had to leave you for a while. Some very important things with my own family, especialle my mother, going on. I'm sorry. Braille? Braille? You're not going to stop talking to me again, are you? „Um...“ Look, I'm back. I'm sorry I neglected you guys but I saved your files twice when my computer needed a new setup and I'm back now! We can solve this mystery, we can...
  6. 6. „Hey, hey! Stop babbling, Voice. Everything's fine.“ It is? „Yeah... we all enjoyed the time off.“ Phew, I'm glad... wait, time off? „Sure. Every Sim needs a break from Apocalypse living, right?“ But... I thought you wouldn't even notice since time doesn't pass for you when I'm not playing... „Do you really know what's going on on your computer when you turn it off?“ Well, I thought I did... „Your Mum's ok?“ Gee, Braille, I never knew you were so caring. Why thank you for asking, yes, she is.
  7. 7. „Alright, then let's get back to the important stuff... you're back for good? Still got one full nice point, as I can see. But, yep! „And you still want to find out who is behind all this and way?“ I sure do! „Not leaving again?“ I swear! „Then let's not waste any more time, Voice!“ Somehow, this talk absolutely didn't take the turn I thought it would... „Of course, you do owe me something, Voice. Big time.“ Yeah, that sounds like you, Braille.
  8. 8. „Ignoring that for now... about yesterday.“ Braille, wait. „Now what?“ Well, I have to admit that after such a long time... could you quickly bring me up to date with your family story? As to who accomplished what? „You mean you forgot?“ Um... yeah. Sorry. „Shesh, maybe I should do this thing on my own...“ Hey! I helped you a lot in the past, too! „Yeah, but you forgot that! Hehe.“ Now, Braille! I could also forget about the promise I made... you only marrying Komei if you both have the want locked in? *gasps* „You wouldn't!“
  9. 9. Actually... no. I wouldn't. „I'd never talk to you again if you did!“ I know. And see? I haven't forgotten everything. So go on. Let's recap. And after that you can tell me everything about yesterday. Deal? „Deal. Pfff, me and getting married, you're nuts.“ Braille! „Alright, alright, recapping!“
  10. 10. „Well, you do remember Kaylar, right? My grandmother?“ I do. I remember all your family, I'm just not so sure about who brought back what... „Well, Grandma Kaylar became Space Pirate and brought the Jumbok and Smart Milk back. And the using of career rewards.“ Oh, ok. That's good. Gotta love Smart Milk and the Jumbok.
  11. 11. „She married Grandpa Drake and he brought back energizers and all kinds of electronics stuff.“ Oh, he lifted Science? „Yep.“ And then they had kids.
  12. 12. „Yes, they had my Dad, Magellan. And Aunt Marie. And then for some reason Grandma Kaylar was ok with another pregnancy – really no idea why she'd like that – and they had twins! Uncle Möbius and Aunt Mendela!“ Oh, I remember! Second generation of an Apocalypse and four kids! And all of them inherited Drake's nine active points! „We like to be active. And you never bought us a TV, so no chance for couch potatoes!“ Oh, right. You got them, too!
  13. 13. Aww, Magellan. He was such a great heir. Did you know he volunteered? And he was the only Sim who could hear me, until he turned elder. „Dad volunteered? I didn't know that.“
  14. 14. Yes. He was very determined to find out what had caused this disaster and why Sims no longer could hear me. „Well, he didn't find out about that but he managed to clear the phone lines and internet. Meaning more job ads on the computer and no more waiting for tuesdays to call people.“ Gotta love him for that! And he married Meadow. „Yeah. Mom. I'm still not on speaking terms with her.“ I remember... she wanted to become Education Minister, but I had her top Show Business first, right? Anyway, after that she was so determined to fulfill her life's dream that she didn't really care much for you kids.
  15. 15. „No, she didn't. Dad and his siblings raised us. That is, Kepler there and me. And they made time to be there for us, even though Aunt Marie became Education Minister – before Mom, ha! - and installed a high school, Aunt Mendela cleared the roads...“ Military lift? Great! „... and Uncle Möbius brought back showers!“ Which Kepler obviously loved! „Hehe, yeah, especially he did. Though actually we all do.“
  16. 16. But Kepler and you weren't the only children in generation three. „No. Can you believe Mum? After already having two kids she hardly even knew she got pregnant once again. And what happened?“ She had twins. Yes, I do remember that very well! „She didn't really care about them, either.“
  17. 17. „But Baily and Hawking were raised very well without her!“ I know. You and Kepler were great bigger siblings. Oh, I remember the headache those two gave me... being very hungry all the time...
  18. 18. „Oh, they were. We stuffed them with lots o' hamburgers and there were only very few snowdays. So they grew up happy and healthy. They are still teens, but Baily is working on bringing back music and Hawking went into Politics.“ Oh, that's great. It would be nice to be able to expand the house a bit further. We're running out of floors here.
  19. 19. „Shortly after that picture of the two of them was taken, I had my first son.“ Diesel! „Yes. Isn't he a cute baby? Awww, he was so cudly and had that certain baby smell...“ Oi, Braille, you're a Romance Sim, remember? „Psh, of course. I still haven't rolled the want to get married to his father, have I?“ True. And I promised you, you would have to get married unless you did. „Yeah, if just Mom thought so, too... she actually had the nerve to ask Komei to move in – without asking me first! – so I could marry him and no longer disgrace my family, as she put it.“
  20. 20. „Turned out that Komei wasn't the type for marriage, either, so we just, well, got along great in our way, hehe.“ No more details, please! „Ha, that was always a good way to scare you away!“ Pffft. Back to career lifts, please. „How boring... ok. I topped Athletics as I always wanted and Komei managed to top Paranormal, something you wanted to try Mum first, but she failed.“ Well, I guess new hairstyles and clothes are great, too. Not to mention dates and outings.
  21. 21. „Yeah, everything could have been great, but then...“ The zombie chick! I remember, she turned up one day and threatened the family! „Yeah... that was scary, I'll admit that.“ You showed her not to mess with you, though.
  22. 22. „Yes. But she made strange hints about someone who wanted our family to fail, so I thought of a way to be able to protect my family.“ And became a vampire. „Yes. At that point we didn't know that the Count was actually the one who sent the zombie chick... and that I was playing right into his hands by becoming, er,... allergic to sunlight.“
  23. 23. Although, it also had advantages. „Yes... actually, I only wanted one more child! Three at once were quite a handful! But I could easily care for Bayer, Fleming and Rouelle during the nights, so it was ok.“ Family Sim in disguise, that's what you are. *glares* Sorry, sorry, taking it all back... still hot-headed, that one... changing topic... uthor's Note: Curse that glitch! But I do love the babies!
  24. 24. They all grew into happy kidlets, that's for sure. „Yep. I'm very proud of them. But it was tough sometimes, caring for three tots and not neglecting my firstborn at the same time.“
  25. 25. „Around this time Kepler asked me to make him a vampire, too. Back then we still didn't know about the Count's plan...“
  26. 26. „And then, as if she hadn't done damage enough, Mum came back in our lives. Well, at least she tried to. She moved in with Dad and Marie (they had left a while ago and Mum, too) and tried to make friends with Baily and Hawking. After not caring for them their whole childhood! The nerve!“ And did they connect with her? „Well, there wasn't really much chance for talking because that was the day when things became really dangerous!“ Oh!
  27. 27. „Oh indeed! The zombie chick attacked again. Well, she was a zombie-vampire chick now... and being a dead undead she could attack in daylight!“ So that was the Count's plan! Oh, what a... „I hear ya, Voice! Even if I had been there I couldn't have helped them. I dread the day they come to this house and attack again!“ Me too, Braille, me too. But Baily and Hawking are ok, yes?
  28. 28. „Yes, they are. Thanks to her.“ Uh, Braille, she looks like... „She's not grandma. Apparently she is her twin sister. And she's been watching over us the whole time.“ And she's a... „Yep, she's a zombie, too. But a nice one.“ Oh. Ok. If you say so. „Trust me, Voice. Kaya is ok. She seems to know more about what is going on.“ Oh. Good! Did she tell you?
  29. 29. „Not everything. The most important thing is that we keep working to restore the order in Death Valley, she said. Oh, and she told me one very encouraging thing, too!“ Oh, what's that? „The Count is going to attack again...“ Not what I'd call encouraging, Braille. „Will you listen to me? Sheesh. She said the Count is going to attack again, but he can only do so once per generation.“ Now that's good news! „That's what I've been wanting to tell you. It seems his... minions aren't so invincible after all. They don't die in the sun, but they need a long time to recover.“ That's really good news!
  30. 30. „... Voice?“ Yes, Braille? „She said one more thing.“ And what's that? „She said: 'The girl that brings green into the family will save it.' Any ideas what she could mean?“ Um... not right now. Bring green into the family... bringing back plants, maybe? „Sounds probable.“ Well, to bring back the plants we's need to lift Natural Science and to do so, we need a college student... and a girl, obviously. Which brings us to another matter...
  31. 31. „Bleh! My children are only kids! You don't want to discuss heirship right now!“ Well, if we take what Kaya said seriously... you only had one girl, Braille. „I said Bleh, Voice! I'm not sending any of my children to college, anyway. It's way too dangerous!“ I understand you, Braille, but obviously we need Natural... „Pssh! The spouse can do that. Komeii knows enough college students! My children stay where I can protect them and that's that!“ Alright, alright, Braille! Woah! I suppose I don't have a say in this matter. „No, you don't. They are my children, after all. Bleh!“ Alright. No need for any more bleh-ing! I guess your way is just fine, too.
  32. 32. “Of course it is.“ So that's settled. Now let's go back to raising these kidlets of yours, what do you say? „I say – you could change the diapers for once.“ Heh – I would if I could, Braille. I would if I could.
  33. 33. No cliffhanger this time! Well, almost. So there I am back again with my Apocalypse family. Some good news, some mysterious hints and a bit of a memory helper. The girl that brings the green into the family... I wonder who that is going to be. And of course, when will the Count and his minions attack again? We'll have a bit of peace for a while, but for how long? And not to forget - restrictions… are Baily and Hawking going to lift Music and Politics? *crosses fingers* Everyone who came back to read this after such a long break – thank you. And if you just discovered this story and read it – thank you as well. I hope you enjoyed this little chapter.
  34. 34. What else? After a year, I still can‘t decide on a heir for the next generation… By the way, Hawking and Baily truly were my hungriest Sim kids ever. By that time I thought I was used to nine active points and only one serving of burgers but oooh, I was wrong. Luckily enough, I had energizers for the adults and all of them were also able to meditate. The Nine Active Points of Doom from Drake stuck around until the glitchy triplets were born. And now I kinda miss them... ^^
  35. 35. Fun Facts: Uh. Since not much actually happened this chapter, I have none. Ok, one thing – despite what she just said Braille never ever rolled the fear of changing a diaper. Romance Sim? Yeah, sure. Not much but oh well. Next time for sure!
  36. 36. And The End once again!