Taking the Evolutionary Approach To Cloud


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The evolutionary approach to cloud leverages existing investments in hardware people and processes to move to a cloud environment. In this session you will see how companies are taking steps to cloud defined by their own comfort level, while developing a blue print for an eventual hybrid/public cloud deployment.

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Taking the Evolutionary Approach To Cloud

  1. 1. Global Marketing
  2. 2. Soaring complexity and OpEx = x x • High flexibility Efficiency = • Optimized IT mgt. time • Lower capital expenditures2 Global Marketing
  3. 3. Efficiency = high flexibility, low capital expenditures and optimized IT management time Processes People Technology3 Global Marketing
  4. 4. Scale and Functionality ITaaS/SaaS – security, Private Cloud tuned to Integrate On-Premise to email, storage… Workloads/Platforms Off-Premise Public PaaS Private Cloud (Infrastructure Oriented) Seamless Provisioning to Public Cloud: Convergence Public Infrastructure Cloud Virtualization (Compute, Storage, Network) Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Public Cloud 4 Global Marketing
  5. 5. 5 Global Marketing5
  6. 6. What if you could make your entire IT environment as dynamic using flexible infrastructure? What if you could respond to What if you could consume business requests in infrastructure without worrying minutes? about setting it up? What if you could transform IT infrastructure but leverage the skills and investments you already have? What if you could have a single solution that deploys workloads on physical and virtual resources? 6 Global Marketing6
  7. 7. Dell Delivery Center Automated Workload Performance Mgmt and VIS Self-Service Creator VIS Director Deployment Planning Simple catalog-based self-service and End-to-end infrastructure automatic deployment of workloads management and planning Dell Services Dell Intelligent Infrastructure Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM) Dynamic Resource Management Rapid deployment of compute, storage and networking resources vStart – Integrated Infrastructure Existing Hardware7 Global Marketing
  8. 8. Servers, storage, networking, Everything power, cabling, rack, hypervisor, included management and deployment Converged Capacity Infrastructure planning & for virtual trend analytics Pre-Sized for your Configurations based on desired environments needs capacity (current vStart 100, 200) Delivered pre-racked, pre- Infrastructure Delivered ready provisioning, cabled, pre-tested and pre- Resource Cost allocation to run configured and ready to runtiering, pooling Deployment Initial service to quickly deploy in Automatic Service your environment Dependency workload mapping Essential physical management provisioning Extensions extensions included ; Seamless Included deep device-level data and Self-service automated actions portal Multiple hyper-visor support, Multi-vendor varied storage and networking support support8 Global Marketing
  9. 9. Dynamic and Deploy servers from pallet to rapid server production in minutes Converged Capacity deployment infrastructure planning & for virtual Automatically and intelligently trend analytics environment Highly available redeploy workloads across the infrastructureInfrastructure Workload Move workloads seamlessly provisioning resource Cost allocation mobility, P2V between physical servers and tiering, and V2P virtual machines pooling Workload Move workloads between mobility, P2P and various makes/models of Automatic servers and hypervisors workload Dependency V2V mapping provisioning Dynamically allocate servers, Shared network connectivity and storage infrastructure access Self-service portal Multi-vendor Unified control for today’s support heterogeneous data centers 9 Global Marketing
  10. 10. Providing IT users the power to deploy and manage their resources while enabling IT to respond faster to business requests and improve control over IT environments. Role-based access for users to Self-service manage their resources Portal throughout their lifecycle Converged Capacity Infrastructure Planning & for Virtual Trend Automated, policy-driven Automatic Environment Analytics delivery of IT compute Provisioning resourcesInfrastructure Multi-vendor solution supportProvisioning, Cost Heterogeneous across the ecosystem, Resource Ecosystem hardware, hypervisor, mgmt Allocation Tiering, sw Pooling Automatically reclaim Automatic Sprawl Control underutilized or abandoned Dependency resources Workload Mapping Provisioning Role-based access to resource Group-based deployment within dedicated Self-service Reservations infrastructure pool Portal Pre-packaged process Workload automation workflows, tailor Templates without code changes 10 Global Marketing
  11. 11. Dell VIS Director Converged Capacity Detailed view of Intuitive view of infrastructure infrastructure planning & for virtual trend infrastructure dependencies environment analytics Understand performance and Trend analysis utilization trends to help with Infrastructure future planning provisioning, Cost Resource allocation Scenario modeling to supporttiering, pooling “What-if” resource planning and impact planning analysis Automatic Tracks utilization, costs and ROI Dependency workload Cost analytics for specific configuration and mapping provisioning consumption models Identifies issues and resource Self-service portal Alerts contentions to help speed mean-time-to-resolution 11 Global Marketing
  12. 12. Racked and Purchase options – data center in- a-box option for fastest time to ready productivity Automatically discover hardware Rapid setup and create clusters, or import existing virtualization clusters Connect IT Just-in-time Resources “learn” from existing resources enabling on-demand provisioning and dynamic allocation of assets Policy based Template-based deployment that defines workload and life-cycle governance characteristics Integrated Optimize IT automated Run IT Wizard-based GUI steps through the activities turn-key associated with the design and GUI deployment of a workload Supports heterogeneous Heterogeneous hypervisors, software and hardware Deliver IT Physical and One-touch deployment of workloads to either virtual or virtual physical machines12 Global Marketing
  13. 13. Open Architecture Integrated Automated Leverage current and future Linking the heterogeneous Automating entire data center investments in heterogeneous components of the data ecosystem, improving technology, people and center ecosystem, removing consistency, control and processes, without sacrificing unneeded steps, licensing dramatically affecting the time integration. and consoles. and resources needed. Heterogeneous, Future Proof Integrating the Ecosystem End-to-End Automation 13 Global Marketing1
  14. 14. Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) Architecture Advanced VIS Self-Service vStart Infrastructure VIS Director Creator Manager (AIM) Converged Dynamic Automated Automated infrastructure for infrastructure workload performance virtualization provisioning deployment and capacity management Pre-sized, pre- Rapidly provision Improve response to racked, pre-wired, pools of compute, business with Understand your pre-configured and storage and automated, self- environment and pre-tested networking service deployment effectively manage infrastructure resources while improving performance and providing out of the governance and capacity demands box virtualization control Dell Services Customizable services to help plan for, execute and support a Dell VIS solution Efficient architecture Technology introduction Accelerator Custom design and workshop Proof of concept service implementation14 Global Marketing
  15. 15. Global Marketing
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