Powering the Possible for Pediatric Caner


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Since the 1980s, the FDA has approved one new treatment for any type of childhood cancer, compared with 50 approved treatments for adult cancers during the same time period. Dell believes in the power of technology to unlock new possibilities and advance treatment options for pediatric cancer beyond today's 'trial and error' methods. Dell is committed to providing the IT infrastructure, corporate funding and employee volunteers to support this cause.

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Powering the Possible for Pediatric Caner

  1. 1. Powering the Possiblefor Pediatric Cancer
  2. 2. Increases computation andCloud collaboration capacity by 1,200%technology helps Reduces mapping and analysis fromidentify personalized months totreatment strategies daysfor children with Expands participationneuroblastoma* from a few children to hundreds and then thousands*Neuroblastoma strikes one in 100,000children annually, usually before the ageof 5, and it is responsible for one in sevenpediatric cancer deathsDell’s Powering the Possible for pediatriccancer is a multi-year, multi-million dollarcommitment of technology, funds andemployee engagement to support innovative 2pediatric cancer treatment programs globally Powering the Possible
  3. 3. Simplifies interaction and NMTRC: Tumor sampleinfo sharing between is taken by thescientists and oncologists oncologist and added to genome databaseso targeted treatments canbegin faster The database creates TGen Cloud real-time, global Computation & Collaboration TGen: MolecularManages 200 billion data points knowledge repository of Powered by Dell characterization latest of the tumorgenerated per patient findings on the most is formulated • 8.2 teraflops and growing effective treatments • 1,200% increase in compute powerReduces mapping and analysis Helps to refine cures for over existing clinical computing other children diagnosedfrom months to days with neuroblastoma cluster Specific tumor Lays the groundwork for • Dell Precision Workstations make-up is mapped expansion into other typesCreates a real-time, growing of childhood cancers • Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers against millions of patient DNA andbody of knowledge • Dell PowerVault Storage Arrays treatment variables • Dell Compellent Storage Center Arrays NMTRC: Doctors Best match is based • Dell Force10 Network Infrastructure on other patients administer treatment with a similar make-up and add findings back • Technical expertise and support and the treatment that into worked well for them the database DNA mapping results are saved to the TGen Cloud Information is stored in a protected, accessible manner so that doctors can get the results quickly 3 Powering the Possible
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