Dr. Mohammed Hussein VNA/XDS and their influence on clinical workflow


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Dell Services Dr. Mohammed Hussein speaks on Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) and Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) and their influence on clinical workflow

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Dr. Mohammed Hussein VNA/XDS and their influence on clinical workflow

  1. 1. VNA/XDS and their influence on clinical workflowDr. Mohammed HusseinHealthcare Imaging & UCA Lead - UKInfrastructure & Cloud Computing - Dell Services
  2. 2. Dell Healthcare & Life Sciences• 13,000+ healthcare & life sciences professionals• We support over 10,000 Healthcare providers, health plans, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostic and scientific instrumentation customers worldwide• Leading Healthcare Information Technology Services provider1• Dell Healthcare & Life Sciences is with $2.6 billion (FY11) the second largest Healthcare IT company2• We provide OEM services to 70+ Healthcare and Life Sciences software, medical device and scientific instrument providers• Our Clinical Archive Cloud manages more than 70 million clinical studies and 4.8 billion diagnostic imaging objects on behalf of more than 800 clinical sites in North America3 1) Source Gartner 2011 [url] 2) Source Healthcare Informatics 2011 [url] 3) See real-time ticker
  3. 3. Transformation of Medicine Decision Support Systems Healthcare Information Exchange Information Correlation Translational Medicine Episode based Diagnosis Non-specific Better Organized to Patient Centric Episode by Episode Reduce Duplicate Effort Disease Prevention Systems Efficiency Services
  4. 4. Clinical andOperationalChallenges-Fragmentation Services
  5. 5. What is the Issue?Currently healthcare IT deals with numerous silos of data found in a number of specialised ‘ology’ silos withdifferent storage tiers and modalities as well as different care delivery sites, formats and systems (Images,PDF, Word documents, Excel sheets, etc…)This results in a multitude of data formats often only accessible through the specific vendor who created itwithin the site it was acquired/created at.These silos require the clinician to go to multiple sources to gather a holistic view of the patient condition. Systems Image / Clinical Documents Silos Labs PACS PAS/EPR ?? Locations Hospital 1 Hospital 2 GP ?? Services
  6. 6. Current Sharing Flow (Imaging/Clinical Docs) PACS CR CTUS Site A Diagnostic Workstation PACS CR CT Images shared via CDsUS With its limitations and issues Site B Diagnostic Workstation PACS CR CTUS Site C Diagnostic Workstation Services
  7. 7. Sharing Flow PACS CR CTUS Site A Diagnostic Workstation PACS CT Images shared via Web access CR with its limitations and issuesUS Viewing Workstation Web Viewer Site B Diagnostic Workstation PACS CR CTUS Site C Diagnostic Workstation Services
  8. 8. Data Locked in Departmental Silos Radiology Oncology Cardiology Women’s health Pathology• Clinical Information Silos • Painful vendor application migrations• Expensive and redundant procedures are performed • Expensive and risky data migrations• Diagnostic collaboration among departments is – Lengthy scope of work negotiations inefficient – Months to prepare, inspect, and migrate• EMR systems are incomplete and lack certain critical data patient information • True…for every application silo in your environment Services
  9. 9. Unified ClinicalArchive-Consolidation-Standardisation Services
  10. 10. Dell Unified Clinical ArchiveHelping Healthcare providers efficiently store, manage and share medical image data Women’s Medical Radiology Oncology Cardiology Pathology health Record Unified Clinical Archive Unified Clinical Archive Dell Clinical Data Management Data Consolidation and Information Life cycle Management • Dell Services • Dell Security Dell On-Premise Clinical Archive Dell Cloud Clinical Archive Object based storage platform Managed Enterprise Archive Dell Clinical Collaboration Portal Cross Enterprise Data Access and Distribution Services
  11. 11. UCA – Portfolio At a Glance Unified Clinical Archive Portfolio Dell Clinical Dell On-Premise Dell Cloud Clinical Dell Clinical Data Management Clinical Archive Archive Collaboration Portal Tools for Data SharingData Virtualization On-Premises Archiving Cloud based Managed and exchangeand VNA Software layer Hardware Archival Service - Dell Cloud Clinical - Apollo - Compellent Archive - Calgary Scientific - DX6000 Series - Dell Cloud Clinical - Dell Cloud Clinical - Equalogic Recovery WebAccess - PowerVault - MEDecision - Servers & Infrastructure - Aperio* SECURITY (Encryption, Access Control, Audit Logs, Role based access) SERVICES (Migration, Assessment, Deployment, Support) Services * Solution available later in 2012
  12. 12. BridgeHead /Dell SolutionManage and control clinical and non-clinical documents, records andimages in a searchable, centralizedrepository• DICOM Storage Class Server• HL7 interface• Microsoft® Exchange Storage Management, Compliance Journaling and PST Migration• File System Archiving from Windows® and Linux• Direct integration with Microsoft® SharePoint® Server• Mixed content and meta-data index• Full search and Web portal access Healthcare and Life Sciences
  13. 13. InDex provides a turnkey infrastructure that is image-enabled inFrame Clinical Collaboration: UCA differentiators empowering the sharing of patient centric information Unrivaled medical imaging distribution/visualization Dell Cloud Clinical WebAccess• Integrated Web-based portal for viewing medical images• True Zero-Footprint• Multi-browser support• Access to DICOM and HL7 updates• User/group management controls• Accesses documents across multiple institutions (XDSi)• Enables image sharing with referring physicians Services
  14. 14. Dell UCA Benefits• Infrastructure Simplification• Application Neutral Enterprise Archive – accessible information and easier sharing.• Clinical Workflow and Automation overcoming silos and locked up clinical information Tier 1 Tier 1• Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Clinical Collaboration• No more Data Migration Portal• Easier Data Sharing and Information Clinical Cloud Archive Clinical On Premise Archive Exchange• Business Continuance and Physician Access• New Capital / Operational acquisition models Services
  15. 15. Dell’s UCA - Market LeadershipLeading provider of digital medical image archiving• Providing digital medical archiving services for 11+ years• 800 clinical sites generating 60 TB monthly• Managing over 4.7 billion images and 70 million+ studies and growing daily• Largest number of concurrent systems integrated into secure cloud based archive delivery model • Over 28+ PACS and hundreds of modalities, DICOM versions and associated non-imaging data sources• ISO 13485:2003 certification on quality systems within Dell Data CentersMultiple configurations and deployment models• Licensed software with capital / operational business models• Includes long term storage, disaster recover, and business continuance• Provides SLAs on access to your data and full support for automated IHE integrated workflowTight integration with a large Eco-System of partners, to meet diverse customerneeds - Vendor Neutral Archive– Mobility and Ease of Access - PACS and Workflow management– Collaboration and Exchange Healthcare and Life Sciences
  16. 16. Cross EnterpriseDocument Sharing(XDS/XDS-I)-Sharing-Flexibility Services
  17. 17. IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) Domain Profiles• Anatomic Pathology • Consistent Time (CT) • Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA)• Cardiology • Request for Information Display (RID)• Eye Care • Enterprise User Authentication (EUA) • Patient Identifier Cross Referencing (PIX)• IT Infrastructure • Patient Synchronized Application (PSA)• Laboratory • Patient Demographic Query (PDQ) • Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS)• Patient Care Coordination • Cross Enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging (XDS-I)• Patient Care Devices • Personnel White Pages (PWP) • Cross Enterprise Document media Interchange (XDM)• Radiation Oncology • Cross Enterprise Document reliable Interchange (XDR) • Cross enterprise sharing of scanned document (XDS-SD)• Radiology • Retrieve Form for data capture (RFD) 17 Confidential Services
  18. 18. Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS)Cross-enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging (XDS-I)Registers and shares electronic health record documents between healthcare enterprises,ranging from physician/GP offices to clinics to acute care in-patient facilities.While XDS-I extends XDS to share images, diagnostic reports and related informationacross sites. Ref: IHE_ITI_TF_Rev7-0_Vol1_FT_2010-08-10.pdf Services
  19. 19. Enhanced Workflow (Imaging/Clinical Docs) PACS CR CTUS Manifest sent Site A Diagnostic Workstation Repository PACS CR CT Manifest sentUS Site B Registry Diagnostic Workstation PACS CR CT Manifest sentUS Site C Diagnostic Workstation Services
  20. 20. Enhanced Workflow (Imaging/Clinical Docs) PACS CR CTUS Site A Diagnostic Workstation Repository Query PACS CR CTUS Site B Registry Diagnostic Workstation PACS CR CTUS Site C Diagnostic Workstation Services
  21. 21. Enhanced Workflow (Imaging/Clinical Docs) PACS CR CTUS Site A Diagnostic Workstation Manifest Retrieved Repository with Image location PACS CR CTUS Site B Registry Diagnostic Workstation PACS CR CTUS Site C Diagnostic Workstation Services
  22. 22. Enhanced Workflow (Imaging/Clinical Docs) PACS CR CTUS Site A Diagnostic Workstation Image retrieved PACS CR CTUS Site B Diagnostic Workstation PACS CR CTUS Site C Diagnostic Workstation Services
  23. 23. Solution• Consolidation of the different silos using a UCA (Unified Clinical Archive) with a web based viewer.• Allowing interoperability and seamless sharing using XDS/XDS-I, this facilitates bottom up approach to building a national patient data sharing infrastructure especially with the development of ITK and CUI within the NHS.Outcome• Better clinical workflow and more time spent with patients• Sharing of information more quickly and effectively across clinicians and enterprise, especially in emergencies• The safety, quality, and efficiency of care for the patient is immediately improved• Reduce cost of care – reduce procedures, cross utilise resources, informed decision across boundaries• Improve quality of care, reduce errors/duplication, improve clinical decisions and better patient satisfaction• Critical patient information is safe and protected; clinical record is complete and longitudinal New standard of future patient care – truly effective, affordable healthcare Services
  24. 24. Thank youDr. Mohammed HusseinInternational Healthcare - Dell Servicesmohammed_hussein@dell.com