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Is the image data in your pacs growing faster than your it budget
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Is the image data in your pacs growing faster than your it budget


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Is the Image Data in your PACS growing faster than your IT budget? If so, consider a Vendor Neutral Archive for flexible, scalable, secure storage of medical images onsite or in the cloud to reduce …

Is the Image Data in your PACS growing faster than your IT budget? If so, consider a Vendor Neutral Archive for flexible, scalable, secure storage of medical images onsite or in the cloud to reduce costs and improve patient care

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Is the Image Data in your PACS growing faster than your IT budget?Dr. Mohammed HusseinHealthcare Imaging and UCA LeadInfrastructure & Cloud Computing – Dell Services (UK)
  • 2. Dell History 2010: Dell acquires Kace, Scalent, Exanet, Ocarina, Boomi, Insite One, and Compellent further expanding storage and services portfolios 2009: Dell acquires Perot systems 2008: 50%+ revenue comes from outside the US for the 1st time 2007: Dell acquires EqualLogic 2006: Dell ships 10 million+ systems in a single quarter for the 1st time 2005: Named Fortune’s Most Admired company in the US and #3 on the global most admired list 2004: Dell announces 3rd U.S. manufacturing facility in North Carolina 2003: Launch printers, consumer systems and becomes Dell Inc. 2002: Launch 1st server blade, handheld & projector 2000: #1 WW & #1 in US servers 1985: Launch 1988: Sell 3.5M Turbo, featuring shares at $8.50 1997: Ship 10-millionth system Intel 8088 each in IPO 1992: Join Fortune 500 processor 1991: Introduce 1st notebook PC Services 1984: Michael Dell starts PCs Limited
  • 3. Dell is Leading the #1 Worldwide Managing over 5B Medical Images acrossWay in Healthcare Healthcare IT Services Vendor - Gartner 800 clinical sites inand Life Sciences Cloud based Enterprise ArchiveSupporting 30,000 Serving more than 50% Serving 15 of Top 25physician groups of U.S. hospitals largest U.S. healthcare providing care to 90 systems million AmericansManaging 400 revenue Serving 100 insurance Employing more thancycle engagements organizations supporting 300 cliniciansrecovering billions of 65 million policy including manydollars for customers holders physiciansServing 6 of Top 10 Managing ITO services 11,000 healthcare & lifepharmaceutical for more than 400 sciences professionalscompanies Hospitals in US and Over 500 technology partners Services
  • 4. Today’s storage infrastructure isinefficient, inflexible, complex & growing 20% 50% Providers use expensive term archive SAS, iSCSI HDD for long Fiber Channel, 2 Healthcare IT budget 65% Providers retain images forever due to challenges around image retention policies2 used for storage1 40% Providers of 1 hourRecoverywith no Data objective require or less Time Loss2 WW Enterprise Storage Capacity Shipped • 48% of storage capacity is dedicated to Medical (Petabytes)3 Imaging / PACS2 48% CAGR • Labor makes up 60% of the cost of storage forecast storage PBs shipped, • PACS upgrades every 3-5 years adds to storage 2010-2015 acquisition and migration costs 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 20151ForresterResearch, Inc., Controlling Storage Cost Amid High Growth, February 3, 20102 Src: IDC PACS and Storage Special Report, November 20103 IDC, Worldwide Enterprise Storage Systems 2011-2015 Forecast: “Emerging” Once Again is a Keyword in the Storage Market, #228255, May 2011 Services
  • 5. Challenges in Imaging Data ManagementMaturation in the adoption of PACS has resulted in: 1. Increasing higher resolution image content Need a Consolidated 2. More modalities generating more images Patient Centric Data Management System 3. Lack of image retention policy management that is Intelligent, Scalable, 4. Barriers to image sharing across enterprise Compliant and Cost Effective. Services
  • 6. The data deluge continues…Need a storage solution that manages unstructured inactive data 70+% of stored data is inactive 45 40 35 30 Exabytes 25 Unstructured Data Structured Data 20 15 10 5 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Source: The Economic Impact of File Virtualization, per IDC, May 2010 Services
  • 7. Clinical andOperationalChallenges Services
  • 8. Transformation of MedicineEvolutionary Practices Decision Support Systems Healthcare Information Exchange Information Correlation Translational Medicine Episode based Diagnosis Non-specific Better Organized to Patient Centric Episode by Episode Reduce Duplicate Effort Disease Prevention Systems Efficiency Services
  • 9. What is the Issue? (Clinical Challenge)Currently healthcare IT deals with numerous silos of data found in a number of specialised ‘ology’ siloswith different storage tiers and modalities as well as different care delivery sites, formats and systems(Images, PDF, Word documents, Excel sheets, etc…)This results in a multitude of data formats often only accessible through the specific vendor who createdit within the site it was acquired/created at.These silos require the clinician to go to multiple sources to gather a holistic view of the patientcondition. Systems Image / Clinical Documents Silos Labs PACS PAS/EPR ?? Locations Hospital 1 Hospital 2 GP ?? Services
  • 10. Data Locked in Silos (IT Challenge) Radiology Oncology Cardiology Women’s health Pathology• Clinical Information Silos • Painful vendor application migrations• Expensive and redundant procedures are performed • Expensive and risky data migrations• Diagnostic collaboration among departments is – Lengthy scope of work negotiations inefficient – Months to prepare, inspect, and migrate• EMR systems are incomplete and lack certain critical data patient information • True…for every application silo in your environment Services
  • 11. VNA = DellUnified ClinicalArchive (UCA)-Consolidation-Standardisation Services
  • 12. Dell Unified Clinical ArchiveHelping Healthcare providers efficiently store, manage and share medical image data Women’s Medical Radiology Oncology Cardiology Pathology health Record Unified Clinical Archive Unified Clinical Archive Dell Clinical Data Management Data Consolidation and Information Life cycle Management • Dell Services • Dell Security Dell On-Premise Clinical Archive Dell Cloud Clinical Archive Object based storage platform Managed Enterprise Archive Dell Clinical Collaboration Portal Cross Enterprise Data Access and Distribution Services
  • 13. Dell Clinical Data ManagementVendor-Neutral Archiving for standardisation, data consolidation and betterinformation life-cycle management• Patient-centric approach with policy based • VNA Partners information life cycle management • PACS / RIS Vendors• Multi-media and multi-specialty image • Multi-specialty image integration and workflow management management• Standards based approach: IHE framework, • Migration Tools XDS compliant • Data Cleansing and• Strategy for Data Migration mapping• Cloud enable partner applications Dell’s UCA offers an integrated solution from a single source that combines interoperability with multiple best-of-breed partner products Whitepaper on Best of Breed VNA – Michael Gray Services
  • 14. Dell On-Premise Storage portfolio Storage consolidation Application Data Disaster Data retention & virtualization optimization protection recovery & governance Cloud integration Fluid Data management Data management and optimization Compellent EqualLogic PowerVault DX Object Storage Fluid Data foundations Commitments to drive your success Services
  • 15. Dell Cloud Clinical ArchiveManaged enterprise archive services through a secure cloud platform• Infrastructure Simplification• Standards-based platform (IHE Framework)• Data sharing and Exchange• Increases physician data access and mobility• Disaster Recovery for Business Continuance• Security and Data Protection• One Time Pay-Per-Study upon ingestion pricing model Services
  • 16. Dell Clinical Collaboration Portal• Universal and Enterprise • Enterprise Information Viewing Sharing: Gateway for• Clinical Workflow Tools Implementing XDS-i Enterprise• Secure Image Sharing • Portal for Telemedicine, Information replacing the need for CD Tele-consultation, Sharing Medical Education• Image enable clinical • Electronic Medical Record applications (EMR) Integration Medical Images Clinical Viewing Secure and Workflow Image Share Services
  • 17. Dell ClinicalInDex provides a turnkey infrastructure that is image-enabled inFrame Clinical Collaboration: UCA differentiators empowering the sharing of patient centric information Collaboration Portal Unrivaled medical imaging distribution/visualization Dell Cloud Clinical WebAccess• Integrated Web-based portal for viewing medical images• True Zero-Footprint• Multi-browser support• Access to DICOM and HL7 updates• User/group management controls• Accesses documents across multiple institutions (XDSi)• Enables image sharing with referring physicians Services
  • 18. Dell Clinical UCA Clinical Collaboration: Collaboration Portal ResolutionMD Web Viewer (Calgary Scientific)• Full Functionality Viewer for all major modalities 2D/MIP/MPR/3D without sacrificing quality or performance• Web Based ANY Browser, ANY Operating System can be used• Mobile Solutions are compatible with all iOS and Android Devices• No software downloads, no data downloads on any device - Ensures security and privacy of the data• Multi-PACS Access (Vendor Neutral Access)• FDA CLEARANCE- 510K/Class 2 for diagnosis• Facilitates live Collaboration between caregivers: Share results / images and control to discuss / consult with multiple parties Services
  • 19. Solution• Consolidation of the different data center silos using a UCA (Unified Clinical Archive) with a web based viewer.• Utilising the pay per study model of the Dell DCCA solution• Allowing interoperability and seamless sharing using DICOM, XDS/XDS-I, HTTPS to facilitate building a national patient record based on a strong data sharing infrastructure.Outcome• No more migrations.• Accepts from and Sends to all PACS Vendors.• High availability, business continuity and fast Disaster Recovery.• Better clinical workflow and better patient care.• Sharing of information more quickly and effectively across clinicians and enterprise, especially in emergencies• Reduce cost of care – reduce procedures, cross utilise resources, informed decision across boundaries• Improve quality of care, reduce errors/duplication, improve clinical decisions and better patient satisfaction• Critical patient information is safe and protected; clinical record is complete and longitudinal (all specialities) Services
  • 20. Services
  • 21. Services
  • 22. Services
  • 23. Services
  • 24. Services
  • 25. Services
  • 26. Services
  • 27. Dell’s UCA - Market LeadershipLeading provider of digital medical image archiving• Providing digital medical archiving services for 11+ years• 800 clinical sites generating 60 TB monthly• Managing over 5 billion images and 80 million+ studies and growing daily• Largest number of concurrent systems integrated into secure cloud based archive delivery model • Over 30+ PACS and hundreds of modalities, DICOM versions and associated non-imaging data sources• ISO 13485:2003 certification on quality systems within Dell Data CentersMultiple configurations and deployment models• Licensed software with capital / operational business models• Includes long term storage, disaster recover, and business continuance• Provides SLAs on access to your data and full support for automated IHE integrated workflowTight integration with a large Eco-System of partners, to meet diverse customer needs– Mobility and Ease of Access - Vendor Neutral Archive– Collaboration and Exchange - PACS and Workflow managementNew standard of future patient care – truly effective, affordable healthcare Services
  • 28. Thank You Services