Global Dell Image Direct Fact Sheet


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Build, manage and load your custom images through a secure, Web-based interface. This intuitive, self-service online interface quickly guides you through tasks such as creating, uploading, updating and managing your corporate images.

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Global Dell Image Direct Fact Sheet

  1. 1. Dell™ Services ImageDirectSimplified web-based image management From ImageDirect to your systems with a click – Dell Hardware Customization makes it easy to bring your new image into our manufacturing line to be loaded on your newStreamline deployment, reduce costs PCs automatically.Ensuring a consistent software build throughout anorganization is one of the most expensive and time-consuming How does ImageDirect work? ImageDirect’s secure, web-based interface makes it easy totasks facing any IT organization. Challenges include not only create, manage and load your custom images. Using icon-managing multiple images for a range of hardware platforms driven functionality, the tool allows you to import, create andbut also functional groups such as marketing, finance and manage images. You can also upload and manage componentsengineering. ImageDirect can help. Through an online web such as applications, batch files and script files as well asinterface, ImageDirect allows you to securely create, load and download images and drivers. Depending on your needs,manage custom images onto the Dell PrecisionTM, LatitudeTM, you can import and/or build images to your specifications.and OptiPlexTM, systems you purchase. Additionally, images can be downloaded for validation inBenefits direct from Dell your environment.Extending its unique build-to-order model, Dell has fully • One image for current and future client systems: Developintegrated ImageDirect into its production systems so that the a single master image and apply it across new platformsimages you create can be seamlessly applied to your systems and user groups. ImageDirect supports recent and currentduring the manufacturing process. Additionally, by allowing Microsoft® operating systems including: Windows XP®,you to focus on the management of a single image that works Windows Vista®, and Windows 7®.across multiple platforms and departments and by substantiallyautomating much of this work, ImageDirect can streamline • Parent/child relationship: The parent image contains theimage management and enable more robust client images. The operating system and all standard applications, while thekey benefits of ImageDirect are: child images contain applications specific to a department; changes to the parent image replicate to the child images, • Save Time: Using ImageDirect saves IT staff time creating meaning less development time and effort. and managing images. In addition, ImageDirect automates • Application installs from customer or Dell library: You can the process of testing and validating your image so that upload your own applications or choose an application it can be “factory-ready” much sooner. So when your from the Dell library, giving you the flexibility of choice and systems arrive from the factory, they are ready to deploy the knowledge that you can quickly and easily apply the with the image already loaded. latest applications. • Reduce Complexity: Get a single Cross-Platform Image. • Image validation & testing: Before deploying your image, ImageDirect enables you to develop a single master image Dell applies its knowledge and experience, validating your and apply it across new platforms and user groups. image to help ensure its integrity and that it is virus-free • Simplify Hardware Transitions: No need to rework images and contains the latest drivers and customer selected due to new hardware platform releases and transitions. security patches. With ImageDirect, adding new platforms to an existing image is fast and easy.
  2. 2. Get control with 24/7 access You can apply updates and changes at any time, helping to ensure that you have the most current software and patches. You can also upload an image created locally or through the simple step-by-step creation process built into the tool. And the interface has been designed for easy navigation to direct you seamlessly through each step.Rely on the complete security of data encryption and protectionImageDirect gives you the security you require for image management with: • Microsoft® Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS): ImageDirect uses BITS to provide encrypted file transfer. • Secure datacenter environment with user-specified access levels so you can be assured that data stored in ImageDirect is available only to individuals you authorize. • ImageDirect automatically notifies you of critical Microsoft security patches for you to review and apply to your images as you deem appropriate. Simplify your IT Deployment at Availability varies by country. To learn more, customers and Dell Channel Partners should contact your sales representative for more information. © 2010 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Microsoft and Microsoft Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.