Developing, Migrating and Managing Enterprise Applications in the Cloud


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Realizing the full potential of cloud depends on how your organization develops, migrates and manages enterprise applications on the cloud. This session helps identify key steps, application strategy, development, migration, integration, testing and management and provides use cases at each stage. Also discussed are applications and how they are a key component in modernization, mobility and Business Intelligence.

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Developing, Migrating and Managing Enterprise Applications in the Cloud

  1. 1. Developing, migrating andmanaging enterpriseapplications in the cloud Global Marketing
  2. 2. Forward looking statementsThis document contains forward looking statements regarding futureoperations, product development, product capabilities and availability dates.This information is subject to substantial uncertainties and is subject to changeat any time without prior notification. 2 Confidential Global Marketing
  3. 3. Speaker introduction Kanna Venkatasamy • Senior Product Manager, Applications Services Portfolio • Responsible for strategy and services around cloud applications, mobile applications and modernization Bill Johnson • Portfolio Senior Manager, Applications Services Portfolio • Responsible for application services, enterprise solutions for cloud computing, mobility and modernizations 3 Confidential Global Marketing
  4. 4. Cloud is wonderful…Benefits• Reduced capex• Opex flexibility• Accelerated deployment• Reduced complexity• Commoditized services• Self-provisioning• Enhanced control (Metering)• Increased utilization• Scalability (Bursting)• Performance management but 4 Confidential Global Marketing
  5. 5. Cloud is wonderful…… but reality can strike Am I getting locked-into cloud vendors?My app on the cloud is notperforming as expected! What can go wrong? How does cloud fit with Integrating multiple cloud services my other IT priorities? is increasing complexity Migrating my app is taking too long! My team feels their skills are getting outdated5 Confidential Global Marketing
  6. 6. Realizing cloud’s full potential* … Pick the right app and right cloud Optimize – don’t just migrate to the cloud depends a lot on how you Maintain cross-platform flexibility develop, migrate and manage enterprise Enhance integration frameworksapplications on the cloud Use cloud to drive modernization Make your organization cloud ready * Security is another important topic, but out-of-scope for this session 6 Confidential Global Marketing
  7. 7. Pick the right app and the right cloudBeyond technology…• No two apps are the same, even if their technologies are• Use business and customer needs to drive decisions• Have an integrated view of benefits across apps and infrastructure• Does the app provide competitive advantage?• Start small, but have a clear vision 7 Confidential Global Marketing
  8. 8. Dell’s cloud decision tree Provides high level recommended path to an “as-a-service” model through structured approach 8 Confidential Global Marketing
  9. 9. Optimize –don’t just migrate to the cloud • Migration does not happen with the press of a button • Define clear migration approaches and platforms to standardize on • Decide the right mix of “lift and shift” vs “re-architect” • Use tool-based analyses to accelerate planning 9 Confidential Global Marketing
  10. 10. Dell cloud migration facilitator Analyze applications for compatibility,• Tool to analyze apps and determine integration and other issues migration complexity• Determine migration options and effort needed• Identify optimization opportunities• Rule based analysis and multiple report views• Identify impact on related applications 10 Confidential Global Marketing
  11. 11. Maintain cross-platform flexibility • Architect solution and migration approach to reduce platform dependency • Be flexible in the event of M&A • Minimize vendor risk • Infrastructure should be provisioned quickly when required • Prepare to switch between private and public clouds • Minimize migration effort where possible 11 Confidential Global Marketing
  12. 12. Dell cross-platform enabler• Standard migration accelerators to deploy enterprise apps on cloud App1 App2• Containers and adaptors to minimize effort while porting applications Metering Presentation SDK among multiple cloud providers Scaling Rules Integration Data Access• Supports various Application and Security Persistence Migration Database Servers• Tools to analyze for possible Cloud A Cloud B Cloud C customization needs 12 Confidential Global Marketing
  13. 13. Enhance integration frameworks • Develop an architecture to accommodate applications, data and integration dispersed in cloud • Bring together optimal IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions, through a robust integration framework • Understand trade-off between using multiple out-of-the-box SaaS applications with integration complexity 13 Confidential Global Marketing
  14. 14. Dell | Boomi integrates applications and databetween cloud and on-premise PaaS Apps Cloud ServicesSocial Networks SaaS Apps Global SMB Solutions
  15. 15. Use cloud to drive modernizationPreparing for tomorrowVirtualization Cloud Unprecedented Convergence Collaboration Mobility Data GrowthConsolidation Step-function From network Communications Billions ofand increases in Manage, through and knowledge end-pointsabstraction efficiency optimize and systems sharing and flexibility monetize management data 15 Confidential Global Marketing
  16. 16. Dell’s modernization services Legacy Target Environments* Environments* Process Transformation V I S Mainframe IT Portfolio Rationalization x86 Application Migration Data Migration Platform Migration Validation / Testing SOA * Illustrative 16 Confidential Global Marketing
  17. 17. Make your organizationcloud readyWhat you do today versus tomorrowin the cloud world• IT org becoming more architecting than executing• Manage increased commoditization and standardization• Different funding paradigms• Manage complex vendor relationships (current vs new)• Skill set / role changes• Different operating model and SLAs 17 Confidential Global Marketing
  18. 18. Dell helps customers managethe transition End-to-end services including consulting, applications and infrastructure solutions Governance and Effective Solutions tailored to Single point of strong program change/transition the customer needs accountability management management and pace A flexible delivery model that suits unique needs and goals Build and Build and Do it yourself As-a-service transfer operate Dell helps you Dell does it for do it you 18 Confidential Global Marketing
  19. 19. Dell Services for the Cloud19 Confidential Global Marketing
  20. 20. Realizing cloud’s full potential… RIGHT CLOUD READY APPLICATION Dell’s approach to cloud applications MODERNIZATION OPTIMIZE INTEGRATION CROSS PLATFORM 20 Confidential Global Marketing
  21. 21. Cloud Application Services – enablingcloud adoption in the enterprise Business ERP/ SAP Intelligence & Data-Warehouse Hybrid Mobility Test cloud Enterprise Private Public Architecture Modernization cloud cloud (SOA/ESB/BPM) Cloud Application Services Custom Virtualization POC’s Accelerators PMO Discovery Assessments T o o l s 21 Confidential Global Marketing
  22. 22. Helping customers with cloud benefits Migration Cloud Cloud Design/redesign Testing and Application Application and develop/ Performance Support modify Assessment Tuning Deployment, production  Assess Test & Optimize support, training application & New (Unit test, and on-going environment Application Component test, enhancements  Analyze Design and System test, options & develop for old Integration test, scope and new Performance Cloud  Provide requirements test, Security/ Application strategy & vulnerability test) roadmap Management End-to-end Integration outsourcing Design/develop for coexist or wrap 22 Confidential Global Marketing
  23. 23. Dell’s Application Services teams Advisory Partner Enterprise Strategy Architecture Project Software Management Development Application Test Plans & Management Resources Vendor Agnostic Onsite through Consultation Outsource Full Lifecycle Services: Consulting | Design | Development | Integration | Testing | Support | Management 23 Confidential Global Marketing
  24. 24. Dell Global Services #1 for IT Service Support : & Support • 12.8M clients Customer • 1.4M servers & Satisfaction storage (TBR) systems Manage: #1 in Healthcare • 2.5M+ clients IT worldwide (Gartner) • 36 customer data centers • Dell Services presence globally 7 Outsourcing • 10K+ SaaS Excellence customers Dell IT saves $200M over two years through Awards • Manage over standardization, consolidation and automation. (Outsourcing 6.2M Reduces maintenance costs to <50% of IT spending Center/Forbes) SaaS seats 43,000 team members | 90 countries | 60 tech support centers | 7 global command centers 24 Confidential Global Marketing
  25. 25. Thank You Visit to view this presentation. Or, you can download it directly from Venkatasamy Bill JohnsonSenior Product Manager Senior Portfolio ManagerApplication Services Portfolio Application Services PortfolioDell Services Dell ServicesEmail: Email: Global Marketing