Transforming IT infrastructure to optimize efficiency and compliance


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In today’s economic climate, IT operations must run efficiently and
cost-effectively across every level of government. Dell Services helps federal, state, and local agencies increase productivity, enhance data management, and streamline compliance.

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Transforming IT infrastructure to optimize efficiency and compliance

  1. 1. ServicesTransforming IT infrastructure tooptimize efficiency and complianceBy Jeffrey L. Lush, Marco Martinez, and Ed SladekIn today’s economic climate, IT operations must run efficiently andcost-effectively across every level of government. Dell Services helpsfederal, state, and local agencies increase productivity, enhance datamanagement, and streamline compliance.G overnment agencies face many of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability the same IT challenges that confront Act (HIPAA) and the DoD Information Assurance organizations in the private sector, Certification and Accreditation Process from managing rapid data growth (DIACAP) of the U.S. Department of doing more with limited budgets. At the same The FISMA requirements for many agenciestime, all levels of government often need to meet provide a foundation and are enhanced bymore stringent security, data governance, and additional standards, including the Internationalother IT-related requirements than the private Organization for Standardization (ISO), Controlsector. Utilizing third-party services can be an Objectives for Information and Relatedefficient way for federal and state agencies, Technology (COBIT), and Payment Card Industrycounties, and municipalities to help reduce Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Not only docosts while meeting IT needs ranging from government agencies need to internally meetconfiguration deployments to security. these rules, regulations, and standards, but service providers need to meet them as well.Zeroing in on public sector challenges Another key requirement may be ensuringThe volume of data in the public sector is that federal programs are staffed by U.S. citizensgrowing exponentially, just as it is in the private for security purposes. Third-party servicesector. For example, a significant proportion of providers must also meet this requirement whencommunication today is electronic—primarily supporting such programs with staff—for example,in the form of e-mail, text messages, and when providing call center media—which adds massive amounts of IT systems for many government entitiesunstructured data. Governments have rigorous should also be able to accommodate burstrules about keeping this data secure, storing capacity for compute power and, and making it available to those who are An example at the federal level is the Internalauthorized to access it. Revenue Service (IRS), which is inundated with Compliance requirements originated from the work at tax time but not all year. At the state2002 Federal Information Security Management level, weather-related emergency responses mayAct (FISMA) supported by the National Institute of require just-in-time burst resources. These andStandards and Technology (NIST) 800 series similar challenges need to be taken into accountof security control sets. These requirements by organizations providing IT services for theproduce federal standards that include the public sector.16 2012 Government special edition |
  2. 2. “ he explosion of data impacts the public Tsector in the same ways it impacts theprivate sector. In addition, increasingly Dell in the cloudscomplex or demanding workloads and Get immediate access to official blogsother IT demands dictate that many by Dell experts that cover a wide range of cloud computing topics. Plus, visit this landing page for Twitter links to participategovernment agencies acquire the ability in discussions with cloud evangelists at Dell, get access to videos, and hyperscale their IT capabilities.” Government IT administrators can leverage a wide range of Dell-provided services to help meet their challenges and mission goals (see the sidebar, “Refreshing infrastructure to help achieve important goals”). Services supporting every level of government—from federal and state agencies to county and municipal organizations—include virtualization, automated service delivery, application and infrastructure modernization, application integration, security, digital forensics, and rugged mobility. (For more information about services Dell provides for government agencies, see the sidebar, “Renewing IT framework for public service.”) In addition, Dell Services offers specialized solution areas based on in-depth knowledge of U.S. federal government requirements, including configuration deployment, cloud services, and remedy- on-demand services. Automating configuration and PC life-cycle services Based on its extensive experience managing and deploying client, server, and storage configurations, Dell has built a series of time-saving, cost-efficient measures to automate configuration practices and processes. Automated processes can be essential to provide the dynamic capacity provisioning required to facilitate large IT technology procurements. For example, a PC refresh may involve several thousand devices that need to be deployed within a limited time frame, each with the correct software image. To meet the need for burst capacity, Dell can automate deployment and provide expert deployment technicians. Dell also helps IT professionals at agencies to manage and update images with different operating systems and applications for different users. Additionally, Dell consultants understand that environmentally safe disposal of replaced systems may be | 2012 Government special edition 17
  3. 3. Services required. They offer comprehensive asset For example, Dell can host a solution and resale and recycling services such as destroying deliver it through the cloud on a subscription basis data stored on hard drives to federal standards while the government agency uses its finite data and certification of safe disposal, which center floor space for other purposes. Dell can includes adhering to U.S. Department of also provide on-demand services for a government Defense specifications for data destruction. entity while building the foundation for a private cloud that can be managed by agency personnel. And Leveraging cloud-hosted solutions recent Dell acquisitions of Make Technologies The explosion of data impacts the public sector in and Clerity Solutions enable Dell to provide cloud- the same ways it impacts the private sector. based application migration, modernization, and In addition, increasingly complex or demanding optimization services for government agencies workloads and other IT demands dictate that that do not have the ability to hire additional staff many government agencies acquire the ability to for these specific tasks. hyperscale their IT capabilities. These agencies Dell-hosted BMC® Remedy® OnDemand are finding they can meet these needs by service-desk software can be a good starting obtaining cost-effective and highly agile cloud- point for state and local organizations beginning based services on demand. their journey to the cloud. Remedy OnDemand Refreshing infrastructure to help achieve important goals Several Dell engagements demonstrate a variety of ways in • Florida: The Department of Children and Families is using which state and federal government entities are enhancing Dell Services for application modernization upgrades to IT performance and efficiency to help achieve important optimize virtualization and remote desktop delivery. goals. The following city, state, and federal agencies are • Georgia and Louisiana: For multiple counties in these among many government organizations working with Dell states, Dell deploys a central data repository to help to transform current IT infrastructure with cost-effective, reduce paper records and improve information sharing. innovative solutions: • Kenosha, Wisconsin: Dell works with other technology vendors to help the city implement business continuity and disaster recovery in its data center. • Massachusetts: The Massachusetts Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority health information exchange utilizes Dell Services to manage its advanced technology and business process system. • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Nebula: This private cloud solution built on Dell™ technology provides an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform for agency scientists. • Round Rock, Texas: City employees gain enhanced resource access through a virtual desktop infrastructure deployment that also helps the city address IT management challenges. • U.S. Department of Agriculture: This federal department leverages Dell Cloud technology in support of a significant number of e-mail users.18 2012 Government special edition |
  4. 4. is an application predominately used by ITdepartments that enables government agenciesto offload service-desk services, trouble ticketing,and response to end-user requests. In utilizingRemedy OnDemand, a local, county, or stategovernment agency does not need to allocatededicated internal staff for expert RemedyOnDemand configuration and administration.Instead, Dell-hosted services can handle complexconfiguration and administration tasks, andagency IT staff shares duties with Dell-providedstaff to enable secure delivery of service-deskand remediation services. Renewing IT frameworkHeightening IT efficiency for public serviceand service delivery All levels of government today face increasingly complex mandates for servingDell provides services designed to help IT the public. Moreover, they are required to do so within tight budget constraints.administrators in federal, state, and local The following Dell services help government agencies transform their ITgovernments perform their jobs efficiently infrastructures cost-effectively, with productivity-enhancing assets:while enhancing service delivery to the public.Leveraging its extensive experience and • Virtualization: Dell virtualization services help simplify activities such asrecognizing that different segments of the device provisioning, refresh cycle management, and delivery of IT servicesgovernment—and even different parts of the on demand. Setting up a high-efficiency virtual environment is also the firstsame agency—may have specific requirements, strategic step toward a successful cloud computing environment.Dell offers the flexibility, expertise, and services • Automated service delivery: Dell helps government agencies define serviceto meet the task at hand. catalogs, service-level agreements, and costing to serve their stakeholders and automate service delivery with flexible solutions. These solutions include Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM) and Dell VIS Creator— Authors components of the Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) portfolio.Jeffrey L. Lush is responsible for the assimilation of • Application and infrastructure modernization: These services help standardize,emerging technology within Dell Federal Government consolidate, simplify, and automate technology platforms. In particular, Dellbusiness, and he recently returned to Dell afterserving as the executive CTO for the U.S. Department can work with government organizations on enterprise-scale data centerof Veterans Affairs. consolidation projects—for example, consolidating a significant number of data centers to just a few locations. By modernizing applications, agencies can gainMarco Martinez is a services marketing managerfor the public sector at Dell, and during his 13 years the flexibility to migrate to private and public cloud infrastructure in the future.with Dell has worked in inside and outside sales, sales • Application integration: Enhanced integration of software can translate tomanagement, and marketing. heightened productivity through information sharing, fast reporting, and clear visibility into integrated data.Ed Sladek is the director of the Business ServiceManagement Expert Center at Dell, and he • Security: Dell SecureWorks serves government agencies worldwide with acodeveloped data center optimization, virtualization, comprehensive range of managed security, consulting, and counterthreatand disaster recovery service offerings and intellectual intelligence for Dell. • Digital forensics solution: An advanced set of professional analytics, scientific processes, and disciplined methodologies assists law Learn more enforcement and investigative agencies.Dell federal government technology: • Rugged mobility: Semirugged and rugged platforms are designed withstand extreme temperatures, sand, dust, vibration, rain and salt fog, explosive atmospheres, hazardous environments, drops, and crash impacts.Dell solutions for federal | 2012 Government special edition 19