Data protection five trends that will impact your it planning for 2012


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Many of the IT trends that your organization will tackle in 2012 aren't new, but that doesn't mean your IT staff can sit still while your technology continues to evolve. This executive Brief is one of five installments in this series that will examine trends you need to include in your IT planning in 2012.

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Data protection five trends that will impact your it planning for 2012

  1. 1. 5 Trends That Will Impact Your IT Planning in 2012 Data Protection Executive Briefa QuinStreet Excutive Brief. © 2012
  2. 2. 5 Trends That Will Impact Your IT Planning in 2012 Data Protection Many of the IT trends that your organization will tackle in 2012 aren’t new, but that doesn’t mean your IT staff can sit still while technology continues to evolve. This Executive Brief is one of five installments in this series that will examine trends you need to include in your IT planning in 2012. Businesses of all sizes find themselves storing more data than ever before. According to IDC, data is growing at an average rate of 50 percent each year and 2012 will be no exception. Even as data continues to grow, small businesses need a way to keep it secure and protect it from loss. They also need the ability to recover data consolidating storage in one place they use existing network resources when something goes wrong. Taken might seem counterintuitive, but (unlike SANs that use Fibre Channel). together, the concepts of data security, most businesses prefer to focus their NAS devices are an efficient way for backup and recovery are known resources on managing and protecting businesses to share a large repository as “data protection.” It’s a holistic a central repository rather than of individual files among individual approach to making sure data is worrying about updating, patching users. They are easy to configure, available when the business needs it. and securing a number of machines to which is also one of their downfalls; keep data secure. the more NAS devices that are added Storage Consolidation to a network, the more complexity A SAN is a dedicated network of increases, and the more management For many small and medium- multiple hard disk arrays that stores resources are required. sized businesses, the first step consolidated, contiguous block level toward effective data protection data. Because a SAN operates on A third option available to businesses is consolidating their storage block level storage, it is ideally used that want to consolidate their storage infrastructure on a storage area for large applications that need infrastructure is unified storage. network (SAN) or network attached continuous access to large blocks of Unified storage provides integrated storage (NAS). Centralizing storage data. access to block and file data and makes it easier to manage and protect usually includes data protection the data and rids the IT infrastructure NAS, on the other hand, provides file features like snapshots and replication. of silos of direct attached storage that level data storage connected directly need to be maintained and secured to the network. NAS devices are less Businesses that consolidate their data separately. From a security standpoint, expensive than SANs, in part because storage on one platform in 2012 can© 2012, QuinStreet, Inc. 1
  3. 3. 5 Trends That Will Impact Your IT Planning in 2012 also take the opportunity to examine data that needs to be restored most that is easy to manage and operate, their current backup methods. For quickly might be stored on tape. Such seamlessly integrates products from many, what they find won’t be pretty. a strategy is called disk to disk to a number of vendors and scales to Gartner predicts that by 2014, at least tape (D2D2T); there are also backup accommodate data growth as well as 30 percent of organizations will have strategies that go straight to disk business growth. changed backup vendors due to (D2D) or even disk-to-disk –to-disk frustration over the cost, complexity or (D2D2D). How Dell Can Help capability of their current system. Small and medium businesses suffer Dell has an open-standards-based, Small and medium-sized businesses from having limited IT knowledge comprehensive storage portfolio that face a number of challenges when it to manage unfamiliar, increasingly includes disk and tape solutions, as comes to backing up their data. The complex data storage and backup well as strategic partnerships with data growth rates mentioned earlier technologies. At many businesses, an all of the leading data protection are perhaps the biggest obstacle increasing amount of time is devoted software vendors. Dell’s data protection facing backup in many organizations. to fixing issues within the current solutions deliver enterprise-class When data grows as rapidly as it’s backup environment. features at a price point that works growing now, backup methods can for small and medium businesses and quickly become unreliable. Businesses Businesses that want to emphasize with the scalability to grow with the with out-dated backup methods data protection in 2012 need to start business. Experienced data protection are experiencing shrinking backup with an assessment of their data so consultants and support are available windows and recovery objectives that they can create a plan that stores the as part of Dell’s solutions. are almost impossible to meet. right data in the right place, not only for backup and recovery, but in a way Data protection begins at the Backup, Recovery and Archive that keeps that data secure, easily endpoint with the data protection accessible and in compliance with any features in the Microsoft Windows 7 In an enterprise environment, industry or government regulations operating system that powers Dell backup and recovery relies on that might govern its use and storage laptops, workstations and tablets. storage tiering to make the most as well. Windows 7 Professional features of storage investments. Data that is simplified backup and restore rarely needed get archived to a less The goal is to implement a well- that lets users backup their most expensive storage tier, like tape, while planned data protection solution important files to another drive, a DVD or to a network. For users of Windows 7 Ultimate, data on PCs and “In an enterprise environment, removable drives can take advantage of Windows BitLocker and BitLocker backup and recovery relies on To Go. BitLocker helps keep files and passwords safer by encrypting the storage tiering to make the most entire drive that Windows and the data reside on. Once BitLocker is turned on, any file saved on that drive of storage investments.“ is encrypted automatically.© 2012, QuinStreet, Inc. 2
  4. 4. 5 Trends That Will Impact Your IT Planning in 2012 Dell’s storage products can cover the protection to someone else can use eliminate the isolated silos of direct needs of businesses looking for help Dell cloud services, such as cloud- attached storage that exist in many with primary storage through backup based email. SMBs. Next up is a review of backup and recovery. Dell can help streamline processes that in many SMBs are backup and recovery for businesses Conclusion failing to keep up with the growing using tape and/or disk. Dell also amounts of data being generated and offers compliant archive platforms Data protection — the ability to stored. that don’t require backups and online, securely store, backup and recover application-consistent snapshotting, business data — might seem like Dell has an end-to-end portfolio of which can be used as the first stage of an enterprise technology aimed storage and data protection solutions a data protection policy. at businesses with petabytes of — including hardware and software data to store. But with the amount — as well as partnerships with By offering assessment, design, of electronic data increasing storage and data protection leaders implementation and support services, exponentially and small and medium like CommVault, Symantec, Acronis Dell can help SMB customers though businesses subject to many of the and Microsoft. SMBs can use Dell’s every phase of their data protection same government and industry experience, products and partners to project. Dell’s Data Assessment regulations as larger enterprises, SMBs build flexible, open-standards-based Services helps get data protection can’t overlook the need to develop a data protection solutions that will projects started by helping customers data protection strategy. scale as the business grows. effectively categorize their data. The first step to developing a data Dell customers that would rather protection strategy is consolidating focus on their business and leave data data on a SAN or using NAS to© 2012, QuinStreet, Inc. 3