Planning for Progress


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They like to be prepared in the city of Thousand Oaks. And it shows.

As a planned community, Thousand Oaks dodged the traffic and smog that gum up the works in some California coastal towns. Now, with a little planning and a lot of server virtualization, they’re sidestepping avalanches of data, too.

With Dell™ Compellent™ Storage Center™ SAN in place, they’re saving up to $5,000 a year with automated tiered storage. And they can grow without downtime – and without users even knowing.

That’s a big contrast with how things worked previously.

“I had to replace our mail server twice because we ran out of storage space,” says IT Analyst Dustin R. Hurshman. “That involved a weekend migration and 30 hours of downtime for users.”

To see how it works, and why they chose Dell Compellent, read the case study.

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Planning for Progress

  1. 1. Customer perspective we won’t have to buy more of it any time soon. We’re saving between US$3,000 and US$5,000 a year with automated tiered storage,” says Hurshman. The thin provisioning feature of Storage Center enables administrators to provision volume size up front, but disk space is consumed only when data is written— leaving unused space in the storage pool. The city has seen a subsequent 30 percent improvement in storage utilization. And the city can increase storage capacity on the fly. “We can add disk space and just keep going,” says Hurshman. “The users will never know.” What users do know is that they no longer have to wait a day or longer to retrieve lost data. “Now we can have data restored for users within an hour—however far back the user wants it—using Dell Compellent replays,” says Hurshman. “We’reCity of Thousand Oaks providing better service and saving IT staff time as well.”Planning for progress With limited IT headcount, the city wanted a storage solution that would be easy to manage. “I have no trouble understanding what’s going on with the SAN, and I can be more efficient, becauseWhen a California city found that its IT infrastructure was I can look at everything in one place,”not optimized to meet the needs of a growing population, says Hurshman. “We spend roughly a halfit turned to the Dell™ Compellent™ Storage Center™ SAN hour per week on storage management now, compared to between three and fourto scale services and increase uptime while effectively hours a week previously.”using existing storage. Dell Compellent Copilot Support delivers proactive support when and where needed. “I know that capable engineersI n the City of Thousand Oaks, California, residents enjoy the benefits of good planning are just a phone call away if we need every day. But as IT systems proliferated and data volumes grew, scaling services assistance, and it’s a testament to the became inefficient. “I had to replace our mail server twice because we ran out of storage quality of the solution that we haven’t yet space,” says IT analyst Dustin R. Hurshman. “That involved a weekend migration and had any need for support,” says Hurshman.30 hours of downtime for users.” “As we virtualize more of our servers, When the city decided to virtualize servers to reduce costs and enhance disaster we’ll be relying on the Dell Compellentrecovery capabilities, Hurshman knew that centralized storage would be a prerequisite SAN even more. Virtualization will reducefor success. His team chose a Dell Compellent Storage Center storage area network our energy consumption as well as our(SAN) array with Dell Fluid Data™ architecture, which is designed to dynamically adapt to physical hardware footprint. I don’t havean organization’s needs. Compellent storage writes active blocks of data to tier 1 storage any concerns about the reliability ofand automatically migrates inactive blocks to lower-cost, high-capacity storage in a the Dell Compellent SAN. Now we canlower tier. “We’re using less than 1 TB of our high-performance tier 1 disk, which means virtualize with confidence.”28 2012 Government special edition |