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  • Is it possible to use Dell Active Roles for automating the user management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?


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  • 1. Intelligent User Administration Jan Spangsberg Sr. Systems Consultant, Dell Software
  • 2. 2 Agenda • Challenges in todays AD administration • The Dell Software solution • GUI examples • Architecture
  • 3. 3 The challenges Security • Internal & external threats • Orphaned accounts mean security loopholes • Users have more access than they need • Too many separate user stores • Managing user access rights is resource- intensive, error prone and time consuming Complexity • New requirements add more administrative tasks • Proving compliance is labor-intensive • Reviewing activity logs only during audits is often too late Compliance Fact: 48% of respondents rated the odds of experiencing a compliance risk within the next 18 months as “high” or “very high.” Source – State of Compliance 2011, PWC
  • 4. 7 Account Lifecycle New User is created (Hire) • Account Creation in AD and other systems • Mailbox and Home Folders Creation • Group and Distribution List Memberships • Access to Applications Granted • E-mail notifications Administration • Information updates • Group /Role Membership • Distribution List Membership • User Profile Editor Deletion (Retire) • Employment Status Changes • Disable Accounts • Disable Access to Resources • Assign Entitlements to others Change in Account (Promotion) • Promotions or Transfers • Project Assignments • Information updates AD Architect HR Application Owner Administrators Help Desk Entitlements Managers Policy Visibility Auditors
  • 5. 8 Spend your time wiselyCreateConfigureInform Elapse Time: Hours / Days 5 minutes 65 minutes Add user to groups Security and Distribution Groups 10 minutes Assign administrative permissions 10 minutes Create user accounts connected sys Send to metadirectory, Unix/Linux, etc. 10 minutes Inform the Business E-mail to IT, Service Desk, Management Facilities, etc. 10 minutes Automatic Automatic Automatic 5 minutes Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Effort: 5 minutes Add employee to HR system 5 minutesHR Create user account in Active Directory Location, Unique Name, Strong Password Generation 10 minutes Create Exchange mailbox Controlled Store Selection, Alias Generation 5 minutes Create home directory Location, NTFS permissions, Share permissions 5 minutes Step Without Rules With Rules Typical ActiveRoles deployment time Less than two weeks!!!
  • 6. 9 Consistency Business Rule Examples Description cannot be left blank Phone number must contain 1- ### - ### - #### E-mail address = first letter of first name + last name@dell.com http://www.dell.com/people/ Generate Display Name
  • 7. 11 GUI examples
  • 8. 12 Tree Structure
  • 9. 13 Edit Exchange Properties
  • 10. 14 Change History
  • 11. 15 Architecture
  • 12. 16
  • 13. 18
  • 14. 19 4 layer model Presentation Components MMC UI Web UI ADSI provider PowerShell SPMLReporting Service Components Access Check Policy Enforcement Workflow Identity Data, Applications and Resources Active Directory AD-LDS Exchange OCS/LYNC Windows Servers Synchronization, Connectivity and Extensibility ADFS SAML Quick Connect Q1IM AD- Integrated Systems SDK Add-On Manager Database Components Audit Trail Configuration Virtual Attributes SharePoint
  • 15. 20 ActiveRoles Server for the cloud • Utilize out of the box connectors to synchronize your on-premise AD accounts and attributes to off-premise AD and/or synchronize to ‘cloud- based’ services such as Salesforce, Google Apps, Office365, Lync Online, and SharePoint Online. • Delegate security access controls to specific administrators to manage portions of your cloud integrations using a least privilege model • Automate and co-manage accounts with on- premise Exchange and/or Office365 mailboxes • Perform two-way sync between Active Directory and the cloud Functionality via the Cloud
  • 16. 21 Summary Create • Add employee to HR system • Create user account in AD • Generate location, unique name, strong password • Create Exchange mailbox • Create home folders, NTFS and share permissions Configure • Add user to groups and distribution lists • Grant access to applications • Assign group memberships and role • Assign admin permissions • Create user accounts on connected systems. Modify • Modify user and group status • Disable access to accounts and resources Audit and Inform • Email to IT, service desk and management facilities • Grant visibility • Track change history & user activity
  • 17. 22 A foundation for full IAM Access Governance Privileged Account Management User Activity Monitoring • Granular delegation • Enforce separation of duties • Enterprise privilege safe • Session management • Keystroke logging • Enhancing Sudo • Granular AD auditing • Permissions reporting • Log management • Event alerting • Crisis resolution • Synchronize identity data • Directory consolidation • AD administration • Virtual directory services • Single sign-on • Strong authentication • Password management Identity Administration • Automated provisioning • Access request and certification • Fine-grained application security • Data access management • Role engineering
  • 18. 23 Resources
  • 19. 24 Resources • ActiveRoles Server user community – http://communities.quest.com/community/activeroles • ActiveRoles Server Quest Drive (virtual testware) – https://www.quest.com/common/registration.aspx?requestdefid=28524 • ActiveRoles Server main product page – http://www.quest.com/activeroles-server/ • OnDemand webcasts – http://www.quest.com/events/list.aspx?contenttypeid=16&prod=183 • Whitepapers, tech briefs and datasheet
  • 20. Easier accountability throughout your business We simplify identity & access management 25