IT without Boundaries: A Blueprint for Success


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  • Complexity of IT management. In today’s increasingly mobile and global marketplace, efficiency is key in becoming more competitive and ensure an optimal customer experience. However, the dramatic increase in efficiency via mobile devices has led to significant complexity and security that IT must manage. In summary, how do we keep our enterprise safe from the vulnerabilities that today’s highly mobile systems introduce?Speed to Provision Resources. Traditionally much time is spent on defining the right infrascture, purchasing and implementing it in order to deliver the right services. This can significantly slow down a company’s ability execute its go to market strategy. Capacity. To ensure consistent and stable operations and to virtually eliminate risks, businesses typically build their computing platforms at or above the highest peak points of their IT requirements, which then leads to depreciating assets that are rarely utilized to their full compute potential, or must wait to be utilized as the business grows and begins soaking up and obtaining value from the excess capacity.  Cost, Agility and Reponsiveness: One of the most pressing issues facing IT organizations stems from time, effort, risks and costs that are associated with managing large changes in their services and architecture. The lack of agility and responsiveness to handle business change is seen as one of the primary reasons for companies to investigate Cloud Computing. The ability to provision and access significant resources on demand that were previously considered financially prohibitive or imposible is highly attractive to IT organization, especailly when compared to traditional in-house or out-sourced offerings.  Control and Mobility: Some would argue that Cloud Computing takes away some element off control over the infrastructure, however, much more is gained through the increase of business control. Cloud Computing allows control of whenever and whatever business occurs, from any mobile device such as a laptop, tablet or cell smartphone. 
  • This is HOW cloud is delivered Add commentary on partnerships w/ vmware, microsoft. During build discussion to include vcenter… Deliver is vCloudIntegrate is Boomi
  • This is what Dell BELIEVES of cloud, you might call it our point of view. We see cloud differently. The question is how do we drive the change that we need to be successful for today and shifts of business tomorrow. How do we put IT at the center of value-creation and ensure cloud solutions evolves AND facilitates our shifts in demands? Dell has created a practical blueprint to help senior leadership teams make sense adopting cloud. This blueprint addresses the business value of cloud adoption, implementation scenarios, and the technical implications of cloud along with their impact on the enterprise. For the agility needed to truly thrive in this dynamic global market, CIOs are turning to cloud computing—because cloud changes competitive dynamics. Cloud can Empower IT and Your Workforce - Cloud elevates IT, making them an integral part of the business. Consolidation through cloud increases automation, governance and provides better business intelligence on your customers. Your workforce benefits from automated self service and anywhere, anytime, from any device access to their data. Integrate without Boundaries - the agility of cloud allows organizations to scale and quickly change direction to to meet changing market demands. Secure cloud from the inside out - Innovate without Disruption – cloud increases organizational agility and helps your organization meet business goals. Benefits can include first mover advantage, product or service differentiation, cost savings, and achieving operational excellence. Many organizations look at cloud as a way to accelerate their processes, others see it as an oppty to break them down and improve from scratch.
  • You can do things with cloud that you can’t with other technologies. The ability to share and coordinate information on the go is not possible w/out the cloud. Intelligent light, on-demand HPC only possible in cloud.The first tenant is that cloud is not a single technology, rather it requires an overarching business strategy that addresses people, processes, and existing/new technologies. IT should be aligned to the business goals, strategies and plans of your organization. In our Economist Intelligence Study of 500+ CIOs, it found that CIO involvement in setting business strategy appears to go hand-in-hand with superior financial performance. Cloud has the ability to increase innovation, speed and agility to transform your business. Without an overarching strategy and stakeholder buy in, adopting cloud can become difficult to enforce and manage. Consider that: Cloud can be a tactical means of cost reduction or immediate scalability, but it works best as a part of a large scale corporate initiate. Without a corporate growth strategy issues can arise. Consider the past and the example of virtualization. In the beginning organizations were able to achieve dramatic results in data center consolidation of their data centers, freeing up space, power and cooling. Years later many are faced with silos, applications that don’t talk to each other, and the inability to manage their virtual instances. In absence of defining and communication of an overarching cloud strategy, your workforce may circumvent IT and obtain compute capacity from a commodity cloud. This lack of IT governance leaves your organization open to security and compliance issues.
  • Simplify the planning, implementation and management of cloud can be simplified. While cloud in itself is complex, if approached pragmatically, we believe the planning, implementation and management can be simplified. Initially it is important to understand your businesses and then map the solutions that will be most applicable. From there it is important to break the journey down into digestible chunks. View cloud as both a journey and a destination. Most organizations are already on the journey to the cloud, with each having unique needs and path to success. There are technologies that they can be adopted adopt along the way that will lead to incremental gains. But the real goodness comes when cloud becomes an integral part of your business strategy. Leverage current legacy investments. At Dell we see cloud as a logical progression in what organizations are doing today. It does not have to be a “rip and replace” or wholesale change. The goal is to continue to functionally improve the processes and technologies on the journey to cloud. Most customers are currently virtualized or in the process of virtualizing their infrastructure which is an important 1st step in evolving to automated self-service and an on-premise cloud infrastructure.
  • Didn’t just buy cloud, consultants helped understand environment, optimized SAP, and once virtualized we can get you to the cloud.We have professional services to help find the right cloud for you, competitors can’t do that as well.Aging infrastructure want to reclaim space for campus. Phase 1: Virtualize first to reverse the challenges of silos caused by the design of the university. Uof K wanted to reduce costs, simplify mgt., reclaim DC space and reduce Power & Cooling. Goals to have a 75% Reduction on 4-year server hardware TCO, improve performance: dynamic load distribution, improve efficiency or capacity on demand, and improve resiliency with continuous demand. Phase 2: elp with responsiveness. Self service, ERP Platform Migration, Dell POC Private Cloud. Phase 3: ERP Platform Migration, Dell POC Hybrid Cloud – large dev, test qa, - can go to public. Registration spikes. Take a vision and break down into digestable chunks.
  • At Dell we believe that hybrid cloud will be the choice for most of our customers. Hybrid balances choice and the needs of the business against cost, flexibility and risk. Workloads and data can be moved from private to public as needed during peak capacity, seasonal or cyclical spikes. In considering hybrid cloud it is important to know that it brings new challenges around data portability, integration and security that need to be addressed.
  • Today we’re in the midst of a journey towards cloud computing. For many companies, the move towards cloud actually represents two journeys – one is an IT journey and one is an end-user journey. IT is facing increased pressure to reduce complexity and increase the business value they deliver. End-users, on the other hand, are most interested in consuming the benefits of cloud – quick access to applications and data to help drive business decision – all in an increasingly mobile world.
  • Where does IT management fit in to this?It’s worth noting that our approach to management is enhanced by being purpose-built for the cloud era. Unlike the past, where IT was managed through silos, and thus complicating manageability, the new era is about abstraction, pooling, and dynamic infrastructure. VMware’s management solutions have been designed with this in mind, to support the maximum level of automation, which will lead you to directly increase your agility.
  • Enterprise hybrid cloud is a model of cloud computing that spans across your IT infrastructure – both on premise private clouds and external public cloud services that are built on a a common infrastructure platform, management and security.The best way of doing this is to augment your on premise infrastructure with a VMware vCloud Service – such as the Dell cloud services you’re learning about today.VMware vCloud Services let you truly deliver an enterprise hybrid cloud - whichlets you:Build for what you needPay for what you useAnd move apps seamlessly between environments – ensuring the right policies, security, and SLAs are met
  • Many of the commodity public clouds deliver fast access to resources but without assurances of performance, security and hybrid application portability.The characteristics of enterprise hybrid cloud deliver the best of both worlds for enterprises:Business agility for quick and easy consumption of cloud resources, together with high performance and availability (for example, guaranteeing resources for your application through a reservation model and eliminating the “noisy neighbor” problem you often get with commodity clouds)Trust in your IT infrastructure, from delivering on required security and compliance standardsExtension of your on-premise environment with little or no rework by enabling you to easily move and manage your existing IT workloads.
  • The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud enables you to deliver the right approach at the right time – you can leverage your existing IT investments and naturally extend them from private or managed services to public clouds and back as your business needs require and across these use cases. Typically, many companies start with workloads where they require rapid deployment – e.g. dev/test for a new application deployment where time to market is key. We’re also starting to see more cloud deployment among companies running Tier 1 production and business critical apps – especially where you can leverage the security, and performance SLAs of a trusted service provider. The enterprise hybrid cloud model also greatly benefits enterprises with global operations or those who require elastic capacity, for example an ecommerce application that needs to scale up and down during busy season.
  • Brent speak to thisDell and VMware have enjoyed a strong and strategic relationship for almost ten years. Dell is one of the largest VMware resellers in the world and the companies’ combined products are used worldwide to help organizations drive efficiency. Dell has the largest number of vSphere certified storage solutions of OEMs, the first Tier One hardware partner to join the VMware View OEM program. VMware hypervisors are certified as a component of Dell’s converged infrastructure offering, vStart, and are one of the key hypervisors which can be managed by Dell’s Advanced Infrastructure Manager offering, which enables businesses the manage multiple hypervisors and physical and virtual resources from a single console. **Special Note and Competitive Advantage – Both Dell and VMware are aligned around a compliant and certified vCloud reference architecture. This requires significant technical collaboration and a true business and technology commitment from both companies. This is offered globally to all enterprise and regional partners. They key advantage for Dell Services is thatany VMware Enterprise customer running vSphere/vCenter can package Cloud workloads withan OVF wrapper and send them to Dell Services to run without application modification. Dell alsouses the same vCloud architecture software stack from VMware to deliver Private Cloud systemson premise for Enterprise customers.
  • As mentioned, one of the greatest barriers in leveraging Cloud Services is around security. Dell has invested and developed a highly secure approach that includes both physical security and infrastructure security. We are also introducing application layer security including a one of a kind agentless AV security approach in conjunction with Trend Micro that ensures your VMs resources are 100 % dedicated to your application’s compute needs while ensuring the highest level of security. All firewalls, ids/ips devices, logs are managed and monitored 7x24x365 by Dell Secureworkssecurity operations center. Any alerts or incidents are escalated to support immediately. Log files are also backed up offline for further analysis if necessary.Customer security options such as 2 factor authentication, encryption of data at rest and in motion with key escrow, virtual file integrity and firewall features as well as virtual ids/ips and agentless anti-malware functionality will be available Dec 2011.
  • Dell is providing 3 major offers. We offer IT resource pools; servers, storage, network resources and support to help customers build a flexible IT service model that meets the needs of their business.
  • In summary, all the TOP TIER features and benefits you come to expect from VMware have been brought together by Dell as an integrated solution that helps companies solve real IT problems versus as a self-serve commodity only. Let’s briefly summarize many of the features as follows:Ability to configure network isolationSecure multi-tenancyUnique portal per tenant (IP address, branding)Each tenant can have its own LDAP/AD servervAppProvision and manage multiple VMs with single command. What’s the benefit? VMware's vApp functionality allows you to deploy your application to different groups and size your application’s resource needs to meet the requirements of each user set. For example, a small group of customer users may require the application to handle transaction volume for 100 or so where as a larger group of users may require that your application is equipped with virtual resources to handle transaction volume for 500 or even 1000 users. The beauty of vApps is once you’ve completed your applications resource configuration, you can save and re-use it over and over. Talk about accelerating your go to market strategy for your customers!!!vCenter ChargebackPowerful chargeback tool with many service provider features (i.e. charge for storage and network bandwidth) vShieldPowerful environment isolation tool to provide infrastructure and network isolation for multi-tenants
  • Customer online offers automate and accelerate the sales cycle and generate a stream of renewal qualified opportunities that can maximize your earning potential. What better lead, that from a satisfied customer who has already tried the offering? Customer offers are targeted for specific use cases and make the right offer selection simple and effective: Online offers includePay per Use:On DemandThis offer provides dynamic access to secure cloud resources using an hourly rate, making it a perfect option for those who have less predictable or seasonal peaks in compute demand.Reserved: Proof of ConceptGet instant access to Dell Cloud reserved resources and services with this targeted solution for your development or proof-of-concept requirements.Compute Intensive10 vCPUs with 32GB of RAM provide the generous compute power that makes this Dell Cloud reserved offer perfect for hosting applications such as SharePoint, SAP or web hosting.Storage IntensiveWith 4500 GB of storage, this Dell Cloud reserved offer is a great fit for storage intensive applications such as Mailbox or Backup requirements.
  • IT without Boundaries: A Blueprint for Success

    1. 1. IT without boundaries:a blueprint for successThe Enterprise-class, Hybrid Cloud“Cloud is not a destination or singular path, but a transformation that places IT squarely at thecenter of the enterprise as both a leader and enabler of value-creation.” - Michael Dell
    2. 2. Speakers and AgendaToday we‖ll cover:• Challenges facing IT• Cloud vision and delivery• The Cloud as a blueprint for organizational agility• A new approach to IT management• VMware-based enterprise hybrid clouds• Dell and VMware: Better together Don Chin, Brent Badger, Dell VMware• Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Services 2
    3. 3. Challenges facing IT Speed Efficiency Legacy Complexity Not fast enough Need more with less Must use what you have Too much everywhere Processes Innovation Access Collaboration Too hard to deliver Not able to use Limited Too difficult 3
    4. 4. The Dell Cloud VisionDeliver a “Secure, Enterprise-class Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud” portfolio focused on business outcomes 41x Improvement in time to provision Current Dell Customer - Gratifon 109 Days to deploy an on premise server Large auto manufacturer currently testing vCloud for test & development environment 30% Cost advantage vs. managing a physical server Bain- The Five Faces of the Cloud 2011 50% Amount of IT services organizations will place into the cloud by 2020 (2011 CIO Agenda Survey, Gartner) 4
    5. 5. Dell Secure Enterprise-Class Cloud SolutionsDeliver Dell Cloud Build your cloud―as-a-Service‖ infrastructures Deliver Build Simplify Integrate OperateIntegrate SaaS, cloud and Operate your cloudon-premise applications. infrastructureEnable hybrid integration. Simplify with Dell Cloud Services 5
    6. 6. How Dell delivers the cloud.. Innovate without Integrated Pragmatic Empower IT & your disruption cloud approach workforce Secure cloud from the Integrate inside out Cloud as business without limits strategy 6
    7. 7. Cloud as a business strategy, not a technology• Plan your cloud infrastructure• Migrate, modernize and integrate applications• Secure the cloudDrive the results your business requires:Customer excellence, business intelligence and/or product leadership Real-world success: achieve operational excellence • Building cars at 60% faster rate • 20-fold faster completion of • Enabling data manipulation in real- research with HPC on-demand time • Improved Computational Fluid • Operating in 104F temperatures, Dynamics (CFD) in the areas of under extreme vibration data management and workflow application 7
    8. 8. Take a pragmatic approach • Simplify the planning, implementing and management of cloud • View cloud as both a journey and a destination • Leverage current legacy investmentsFor most, cloud computing is a logical progression to a more agile enterprise, with a goal ofimproving processes and adding relevant technologies along the way. Gratifón is experiencing a forty-fold faster setup onCustomer profile new virtual servers in the cloud Benefits:Company Gratifón S.A. Challenge SolutionIndustry Telecommunications • Saving over 50% on hardware and operatingCountry Panama expenses each year Gratifón needed a As an alternative to buildingWeb site dependable, scalable and and maintaining its own data • 450,000 calls on 19 Gratifón Kiosk phones in less cost-efficient server center, Gratifón runs its than 3 months infrastructure to support its solution on the Dell™ Cloud telephone kiosks and a with VMware® vCloud • Forty-fold faster setup of new virtual servers in rugged, reliable embedded PC Datacenter Services. Dell the cloud for the kiosks that would be OptiPlex™ XE embedded • Same day set up of applications in Dell Cloud able to stand up to high desktops run the kiosks. temperatures and humidity. 8
    9. 9. A pragmatic approach: Consultants to optimize environment for cloud Challenge• Aging, risky data center on prime campus real estate, need to return space to support education initiatives within a tight budget• High demand for SAP sandbox instances• SAP support model limiting customer agility to respond to business Company University of Kentucky. needs Industry Education Country United States• High cost for system infrastructure needed for disaster recovery Web site Outcome 60% of SAP non-production & Disaster Recovery landscapes targeted for Dell On-Demand Cloud featuring automated, self-service provisioning of sandbox environments in a pay per use model 20% targeted reduction in SAP application support cost over 3 years, including migration costs from proprietary UNIX to x86 platform 9
    10. 10. Integrated cloud• Evolution and maturity leads us to integrated cloud. Integrated Cloud• Balance choice and needs of the business against cost, flexibility and risk• New data portability, security and integration challenges that need to be addressed Integration and connection of on-and off premise cloudsoneworld • Significant reduction in time to on-board new members—from months to weeks • Enhanced ability to add new airline members and support new services “Thanks to the latest cloud integration technology from Dell Boomi, the IT hub dramatically speeds up and simplifies the addition of new airlines to the alliance…” - Jouni Naskali, IT Director 10
    11. 11. Cloud: a tale of two journeys Business Questions To a Connected, Reduction in Mobile, • How do we adopt in Complexity viaInformation-Centric evolutionary way? New IT Architecture World and Business Model • To get better An End-User/ business value? An IT Consumer • And stay secure? Journey Journey 11
    12. 12. Cloud requires a new approach to management Traditional IT Management Cloud Management Applications & Infrastructure tightly Abstraction of applications from coupled into vertical stacks, creating infrastructure, with policy-based multiple silos coordination & automation Cloud Infrastructure Business Agility Suffers Greater Flexibility = Agility 12
    13. 13. VMware-based enterprise hybrid clouds Apps Apps vCloud Services vCloud Private Cloud Service Provider VMware vCloud =Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Infrastructure Hybrid 13
    14. 14. Enterprise hybrid cloud requirements –Best of Both Worlds AGILITY with Guaranteed Performance • On-demand provisioning of virtual servers • Fast scale up at reasonable cost • Predictable, consistent SLAs TRUST • Secure & auditable cloud infrastructure • Secure apps and user access EXTENSION of Your Datacenter • Compatible with existing workloads • Globally consistent service 14
    15. 15. Enterprise hybrid Cloud enables the right approach for the right time VMware’s Approach Means You Are Not Constrained By Your Deployment Use Cases Agility • Rapid DeploymentBusiness Needs • Dev/Test • Tier 1 Production Trust Apps • Global Access • Elastic Capacity Extension Private/Managed Public Preferred Deployment 15
    16. 16. Create hybrid Clouds with vCloud Connector Private Public Cloud Cloud Hybrid Cloud Public vSphere Cloud vCloud Connector Public  See VMs/Templates Across Clouds Cloud  Operate on VMs Across Clouds  Copy VMs/Templates Between Clouds 16
    17. 17. Dell & VMware address your challenges The Dell Cloud is available with VMware vCloud Datacenter Services• Strategic Partnership for almost 10 years• One of the largest VMware resellers• Largest number of vSphere certified Storage solutions of OEMs• First Tier-One hardware partner to join VMware View OEM program• VMware hypervisors certified as a component of vStart from Dell• Aligned around a compliant and certified vCloud reference architecture• As of mid-2011, about 81% of installed VMs are VMware-based - Gartner, June 2011 17
    18. 18. Public Cloud Security:#1 concern for most CIOsCloud security requires the right technology, people and processes • Process 1.3B security events and 30k malware instances daily Security must be • Apply knowledge from elite security researchers with global sophisticated real-time visibility across thousands of client networks & 24/7/365 • Use malware analysis and reverse engineering to develop countermeasures to active and potential threats • Eliminate false alarms with advanced correlations in real time Focus on the core threats • Dell manages the platform security protecting up to the Hypervisor layer – you can purchase additional layers not the noise of protection for your Virtual Machines Security Security is • Compliance only one one part a larger picture - Compliance + security of • Compliance only part of the a larger picture – harder & broader of is more Compliance + security of base data is much more than just the base data is much harder &and compliance with regulations broader than just • Assess security posture, risk compliance • Use managed security services provide expert consulting services to using Dell managed security services compliance assess security posture, risk and compliance with regulations 18
    19. 19. Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter ServicesDell Cloud On-Demand Dell Cloud Reserved Dell Cloud Dedicated Compute by the hour Compute by the month Compute by the server Multi-tenant Multi-tenant Single-tenant No minimum commitment Savings over pay go model Dedicated physical servers Pay as you go With 1 year commitment Subscription-based Consumption-based Subscription-based With 1 year commitment Starting at ~$1.28 / hour Starting at ~$500 / month Starting at ~$8,000 / month Dell SecureWorks Intrusion Detection & Prevention Monitoring (included) Windows and SUSE ProSupport vShield TrendMicro Linux OS templates 24/7 Security encryption (included) (included) (included) (optional) 19
    20. 20. Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter ServicesVMware vCloud Director/vSphere Features:• Pooling compute, storage and networking capacity into virtual datacenters • vApp• IT manages resources with abstraction between consumption and delivery of IT services • vCenter Chargeback • vShield -• Drawing resources from a common physical infrastructure • Network isolation • Secure multi-tenancy Connecting your Dell public & private cloud with VMware Enterprise Cloud Your Dell Cloud Dell Hosted Private cloud Hybrid cloud Public cloud One user interface – Bridging public, private/hybrid 20
    21. 21. vCloud Customer Use CasesTest and Development - 32% of Dell Cloud customers. – Dell Cloud is ideal for test and development environments where compute capacity is only required for a fixed amount of time – Ex: A large university was looking for a more compatible environment to support their VMware infrastructure.Production - 10% of Dell Cloud customers. – Dell Cloud is ideal for customers who need Secure Enterprise-class compute without the responsibility of maintaining their own data center operations – Ex: A technology services company deploying a SaaS based call center application was looking for an alternative to physical infrastructure investment.Data Center Extension - 28% of Dell Cloud customers. – Dell Cloud is ideal for customers who want to increase capacity to their existing virtualized data center while maintaining compatibility and control – Ex: A telecommunications company experiencing incredible growth could not provision on premise infrastructure fast enough.Disaster Recovery - 15% of Dell Cloud customers. – Dell Cloud is ideal for customers who have a data center but need a secondary site for disaster recovery purposes – Ex: A state agency lacked funding to stand up a second datacenter. They decided to consider a “hybrid cloud” model as their DR solution to support a new website. 21
    22. 22. Offer overview: 3 ways to buy 1. Learn more about Dell Public & Hybrid Cloud Services and contact a Dell expert – 2. Purchase and provision online – • Available in North America (Plano, TX Data Center) and EMEA (Slough, UK Data Center) • 30-day bundles with auto renewal at the end of each month • Customers pay at the beginning of the month; overage for the month (if any) is invoiced with next month bill 3. Dell Cloud Consulting Services – • Consulting services to help determine the best approach for your organization vCloud Bundles Online Purchase Portal vCloud Solution SitePay per use Reserved On- Proof of Compute Storage Demand Concept Intensive Intensive Consulting Services 22
    23. 23. Thank youLearn more at this presentation 23