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Who Are @You Online? Presented by Dell at We Are Girls conference
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Who Are @You Online? Presented by Dell at We Are Girls conference


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On November 12th, Dell's @carlyjeane @karisherrodd and @gretelatDell lead a social media workshop as part of GenAustin's We Are Girls Conference. The workshop was designed to help girls understand how …

On November 12th, Dell's @carlyjeane @karisherrodd and @gretelatDell lead a social media workshop as part of GenAustin's We Are Girls Conference. The workshop was designed to help girls understand how to develop their online voice, story and how to use social media for Good. GenAustin is a Dell YouthConnect grant recipient based in Austin, TX, and its mission is to support and guide girls to make wise choices as they navigate the unique pressures of girlhood.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • How do you define who you are online? How is this different from defining who you are in general?Kari to respondDefining who you are online is about extending your real-life story. It’s just another place to do it – and in a thoughtful way.It’s about creating it in a way that stays true to who you really are, what you want to achieve and in the most compelling way. Defining online is different in that it gives you the power to create your own history. (e.g., reiterate being careful of what you put out there)
  • Are there any rules of the road (Do’s & Don’ts) that you use when engaging with friends and colleagues online?Carly to respondMy personal rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t tell your grandmother or shout it from the roof tops for all to hear, don’t post it.
  • At Dell, we actually have outlined “Do’s and Don’t” even for the highest leaders of the company. For example: Do use a friendly and professional photo of yourself. Don’t use a photo that could come across as negative to yourself or Dell. Do use the same BIO and information across all online website. Don’t split your personality and chance who you are on different sites across the web.Who you are online sticks. You can’t delete it. Once something is in writing, in a photo, in a video and posted to the web, you no longer own or control that information. It’s the property of the platform on which you’re engaging. This can be bad if you post something you shouldn’t or it can be really good. (Share “Pay it forward” grocery store example)
  •  Can you share a personal story or example of how you’ve used social media to make the world a better place?Carly & Kari finding a couple of example that we can bring in as video clips or speak to.Carly - green girlKari - tbdAsk audience for any of their examples
  • Now, let’s put what we’ve learned here so far from Carly and Kari to work. You all met Bodie at the start. Let’s all learn more about Bodie and his story online. Kari to lead: Show photos … Who do you think Bodie is …Carly to lead: After getting feedback, now let’s see what Bodie’s story looks like online.Carly to walk through scenarios…Cliques – Gretel’s cats and Kari’s dogs talking online about being at the coolest party, Bodie sees this and feels bad. How does he respond?Bullying – Kari’s poodle makes fun of Bodie by posting a mean comment. How does Bodie feel and respond?Body image – Gretel’s cats think they are all that and post comment on Bodie’s wall mentioning something about one of his photos.
  • Lets helpBodie with his online profile.Audience participation.#swimming#rescue#adoption#bone#holidays#outdoors
  • Pass out handouts to start putting together their story.- Tell their story on video or join Bodie and the rest of us online.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Who are @YOU online?
    • 2. Hello! Nice to meet you. #Latina #FUN #Travel #DANCE #Tech #Create #need help with my#World Traveler #Cheese #Rain online identity @gretelatDell @carlyjeane @karisherrodd 2 Global Marketing
    • 3. How do you definewho you are online?3 Global Marketing
    • 4. You’re notin Kansasanymore,Dorothy.4 Global Marketing
    • 5. The 4 Ws of creating your online story:• WHO are you? Start with 3 hashtags that describe you.• WHERE should you tell your story?• WHAT should you talk about?• WHY do you participate? What do you want to achieve? What is your purpose? Who? What/How? Where? #friendly #soccer #creative Pictures, videos, words, tone? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email?5 Global Marketing
    • 6. Are there “rules of theroad” when engagingonline?6 Global Marketing
    • 7. If youwouldn’ttell Grandma,maybe youshouldn’t tellFacebook?7 Global Marketing
    • 8. DOs & DON’Ts: DOs • Use a friendly photo of yourself • Use a positive tone that reflects your personality and culture • Use words that describe your expertise, interests and purpose • Use the same bio about yourself across any sites • Inject your personality into your posts DON’Ts • Use a photo that could be perceived as negative or damaging • Use harsh or negative language or tone. • Split your personality by changing your profile across social outlets8 Global Marketing
    • 9. Oh no! There’s no delete button on theinternet!9 Global Marketing
    • 10. Erin Schrode: 16 year old ecoRenaissance woman10 Global Marketing
    • 11. Erin’s social profile:11 Global Marketing
    • 12. Meet Bodie:12 Global Marketing
    • 13. Who is Bodie Online?13 Global Marketing
    • 14. Situation: Should Bodie have posted that?14 Global Marketing
    • 15. Situation: Bodie sees a post about a party hewas not invited to. How should he respond?15 Global Marketing
    • 16. Situation: Rude comment on Bodie’s profile.How should he react?16 Global Marketing
    • 17. What are 3 things we canteach Bodie?17 Global Marketing
    • 18. 1. Remember, YOU define who you are online. How do you want the world to see you?2. Keep it positive.3. You have a huge opportunity to have your voice heard and impact your world.18 Global Marketing
    • 19. What’s your story?
    • 20. #WeAreGirls20 Global Marketing