System track (SAAS)


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An Overview of Dell's System Track Service- Laptops

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System track (SAAS)

  1. 1. IT Management Software as a Service System TrackDell System Track helps protect client PCs and based, it is tamper-resistant and, once the PC is locked down, prevents thieves from hacking into the PC at system at startup.their data in the event a PC is lost or stolen System Track is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that isEnsure that your notebook PC’s and their data are delivered over the Internet and managed through a web-basedprotected portal. The service is invisible to end-users, reduces the need for in-house IT security and helps free up your IT resources.How well can you account for your notebook PCs and the System Track technology can be factory embedded on yourdata they hold? Business travelers lose or misplace more than Dell systems BIOS and hard drive at time of purchase or can be7,500 notebook PCs per week in U.S. airports alone* and only easily installed remotely on qualifying Dell and non-Dell PCs.5% of notebook PCs reported lost by U.S. businesses are ever Dell System Track can help track valuable assets and securerecovered.** confidential information.Increasing numbers of mobile workers as well as the everincreasing amount of confidential data stored on notebookPCs, has resulted in confidential data being potentially Confidential/Sensitive Data on Notebook PCaccessible 24-hours a day from almost any location. Failure Do Not Protect Datato monitor and control access to confidential data can havesignificant consequences on an organization. Even a singleinstance of data loss can result in financial loss, regulatory non 80%- compliance, legal liability and negative publicity that can takeyears to repair. Protecting vital data and making sure it does 70%not end up in the wrong hands, however, is a cumbersome task 65%that can consume vital IT resources. 60%System Track Simplifies Data and Device Protection 51%Dell System Track service helps protect your mobile PCs. WithSystem Track, Dell can help locate lost or stolen systems and 50%render the data on these machines inaccessible. Dell can alsowork with local law enforcement to help you beat the odds andrecover stolen systems. 40%Once the system is successfully located and connected , aseries of data protection actions can be performed remotely, 30%such as data deletion, system lockdown and recovery ofessential files. With the optional recovery service (additionalfee applies), System Track technicians work with local law 20%enforcement to help recover the lost or missing computer. 10%System Track works with and provides additional protectionfor PCs equipped with the Intel® Anti-Theft (AT) Technology(additional fee applies). These PCs can be locked down at the 0%mother-board level, remotely, or automatically based on a Percent of Business Travelers with Notebook PCstimer or occurrence of preset events, even if the missing PCnever reconnects to the Internet. Since Intel AT is hardware Source: Ponemon Institute LLC, “Airport Insecurity – The Case of Lost Laptops”, independent Study sponsored by Dell, December 2010
  2. 2. Dell System Track How System Track worksDell System Track provides a comprehensive solution for PC hardware and data security: System Track uses technology that System Track Protection System Track Protection & Recovery is stored in a system’s BIOS and on its hard drive. It can be factory System identification/connectivity   installed for new Dell systems, or Asset reports   can be easily deployed on existing Geotechnology Dell and non-Dell systems (ask your   Dell or, if applicable other hardware Data & device security   vendor, representative for existing system requirements). System Intel® Anti-Theft (Intel® AT)   Track links with managed PCs Theft recovery  when they connect to the Internet Availability-point of sale Select models of Latitude and Mobile Precision and OptiPlex and enables IT administrators to notebooks and desktops perform data and device security Availability-after point of sale Any Dell or Non-Dell PC that meets minimum system and BIOS activities. In addition, if you report requirements a stolen device to Dell, Dell can forensically mine the PC over• System Identification/Connectivity: Connect with systems logged onto the Internet the Internet using a variety of and collect and report basic hardware and software information – including generation procedures including, key captures, of reports – in order to perform data protection activities. registry and file scanning and• Geotechnology: GPS or Wi-Fi-based tracking of your PCs on an Internet map – current geolocation to determine who has and historical locations within approximately 33 feet and can provide alerts if PC leaves the system and what they’re doing designated area (customer must opt in to Geotechnology; alert function available only with it. on System Track Protection & Recovery; GPS tracking requires GPS receiver; Wi-Fi triangulation depends on wireless vendor coverage). If the Intel® AT Technology is purchased for qualifying systems,• Data and device security: Remotely delete data on and retrieve emergency files from IT administrators can remotely lock missing systems and produce an audit log of the deleted files to prove compliance with a PC at the motherboard level for government and corporate regulations. You can also lockdown a missing device by added security and a PC can also disabling it at the operating system level. In addition, SMS Alert Capability enables the be set to automatically lock down if PC to “call home” using a wireless broadband card (if one is installed and operating) and it has not connected to the System enables data and device security actions via SMS. Track for a preset amount of time.• Intel® AT Technology: Remotely lockdown PCs at the motherboard level for greater security – system cannot be hacked at start-up and the hardware based technology is If System Track Protection & temper-resistant. You can initiate a system lockdown when the missing PC connects Recovery services are purchased, to System Track (similar to the other security functions) or based on a timer or preset Dell will also work with local law conditions, such as login failures or system tampering, rendering the missing PC enforcement to recover the stolen inoperable even if it never reconnects to the Internet or the corporate network. The PC (Recovery services are not PC can be reactivated remotely without any loss of data if it is recovered (available at available in all areas). additional cost on Dell and Non-Dell PCs with qualifying Intel motherboards).• Theft recovery: If your PC is stolen, Dell can help protect your investment by working with local law enforcement to recover the PC (unlimited hours of work performed within one year from successful logging of theft report on the System Track portal).About Dell IT Management Software as a Service solutionsSystem Track is part of Dell’s portfolio of IT Management Software as a Service (SaaS)solutions. Dell’s SaaS solutions simplify the management of your IT environment so youcan get up and running quickly, with lower deployment costs, fewer hassles, and less timespent on non-strategic tasks. You pay only for the services you need, gain instant accessto the latest innovations without additional infrastructure or staff investments, and takeyour business from maintenance to momentum.* Ponemon Institute LLC, “Airport Insecurity – The Case of Lost Laptops”, independent Study sponsored by Dell,December 2010**”The Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Problem”, Benchmark study of U.S. organizations, Ponemon Institute IndependentResearch Report, Sponsored by Intel, September 2010For more information about any of our service offerings, please contact your Dellrepresentative or visit Business Process Consulting Infrastructure SupportAvailability varies by country. To learn more, customers and Dell Channel Partners should contact your sales representative for moreinformation. © 2010 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entitiesclaiming the marks and names or their products. Specifications are correct at date of publication but are subject to availability or changewithout notice at any time. Dell and its affiliates cannot be responsible for errors or omissions in typography or photography. Dell’s Termsand Conditions of Sales and Service apply and are available on request. Dell service offerings do not affect consumer’s statutory rights.Rev. 2.2, 20110418, JTOL