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  • Helping their customers manage risk – the risk of pension liability. PensionsFirst does this through a proprietary application they’ve developed which allows their customers to analyze, manage and track pension risk.For years, risk management in the pensions industry was a game of baseless projections and fuzzy numbers. Compared to other financial sectors, the $20 trillion pensions industry was operating in the Stone Age. Then Fiona Page and Timothy Lyons (Founder & CEO) changed everything by introducing the world’s first integrated risk management platform for non-actuarial pension managers.  By providing fast, accurate reporting on risk, Timothy and Fiona did nothing less than revolutionize the pensions industry. And if they ruffled the feathers of some old-school actuaries in the process, it only made them more confident in their innovative and no-nonsense approach. PensionsFirst’s business has been growing very rapidly so they must meet new business requirements quickly, for example setting up a new client—which requires dedicated, secure technology resources to segregate and protect client data. Dell consultants partnered with PensionFirst to design and deploy a virtualization solution, built on PowerEdge blade servers and EqualLogic SANs, and supported by Dell ProSupport.
  • Task Retail Technology has grown to be one of Australia’s leading Point-of-Sale Software developers, supplying turnkey Retail Point-of-Sale Systems to a wide range of high profile hospitality, franchise chains, retail outlets, stadiums and large venues. A strong focus on customer service, adding value and technology innovation has fueled this growth.Task Retail uses Dell PowerEdge Servers to store customer data in high-security data warehouses.Dell ProSupport ensures maximum uptime.Kym—any comments you’d like to make?
  • Services for the Virtual Era

    1. 1. Take Your Own Path:SMB Services and Solutions for the Virtual Era<br />December 10, 2010<br />The power to do more<br />
    2. 2. Dell Services<br />2<br />Helping Customers Succeed<br />FOR IT SERVICE & SUPPORT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION(TBR)<br />7<br />#1<br />43,000+<br />GLOBAL<br />COMMAND <br />CENTERS<br />Magic Quadrant LeaderHelp Desk and Desktop Outsourcing,North America <br />TEAM MEMBERS<br />LEADER<br />IN DEVELOPMENT OF<br />ADVANCED SUPPORT AND<br />CLOUD SERVICES <br />BROAD SUITE<br />OF CONSULTING<br />SERVICES<br />“OUTSOURCINGEXCELLENCE AWARDS”WON WITH CUSTOMERSSINCE 2004<br />60<br />7<br />TECH<br />SUPPORT<br />CENTERS<br />ACTIVE IN<br />SUPPORT:<br />14M CLIENTS<br />1.4M SERVICES & <br />STORAGE SYSTEMS<br />~90<br />SaaS:<br />10K+ CUSTOMERS<br />6.2M+ SEATS<br />MANAGE:<br />2.5M+ CLIENTS<br />36 DATA CENTERS<br />COUNTRIES<br />
    3. 3. Services for SMBs<br />“Out of the four providers that tendered for our virtualization solution, only Dell was capable of delivering the whole solution end-to-end.”<br />Peter RuttkaIT Administrator, Hennecke<br />Confidential<br />3<br />
    4. 4. <ul><li>Trusted Provider
    5. 5. Comprehensive Solutions
    6. 6. Designed for SMBs</li></ul>Services<br />Security & Compliance<br />Maximized<br />Uptime<br />Growth & Innovation<br />Optimized <br />IT resources<br />SMBNeeds<br />Support<br />Infrastructure Management<br />Consulting <br />CloudServices<br />Configuration & Deployment<br />4<br />DellServices<br />
    7. 7. <ul><li>24 x 7 x 365
    8. 8. 32 languages
    9. 9. Global Command Centers</li></ul>ProSupport<br />Asset & Data Protection<br />Value-Added Services<br />Speed of Response<br />Support<br /><ul><li>For End Users and IT
    10. 10. Match customer’s level of IT expertise
    11. 11. Mission Critical
    12. 12. 4-hour or Same Day
    13. 13. Next Business Day
    14. 14. Accidental Damage
    15. 15. Extended Battery Service
    16. 16. Certified Data Destruction
    17. 17. Hard Drive Data Recovery
    18. 18. Keep Your Hard Drive
    19. 19. Proactive Maintenance
    20. 20. Remote Advisory
    21. 21. Specialized Onsite
    22. 22. Enterprise-Wide Contract
    23. 23. Point of Need</li></ul>5<br />
    24. 24. Proactive Systems Management<br /><ul><li>New feature of ProSupport
    25. 25. Hardware Monitoring and Alerting
    26. 26. Automated Diagnostics to detect and diagnose for fast recovery
    27. 27. Customizable Warranty Expiration Notifications
    28. 28. Asset Visibility and Reporting for Dell™ and non-Dell assets through customer’s online portal</li></ul>Proactive Maintenance<br /><ul><li>Scheduled assessments
    29. 29. Streamlined patch management
    30. 30. Detailed reporting
    31. 31. Reduce IT issues up to 40% (Dell Analysis)</li></ul>Dell ProSupport Proactive<br />6<br />Don’t wait for IT to break<br />
    32. 32. ProSupport: Accidental Damage Service<br />7<br />Protecting SMB’s Investments in Assets<br /><ul><li>Easy repair or replacement for most accidental damage notcovered by limited warranty
    33. 33. Includes spills, drops, electrical surges and other accidents
    34. 34. Flexible terms
    35. 35. 1 to 4 years
    36. 36. International support for customers who travel</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Collaborative support for ~140 third-party products
    37. 37. Majority of SMB calls to Dell for support involve software issues</li></ul>ProSupport Covers Software<br />8<br />Resolutions, not finger-pointing<br />Dell is single point of accountability for hardware and software<br />
    38. 38. Managed Services<br />9<br />SaaS Solutions<br />Email<br />Management<br />Laptop Data Encryption<br />Online Backup& Restore<br />Crisis<br />Management<br />Distributed Device Management<br />SoftwareInventory<br />Leverage the efficiencies of SaaS <br />for greater agility and mobility<br />
    39. 39. IT Consulting<br />10<br /><ul><li>Automated Tools & Analysis
    40. 40. Skilled Solution Architects
    41. 41. Intellectual Property
    42. 42. Reference Architectures</li></ul>Consulting<br />End-User <br />Data Center <br />Enterprise Architecture <br /><ul><li>Data Center Planning and Management
    43. 43. Platform Optimization and Virtualization
    44. 44. Data Management
    45. 45. Networking
    46. 46. OS Migration Planning and Readiness
    47. 47. Client Virtualization
    48. 48. Application Rationalization, Packaging, and Management
    49. 49. Education and Training
    50. 50. Communications and Collaboration
    51. 51. Enterprise Apps: Oracle, Active Directory, SharePoint, Business Intelligence
    52. 52. Security</li></ul>Trusted expertise to help SMBs leverage new technologies<br />
    53. 53. Consulting: Remote Virtualization Readiness Assessment<br />Software assessment for fast, accurate and benchmarked ROI and TCO analysis and recommendations<br />Dell technical team walks through installation and data collection as customer watches via Web-Ex<br />Workloads hardware and software inventory recorded over 30 days. Space, energy savings and consolidation ratios calculated<br />Report delivered by Dell virtualization experts or technical sales specialist<br />11<br />
    54. 54. “We can talk directly to Dell – there’s no middle man – and it has strong relationships with tier-one software providers such as VMware, which we needed for this project.”<br />Dean Newman<br />Director of IT, PensionsFirst, UK<br />Consulting: Pension industry services firm turns to Dell for consulting, design, hardware, software<br />12<br />
    55. 55. “In three years, we’ve been down for about 20 minutes.”<br />Kym Houden<br />Managing Director, Task Retail Technology<br />Support: Task Retail Technology relies on Dell for robust and reliable service<br />13<br />
    56. 56. ProSupport increases NPS scores from SMB customers by over 50%<br />Services for SMBs<br />14<br />Peace of Mind and Customer Satisfaction<br />“We’ve always been impressed with Dell support services. Dell ProSupport for IT Mission Critical provides peace of mind.”–Willem Jan Vastenholt, Head of ITInfoSupport(Netherlands)<br />Small & Medium Business<br />
    57. 57. 15<br />Take Your Own Path<br />Global Media Summit<br />Round Rock, Texas USA<br />9-10 December 2010<br />