Our commitment to put technology and expertise to work,                        where it can do the most good for people an...
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Powering The Possible


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The pillars of Dell's Powering the Possible platform.

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  • At Dell, we believe we have a real place in this world to help people grow and thrive. We believe that, collectively, our future depends on using technology as a driving force to enable human potential and create a better world. These ideals fuel our purpose as a company and our brand. We talk about that as “The Power to Do More” and it informs everything we do.One of the ways we deliver on that purpose is through the good things we do for society at large and the environment. We call that Powering the Possible. Beyond compliance, beyond philanthropy, Dell Powering the Possible is our commitment to put technology and expertise to work, where it can do the most good for people and the planet – making possible today what was impossible yesterday.Powering the Possible falls into four broad action areas:Fostering environmental stewardship, based on taking a lifecycle approach that begins with designing with the environment in mind and continues through responsible recycling.Promoting supply chain responsibility, which includes promoting supplier diversity, promoting responsible labor practices among our suppliers, and taking a leadership role in driving conflict-free sourcing for the electronics industry. For those who are not familiar with that, maybe you know “Conflict Diamonds” (or Blood Diamonds – the movie staring Leonardo di Caprio). Well there are other conflict minerals, too, and some of them are used in electronics. Empowering our people, building an inclusive workforce that thinks as differently as it looks. There’s a lot that goes into this, driven by our People strategy and touching on our great employee resource groups, the Connected Workplace program, and the expansion of the Leadership Imperative initiative, among other things.Giving back to communities is much more than just writing checks. It takes a holistic approach to giving that supplements funds with technology, expertise and volunteerism. Our efforts focus on promoting Youth Learning through access and skills acquisition, helping accelerate treatments for pediatric cancer, encouraging social entrepreneurship among students, responding to disasters and supporting our team members’ own engagement with other community groups they care about.
  • Powering The Possible

    1. 1. Our commitment to put technology and expertise to work, where it can do the most good for people and the planet.Environment Communities People Supply ChainHelping reduce customers’ Giving to communities in Building an inclusive Helping suppliers buildenvironmental footprint as need with a focus on: workforce that thinks as capabilities, grow theirwell as our own through a • Youth learning differently as it looks business, and upholdlifecycle approach: • Children’s cancer care through: high standards by:• Environmental design • Social entrepreneurship • People strategy • Supplier diversity• Responsible operations • Disaster relief • Employee resource • Responsible labor• Sustainable packaging • Employee engagement groups practices• Energy efficiency • Connected Workplace • Conflict-free sourcing• Recycling programs • Leadership Imperative Corporate Responsibility