How And Why To Build A Corporate Blog


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This is a presentation that LionelatDell gave during Dell's Executive Social Marketing Boot Camp on April 30, 2009.

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How And Why To Build A Corporate Blog

  1. How and Why You Should Build a Corporate Blog Lionel Menchaca Chief Blogger, Dell Inc. April 30, 2009
  2. DIRECT2DELL OBJECTIVE: Engage customers by sharing information that matters to them RESULTS: – Direct2Dell exists in 5 languages – About 200K page views per month – Almost 1,000 posts since July 2006 – Over 25,000 comments – More than 100 contributors
  4. CURRENT BLOG LANDSCAPE  According to their 2008 report, Technorati indexes about 133 million blogs • A 2008 Center for Marketing • According to SNCR, in 2009 Research study showed that 81 (about 16%) Fortune 500 39% of Inc. 500 companies are companies maintain a blog blogging
  5. WHY BIG CORPORATIONS ARE SLOWER TO ADOPT BLOGGING  Fear of losing control  Lack of executive support  IT security concerns with allowing access to social media sites  Legal hurdles and other fears 5
  6. 2. WHY BLOG? 6
  7. REASONS TO BLOG © Hugh McLeod  Customers trust their friends and family more than they trust you  A blog done right can go a long way to humanize a company  Engaging customers through blogs and other social media tools builds credibility and their trust in you  Customers will talk about your brand with or without you
  8. 3. HOW DELL DOES IT 8
  9. HOW DELL DOES IT – OUR BLOG POLICY  Dell’s blog policy is simple: be transparent and abide by Dell’s Code of Conduct  WOMMA’s Code of Ethics is also a core part of Dell’s policy
  10. HOW DELL DOES IT – RULES OF THE ROAD 1. Understand that customers are in control 2. Remember that real conversations are two-way 3. Think before you talk, but always be yourself 4. Address any form of dissatisfaction head-on 5. Be aware that any conversation can become global at any time 6. Don’t be afraid to apologize, then do what’s necessary to help Dell avoid making that mistake in the future
  11. HOW DELL DOES IT – WHAT GOES THROUGH LEGAL  Any issue that is safety-related (all posts related to the battery recall)  Any post that calls out a competitive product by name  Any post about a Legal issue (Ex. A Tale of Two Processors in China)  Any post that explains how we will support many customers based on an issue (Ex. the NVIDIA GPU issue)  When in doubt, apply some common sense
  12. HOW DELL DOES IT – COMMENT MODERATION Dell publishes more than 97% of the comments submitted to our network of blogs 1. No profanity 2. No personal attacks directed at other community members or Dell employees 3. No solicitations for Legal action 4. No comments that contain private customer information
  13. 4. WHAT’S NEXT 13
  14. WHAT’S NEXT? Blending of e-commerce and community sites  Agree with Jeremiah Owyang’s Irrelevant Corporate Website concept that community content will augment our content
  15. WHAT’S NEXT? Content Syndication = go where the conversations are happening Dell Community 600,000 users per quarter Over 100 million users per quarter Total online population = more than 1.5 billion
  16. Thank You Lionel Menchaca Twitter: @LionelatDell 16