EMEA Day at Dell 2010 - SMB Online Best Practices
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EMEA Day at Dell 2010 - SMB Online Best Practices

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  • 1. SMB Online Best Practices Marta Obrebska, SMB Online Marketing April 2010
  • 2. DELL ONLINE TODAY Our vision is: to be the technology e-commerce leader by offering the most relevant experience and solutions to drive high customer loyalty 2 Confidential Global Marketing
  • 3. WE ARE INVESTING IN TOP 3 3 Confidential Global Marketing
  • 4. 10 TIPS FOR ONLINE BEST PRACTICES 4 Confidential Global Marketing
  • 5. 1. CONVERSION – KNOW THE LEVERS • SMB: ~98% abandon rate and from config through checkout for systems • Explore ways to shift the funnel & reduce leakage in each stage of path Effective Traffic Browse Config Cart Total Checkout System Checkout 60% or Consideration Conversion 40% or 31 eClose Rate 1000 600 visits visits 51% or 16 Convergence 45% or 8 visits Visits to 62% or 369 21% or 77 advance to visits complete order (example) product visits enter visits enter checkout complete pages config cart checkout • Persistent Cart • Saved cart • Drive online email/outbounding • Page design • Simplified Config demand • Share cart options • Path to most effective pages • Learning content • Optimize entry • Comparisons • Improved search • Payment approvals/options points • Targeting • Simplified checkout • Targeting by traffic source • Strong internal search • Offers & Pricing Global Marketing TIP: Focus design, data and testing on highest leakage areas 5
  • 6. 2. ENSURE SITE STABILITY & QUALITY • Downtime impacts your customer experience and bottom line • Build processes to monitor site uptime and quality (applications, network and content) • Establish an automated audit an notification process for site issues • Obtain root cause reports to prevent future recurrence Downtime impacts both financials . . . and customer experience: Small Business Site Orders by Hour Buyer satisfaction rating 800 700 Customers returned, but 4.32 24 hrs before SITE revenue still lost 600 DOWN 2.56 Servers down, 500 9pm - 7am site slow 400 4.19 24 hrs after 300 0 1 2 3 4 5 200 Very unsatisfied Very satisfied 100 Dec 11 - Dec 12 Dec 4 - Dec 5 0 0 2 4 6 8 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 10 12 14 16 Global Marketing 6
  • 7. 3. TRAFFIC – DRIVE DEMAND & OPTIMIZE ENTRY POINTS • SEO and SEM are critical – B2B Internet users use search engines first to find out about a product or service (83% use Google) • Develop CRM powered customer lifecycle programs and deliver via online vehicles • Email – Grow an opt-in email subscriber list aggressively, provide clear benefits to subscription and track opt out • Consider segmented OA/email programs that add value beyond just promo/price • Offer value-added and exclusive promotions to affiliates ODG vs. Non-attributed traffic: • Brings in qualified traffic • Higher conversion% and RPV • Higher intent of buying • Helps increase brand/ product awareness Tip: Avoid landing pages that don’t convert. Global Marketing 7
  • 8. 4. MAINTAIN SIMPLE & INTUITIVE SITE, OFFER SUPPORT • Clear and user friendly site navigation:  Product Advisors  Imagery  Monetization assets  Merchandising  ANAV (assisted  Ratings and reviews content navigation)  Promotions  Learn content • Online Support improvements reduced Customer Care contacts into (costlier) phone support over 30%  Quick and intuitive access to Order status application  Fast and easy access to Order Support FAQs  Improve visibility and relevance of Order support Self-help tool New online support platform New Product Advisor New Builder: Redesigned configurator Global Marketing
  • 9. 5. SEGMENT YOUR AUDIENCE If you are X, then you belong to group Y and will get relevant to your segment price, promotion and content set. Recognize Enter Group •Authenticate and validate identity •Assemble data Target •Determine Rights/access attributes •Populate pages •Retrieve: •Match to with group predefined specific pricing, •Opt-in/out preferences segments •Browsing behavior promotions, and content. •Customer ID •Sales Rep ID Global Marketing 9
  • 10. 6. DRIVE CONVERSION VIA SITE MERCHANDISING • Consider the site as an extension of the sales force – Call to action with phone number, chat, lead gen forms should be hard to miss – Control the Sale and Upsell • Navigation & Design – Make forward-moving navigation clear. Side paths can provide additional information, but should always lead back to the main path – Provide robust comparison and filtering tools – Enable various sorting mechanisms: Deals, Top rated, Best Sellers, All – Integrate relevant content in addition to just selling products for customers there to learn – Integrate content/customer stories/insights Tip: Target this content based on behavior or authenticated data where possible for improved RPV/MPV Global Marketing 10
  • 11. 7. DEVELOP MEANINGFUL CONTENT TO DRIVE STICKINESS • Content marketing = engagement • Think beyond the sale – remember that most customer are here to learn not purchase • Content can be your own or from your partners or customers • Simplify language and choice • Be consistent in all messaging and drive reassurance Unclear Better TIP: Robust content is a great search traffic driver Global Marketing 11
  • 12. 8. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS • Create baseline site and user experience metrics and measure often – NPS • Document your user needs - are they accomplishing the purpose of their visit? • Identify possible barriers to visitor success • Quantify and categorize the key visitor demographics and attitudes • Use customer insights to prioritize improvements to the site – and then start over • Trust the wisdom of the crowds, solicit ideas and implement >>> http://www.ideastorm.com Tip: Develop short and long term projects to fix the larger CE issues tracked on site to improve NPS and conversion. Global Marketing 12
  • 14. 1O. DON’T FORGET TO UPSELL • Best time to recommend complementary purchases are at POS • “Candy Aisle” recommendations offer customer-based, impulse purchases after a computer or S&P item is added to cart • Behavioral targeting helps make recommendations more relevant. • . Global Marketing 1
  • 15. SMB ONLINE BEST PRACTICES 1. Establish rigorous KPIs and focus on conversion levers 2. Uptime is king – fix site stabilization issues first 3. Develop robust email, online demand generation and search programs to drive traffic 4. Maintain a simple and intuitive site, offer support 5. One size does not fit all – segment your visitors and target 6. Drive conversion via navigation, merchandising and promotions 7. Develop meaningful content to create stickiness 8. Listen to your customers 9. Track your core competitors and industry best practices 10. Don’t forget to upsell Global Marketing 15
  • 16. Introduction to SEO
  • 17. THE IMPORTANCE OF SEARCH • Natural search is our fastest growing and #1 online traffic driver • Fostering an “SEO” culture can ensure that all those who create, maintain or influence online content will contribute GlobalFrom Omniture Marketing 17
  • 18. WHAT DOES SEO MEAN? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a phrase that is applied to many different areas of search engine marketing. For our purpose, we will focus on optimizing Web pages so they are easily recognized to be highly ranked by the major search engines. This is referred to as Natural Search or Organic Search as opposed to the paid advertising placement called Paid Search Google Search Engine Results Page Global Marketing 1
  • 19. HOW PEOPLE SEARCH • People tend to scan The Sweet Spot: the SERP “Golden Triangle” online content, not read it—especially search engine results. • Top rankings for your targeted keywords/phrases is crucial. This is because searchers: 10 non-paid listings per page 1. Predominantly focus on the first 3 search results of the first page1 2. Rarely view the second page 3. Almost never browse 1 past the third. 2 3 1 Over 40% of users will try a new search rather than go to the second page of search results Global Marketing (http://www.accuracast.com/search-daily-news/seo-7471/first-page-listings-on-google-even-more-important/). 19
  • 20. THE POWER OF DIVERSE CONTENT • Web l News l Images l Video Content l Blogs l PDFs Images News Global Marketing 20
  • 21. KEY SEO ELEMENTS TO OPTIMIZE The most important search elements that we can influence are: Site Structure Content Links The “ticket to entry” providing Matches searched keywords Enabler to achieve the foundation to content high ranking • URLs • Primary subject • Interlinking between • Spider accessibility matter company owned to content and links • Keyword usage sites • Titles • External inbound • Emphasized text • Hyperlinked anchor • Filenames of images text used and multimedia Global Marketing 21
  • 22. SEARCH ELEMENTS ON PAGES AND IN SOURCE CODE Customer-facing Onsite Dell Content Hidden HTML Source Code Browser Title Pulled into Results URL Meta Keywords Page Title Meta Description Content Multimedia & Anchor Image Text Filenames, Alt Links Tags Global Marketing 22
  • 23. TITLES & DESCRIPTIONS ARE SEEN FIRST SERP SERP • Results that grab the most attention: 1. Match the searched keywords 2. Are well written and Listing (or Browser) Title easily skimmed Meta Description  160 characters displayed 3. Include descriptions with compelling soft calls to action. HTML Source Code Global Marketing 23
  • 24. IMAGES MAKE A IMPACT 1) Descriptive Filenames • Search engines use 3 factors to indirectly determine what an image is about because they cannot “see” dell-inspiron-laptops.jpg 2) Descriptive Alt Attributes 3) Content Surrounding Images Global Marketing 24
  • 25. FIND POPULAR TERMS • Use tools to discover or validate local high volume search terms: • For example, Dell is moving away from “notebooks” >> “laptops” Discover keyword ideas and gauge popularity with Determine popularity of keywords, even by Google Adwords Keyword Tool region with Google’s Trends https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal www.google.com/trends Example 1: Search volume for keywords related to Example 2: Popularity of wifi in Australia (EN) wi-fi, wifi, wireless in Australia (EN) See the Tools section for more details. Global Marketing 2
  • 26. INBOUND LINKS BOOST RANKING • Sites linking may pass on their link juice, boosting rankings. • Quality over quantity: a link from an “authoritative” trustworthy site may be worth a lot more than many links from lesser sites. Passing the “Link Juice” “PageRank” authority derives from a page’s: 1. Popularity 2. Subject matter very somewhat 3. Update frequency authoritative authoritative Types of Websites: Link Juice 1. Educational Institutions & Organizations 2. Industry Topical 3. News 4. Ratings & Reviews 5. Partners 6. Social Media 7. Blogs 8. Other Company Domains low influence Global Marketing 26
  • 27. PLACEMENT OF CONTEXTUAL LINKS • Contextual links lead to supporting information. • Search engine algorithms take into account the text surrounding the links. Contextual Links Guidelines:  Use the most relevant keyword rich anchor text that supports the page it links to, not the page that it is on Global Marketing 27
  • 28. TIP: VIEW HOW SEARCH ENGINES SEE PAGES: SEO-BROWSER.COM • See a page the way a search engine sees it: blind of content embedded in multimedia (images, Flash, Javascript, video) but able to read “Alt” tags describing content and multimedia filenames. Full Multimedia Version Text Version Read by Search Engines Global Marketing www.seo-browser.com 28
  • 29. TIP: VIEW HOW GOOGLE SEES PAGES: CACHED TEXT • See a page the way a search engine sees it: blind of content embedded in multimedia (images, Flash, Javascript, video) but able to read “Alt” tags describing content and multimedia filenames. Google SERP Google Cached Version Google Cached Version (Text-only) http://www.seo-browser.com/ Global Marketing 29