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DWEN Media Fact Sheet

  1. 1. TYOP Fact Sheet <br />Concept:<br />It takes an extraordinary person to launch and grow a business. Michael Dell is that kind of visionary. He saw an opportunity to make technology more accessible to people and organizations around the world and revolutionized an industry. Michael is just one of the many achievers who dared to take his own path with a view of how technology could enable human potential everywhere.<br />Building on this heritage and recognizing the unique challenges and rocky journeys entrepreneurs can face led to the inception of Dell’s Take Your Own Path (TYOP) campaign – our first, truly global marketing campaign. Partnering with Intel, the Take Your Own Path campaign tells the stories of pioneering entrepreneurs like Michael – we call them heroes. Showcasing their success, we are able to demonstrate how small and medium businesses can leverage technology strategies to grow, better serve their customers, and increase productivity and efficiency. <br />The success of our customers equals the success of Dell. By celebrating our heroes, we forge a deeper relationship with them and share Dell’s value proposition with current and potential customers.<br /> <br />TYOP Facts:<br /><ul><li>In October 2008, the campaign launched in India, followed by France in early 2009.
  2. 2. In the third quarter of 2009, the campaign expanded to include eight countries: Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, United States, and United Kingdom. Brazil and Australia will launch TYOP this year (2010).
  3. 3. We have 39 heroes actively engaged in the campaign worldwide. With the basic campaign idea of customers as celebrity spokespeople, we have seen TYOP working well in dramatically different markets.
  4. 4. TYOP is a multi-million dollar annual campaign with an integrated marketing approach: billboards, print advertisements, broadcast, online advertising, digital signage in the world’s busiest airports and train stations, media relations, social media and speaking engagements. </li></ul> TYOP Results:<br /><ul><li>TYOP has generated more than 5B impressions worldwide and is contributing to positive word-of-mouth and consideration of the Dell brand.
  5. 5. Predominately in China, Germany and India, TYOP is having a notable impact on positive word-of-mouth (Source: Dell Q1 Brand Tracker).
  6. 6. After exposure to TYOP (1 in 5 small and medium businesses in our eight campaign countries have seen TYOP ads; 1 in 3 in China), audiences are most likely to visit a website for more information. Most notably in India, 50 percent claimed they purchased a Dell (Source: Dell Q1 Brand Tracker).
  7. 7. Dell has experienced sustained improvements in brand health in India and France, where TYOP has been in-market the longest (Source: Dell Q1 Brand Tracker). We went from No. 5 to No. 2 in PC sales in 18 months in India (Source: IDC). </li></ul>In Japan, the campaign received the “2009 Best PC Advertisement Award of the Year” from Nikkei BP, one of the most influential media in Japan with a commercial and IT-focused audience. TYOP also won the prestigious Promax Asia Award that recognizes excellence in on-air promotion and advertising.<br />Global TYOP Hero Snapshots: <br />Brazil (NEW)<br />Gradual Corretora, Fernanda de Lima, President; Since 2006, is controlling shareholder and CEO of Gradual Investments, one of the largest independent brokerages in the country with more than 20, 000 registered customers, and is the only national financial institution that is 100% owned by women; also founded InfoMoney, Brazil’s largest independent online financial portal<br />Other nine not included as they are not announced.<br />Canada and U.S. <br /><ul><li>Cakelove, Warren Brown, Founder: retail baked goods company and café, with his own show on the Food Network.
  8. 8. Endeavor, Linda Rottenberg, CEO and Co-founder: non-profit group dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in emerging economies. 
  9. 9. LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, Founder and CEO: business-oriented social networking site founded in December 2002 mainly used for professional networking. 
  10. 10. Soho VFX, Berj Bannayan, Co-Founder: creator of visual effects for television and film including Wolverine, The Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk.
  11. 11. Sew What? Inc., Megan Duckett, Founder and President: visual design workshop for custom-sewn theatrical draperies and fabrics, specializing in the entertainment and special event industries. 
  12. 12. TecAccess, Debra Ruh, Founder and CEO: provider of accessibility consulting and staffing solutions. She started the company when inspired by her daughter with Downs Syndrome.
  13. 13. Thinkwell Design, Joe Zenas, Co-founder and COO: specializes in the turnkey design and production of one-of-a-kind experience-based theme parks, resorts, destinations, attractions, museums, exhibits, live shows and environments.</li></ul>China <br /><ul><li>Xinhu Futures Co., Ma Wensheng and Li Bei Xin, Chairman and General Manager: China’s fastest growing commodity trading company.
  14. 14. DeBang Logistics, Cui Weixing, Founder and CEO: China’s largest freight agency.
  15. 15. Vancl.com, Chen Nian, Founder: China’s No. 1 online clothing store.
  16. 16. Shanghai Kaikai, Pen Xinqiao, CEO: China’s first online financial news company.
  17. 17. Easou, NEW Wang Xi, CEO: leading mobile search and advertising provider in China.
  18. 18. Anjuke, NEW Liang Weiping, CEO: online real estate destination site.
  19. 19. NEW Silk Road Telecommunications, Lixia Qiu, Founder and CEO: provides an internet data center, enterprise communications services and internal management services to more than 300,000 customers in China, the Phillippines, Vietnam and Thailand.</li></ul>France<br /><ul><li>Meetic, Marc Simoncini, Founder: dating site that grew from grew from three to 450 employees in just seven years and is allegedly responsible for the birth of 60,000 babies in France alone.
  20. 20. Promovacances.com, Alain de Mendonca, Founder: leading travel site in France.
  21. 21. Ymagis, Jean Mizrahi, Founder: first company to realize the potential of digital film, helping distributors, advertising agencies, producers and exhibitors smoothly convert their activity from traditional 35mm technologies to digital technologies.
  22. 22. Sunnco, Sebastien Leopold, Founder: leading solar panel company in France.
  23. 23. NEW Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas, Founder and CEO: extensive, global line of high-quality cosmetics and skincare products and four Vinothériapie® spas.
  24. 24. Colloquium Group, NEW Natalie De Chalus, Founder and CEO: organizes, manages and executes virtual and on-site meetings for groups of 1,000 to 15,000 business professionals. </li></ul>Germany <br /><ul><li>Juwi, Matthias Willenbacher, Co-founder and CEO: wind farm solar power, hydro, geothermal energy and bio-energy project development company.
  25. 25. STA Travel, NEW Andreas Siegmann, Managing Director: specializes in adventure trips to countries around the globe.
  26. 26. Pixomondo, Thilo Kutter, Founder and CEO: international visual effects company with a global network of studios in Berlin (Studio Babelsberg), Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, London, Shanghai and most recently Los Angeles.
  27. 27. Gerhardi, NEW Thomas Dinter, Managing Director: automotive supply company that manufactures interior and exterior galvanized plastic image parts for luxury automobiles.
  28. 28. NEW Zwei Plus Zwei, Andreas Gehlen, Founder and CEO: sells bicycle trailers in 14 European countries to wholesalers, retailers, and directly to customers. The unique name of the company is symbolic for “two parents and two children” or “two wheels in the front and two wheels in the back.”</li></ul>India <br /><ul><li>Shaadi.com/People Group, Anupam Mittal, CEO and Founder: Indian dating service.
  29. 29. Hungama, Neeraj Roy, CEO and Managing Director: India’s premier digital and mobile entertainment company.
  30. 30. Everonn Systems, P Kishore, Founder: an education and training company that pioneered a range of services, including creating educational and training content of global relevance, designing and executing large learning initiatives and setting up the requisite infrastructure.
  31. 31. Career Launcher, Satya Narayanan, Founder: leading education services corporation offering test preparation.
  32. 32. Quattro, Raman Roy, Founder: Father of the Indian business process outsourcing industry and founder of mobile ad network.
  33. 33. NIIT, P Rajendran, Co-founder and COO: training and global talent development corporation.
  34. 34. Trends Ad Film Makers, VK Prakash, Filmmaker and Founder: ad film production house.
  35. 35. No-Ordinary Bride, Sanjana Rathnam, Designer and Founder: bridal gown house. </li></ul>Japan <br /><ul><li>Pado, Hiroshi Kurahashi, President: Japan’s premier free publication company.
  36. 36. Clara Online, Kentaro Lemoto, Founder and CEO: Asia’s leading server hosting facility.
  37. 37. Mixi, Kenji Kasahara, CEO: Japan’s most popular networking portal.
  38. 38. Combi, Hiromasa Matsuura, President: Japan’s leading manufacturer of childcare products.</li></ul>UK <br /><ul><li>Good Energy Group, Juliet Davenport, CEO: develops the demand and supply of renewable energy across Europe.
  39. 39. Jagex, Mark Gerhard, CEO: independent games developer and publisher.
  40. 40. Masternaut Three X, Martin Port, Managing Director: UK’s leading provider of vehicle tracking and mobile resource management.
  41. 41. Lonely Planet, Tony Wheeler, Founder: world’s largest independent guidebook publisher and website with more than 500 titles in print.
  42. 42. NEW Pension First, Timothy Lyons, CEO, and Fiona Page, Partner: through an application they developed, Pension First helps companies quickly and accurately analyze, manage and track pension risk. </li></ul>Join the Conversation @ #DWEN<br />LinkedIn: Bloomberg - Dell Intel Women’s Entrepreneur Network 2010 <br />Invitation-only group where participants connect before, during and after the event to share content via discussion questions, news articles on women entrepreneurism. LinkedIn will be THE online place for all Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network discussions.<br />Facebook: Dell for Business page <br />Specific tab on the newly launched page with details on the event and an aggregation of all #dwen tweets and weekly discussion questions.<br />Twitter: @DellSMBNews, #dwen, #worldexpo<br />Tweets from @DellSMBNews and all #dwen tagged content includes interesting facts about women entrepreneurs, agenda topics (ie: power of customer advocates, doing business in emerging markets, etc.) and interesting stories about the World Expo. <br />Direct2Dell: www.direct2dell.com | http://chinese.direct2dell.com/ <br />Main blog sites for Dell generated event content, www.direct2dell.com (English) | http://chinese.direct2dell.com/ (Chinese) <br />Flickr: Event photos posted on Flickr group [http://www.flickr.com/photos/dellphotos/sets/72157624196432812]<br />YouTube: Vlogs posted on DWEN playlist [http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=10272425A87D4783]<br />Related Dell Social Media Facts<br /><ul><li>Direct2Dell blog is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese.
  43. 43. At the end of June 2010, the Dell Business group on LinkedIn will launch as the first community with video integration.
  44. 44. To reach and support our almost 500,000 fans on Facebook, the “Dell Support on Facebook” widget was created for all Dell fan pages. To help small and medium businesses implement their own social media strategies, Dell launched the Social Media for Small Business Facebook Page.
  45. 45. Hundreds of Dell employees connect with customers every day on Twitter. In China, Dell uses Sina to connect online with customers in that country.