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Law offices require robust technology that can quickly produce large volumes of high-quality documents designed to boost productivity and simplify print management. Key functions of the Dell Legal Station include:
• The ability to print forms on demand,
• “Scan to court” which sets file limits for scanned jobs destined for court delivery,
• “Scan to network” to send documents to custom network locations, and
• A touch screen that can be customized with a law firm’s logo.

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Dell Legal Station

  1. 1. Dell Printer Solution Dell Legal Print Station One-touch workflow solutions that can help improve productivity Law offices require robust technology that can quickly produce large volumes of high-quality hard copy documents, while boosting productivity and simplifying print management. The Dell Legal Print Station is a Dell multifunction printer (MFP) with features designed specifically for the legal profession that can deliver the workflow and functionality today’s law irms demand. A versatile, hard-working addition to busy law offices Your Dell Legal Print Station can simplify your law office’s workflow processes. Custom functions are all easily accessed through icons on the MFP’s user-friendly touch screen, allowing attorneys and administrative staff to complete complicated workflow processes easily — and without special training. Dell Legal Print Station Touch Screen Copy Fax Email Search Held Jobs Held Jobs Forms on Demand Scan to Court Scan to Network Menus Ready Touch any button to begin Solution Overview / Dell Legal Print Station
  2. 2. Dell Legal Print Station Immediate access to a suite of powerful law office workflow solutions Forms on Demand The Dell Legal Print Station is available as Legal and administrative staff are often too busy to log in to a an option with the Dell 3333dn, 3335dn, and workstation every time they need to locate a document and 5535dn Multifunction Printers print it. Forms on Demand allows them to quickly and easily access and print forms at the Dell Legal Print Station: • Easy to set up and configure from the MFP operator panel. • Allows you to program descriptive names to Internet or intranet URLs for easier form retrieval. • Reduces cost of printing and storing preprinted forms, in addition to eliminating waste associated with obsolete forms. Scan to Court Since many courts limit the size of electronic files they will accept, this application allows law firms to set file limits for scanned jobs destined for court delivery. If a job exceeds The Dell 5535dn the limit, the Dell Legal Print Station is designed to either stop Multifunction Printer the scan job and allow the user to adjust the scan settings, or automatically separate it into several smaller files so Powerful Document Management Solutions that the document can be sent in segments that meet the from Dell court’s requirements. Easy-to-use multifunction printers with big, colorful touch screens can help you manage all of your Scan to Network documents more effectively. Put powerful, proven This application allows users to quickly scan documents output features to work with just a touch. to custom locations on their network. Lawyers can also scan documents directly to their personal folders on the network • Intuitive Interface – Customizable, vivid icons with the to maintain confidentiality or to departmental folders to color touch screen provide fast access to print, copy, enhance collaboration. fax and scan to e-mail functions. • Job Build – When scanning pages from both the Custom Screensaver automatic document feeder (ADF) and the flatbed, the The touch screen can be customized with your law firm’s logo, entire job can be saved as a single file. viewed on the operator panel background or as a screen saver • Priority Copy (Job Interrupt) – For convenience when the Dell Legal Print Station is not in use. This can enhance copying, this feature allows you to temporarily interrupt your firm’s image and professionalism, especially if the Dell a print job, then resume it once the copy is made. Legal Print Station is located in an area that is visible to clients. • Job Cancel – This intuitive feature clearly lists all jobs in each queue (print,copy, fax) to ensure the correct job is cancelled. • Direct USB Scanning/Printing – Print image files directly from a USB flash drive, or scan documents and save them as pdf, tif or jpeg files on a USB flash drive. Solution Overview / Dell Legal Print Station
  3. 3. Dell Legal Print Station With the Dell Legal Print Station your law office won’t have to install additional servers to enjoy these time-saving solutions. Put a Dell Legal Print Station on staff in your law office The Dell Legal Print Station can help your firm streamline processes, improve productivity and track costs more accurately. To put a Dell Legal Print Station to work in your law office, contact your Dell representative today or go to © 2010 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Solution Overview / Dell Legal Print Station 1010012847 5/2010