Dell Storage for Higher Education


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Dell’s consultative approach to achieving cost-effective, intelligent data management helps colleges, universities and research facilities attract
more top students and meet their loftiest goals - with any size budget.

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Dell Storage for Higher Education

  1. 1. Turn your data into knowledge with any size budget Dell’s consultative approach to achieving cost-effective, intelligent data management helps colleges, universities and research facilities attract more top students and meet their loftiest goals - with any size budget. Whether a small college, major and pressure to accelerate academic institution. Starting with a whiteboard university or research facility, your research even though funding is session and an assessment of your institution probably faces a very become increasingly scarce. current situation, we can help you common, yet daunting challenge: make a time-sensitive plan for Dell’s higher education expertise budget constraints. Throughout getting your data under control and can help you explore the most Europe, institutions are struggling with accessible for students, faculty and cost-effective and intelligent data a growing number of students yet administrators – faster and within management storage solution for your limited facilities, and growing desire the realities of your budget.
  2. 2. Budgets are slashed, The road towards an intelligent data’s exploding data management strategy Most institutions of higher learning, national funding for higher more collaborative and speeds up These are the kinds of debates and with clear phases and decision points. provide accurate return-on-investment no matter how big or small, have education has been cut by at least the discovery and analysis process challenges our experts can help you And we guide you through every step, data based on the universities we one common mission: to create 10 countries* and other governments immensely. navigate and solve. The Dell team of showing you how best to invest your have already worked with. Our proven knowledge through research. This have failed to fulfil commitments technology and service professionals scarce budget for maximum return. methodology and expertise can help All this has placed huge pressures on straightforward, yet challenging to increase investments in higher uses shared skill sets to design, your institution get where you want data management systems. Storage Our proof is in our results. We’ve been mission is being increasingly education. Private funding is also operate and streamline multi-platform to go faster so you can start realising demand is growing exponentially at using this methodology to help higher compromised by shrinking budgets. down, which has had a negative data centres. Using our methodology savings earlier. And it all starts with most institutions while the requirement education institutions around the Fortunately, the ability to attract top impact on university autonomy. of workshop, assessment, design and a single whiteboard session where for raw computing power is growing world achieve superior, cost-efficient students and teachers, to accelerate plan, and implementation, we provide we together explore your data But budgets are certainly not the only at a much lower rate. At the same data management systems. We can research and achieve a virtuous cycle fixed-scope, high impact consulting management possibilities. problem, every organisation faces an time, concerns over data security and of discovery is not dependent on explosion in digital data. E-learning privacy-law compliance have created budget size alone. With an effective and digital libraries are now essential a common debate over centralised IT strategy that intelligently addresses tools for connecting with and teaching versus decentralised systems. Many rapid data growth and 24x7 availability, the digital generation. In diverse departments would like to retain their your institution can achieve its loftiest fields from science and biology to autonomy with their own decentralised Asset Lecture Student Mgmt Faculty goals, without spending too much. Messaging engineering and the humanities, system. However, despite the potential Mgmt Data Records Systems Data Due to the economy and the current statistical thinking and data analysis of becoming larger, centralised public funding crisis across Europe, have become fundamental ways of systems generally can better meet the budget constraints are one of the learning. And research teams around needs of a wider range of application, Virtual Student Virtual Student Research Online main issues facing higher education the world are placing more and more security and compliance demands, Learning Portal Labs Data Data Library right now. According to the European of their processes online because it’s while offering more cost-efficiencies. University Association (EUA), crucial SAN, SAN & NAS, NAS, and Object storage Reporting, Search & Discovery, Data Protection and Deduplication Archiving, Retrieval and Compliance Turning data into knowledge We assess all your different forms of data while carefully considering your goals for that data. Then we’ll help you determine whether a centralised, decentralised or combined storage structure is best for your institution (SAN, NAS and obect-oriented). From there, we can help you choose hardware and software, and quickly deploy the solution that gets you to reporting, 1 research and discovery and data protection. Call your Dell representative to book a whiteboard session to explore your storage challenges and possible next steps. *
  3. 3. Our proven storage consulting approach and methodology Early assessment yields smarter when it comes to procuring, deploying remote data replication for disaster results and maintaining these products. tolerance, and data archival for By focusing on the big picture, Dell regulatory compliance purposes. And provide simpler, more effective end- Storage virtualization our innovative security approach helps to-end data management solutions As leaders in virtualization service and improve privacy as part of the process. that save overall solution, deployment technology, we have the expertise and management costs – while still to help you virtualize your server Deduplication meeting demands for availability, and storage infrastructure. This is Deduplication has a direct and retention, recovery and protection. the most cost-effective and efficient tangible impact on the amount We start by exploring with you the way to consolidate data and make it of storage required, management most practical and cost-effective immediately accessible - providing overhead, and availability of data in options, and then providing targeted huge savings in space and power the higher education environment. recommendations with your specific and cooling, while streamlining your Our leading edge deduplication needs in mind. We use automated tools environments and providing fast technology is a smart addition to for discovery and analysis, peer ranking resource provisioning. any storage solution and can offer and benchmarking to help accelerate an excellent ROI. planning, keep costs low, and deliver 24x7* availability, reliable and actionable case-by-case backup and recovery Applications and databases scenarios. Taking this time to assess Your students, staff and researchers Centralising and virtualizing the early on helps yield more measurable don’t exactly work 9-5. Your institution storage of data can yield dramatic results with predictable outcomes, needs a robust data management improvements in the performance pricing, and timelines. system that is available whenever of higher education applications. exams are being crammed for and Backup times improve, infrastructure Open standards discoveries are being made. You also becomes more robust, and Our solutions are based on open want peace of mind that your data management costs can be reduced. standards. The only way to decrease will be recoverable, protected and complexity and management costs compliant in the event of disaster Turn your data into a gold mine is if your infrastructure is not stifled (end-user caused or natural). That’s No matter what type of institution by proprietary technology. Our open why we design, deploy and support you are, what technology you have standards approach fundamentally data management systems that are now, or where your challenges lie, builds flexibility and agility into your constantly available and meet required we can design and deliver an storage solution from the ground up. service levels at lowest TCO. Our intelligent data management solution experienced consultants can help that meets all your goals – no matter Partnerships minimise disruption to your staff what your budget. With an intelligent We partner with undisputed leaders in and daily operations even during data management and storage storage technologies to help ensure that deployment and migrations. structure, you can attract more top our higher education customers have students, accelerate research and win the widest choice in advanced data Archiving and data security more funding as a result. It’s a virtuous management products and services. We offer a wide range of procedures cycle of discovery that will keep your And we’re your single point of contact for data backup and accessibility, institution performing at its best. Call your Dell representative to book a whiteboard session to explore your storage challenges and possible next steps. * 24/7 availability is not guaranteed and is subject to scheduled downtime for maintenance and events outsider of the control of Dell. Dell Corporation Limited, Reg. No. 02081369, Dell House, The Boulevard, Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1LF.