Dell B2B Social Media Huddle - Neville Hobson - Social Media Trends

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Neville Hobson shared this presentation at our Social Media Huddle in Bracknell on December 7. …

Neville Hobson shared this presentation at our Social Media Huddle in Bracknell on December 7.

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  • In fairness, this was a presentation about social media, so I was/am being very, very picky! :-)

    Your next slide covers a very specific part of the media - to be expected in a forum about social media - but to coin the words of an old song, in terms of media change, 'you ain't seen nothing yet.' And the 25% not on the next slide still helps drive the conversations.

    A conversation to be held face to face over a coffee methinks :-)
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  • Nathaniel, I winced when I first saw those statements :)

    Claire, the media has already changed, just as it continues to evolve. Note the context of this statement as illustrated in slide #21. The important point is knowing which conversations are defining your brand and where they're taking place, online and/or offline.
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  • The only thing I’d be picky about here is: ’the media isn’t changing, it’s already changed.’ Media is constantly changing, and has since literacy patterns started to evolve. It’s never been static and never will be. Big media is experimenting with new models. Blogging and other user generated content continue to evolve. The pace of change is speeding as technology changes - online, mobile, and on platforms we don’t yet consider to be platforms emerge. . Furthermore, thousands of trad media journalists have lost their jobs and will now move into the blogging space. We’re just at the bottom of a very large change curve that won’t stop for a while yet.
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  • 1. 10 Key Trendsand ObservationsSocial Media for BusinessNeville HobsonHead of Social Media EuropeWCG, LondonDecember 7, 2009
  • 2. What’s In a Name?
    New Media
    Social Software
    Social Business
    Social Media
    Enterprise 2.0
    Web 2.0
  • 3. Customers are co-shaping your reputation every day.
    Trend #1
  • 4. Reputation
    Are you accidently outsourcing the building of your brand?
    What is the impression of your brand?
  • 5. Customers Shape First Impressions
  • 6. YouTube 2nd Biggest Search Engine
  • 7. You know exactly where conversations are occurring, who has influence, and why.
    • Precision is what matters
    Trend #2
  • 8.
  • 9.
    The Ecosystem Is Complex
    Social SoftwareHype Cycle 2009
  • 10. The Value of Listening
    A monitoring approach that tells you:
    Who is driving share of conversationfor your brand
    What the top issues are thatmatter to your customers
    Where your customers liveonline
    How you can add value foryour customers
    When you should engagethe community
    Why customers arepassionate on certain topics
  • 11. You know which types of social media are preferred by your customers.
    • Blogs, forums, wikis, social networking sites, Twitter, and more
    Trend #3
  • 12. The Value of Metrics
  • 13. Tools of the Trade
  • 14. You know that leaders will identify issues before they become critical.
    • If you deal with issues when they hit the press, you are using old school techniques
    • 15. Most business issues are known about in advance
    Trend #4
  • 16. Patterns Emerge before Public Awareness
    A common problem emerges in a forum in Poland, a blog in France and a mention on Twitter in the UK
    Your monitoring and listening activities give you the means to analyze what is happening and prepare
    When the issue becomes public, you are ready with answers
    Customers trust us to be smarter on identifying issues
  • 17. You realize that less than 1% of a customer’s time is spent purchasing a product.
    • 99% of their time is spent searching and socializing
    • 18. You build trust by being there when your customer needs you, not when you need your customer
    Trend #5
  • 19.
  • 20. Purchasing Decisions Evolution
  • 21.
  • 22. You realize that media has already changed.
    • Old school media drives share of voice
    • 23. Share of conversation is what’s important
    Trend #6
  • 24. The Media World Isn’t Changing…
    …it has already changed
    Media Outlets: 74 of top 100 outlets for Techmeme are blogs/online sites
    Bloggers: 3 of 4 look to each other for their next story
    Customers: 3 of 4 look to each other for purchase advice
    Conversations: the driver of share-of-voice, influence and recommendations
    Don’t define it as offline or online: it’s all one media world.Just know which conversations are defining your brand.
  • 25. The New Media
  • 26. Meme Trackers = Competitive Advantage
    Complete knowledge of where the opportunity really is for your brand
    Where are conversations occurring? Who has true influence?
    Clear, brief, actionable insights for your brand
    Who are the top influencers? Which keywords matter?
    Knowledge of your competitor’s actions
    So that you outsmart them
    Ability to get ahead of issues to improve preparation
    See trends emerge before they become public, in some cases
    Capability to integrate your learning’s into all brand activities, eg, natural search/paid search, use of keywords and much more
    Insights delivered so you can easily utilize them
  • 27. You realize customers want to do three things to help each other.
    • You build trust by being part of this process
    Trend #7
  • 28. Ideas, Knowledge, Solutions
    Share ideas
    Let’s improve the next product or service together
    Share product knowledge
    Here is what I know…hope it helps you
    Help peers with problems
    I had the same problem, here is what I did
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31. You understand ethical behavior is a key part of maintaining trust.
    • You’re also an influencer
    • 32. You’ve made the mindset shift
    Trend #8
  • 33. Maintaining Trust
    You understand ethical behavior is a key part of maintaining trust
    You don’t support flogs or splogs
    You would never create a fake ad, so why a fake blog post, fake Facebook fan page or fake tweet?
    You always practice full disclosure
    That means about ghost writing, too
  • 34. You leverage the world’s greatest operating system – the web – internally.
    • Access for employees is real
    Trend #9
  • 35. Employee 2.0 Ideas
    Idea Communities – ask your employees for ideas; accelerate R&D decision-making
    Prediction Markets – wisdom of crowds for specific ideas
    Community Forums – empower teams
    Ratings & Reviews – to improve within the company
    Private B2B Communities – unlock the teams between your company and your partners, in support of Account Leaders
    Competitive Sites – bring competitive knowledge direct to your desktop
    Smart Phone Ideas – build new way to share news direct via phones to reach salesforce
  • 36. Reality…
  • 37. You are an active participant in how the world is changing.
    • You’re also an influencer
    • 38. You’ve made the mindset shift
    Trend #10
  • 39. The Mindset Shift
    Old Model
    Mainstream media rule
    Bloggers repurpose ideas/stories from media
    Online influence dictated by homepage
    Offline and online treated as separate
    New Model
    Media are bloggers. Bloggers are media
    Stories originate with either online or offline media
    Online influence dictated by syndication and search
    Offline influence must lead to online influence / vice versa
  • 40. Why Care About Social Media?
    It’s about knowing
    Where the conversations are happening
    What your share of the conversations is
    What the conversations are that you could / should be in
    Who the key influencers are who can help build your brand
    It’s about expanding your news flow
    Simple syndication – distribute news via basic sharing tools (eg, Twitter and Facebook)
    It’s about understanding communities
    Which groups, forums and networks matter?
    Who drives share of conversation in these communities?
    What are the next steps in driving relationships?
    It’s about leveraging existing contentand improving your natural search
  • 41. Right
    What Can You Do?
  • 42. Start Here
    Give up control
    Be natural
    Make a commitment
    Be where your customers are
    Learn to deal with negativity
    Be humble
    Have a clear and measurable objective
    Develop a plan
  • 43. Start Here
    Google your primary brand
    Then see what’s being talked about in blogs
    Plot a trend on Blogpulse
    Open an account at Twitter, and listen
  • 44.
  • 45. Copyright applies to this document - some rights reserved.
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.