Dell 2011 Analyst Meeting - Steve Schuckenbrock


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Steve Schuckenbrock's presentation is the seventh that was discussed during Dell's 2011 Analyst Day meeting held on June 29, 2011.

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Dell 2011 Analyst Meeting - Steve Schuckenbrock

  1. 1. Dell ServicesIntegrating Today’s Solutions with Tomorrow’s Innovations<br />Steve SchuckenbrockPresident, Dell Services<br />
  2. 2. Virtual Era places extreme demands on IT <br />Demand for Efficiency<br />Demand for Flexibility<br />Increasing Pace of Innovation<br />Extreme Demandson IT<br />Increasing Value Focus <br /><ul><li>Mobility and Prosumer
  3. 3. Anything, Anywhere, Anytime
  4. 4. SaaS, Analytics and Social
  5. 5. Ongoing IT budget pressure
  6. 6. Demand for business value
  7. 7. Vendor pricing</li></ul>Need for Responsiveness<br />Drive to Improve Utilization<br /><ul><li>Spikes in Demand
  8. 8. Explosion of data
  9. 9. Compressed Cycle Times
  10. 10. Business Outcome Driven
  11. 11. High cost single–tenant application models
  12. 12. Underutilization ofdedicated hardware
  13. 13. Suboptimal skill mixes</li></li></ul><li>Disruptive next generation models create game changing opportunities<br />Efficiency Impact<br />Flexibility Impact<br /><ul><li>Dynamic workload shift toachieve 4-5X efficiency gain
  14. 14. Pooled resources/multi-tenancy
  15. 15. Simplified updates
  16. 16. Cost linked to consumption
  17. 17. Capital avoidance
  18. 18. On-demand processing andstorage capacity
  19. 19. Easy provisioning
  20. 20. SaaS Offerings – Speed to Value</li></ul>Cloud Services<br />IT delivered as a service through private, public, and/or hybrid cloud models<br />Next Gen InfrastructureDesigned to take advantage of modular, hyper-scale andhigh-density principles<br /><ul><li>Dramatically lowered cost
  21. 21. Reduced latency
  22. 22. Simplified management
  23. 23. Highly scalable
  24. 24. Standardization equals speed
  25. 25. ‘Right-sized’ capacity
  26. 26. ‘Just-in-time’ capacity</li></ul>Next generation models<br /><ul><li>Optimized staffingpyramid leading to improved resource utilization
  27. 27. Remote support fromlow cost locations
  28. 28. Improved access to specialized skills and technical expertise</li></ul>Talent Capabilities<br />High talent, low cost resources organized by an optimized workforce pyramid<br /><ul><li>Enhanced resource scalability
  29. 29. Industry solution frameworks</li></li></ul><li>Solutions designed for the mid-market<br />Broad Vertical Portfolio<br />Efficient/Flexible<br />Support<br />Applications<br />Infrastructure<br />BPO<br />Multi-Vendor<br />SaaS<br />Cloud Services<br />BPaaS<br />Deployment and Configuration<br />CloudRe-platforming<br />RIMO<br />Domain and Platform Solutions<br />Industrialized Services<br />Consulting <br />(Cloud Migration)<br />Consulting<br />(Transformation)<br />Transformational KPO and Analytics<br />Security<br />Endpoint & Mobile Security<br />Data Center & Cloud Security<br />Security Management<br />Application & Network Security<br />Next Generation Solutions<br />
  30. 30. Dell SecureWorks<br />Hacking at Citi is Latest Data Scare<br />White House Targeted in Gmail Hack<br />Nintendo Gets Gamed By Hackers<br />Hackers Break Into U.S. Senate Computers<br />Lockheed Martin Hit by Security Breach<br />RSA Breach Puts APT Back in Spotlight<br />
  31. 31. New scope services signings since start of FY12<br /><ul><li>Approximately $800 Million YTD
  32. 32. 17 Public and 11 Large Enterprise
  33. 33. 22 Americas, 5 EMEA and 1 LATAM
  34. 34. Almost 200 for SecureWorks</li></ul>Global hospitality company - comprehensive IT services and solutions<br />U.S. based professional services firm - data center consolidation, infrastructure implementation and managed support services <br />Midwest university research hospital - EMR implementation and legacy applications modernization<br />Nuclear Regulatory Commission Full ITO, including Data Center Hosting and Support Services<br />Middle East academic and research foundation for children’s hospital - prime source vendor to deliver a total healthcare IT solution<br />Reid Hospital<br />Full Outsourcing of Revenue Cycle, including Admitting, Coding/Health Information Management, Billing, and Collections<br />Large South American private bank - help desk and field support solution<br />New services signings are aggregate YTD signings in FY12<br />
  35. 35. Dell Services – In Summary<br />We are executing a growth strategy<br />Services is a growth business, and Dell is investing in strategic capabilities, including buildinga world class team<br />We are leveraging Dell technology to capitalize on this disruptive inflection point in the industry<br />Dell Services is developing and implementing reference architectures to accelerate movement to the cloud while designing open capable and affordable enterprise solutions<br />2011 Dell Financial Analyst Meeting<br />
  36. 36. The power to do more<br />
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