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In March Dell unveiled its Solutions For The Virtual Era strategy and differentiated approach to the data center. Today we are building on that strategy by delivering new technology that helps customers dramatically accelerate the benefits of virtualization. At the launch event in Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge, Dell introduced customers to new Dell products and services. Further information:

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  • Welcome to Dell’s “Accelerate the virtual era” launch event. We sure had an exciting morning. How did you guys enjoy the test track? Nothing like a little speed, skidding and off road before your second cup of coffee.Back in March you may have heard us announce “solutions for the virtual era” well…we are here today to deliver on that promiseWe understand the current economic conditions here in UK as well as globally…Dell is experiencing them too!
  • Companies need to cut costs and they look to their IT departments to deliver those savings for the overall company while still enabling greater automation and productivity across the company. IT now has to re-prioritize its spend, given budgets are flat to declining. It can either cut its costs and re-spend that money on driving the productivity gains for the overall company or extend project deadlines. IT organizations need a solution to challenge the status quo of devoting a significant amount of their budget to maintenance as that approach can’t be sustained. Further, the impact IT can have on the innovation within an organization can’t be overlooked—IT can help a company not just survive and maintain the status quo but truly thrive.
  • Our customers are working with a leaner IT department and are asked to do more with less, therefore having a plan to increase IT efficiency is key to growing your business. Today, Dell is continuing our promise to you on delivering “Open, Capable and Affordable” solutions. Leaders from our Enterprise Product teams came over from Texas to engage with you, our customers. You are the first to hear about the products and solutions we are launching today.Our Keynote: Darren Thomas, Dell’s Vice President and General Manager of Storage will tell you why Dell is changing the storage game and how the virtual world is demanding intelligent solutions to conquer the ever growing data challenges. Forrest Norrod, Dell’s Vice President and General Manager of Data Center Solutions will share Dell’s Intelligent infrastructure strategy First let me Introduce Darren Thomas, Darren Thomas is Vice President and General Manager of Dell’s multi-billion dollar enterprise storage and networking businesses.  He is responsible for all aspects of Dell’s storage and networking businesses, including product development, marketing and strategic partnerships.   Under Mr. Thomas' leadership, Dell's storage business has significantly expanded its product line and has become the leader in ISCSI SAN storage worldwide, number four in overall Storage, and the fastest growing storage business amongst all tier one storage companies.      Mr. Thomas spent 15 years with Compaq Computer Corporation building their Enterprise Storage business. Prior to coming to Dell, he was also President and CEO of Zambeel, an emerging Enterprise start-up located in Silicon Valley. As Dell’s Enterprise Storage leader, Mr. Thomas leads the industry’s most successful partnership, the Dell|EMC relationship. Additionally, he is responsible for Dell’s market leading EqualLogic acquisition and the Powervault solutions.  A strong supporter of industry standards, Mr. Thomas was instrumental in founding the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA).  He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Memphis University in Memphis, Tennessee, and is a former officer and pilot in the U.S. Air Force.
  • Key PointsVirtual Era is characterized by the users need to bring the back office into their front pocket. This is causing an explosion of data and an explosion of devicesOrganizations need to capture the opportunities and manage the risks inherent in the virtual eraIn support of organization goals, IT departments have defined two imperatives: virtualization of IT infrastructure and intelligent management of dataSuccess in the virtual era requires a new approachThe information technology industry is often defined by eras of significant innovation like the PC, mobile computing, and the Internet.  We have entered into the "Virtual Era" and there are two factors causing this transition, the explosion of digital data and the explosion of devices. As organizations strive to benefit from the opportunities – and minimize the risks -- presented by the virtual era, IT departments are defining two key imperatives for success in the virtual era: virtualization of the infrastructure; and the intelligent management of data (verses management of the devices which has been the model up till just recently). CIOs used to lay awake at night wondering how to store, manage and protect their data. Today they are solving for how to provision the infrastructure in an automated virtual environment and how to maintain the context of data as the automation of virtualization moves it further from the source. Think of the millions of files being created in unstructured environments in IT departments today, and how they sit in direct control of the system that created them. In the Virtual Era data will be (centralized?)automatically tiered off to other more cost effective systems, thus losing much of that context.  As those kinds of systems proliferate, the amount of data stored at the digital archive can become massive, and the ability to search, access and analyze those massive repositories will depend on the amount of intelligence stored in the meta data. These new problems require a new approach. The other significant trend in the industry is making data usable and retrievable throughout its lifecycle. In other words, it’s about bringing the back office into your front pocket. Our customers are telling us they need systems that help them deliver on this vision for their users, and virtual infrastructure and intelligent data management are key technologies to delivering this capability.
  • Key PointsThe benefits of the Virtual Era and how it differs from the Internet EraThere are user benefits as well as organizational benefitsTransition: But there are also risks....Dell can help you manage those risksSo what are the benefits you can expect when you embrace the virtual era? There are many that we have all experienced today and many more that you will implement during this era. Let’s look at an application that is in the maturity stage (also one that most of us have experienced on some level)Dell is helping customers Accelerate the Virtual Era and deliver the benefits their users want: connectedness without compromise.  The virtual era is transitioning the industry from the internet era which gave us access to a web site where we could request flight status or bank balances or television schedules.  In the internet era the user was required to access the system for every update. In the virtual era, users simply set up alerts and they can receive the latest flight status on their application/device of choice.  But the virtual era is about more than just receiving, it is about updating, changing, interacting like you can do with your bank or even with your DVR.  The capabilities we enjoy now are only the first stages of what will be possible in the virtual era. 
  • Key PointsThere are limits within your infrastructure that make it difficult or risky for you to deliver the promise of the Virtual EraDell has identified four capabilities that help your address the limits that keep you from achieving the full benefits of the virtual eraTransition: So what is Dell’s vision of IDMIn November last year we conducted a global study of mid-sized companies and found that the majority of customer IT problems can be categorized in four main areas of data management and IT operations:  “I want proactive remote management” -- Sophisticated infrastructure is harder to manageUnderstanding of Cloud Basics and Benefits: Cloud “readiness,” development and support; Server & storage deployments are complicated and time consuming, particularly across multiple sites; in house expertise is expensive, over utilized and struggles to keep up with technology changes; lack of planning and documented processes creates inconsistency leading to downtime and increased cycle time.Intelligent Infrastructure: Automate frequent and complex tasks to drive down TCO. Respond to change requests within minutes using a new dynamic management model. Includes new PowerEdge blade and rack servers, PowerEdge C-Series servers and storage platforms to support enterprise and hyper-scale computing requirements“I want to out-task – deliver me services through the cloud” -- Maintaining infrastructure inhibits innovationReacting in real-time to changing business needs, and reducing data center costs; improving server utilization, Monitoring and security of IT infrastructure (servers, network devices, storage devices, etc.) in remote locations.Visibility to key information about the IT environment such as as-maintained configuration information, service contract type and expiration, hardware faults, quality and safety alerts and multi-vendor assets. Simplified Infrastructure Management: Push a button to add new capabilities as needed. Empowers a single administrator to maintain physical and virtual resources using the Dell Management Console to coordinate work across the embedded Lifecycle Controller and third-party management software tools“Transform today’s service delivery from monolithic and one-size-fits-all to flexible.” --Pace of change complicates application managementGrowing application development costs; outdated application code; need for custom applications, greater business intelligence.IT budgets are consumed by escalating costs associated with sunk labor, maintenance, and growth activities associated with messaging communications and collaborations. Streamlined Application and Workload Management: Provides end users with policy-based self-service provisioning portals and automation capabilities to reduce the cycle time and labor costs associated with deploying and dynamically migrating workloads across physical and virtual server, storage and network infrastructure. Proactively uncover potential issues with next-gen application-aware monitoring. “I own the architecture, I expect it to integrate with my decisions.” --Rapidly changing and growing data Storage sprawl, disk utilization; hardware expansion & energy costs; data explosion/duplication/complexity, availability/access, protection, recovery and management; As computing environments become more centralized, remote access to data-intense applications is significantly slower and presents a growing challenge. As a result, there’s an expanding need for faster application performance over the WAN. Intelligent Data Management: platforms and tools to enable customers to more efficiently support their storage and data management requirements. Reduce management costs, footprint and power requirements for data storage. Empower customers to understand data value and create mgmt and retention policies
  • Key PointsSuccess in the virtual era requires a pragmatic strategy for managing data throughout its lifecycleDell has a full portfolio of storage solutions that help you determine data relevance and  manage data based on pre-determined policiesA comprehensive IDM strategy enables more efficient, cost-effective storage and greater business valueTransition: Today Dell is announcing...Dell is investing in a full portfolio of intelligent data management (IDM) solutions that deliver on the open, capable and affordable philosophy.  Dell’s IDM solutions will give customers the ability to determine data relevance and  manage data based on pre-determined policies; enabling more efficient, cost-effective storage and greater business value.  The Dell EqualLogic product family is part of Dell’s IDM portfolio and provide primary and secondary storage options with integrated intelligence that helps customers efficiently store, manage and protect their data.  EqualLogic also helps customers keep up with the data explosion by providing seamless capacity and performance upgrades.  Finally, EqualLogic was designed to provide virtual storage for virtual servers and we extend this capability through integration with leading virtualization solutions.   Determine RelevanceNew Data Management Consulting services help you uncover and optimize your informationEliminate unnecessary data and store useful data based on its attributesIdentify and create rich meta data about your informationReduce ComplexityPolicy-based automation that moves, protects, reduces and removes dataUnified storage for greater efficiencyReduce the footprint, power costs and WAN bandwidthExtract ValueSolutions that allow you to keep more data onlineTools and processes for rapid discovery and retrievalLeverage online data for analysis, information and complianceDell Services Data PointsIn a 2009 internal review of customer assessments…Half of all data unnecessarily stored on expensive tier 1 mediaHalf of all data files were 90+ days and occupied over 35% of storage capacity. One fifth of data is duplicatedIncreased risk to exposure due to weak data protection processes and/or inadequate disaster recovery strategy
  • Key PointsReap the benefits or you investment in EqualLogic...againEqualLogic Firmware version 5.0 provides accelerated VMware performance to all future and previous generations of EqualLogic arraysAccelerate the performance of VMware with EqualLogicDell is an industry leader in delivering integration with the VMware vStorage APIs. With the launch of the Dell EqualLogic Firmware version 5.0, Dell will deliver comprehensive integration with those APIsaimed at providing advanced performance and scalability of Dell EqualLogic storage as part of VMware vSphere™ virtualization deployments.VMware API for Array Integration (VAAI) in EqualLogic Firmware version 5.0 with VMFSReduces time to complete provisioning scenarios by up to 72%†Reduces time to complete storage VMotion by up to 72%† Dramatically reduces SAN network traffic by up to 95% when using XCopy Offload†    Dramatically reduces CPU utilization by up to 75% when using XCopy Offload† Allows improved scaling in VMFS configurations – for example from 10-12 VMs per VMFS volume to up to 64 VMs per VMFS volume†Reduces locking overhead by 76%†Improves performance of booting multiple VMs – for example during a boot storm in a Virtual Desktop environment†Reduces total time to boot multiple VMs by 76%†  †Based on testing performed by Dell Labs in May 2010 comparing Dell EqualLogic Firmware v. 4.3 to Dell EqualLogic Firmware v. 5.0. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.”   
  • Key PointsThe PS6000/6010XVS delivers exceptional performance for multi-tiered workloadsThe PS6000/6010XVS is an outstanding primary/active storage option for virtual desktop workloadsEqualLogic PS6000XVS/PS6010XVS Intuitive data availability for multi-tiered applications PS6000XVS/PS6010XVS Features: Sixteen drive array providing intelligent placement of data across SAS and SSD drives to deliver exponential data response time. Each array automatically tiers data based on analysis of previous IO patterns Each array combines 8-450GB, 15,000 RPM SAS and 8-100GB, SSD SATA drives for a total of 16 drives and 4.4TB of storage capacity per array
  • Key PointsThe MD3200/MD3200i is an excellent primary storage option for value conscious deploymentsThe MD3200/MD3200i is a perfect companion to EqualLogic for tier2 data requirementsDell MD3200/MD3200i  Improving efficiency with a storage consolidation solution that is simple and cost effective Great for SMB space - Low cost, high performance virtualization platform ideal for 4 or fewer HA servers or up to 8 non HA serversTargeted at sub $15K market segment CONTENT The new PowerVault MD3200i SCSI and MD3200 SAS Series arrays are ideal for smaller scale storage consolidation and virtualization projects. They deliver exceptional performance, flexibility and scalability for SMBs, government and educational organizations and remote branch offices.  By incorporating next generation 6 Gb/s SAS technology and several other enhancements, these arrays deliver a 2X performance increase IOPS compared to our previous generation of entry level iSCSI and SAS arrays. They also provide scalability (up 96 drives), flexibility to mix multiple drive types (3.5” and 2.5” HDDs and solid state drives) for tiered storage applications, and several optional security, management and performance features. All-in-all, these new arrays offer an unprecedented value proposition for entry level storage consolidation and virtualization projects.
  • Key PointsThe services experts at Dell can help you achieve your IDM goals from where you are right nowWe have the expertise to take you from the planning stages to a full virtual era solutionWe are working toward delivery customers a truly world class solutions experience. And you might ask, what is a solutions experience? It is the lifecycle of engagement you have with Dell including assistance in identifying issues and opportunities within your environment, support during the purchase process, rapid implementation services to get you up and running quickly, the investments we make in integration and engineering our products to work seamlessly and lastly the pro-active maintenance of these solutions. Our goal is to deliver end-to-end complete solutions that ensures when you turn to Dell our solutions are easy to find, easy to purchase, easy to grow, easy to implement, simple to operate, and with a comprehensive portfolio of services delivers proactive and self-healing capabilities.So, it's about delivering an end-to-end solutions experience that ensures that when you come to Dell, our solutions are easy to find, easy to purchase, easy to implement, operate and service.
  • Key PointsThis content matches our overarching strategy with the intelligent infrastructure, simplified infrastructure management, workload management, IDM pillarsWe will focus on Intelligent infrastructure and simplified infrastructure managementThe Story
  • Key Points:Dell has been planning for this Virtual Era for years and have built products to enable customers to thrive in these conditionsThis is why we no longer make ordinary servers, we make intelligent platforms; the complement the rest of the Dell intelligent infrastructure portfolioIntelligent Platforms rely on 4 key tenets; tenets which you can already see delivering value todayThe StoryIn solving for this new state, we’ve build out intelligent platformsThe entire PowerEdge platform portfolio was designed with the context of the virtual era, the context of real-world applications, consolidation, rapid change and the with the understanding of an efficient IT process….to make every stroke, every motion the most efficientIt’s not unlike the key principles on which EQ was madeThere are 4 key areas on which we innovate and clear examples of how that translates to real business value1. Reliability built inFail-save virtualization improves safety, availability and reduce costs with redundant embedded hypervisor instances on mirrored SD cards18 advanced reliability, availability & serviceability features with Nehalem-EX, months ahead of the competition2. Energy EfficiencyBy moving to Dell PowerEdge servers, customers can cut power and facilities costs by nearly one-third1206% performance per watt than previous generation (R910)2
  • Key PointsAt the heart of the intelligent platforms are a couple innovations that reduce time for adminstering server infrastructure over the lifecycleThe Lifecycle Controller is included in every PowerEdge and has proven track record of reducing deployment times and speeding up discoveryThe Chassis Management Controller is a chassis-level element manager for a built-in 1:many administration of the blades; it works in concert with the Lifecycle ControllerThe StoryWe talked about the “intelligent platform” as a new type of device which is more self-aware and complete. It is an architecture called embedded management. Introduced into the market in early 2009, this technology promises to significantly reduce IT administrator’s time setting up or remediating servers.  Customers are using a multitude of point solutions for systems management, for e.g. hardware configuration, OS installation; and platform updating, each of which takes time and involves several steps to perform (often in a fragmented manner). The plethora of tools and the need to reboot for execution have resulted in the need for large downtime windows for platform maintenance. One study found that downtime for systems management purposes consumed 15% of planned downtime. Consequently, customers of all sizes are looking for solutions that reduce complexity, control costs, enable productivity enhancement and allow money and energy to be redirected toward strategic business innovation and growth.So we started with a simple notion of applying enough smarts inside of each server to have the proper utilities and device software included. When we began this journey last year we were very much focused on where many customers, large and small find themselves in the deployment routine: walking up to a “bare-metal” server and applying the various software and settings to prepare the computer to load an application one at a time (1:1). With servers from other vendors, IT admins need to find deployment CD’s or download software from the internet. In contrast, with the Dell Lifecycle Controller, IT admins can just turn it on and begin the configuration experience. We load all the necessary devices drivers, deployment tools and diagnostics utilities so there’s no hunting around. And in the end, the deployment of OS’s just go faster (see claim from previous chart). In the second half of the year, we introduced a few very powerful features to increase admin productivity by taking a one to many (1:many) approach. The key to this enablement is to recognize that many customers have taken to certain systems management consoles to accommodate monitoring, deployment and remediating tasks. To that end, our intelligent platforms (11G PowerEdge servers) just announce themselves on the network and “handshake” with systems management consoles. And because we operate in the period of time where no Operating System is deployed or turned on (Out of Band or OOB), customers can configure the systems anytime from anywhere. And if that is not cool enough, Dell has developed a means to apply configuration details to system BIOS and peripherals without using a Pre-boot eXecution Environment (PXE). There is a fair number of customers who absolutely refuse to use PXE because of security concerns. The Lifecycle Controller provides the advantages of PXE without those security concerns. This is why you might have heard about our integration efforts with industry leaders like BMC and Microsoft. Dell’s strategy is to empower customer in the means they would like to administer IT infrastructure. It’s one of the reasons why Dell was the first to OEM to integrate and package SCE and VMM which provides a complete infrastructure-to-application management experience for administrators (May 2009)
  • And we are seeing recognition on the embedded management
  • Key PointsThis quarter we are introducing 3 new servers and a PCIe expansion chassis to add to the PowerEdge.  The StoryPowerEdge R715This mainstream stalwart server is a cornerstone for consolidation, packing a more processor cores and balanced memory for high performance virtualization. The R715 meets customer needs: Business Value: The high-end AMD Opteron processors are available in a 2S server for leading price per performance to run mainstream business applications Simplified Management: decrease management time with enterprise class system management tools including Lifecycle Controller via iDRAC Express or Enterprise along with industry leading serviceability and diagnostics with optional interactive LCD Built for Consolidation: Maximize datacenter density and performance with higher CPU core count, balanced memory configuration, increased I/O capability and dual-embedded hypervisors for reliable, robust virtualization capabilitiesM710HDThe PowerEdge M710HD is the memory capacity & IO flexibility that it has, but also that we did it without tradeoffs in HA features (namely hot plug drives & failsafe emb. hypervisor) that IBM/HP did. So you get huge memory expandability & IO flexibility, without trading off enterprise class HA features you need to run your business. No one else in this space can touch that. No one else in blades has failsafe emb. Hypervisors at all The M710HD is a 2 socket blade server with enhances memory density and innovative networking capabilities. The M710HD can support 18 DIMMs in a half-height form factor, allowing the expanded memory configurations to be deployed for such applications as virtualization and mid-tier databases. Virtualization optimization In addition to the standard Enterprise-class features Dell provides on ALL Dell Blades and the large number of DIMM slots which ensure high-capacity, economical memory configurations, the M710HD can also be equipped with the industry’s only dual-media Failsafe Hypervisor, recently introduced by Dell on the 4-socket R910, R810 & M910. Benefits: Enterprise-class features and Failsafe Hypervisor ensure customer uptime, preventing expensive service outages and maximizing ROI.  Networking Flexibility To support the virtual environments that will gravitate to its large memory support, the M710HD’s “embedded” NICs are on a Network Daughter Card, which opens the door for future networking flexibility.Benefits: The Network Daughter Card concept will allow customer to choose the makeup of ALL of their fabrics, or even upgrade their primary fabric after the fact as needs change or new network standards are adopted.
  • Key PointsDell offers breakthrough GPGPU and SSD offerings with bladesThe StoryDell is expanding the capabilities of traditional servers by providing fully functional PCIe riser for the capability to use standard PCIe cards (including GPGPU capabilities) within the Dell M1000E modular infrastructure chassis or tied to an individual server. PowerEdge M610xImprove business applications performance by with 16 lanes of 2nd Generation PCIe I/O bandwidth for faster and more efficient operation: The M610x, deployed with NVIDIA GPUs can harness the 10X the double precision horsepower of a quad-core x86 based systems.The M610x, deployed with Fusion-io, can match the performance of 600 parallel hard-disk drives in a storage array, and at microsecond, not millisecond speeds.Increase flexibility to deploy server-consolidating solutions that can reduce power consumption while increasing performance capacity:The M610x, deployed with Fusion-io, can reduce power consumption (by equivalent displaced HDD storage) by up to 73%, while increasing data delivery to the CPU by up to 1000 times!The 73% is in comparison to conventional 15K SAS drives. Claim from Fusion-ioThe M610x, deployed with NVIDIA GPUs, provide the highest computational density, but at 1/10th the cost and 1/20th the power consumption.This is in comparison to running the same computational workload on conventional 2S servers. Claim from NVIDIAIntegration of previously excluded PCIe technologies increases the ability to standardize more platforms within the up to 30% more energy efficient M1000e chassis
  • Key PointsBlade servers continue to be the fastest growing server category and are spurred on by the interest to consolidate / virtualizeDell recognized this trend long ago and have been innovating to drive true business valueOn the relevant vectors for blades, Dell technology stands ahead of the competitionThe StoryAccording to IDC (), blades are inextricably tied to the virtualization movement. In fact, IDC forecasts show the blade segment to be an engine of growth for the overall server industryThe average result was 38% of blades running some type of virtualization technology. This is twice the rate for the overall server market. IDC research estimates that approximately 15% of all servers are virtualized.Over 80% of the customer sample indicated that virtualization would impact their future blade adoption. Of those customers, 88.3% noted that virtualization would increase the adoption of blades in their IT environment.• Top 5 drivers of blade adoption according to IDCReduce ongoing server costsImprove IT availabilityImprove utilization of server resourcesImprove power and cooling demandsSimplify system management costsAnd Dell has been very active in the blade arena. We think you’ll agree that respective to the key attributes. Let me showcase the 4 pillars where we shine. And yes they are the same four for the Intelligent Platform!Uncompromising ReliabilityFull Enterprise-class RAS features on every blade modelRedundant, hot-pluggable components for all major subsystemsBlade handles for easy transportation, deployment & serviceabilityDELL exclusives: Failsafe hypervisor reduces downtime with embedded hypervisors, hot plug drives in high density designs translating blade handle, hot plug drives in high density designsPowerfully EfficientMost power efficient Enterprise-class serversLowest cost LAN / SAN connectivityBest-in-class Price/Performance, Performance/Watt, & Performance/$/WattArrives Ready to deploy, tested & shipped as an integrated solutionDynamic Power Supply Engagement (DPSE), power capping, DELL exclusives: low-flow HE fans, ultra-efficient PSUsNew ultra-efficient PSUs and fans will widen the gap of measured efficiency vs. Dell’s competitors, extending Dell’s leadership position. Get the industry’s peak efficiency ratings with Energy-Star Platinum power supplies (94+% efficiency)New HE fans deliver efficient cooling while reducing overall power
  • Key PointsBusiness ready configurations are turnkey solutions that customers can easily deploy to help reduce operating costs and achieve new levels of efficiencyBest-of-breed server, storage, networking, and virtualization technologies in a pre-configured, tested and fully validatedThe StoryAccelerate time to value by simplifying the design, ordering and deployment of virtual infrastructure.Six new pre-tested and certified Business Ready Configurations offering the latest virtualization technologies from Dell to rapidly accelerate the benefits of virtualization for customers using either VMware or Microsoft hypervisorsThese configurations are not marketing bundles. They are built around the most popular configurations /use cases from our advisor toolsPre-defined solution bundles with deep documentation support Answer the questions of why a configuration was chosen Eases quotes and accelerates the ordering quote processSolutions guide knowledge base includedOrderable online, direct or via channelThey are validated and can easily be integrated into customer’s EXISTING environmentThey come with best practice, networking, and deployment guides to accelerate integration.6 New Virtualization Business Ready Configurations, RTS: July 2010Support for new Nehalem and Westmere server platformsSupport for Fiber Channel and FCoE configurationsSupport for new network switches from Juniper and Brocade 10GbE iSCSI for EqualLogic and Dell/EMCDetails:VRI with ESX 4.0, CX4-FC, PCT, M610VRI with Hyper-V R2, CX4-FC, PCT, M610Virtualization with ESX 4.0, EQL-iSCSI, PCT, M610VRI with ESX 4.0, CX4-FCoE, BCD, R910VRI with Hyper-V R2, CX4-FCoE, BCD, R910Virtualization with Hyper-V R2, EQL-iSCSI, BCD, R710Also coming….VMware vSphere 4.1RTS: July 7, 2010Key Message: Optimize storage capabilities to enable converged fabrics (all on Ethernet).  Citrix XenServer 5.6, RTS: July 7, 2010Key Message: Deliver capabilities to meet the expectations of more sophisticated virtualization deployments–multiple admins, greater VM densities and optimized data backup and recovery.
  • Key PointsWe see three fundamental phases to the virtualization journeyMany institutions get stuck after the easy work has been doneDell has been helping thousands of customers through the journey, our products and processes are robustThe services experts at Dell can help you achieve your virtualization goals from where you are right nowWe have the expertise to take you from the planning stages to a full virtual era solutionThe StoryWhen we look at virtualization in terms of an operational model we can see companies deploying it and realizing the benefits of it in various phases. Analyst firms and companies like VMware also see a similar maturity model for the adoption of virtualization. There is a journey that delivers real business value, but doesn’t happen overnight: Phase 1: Economic savingsDuring this phase, IT admins make a decision to move more strategically with virtualization. Utilization rates increase, some High Availability and Disaster Recovery problems are solved, but largely virtualization is deployed in pockets. What was once an optimization of IT infrastructure becomes seen as sub-optimal optimization against the whole. Why not bring the pockets together to form a single shared infrastructure? This is a fundamental shift of philosophy and operating model. With today’s technology admins are forming standardized infrastructures to move workloads / virtual machines around. A lot gets locked down. Benefits include: Continual cost improvements & improve server utilization (in groups)Streamlined migration from existing infrastructureImproving predictability & reliability (in groups)Enabling mobility (in groups)Improving Data Center Utilization, Mobility levels (viewed as one collective resource)Phase 2: Quality of Service Key technology improvements can make a shared infrastructure more fluid, faster. In this environment, the measure of virtual machines (VMs) deployed is not how long it took to get one stood up, but how many VMs are installed in a given month (100? 200?) How quickly does it take to update and refresh the plumbing? capacity planning, which was once a periodic event is part of the daily routine. The infrastructure discussion becomes more about retiring older systems, freeing up data center capacity, not just in a one time basis, but in a continual way. The service model is tied back to how virtual machines are moved around. Rapid, single-stroke deployment of infrastructureInfrastructure pooled into dynamic resourcesHassle free infrastructure upgrades(implies fully stateless Infrastructure)Simplified infrastructure remediationJust-in-time capacity planning
  • Summarize with contents on the slide.
  • Virtualization has already begun to dramatically remove the underlying complexity of IT infrastructure and operations.  As a result, customers that are more aggressively adopting virtualization within their datacenters are achieving previously unattainable economics.  • With more and more virtualization, automation becomes a reality.  Automation to support the ongoing operations of IT.  It’s through the combination of utilization with virtualization, then applying automation, that the entire cost curve is being re-drawn.  • We have never seen this type of dramatic change in the economic structure of IT prior to this wave of innovative technology. Key Elements of Virtualization AdoptionNetworked storage is essentialChoosing SAN vendor to partner with is criticalAdvanced SAN integration enables broad applications of virtualization across the businessExtends value of virtualization
  • A Powerful Partnership—Significant collaboration on technology and business development for 8+ yearsJoint engineering development on:Vstorage APIs, iSCSI Support, Vcenter Integration, embedded ESXAvailable today for Dell EqualLogicNative iSCSIMultipathing for vSphere™Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware® EditionVMware® vCenterSite Recovery Manager™ Adapter2) Full testing and certification of VMware virtual infrastructures—OEM product offering on Dell PowerEdge Servers; qualified on Dell storage and networking products3) Joint engineering:VMware vSTORAGE API integration GOAL: Leverage the SAN to optimize storage functions CHALLENGE: Coordinate between ESX and Storage ArraysAdvanced engineeringAdvanced Multipathing Plug-In (MEM) for vSphere™SAN accelerated provisioningCreate, Template, Clone, Linked CloneSnapshot processingRemove snapshot overhead from serverSAN accelerated Storage VMotionHigher performance, lower overheadThin provisioning Protect VM’s from running out of thinly provisioned space4) Dell Services Portfolio—Delivering 1000’s of virtualization assessments and joint customer engagements5) Helping customers reduce CAPEX and OPEX through IT Simplification using standards based solutionsSoftware features in EQL:Auto Snapshot manager: AUTOMATED, INTEGRATED AND SCALABLE PROTECTION FOR VIRTUAL MACHINESAuto Replication:EqualLogic PS Series helps lower the cost of Disaster Recovery through automation. EqualLogic Auto-Replication integrates with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. Streamlining disaster recovery management and automationSite Recovery Manager:EqualLogic storage adapter for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. Affordable enterprise disaster protection and recoveryAuto-Replication coordinates directly with SRM ServerSeamless integration of virtualized iSCSI SAN further simplifies the virtual data centerAll-inclusive feature of PS Series arrays
  • EqualLogic is defining Next Generation SANs – The Game ChangerReduce burden of storage managementManage more capacity per storage administratorBreak free from traditional disruptive, fork-lift expansion and upgradesSimplify operations w/o sacrificing protection, data availability, or performancePurchase only the storage you need – true pay as you growNext Generation Technology:Virtualized storageSeamless scalabilityBuilt-in automationAll-inclusive software w/advanced featuresThin provisioningWorkload balancingCapacity and performance on-demandData tieringStreamlined toolsEfficient Fabric – 10GbELowers TCO 66%, saves 45 days/yr admin tasksReduces planned downtimes by 75%Seconds to protect and recover virtual machinesExecutes disaster recovery plans 83% faster
  • Reiterate the Accelerated Performance of Vmware message from Darren’s presentation with the claims.Key PointsReap the benefits or you investment in EqualLogic...again EqualLogic Firmware version 5.0 provides accelerated VMware performance to all future and previous generations of EqualLogic arrays Accelerate the performance of VMware with EqualLogicDell is an industry leader in delivering integration with the VMware vStorage APIs. With the launch of the Dell EqualLogic Firmware version 5.0, Dell will deliver comprehensive integration with those APIs aimed at providing advanced performance and scalability of Dell EqualLogic storage as part of VMware vSphere™ virtualization deployments.VMware API for Array Integration (VAAI) in EqualLogic Firmware version 5.0 with VMFS Reduces time to complete provisioning scenarios by up to 72%†Reduces time to complete storage VMotion by up to 72%† Dramatically reduces SAN network traffic by up to 95% when using XCopy Offload†     Dramatically reduces CPU utilization by up to 75% when using XCopy Offload†   Allows improved scaling in VMFS configurations – for example from 10-12 VMs per VMFS volume to up to 64 VMs per VMFS volume†Reduces locking overhead by 76%†Improves performance of booting multiple VMs – for example during a boot storm in a Virtual Desktop environment†Reduces total time to boot multiple VMs by 76%†   †Based on testing performed by Dell Labs in May 2010 comparing Dell EqualLogic Firmware v. 4.3 to Dell EqualLogic Firmware v. 5.0. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.” File System integration with Intelligent StorageFor VMware, Windows, LinuxCopy OffloadCloning, Storage VMotion with VMASVMFS directs storage to move data directlyMuch less time!Up to 95% reductionDramatic reduction in load on:ServersNetworkStorageFast SynchronizationAutomated network resiliency& redundancyA new VAAI feature, atomic_test_and_set allows the ESX servers to offload the management of the required locks to the storage and avoids locking the entire VMFS file system.
  • EqualLogic: Solutions for the Virtual EraWhether you have one of the original EqualLogic arrays or you bought the latest generation this week, they work together, unlike typical systems where all components must be from the same generation. With EqualLogic’s peer scaling architecture, customers can expand with second, third, or more arrays – without downtime. This saves our customers time and a significant amount of money that is normally spent on forklift upgrades and data migrations. Not only can customers upgrade hardware online, Dell EqualLogic is a full storage solution with all inclusive software features. As new features and enhancements are added, customers under support agreement receive upgrades for as long as they own the array. Simply put, Dell EqualLogic has a tremendous Total Cost of Ownership advantage over competitive storage solutions and reduces hidden costs with the all-inclusive software model and the ability to scale on demand In this quarter we are announcing:Dell EqualLogic Firmware v 5.0Two New hybrid arrays: PS6000XVS and PS6010XVS The new features on Dell EqualLogic offer: Performance, Scalability, Automation and enhanced virtualization integration Dell EqualLogic Firmware v 5.0Thin Clones:Clones that leverage a “template volume” to reduce overall capacity utilization for commonly provisioned imagesVM Aware Storage:Integration with VMware on thin provisioning and copy offload.vStorage API’s added with this release Copy Manager: Improve performance by offloading copy function to the storage array, freeing the server for other virtualization tasks. Fast Zero: Decrease time required for volume creation by offloading zero out process to the SAN, freeing the server to move to the next taskAtomic Test and Set: Improves performance by offloading the management of required file system locks to the storage array, avoiding locking the entire VMFS file system PS6000XVS and PS6010XVSAutomated SSD Tiering; speed of SSD with the capacity of HDDs, automated teiring appears as a single poolSixteen drive array providing intelligent placement of data across SAS and SSD drives to deliver exponential data response time. Each array automatically tiers data based on analysis of previous IO patterns Each array combines 8-450GB, 15,000 RPM SAS and 8-100GB, SSD SATA drives for a total of 16 drives and 4.4TB of storage capacity per array EqualLogic is a portfolio of integrated storage solutions to meet a full range of data storage needs. The EqualLogic solution model is unique in the industry and is based on providing customers with everything they need with all inclusive software. As storage costs continue to increase, EqualLogic continues low total cost of ownership, ease of use, management and application integration.For customers with more complex infrastructures, Dell has a comprehensive portfolio of Data Management services to help them assess, design and implement EqualLogic storage solutions.  Dell ProSupport Proactive Maintenance for EqualLogic(Global Availability: April 30, 2010) Through schedules assessments, streamlined patch management, detailed reporting and more, Proactive Maintenance removes some of the burden of routine maintenance, allowing customers to focus on more innovative projects.Maximizing uptime is essential to avoid problems before they occur. Proactive Maintenance provides customers with a maintenance event on supported Dell systems to help with performance and reduce the likelihood of future incidents due to incompatible hardware, software, BIOS, and firmware versions. It is conveniently conducted in a series of phases: discovery, analysis, and delivery. In addition, Proactive Maintenance services can easily be scheduled through Dell Technical Support and can be delivered 24x7.Key Features Of The Proactive Maintenance OptionAssessment performed and reviewed with the customerAssessment and recommendation of driver and firmware updatesApplication of customer-approved patches and system updatesDetailed report of initial assessment and recommendations, customer-selected activities, and completed deliverablesFlexible scheduling of next Proactive Maintenance session service delivery Optional SAN Performance Optimization Assessment, which includes a maintenance analysis and storage performanceProactive Maintenance BenefitsPredictable Costs - Budget and plan for periodic maintenance service upfront. This saves you unexpected costs in service calls and software upgrade installations laterIncrease Peace of Mind - Lower total cost of ownership while improving performanceReduce the Possibility of Critical Incidents – Stay current with regular system checks so you can proactively address possible issues before they occurKeeping Systems Up-to-Date – Schedule maintenance and software updates with just a single phone call helps reduce unplanned downtime and optimize stability with scheduled assessments, streamlined patch management, detailed reporting, and more.  Data Management Consulting Services for EqualLogic(Global Availability: June 9, 2010) Dell Consulting services help you uncover and optimize your information. Our suite of services helps accelerate the integration of the EqualLogic PS series into the data center and enables our customer to get the most out of their Enterprise class iSCSI SAN in terms of performance for application, data protection strategies and total cost of ownership. More impactful workshop with consistent deliverable for qualified opportunities. Refreshed Storage Workshop covers Consolidation/Optimization/Data Protection opportunities. Discovery: Measurable Rapid Insight compares consolidation with EQL to FC/ monolithic option.Refreshed EQL SAN Design services, lower entry cost and easier to attach. EQL SAN Solution Design captures key data for design/sizing and provides detailed savings calculation (capacity & power & cooling).New EQL Quick Start to fully leverage EQL software features within customer context. A post implementation 2 days on site assistance to help customer get started and making full use of EQL capabilities (SAN HQ, ASM/ME, ASM/VE, MPIO ..). Approach Discover customer environment and consult on main requirements and operational challenges. Present key EQL array HW and SW functionalities. Demonstrate how to implement selected SW functionalities within customer operational context.Knowledge transfer and documentation hand-over.Discover & suggest further consulting/product opportunities and sent summary to account team.
  • Make a slide for the key take aways
  • Accelerate the Virtual Era

    1. 1. 1<br />Confidential<br />
    2. 2. Welcome<br />Ed English<br />Head of Enterprise Marketing, EMEA<br />
    3. 3. 3<br />13:30 Welcome & Introduction Ed English Head of Enterprise Marketing, EMEA<br />13:45 Accelerate the Virtual Era, IDM Darren Thomas VP & GM Storage<br />14:15 Infrastructure without limits Forrest NorrodVP & GM, Dell Server Platforms<br />14:40 Break Solutions Exhibit<br />
    4. 4. 4<br />15:20 Breaking the Virtual Ceiling Gary Byrne, Nviron<br />15:50 Storage for the Virtual Era Travis Vigil, Dell EqualLogic Product Marketing<br />16:15 Customer Panel Gerard Chadwick JMW Solicitors<br /> Dean Newman, Pensions First<br />Wietze Albers, University of Groningen<br />16:45 Summary & Drinks Reception<br />18:00 Close<br />
    5. 5. The status quo is not sustainable <br />?<br />Demands on IT continue to expand.<br />Budgets are flat to down.<br />Strategic investments limited to just running the organization.<br />Outcomes and ROI are not adequate or predictable.<br />
    6. 6. 6<br />We’re listening<br />Keep it Simple<br />Don’t lock me in!<br />More Affordable<br />
    7. 7. Dell delivers uncompromised solutions to meet our customer needs globally<br />$<br />Affordable<br />Capable<br />Open<br />7<br />7<br />
    8. 8. Accelerate the Virtual EraIntelligent Data Management<br />Darren ThomasVice President and General Manager, Dell Storage<br />
    9. 9. 9<br />Virtual era<br />The need for relevant, timely data is driving a fifth inflection point in the IT industry<br />2010s<br />INTERNETERA<br />PC/CLIENTSERVER ERA<br />1990s<br />MINI-COMPUTING<br />1980s<br />1960s<br />MAINFRAME<br />1950s<br />Dell can help you deliver the promises of the virtual era for your business<br />
    10. 10. Connectedness without compromise<br />10<br />Airline Data Center<br />Alert Request<br />Real Time Arrival and Departure Updates<br />Real Time Arrival and Departure Updates<br />Customer Loyalty<br />Free Time <br />Customer service expense<br />Wait Time<br />Profit<br />Satisfaction<br />
    11. 11. Simplified Infrastructure Management<br />Streamlined Application and Workload Management<br />Intelligent Data Management<br />Intelligent Infrastructure<br />“Empower my users to deliver excellent services to the customer.”<br />11<br />“I want proactive remote management.”<br />“I want flexible infrastructurethat responds to my business needs.”<br />“Data is valuable to my organization; I need to manage based on relevance and increase its value to my organization.”<br />
    12. 12. Intelligent Data Management<br />12<br />Create<br />Secure & Protect<br />Replicate & Distribute<br />Archive<br />Store <br />Active 10%<br />Semi-Active 20%<br />Static<br />70%<br />Most data is unstructured<br />Dell EqualLogic<br />Dell PowerVault Dell/EMC <br />Dell EqualLogic<br />Dell PowerVault Dell/EMC <br />Dell/EMC <br />DD Family<br />Dell DX6000<br />
    13. 13. 13<br />Dell EqualLogic Firmware version 5.0 Accelerate the performance of VMware with EqualLogic<br /><ul><li>Reduce the time to complete provisioning scenarios by up to 72%†
    14. 14. Dramatically reduces SAN network traffic for the copy process by over 95%†    
    15. 15. Dramatically reduce CPU utilization for the copy process by over 75%†  </li></ul>†Based on testing performed by Dell Labs in May 2010 comparing Dell EqualLogic Firmware v. 4.3 to Dell EqualLogic Firmware v. 5.0 with VMware API for Array Integration. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.<br />
    16. 16. Dell EqualLogic PS6000XVS/PS6010XVS Intelligent load balancing across SSD and 15,000 RPM SAS<br />Improves performance of multi-tiered workloads like virtual desktops<br />Reduces time to boot multiple VMs by up to 76%†<br />†Based on testing performed by Dell Labs in May 2010 comparing Dell EqualLogic Firmware v. 4.3 to Dell EqualLogic Firmware v. 5.0 with VMware API for Array Integration. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.<br />14<br />
    17. 17. Dell PowerVault MD3200/MD3200i SeriesSimple, cost effective storage consolidation<br />Easier than ever to keep up with increasing performance and capacity demands<br />2X performance and 2X capacity<br />15<br />
    18. 18. 70% of IT ManagersBelieve Their Data Center Backup is at Risk**<br />16<br /> Solutions for intelligent data management<br />Labor is 60% of theCost of Storage*<br />Average Disk Utilization inMost of Today’s Datacenters is Sub - 40%*<br />Protect<br />Match requirements for availability, retention, and recovery to business needs<br />Optimize<br />Make the most of your storage investment by optimizing your infrastructure resources<br />Consolidate<br />Support growing data requirements whilecontrolling complexity<br />*IDC The Economic Meltdown and Its Chilling Effect on the Cost to Power, Cool, and Manage Enterprise Storage, March 2009; **Enterprise Strategy Group, Data Protection Trends, January 2008<br />
    19. 19. Take the first step<br />Dell Storage Simplification Workshop<br /><ul><li>Determine key challenges
    20. 20. Connect storage and backup requirements to business needs </li></ul>EqualLogic QuickStart<br /><ul><li>A post implementation on site assistance
    21. 21. Assistance in making full use of EqualLogic’s advanced capabilities</li></ul>17<br />
    22. 22. Infrastructure without Limits<br />Forrest Norrod,Vice President and General Manager, Dell Server Platforms<br />
    23. 23. Simplified Infrastructure Management<br />Streamlined Application and Workload Management<br />Intelligent Data Management<br />Intelligent Infrastructure<br />“Empower my users to deliver excellent services to the customer.”<br />19<br />“I want proactive remote management.”<br />“I want flexible infrastructurethat responds to my business needs.”<br />“Data is valuable to my organization; I need to manage based on relevance and increase its value to my organization”<br />
    24. 24. 20<br />Essential attributes for Intelligent Platforms<br />Uncompromising Reliability<br />18 advanced reliability, availability & serviceability features with Nehalem-EX<br />206% performance per watt than prior generation2<br />100K concurrent users on a single platform1<br />2 system image updates vs. 7 for competition4<br />Powerfully Efficient<br />Integration without Lock-in<br />Elegantly Simple Manageability<br />1; 2Internal Dell testing, R910 vs. R900; 3; 4 from March 2009 to March 2010, (T610 vs. ML370 G6)<br />
    25. 25. Empower administrators with intelligence built-in<br />21<br />Chassis Management Controller<br />Lifecycle Controller<br /><ul><li>Facilitates administration duringentire lifecycle of PowerEdge
    26. 26. Self-aware, self joining & complete with tools & drivers
    27. 27. Integrates with management consoles
    28. 28. NEW! Automatically update replaced parts to preferred settings
    29. 29. Proactively manage all at once
    30. 30. Immediate access to status, issues, & alerts through a single, easy to use interface
    31. 31. No databases, no agents,no software to install
    32. 32. Saves time, reduces complexity</li></li></ul><li>“It's easy to get an idea of the overall chassis health, as well as the status and particulars of any given blade or other component.” and “the new CMC [3.0 GUI] is a highly functional and attractive management tool.”<br />– InfoWorld, March 2010<br />“Using Lifecycle Controller, it takes us just five minutes to upgrade firmware on a server, about 80 percent faster than in the past.” <br />– Paul Redpath, Managing Director<br />22<br />
    33. 33. Newest editions to the Intelligent Platform line up<br />23<br />Confidential<br />Unprecedented Reliability<br />Extraordinary Productivity<br />Exceptional Price/Performance <br />PowerEdge M610x<br />PowerEdge M710 HD<br />PowerEdge R715<br />
    34. 34. Faster results for high performance computing<br />24<br />Confidential<br />PowerEdge M610x<br /><ul><li>Increasing data delivery by 1000x
    35. 35. Highest computational density, at 1/10th cost and 1/20th power</li></li></ul><li>New editions round out breakthrough blades family<br />25<br />Confidential<br />Failsafe embedded hypervisor ensures uptime<br />High efficient fans & Energy-Star Platinum power supplies<br />Eliminates need for multi-server deployment tools<br />FlexMem Bridge helps cut licensing costs in half<br />SimpleConnect reduces networks complexity<br />FlexAddress for persistent LAN & SAN with choice of networking<br />
    36. 36. Get virtual ready infrastructure up and running reliably and fast <br />26<br />Confidential<br />Six New Business Ready Configurations <br />Slash set-up and integration time<br />Optimized for virtualization and energy efficiency<br />Simplify ordering and configuring<br />Backed by Dell ProSupport services<br />or<br />or<br />
    37. 37. Let our experience unlock your potential<br />StrategicAgility <br />Qualityof Service<br />Economic Savings<br />
    38. 38. Accelerate efficiency in the Virtual Era <br /><ul><li>Achieve Economic Savings
    39. 39. Reduce your data center footprint by 30 percent with new Dell blades and rack servers
    40. 40. Streamline virtual deployments by 75 percent with integrated Dell Business Ready Configurations
    41. 41. Simplify virtual infrastructures to reduce maintenance costs by 60 percent </li></ul>Improve Quality of Service<br /><ul><li>Double the speed of virtualization projects with Dell Consulting Services
    42. 42. Simplify your data management strategy for 90 percent faster backups and reductions in management costs
    43. 43. Enhance Strategic Agility </li></ul>Soon to announce new innovations to improve business performance <br />
    44. 44.
    45. 45. 30<br />13:30 Welcome & Introduction Ed English Head of Enterprise Marketing, EMEA<br />13:45 Accelerate the Virtual Era, IDM Darren Thomas VP & GM Storage<br />14:15 Infrastructure without limits Forrest NorrodVP & GM, Dell Server Platforms<br />14:40 Break<br />Confidential<br />15:20 Breaking the Virtual Ceiling Gary Byrne, Nviron<br />
    46. 46.
    47. 47. One Hundred Percent Virtualization: Breaking the Virtual Ceiling<br />Gary ByrneAdvanced Infrastructure Director<br />Dell EMEA Enterprise Architecture partner of the year 2009<br />
    48. 48. Who are Nviron?<br />Systems solution provider<br />Established over 20 years<br />Mainframe background & principles<br />Both supplier and strategic user<br />Confidential<br />33<br />
    49. 49. Why Dell?<br />Nviron chose EqualLogic before the Dell purchase<br />We recognised this system type as the future of virtulisation<br />Convincing demonstration backed up by practical experience<br />Nviron's own production and solution systems<br />DemoCentral | Nviron’s demonstration & validation centre<br />Confidential<br />34<br />
    50. 50. Servia | Hosted systems by Nviron<br />Manchester Data Centre | Dell | Cisco | DataDomain<br />Dell | M1000e Chassis | NIC pass through | PS5500 <br />VMware & Hyper-V blades | Why a blade solution<br />Virtual machine rental under SPLA agreement<br />DR provision via Dell-EqualLogic replication<br />Nviron’s own DR replication target<br />Confidential<br />35<br />
    51. 51. Servia | Virtualisation, the business benefits<br />Virtualisation | Dynamism in server provision and resilience<br />Dell Blades chassis | Efficiency in hardware<br />Dell-EqualLogic | Scalability and performance in storage<br />Granularity | The cornerstone of efficient delivery <br />Targeted resource use<br />Maximum return on investment <br />Confidential<br />36<br />
    52. 52. Doncaster NHS | replicated sites<br />Dual, cross city, sites<br />Critical service provision<br />High demand for reliability<br />VMware Site Recovery Manager<br />VMware 3rd Party replication adapter<br />System quiescence <br />Confidential<br />37<br />
    53. 53. Derbyshire | Shared DR solution<br />One of Nviron’s earliest EQL solutions<br />Dell EqualLogic group right sized<br />Shared DR, proposed from the outset<br />Group flexibility an enabling technology<br />Original site to acquire new arrays<br />DR Replication target & shared VM servers <br />Confidential<br />38<br />
    54. 54. Partnering with Dell in the Virtual era<br />Integration is what Dell’s EqualLogic platform does…<br />A direct match in virtualisation concepts and reality<br />Practical and valuable feature set built in | ASM | SAN-HQ<br />Unparalleled flexibility<br />A product you can believe in<br />Confidential<br />39<br />
    55. 55. Storage for the Virtual Era<br />Travis Vigil<br />Senior Manager, Dell EqualLogic Product Marketing<br />
    56. 56. Storage and server virtualization is the enabling technology to lower costs<br />41<br />Confidential<br />Cost per VM hour(2GB instance)<br />1<br />Increase utilization<br />2<br />Increase automation<br />Utilization<br />
    57. 57. 42<br />Virtual Servers Meet Virtual Storage<br />Confidential<br />An Extendable, Scalable, and Resilient Infrastructure for Both Servers and Storage<br />Ethernet<br />Fabric<br />Physical Infrastructure<br />Virtualized Assets<br />
    58. 58. 43<br />Dell | VMware: Enabling the virtual era<br />Confidential<br />A Powerful Partnership—Significant collaboration ontechnology and business development for years<br />2004<br />Dell’s OEM of ESX<br />First vendor to support vMotion<br />2005<br />Launched theVirtualization consulting service practice<br />2007<br />First Mission Critical workload virtualized within <br />Dell IT<br />2009<br />Dell delivers BusinessReady Configurations<br />Virtualized SQL and Exchange reference configurations created<br />2010<br />Beta partner of vCloudServiceDirector<br />2006<br />VMware ESX available on mainstream PowerEdgeplatforms<br />2008<br />Dell ships firstvirtualization optimized platform and embedded mgmt with ESXi<br />
    59. 59. Dell EqualLogicIntelligent, seamlessly expandable virtualized iSCSI SAN<br />Efficient Enterprise Scalability<br />Seamless scaling of both performanceand capacity<br />Investment protection – no fork-lift upgrades<br />Powerful & Simplified Management<br />Intelligent and automated management<br />Perpetual self-optimization<br />Automated load balancing across disks, RAID sets, connections, cache and controllers<br /> All inclusive functionality<br />Enterprise software capabilities included, no add-on licenses<br />44<br />Confidential<br />Virtual storage architecture enables:<br />“EqualLogic can provide storage management manpower savings of 45 days/year ” <br />- ESG<br />
    60. 60. New Features in Dell EqualLogic Firmware 5.0<br />45<br />Confidential<br />Automated SSD Tiering<br />Thin Clones<br />VM Aware Storage<br /><ul><li>Speed of SSD with the Capacity of HDDs
    61. 61. Automated tiering, appears as single pool
    62. 62. Clones that leverage a “template volume” to reduce overall capacity utilization for commonly provisioned images
    63. 63. Accelerate the performance of VMware with EqualLogic
    64. 64. Native iSCSI multi-pathingfor ESX</li></ul>EqualLogic is changing the storage game for virtual servers<br />
    65. 65. Continuous software advancements at no additional cost<br />46<br />Confidential<br />Dell EqualLogic storage provides seamless SAN expansion<br />AD / Dom<br />PS100 Series<br />PS4000 Series<br />PS6010XVS PS6000 XVS<br />PS6010 Series<br />PS6000 Series<br />PS5000 Series<br />PS3000 Series<br />TieredArrays<br />10GbE<br />Continuous Advancements ofAll-inclusiveFirmware & Software<br />Single Multi-Generational SAN<br />ASM/ME for Hyper-V<br />SAN Headquarters<br />VMware vStorage<br />Auto-Snapshot Manager/ VMware Edition (ASM/VE)<br />vCenter<br />Site Recovery Manager <br />Core Data Protection<br />Auto-Snapshot Manager/Microsoft Edition (ASM/ME)<br />Thin <br />Provisioning<br />2004<br />2010<br />
    66. 66. 47<br />Intelligent load balancing across SSDand 15,000 RPM SAS<br />Confidential<br />SSD Speed & HDD Capacity<br />Enables the performance of SSD with capacity of HDDs<br />Mixture of SSD and spinning media within one array /member <br />Automated data tiering within a member. Hot data placed on SSD<br />Configuration: 8 x 100GB SSD + 8 x 450GB 15k RPM HDDS<br />
    67. 67. Incredible TCO Benefits<br />48<br />Confidential<br />The Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN solution is a leader in TCO when compared to traditional DAS, FC SAN, and multi-protocol alternatives<br />Figure 1. The Dell EqualLogic Total Cost of Ownership Advantage<br />“The economic excellence of EqualLogic storage solutions is clearly evident—the five year TCO of a multi-protocol system is 2.5x the TCO for an EqualLogic solution, the TCO for a Fibre Channel system is 3x…” <br />- The Enterprise Strategy Group<br />Source: “Dell EqualLogic TCO Analysis,” July 2009, The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.<br />
    68. 68.
    69. 69. Customer Panel <br />Gerard Chadwick<br />IT Director, JMW Solicitors<br />Dean Newman<br />IT Director, Pensions First<br />Wietze Albers<br />Dept. of Server Infrastructure, University of Groningen, Netherlands<br />Ed English<br />Head of Enterprise Marketing, EMEA, Dell<br />
    70. 70. 51<br />15:20 Breaking the Virtual Ceiling Gary Byrne, Nviron<br />15:50 Storage for the Virtual Era Travis Vigil, Dell EqualLogic Product Marketing<br />16:15 Customer Panel Gerard Chadwick JMW Solicitors<br /> Dean Newman, Pensions First<br />Wietze Albers, University of Groningen<br />16:45 Summary & Drinks reception<br />18:00 Close<br />Confidential<br />
    71. 71. 52<br />Summary<br />Dell delivers products and solutions that are Open, Capable and Affordable<br />You need the back office in your front pocket, Dell helps you get there with key technologies:<br />Intelligent data management<br />Virtual infrastructure<br />New EqualLogic Firmware 5.0 and PS6000XVS/6010XVS Series and the MD3200 Series<br />New Intelligent platforms including, PowerEdge R715, M710HD & M610x<br />Confidential<br />