Delib: a bit about us and our work
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Delib: a bit about us and our work

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Does what it says on the tin

Does what it says on the tin

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  • 1. A bit about us and our work
  • 2. Clients include:
  • 3. We make products...
  • 4. and we do great bespoke work...
  • 5. and we do opinion research... Budget consultation: a survey of public sector organisations. 5 of 18 The primary method for budget consultation reported by Section 1: consultation methods responding authorities was a paper survey (28.75%), followed closely by a focus group (26.25%) and a public meeting Survey respondents were asked a number of questions around (25.00%). Online surveys were also popular (22.50%), as were the budget consultation methods they used in the last year, existing consultation groups such as citizens’ or viewpoint including what response rate they received from them and how panels. useful the information gained was. This is an interesting finding as it appears authorities are generally mixing consultation methods, using both static forms such as surveys and more interactive and deliberative forms, Consultation method(s) used during the last budget year for example public meetings and focus groups. However, few seemed to have made moves to combine these methods through the use of deliberative surveys. 25 20 Other consultation methods used 15 For those authorities that stated they used other consultation methods, four stated that they ran budget workshops, one with 10 handheld voting units for collecting attendee responses; two ran specific workshops for young people through their youth council or similar. Another two ran public road shows about the 5 budget in different locations, and two surveys in their local newspaper as part of the publicity around the process. Finally 0 two met with local business or partner organizations to gain A B C D E F G H I their views into the authority’s budget setting process. Base = 80 A: Paper survey Key finding B: Focus group C: Public meeting Public sector authorities are still predominantly using D: Online survey offline methods to consult on budgets, but within this, E: Citizens’ panel many are mixing consultation methods, using both static F: Other method forms such as surveys and more interactive and G: Invitation for comment deliberative forms. H: Telephone interviews I: None For further information, contact Delib: 0845 638 1848
  • 6. and we do consultancy.
  • 7. We have ideas and opinions. Come and talk to us. 0845 638 1848 Delib Bristol Delib London Ropemaker Court 50 Frith Street 11 Lower Park Row Soho Bristol London BS1 5BN W1D 4SQ