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A bit about the Dialogue App

  1. 1. A bit about the Dialogue App www.dialogue-app.com
  2. 2. Introduction The big goal Picture from Frank Jakobi on Flickr
  3. 3. Introduction The big goal • The big goal: more effectively connecting people with government online by making it easy to: - crowd-source ideas - collaborate on projects - discuss policy - operate participative processes
  4. 4. Background Built for government Picture from Seansie on Flickr
  5. 5. Background Built for government • Designed in conjunction with the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) for OMB • 508/W3C AA compliant • Refined over several projects; also frequently customised
  6. 6. Design principles Useful to government Technically Engaging for feasible participants
  7. 7. Quick walkthrough Join in: http://www.dialogue-app.com/gsa-demo Picture from badjonni on Flickr
  8. 8. Instantly engage with the big proposition... and others’ ideas
  9. 9. Browse ideas and get a feel for the conversation
  10. 10. Sort by latest, highest rated, most commented
  11. 11. Read the full text of an idea, including rationale
  12. 12. Interact with ideas in several ways...
  13. 13. Add tags Tagging helps emerge broad themes from the discussion and build consensus
  14. 14. Add ratings Ratings ‘bubble’ the best ideas to the top
  15. 15. Add comments A simple commenting system can generate useful discussions and help fine-tune ideas
  16. 16. Add your idea Join in the discussion with a contribution of your own
  17. 17. Quick case studies See it in action • Organisations wanted to host structured, productive conversations around discrete issues/policies: ➡ http://homelandsecuritydialogue.org/ input on a particular plan; customised ➡ http://www.uwrdialogue.org/ crowdsourcing ideas from community/service users; off-the-shelf
  18. 18. DHS wanted a custom set-up We split the discussion into themes that reflected the offline process
  19. 19. Range of ideas There were both broad suggestions and specialist contributions
  20. 20. Quick case studies DHS QHSR • Pioneering initiative – first of its kind for DHS • Three week-long stages run alongside offline work, with analysis, reporting, adjustment, outreach in between • Quick turn-around, highly scalable and secure • Custom build and consultancy to complement offline process
  21. 21. Quick case studies DHS QHSR • 30,000+ unique visitors • 2,977 registered users • 856 ideas; 3,174 comments; 8,425 ratings; 1,781 tags • Big organisational learnings (both culture and details like PRA)
  22. 22. Ideas from service users The UWR Dialogue had a highly targeted audience of service users, who brought great ideas from their own experience
  23. 23. Involved, positive discussion The comments and discussion around ideas helped add depth and consideration to the debate
  24. 24. Quick case studies UWR • Used to crowd-source ideas • Discrete, engaged audience from across the US • Meaningful, rich results over a two week process
  25. 25. Quick case studies UWR • 6,808 visits from 3,851 unique visitors • Participants from 1,219 US cities and every US state • 783 registered participants • 280 unique ideas, which prompted 1,056 comments, 1,538 ratings, and 262 tags.
  26. 26. Running your own Admin options Picture from cliff1066™ on Flickr
  27. 27. Easy to manage Quickly and simply perform admin tasks from the control panel
  28. 28. Full content management Edit site pages to provide background information and more detail
  29. 29. Real-time results Keep an eye on key metrics with our results dashboard
  30. 30. Dialogue App applications It’s great for: • Policy/issue discussions • Crowd-sourcing ideas • Project collaboration • Participative processes
  31. 31. Any questions? Talk to us • Get your App: www.dialogue-app.com • Ben Whitnall ben@delib.co.uk 0845 638 1848 +44 117 316 9508 Copyright Delib Ltd, Co.#5158056, registered at 35 King Street, Bristol, UK, BS1 4DZ