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  • 1. Exam 27 October 2006 5 problems, 3 hours Answer form: Write neatly, do not use pencil or weird colours in text.
  • 2. a) Calculate reactions in A and D b) Identify zero-force members c) Calculate forces in AB, BC, BE, BG, and JK, JQ, PQ,KQ
  • 3. Calculate all reactions and draw them in the figure in the direction in which they act
  • 4. a) Given the M-diagram, draw the V-diagram b) Draw all reactions, external forces and couples as they act on the structure in the correct direction c) Show that the beam is in equilibrium
  • 5. a) Calculate reactions in A and C b) Draw N - diagram c) Draw V - diagram d) Draw M - diagram
  • 6. a) Calculate reaction in C
  • 7. b) Calculate reaction moment in A
  • 8. 4 m 4 m 8 m 6 m x y 50 mm 13 mm 13 mm 7 mm C a) Show that the centroid lies at a distance of 8.6 m from the bottom of the cross-section.
  • 9. 4 m 4 m 8 m 6 m x y 50 mm 13 mm 13 mm 7 mm C b) Calculate the principle area moment of inertia about the x-axis, Ix. c) Why is the polar moment of inertia JO ≠ 2Ix for this composite cross-section?
  • 10. Final tips: - Check if you have answered the (entire) question - Check if your answer makes sense - Check your answer using an alternative method or equation if you have time - Bring food and something to drink GOOD LUCK!