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LinkedIn for Associations
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LinkedIn for Associations


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How an association can use a LinkedIn group successfully to engage members and create community.

How an association can use a LinkedIn group successfully to engage members and create community.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • Bring up Edit my profileReid All About it – my accountView Daisy Reid profileMy Google Reader with LinkedIn updatesReference – my profile - (pw – htgrad) Daisy Reid – nahb password
  • Lots of resources about creating personal profiles and using LinkedIn, and about creating groups.But how an association can best use LinkedIn – our focus.Individual profile best practices.Reasons to create a group.Public or members-only group.Finding your members.Creating a group. Inviting and welcoming members. Moderating a group and engaging members.Marketing a group.Measuring success.84% of attendees have a LinkedIn profile. Average 68% profile completeness.45% have a group at association. 65% of those are open to the public.Reference – my profile - (pw – htgrad) Daisy Reid – nahb password
  • LI – Gateway to SM. 50m members (per LI) – LI reported that it took nearly 16 months for them to reach its first million users. The last million took only 12 days.Median age 39 (per recent Pew Research)However, many people have a profile but they’re incomplete or they hardly ever visit the site or get updates.
  • Acc to the survey, almost all have profile, due to time crunch, focus on best practices. Just need your full name, email address and a password to start, and can follow steps in the handout.
  • Best practices in completing a profile - QUICK Profile completeness.(comparemine to Daisy’s). Position, Education. Photo. Same for all social platforms. Profile headline (purring specialist) - keywords Add personalized web site links - blog, twitter account and association web site. (Show mine) Customize your URL. (Show mine) Add a Summary and Specialties - keywords. (Show mine)
  • Check your Account & Settings. QUICK Public profile = full profileinfo (default) - showVisible to Everyone. Default = My Connections, other option My Network - showEmail Notifications – show each. Need to decide how you want to handle them.Network Updates (under Home Page Settings) – news about our connections (their new connections, status updates, groups they’ve joined). RSS Settings – turn on the RSS feed for network updates – Google Reader. (Go to my Google Reader) Check Personal Information – correct name display (not Daisy R). Can use several email addresses (more than just work). Privacy settings.Connections Browse – why not?Profile and status updates – yes, except when doing lots of editing.
  • More best practices for using LI – personal branding - QUICK Frequent status updates. is writing …, is reading …, found this neat website ..., wonders what you think about …, thinks that …, is teaching …, is looking forward to presenting … Keep it professional; not Facebook. Personalize invitations to connect. See slide or go to Imported Contacts. Only 200 characters. Import contacts every few months. Use applications –Wordpress (my blog), Events, Slideshare (PowerPoint and PDF files), Tripit (my travel). (go to my profile) Answer LinkedIn questions. Can get recognition.(show where and my Best Answer list) Philosophy - Decide whom you’ll connect to and whom you won’t – may evolve. But don’t say “I don’t know.” Different philosophies, don’t punish.
  • Turbo-charged your profile, more knowledgeable about LI.Now, join groups (another best practice) – ASAE, state SAE, industry/profession, local, college, hobby
  • Starting out, focus on being where your members are. Find them here.Upload a member roster or subset. By…. (show them – go to C in Imported Contacts)Contacts > Add Connections > Import your desktop email contacts (bottom of blue box on left) > >Browse and upload CSV file (in Excel use Save As to save to that format).Imported Contacts will show who is already using LinkedIn.Search groups by keywords. Where is the conversation?
  • Go through steps.Familiarize yourself with strategic plan – goalsFamiliar w LI, how could it help meet goalsForm strategy and LI goals that focus on those areas.How will LinkedIn help my association achieve the goals in our strategic plan? QUICK. Member networking platform Members connect with the association Community-building Recruiting – lost members, prospects, volunteers Channel for information, announcement (events, benefits, resources, political calls to action) – marketing to captive audience If public group, a larger audience- demonstrate status as thought leader and provider of valuable resources. Market research – focus group - members’ problems, needs, perspectives. Viral marketing tool. Social media coach
  • My researchTime management Public – Time saver Members-only - Can upload a CSV file of preapproved names/emails - automatic approval. Will have to manually approve members whose email addresses aren’t on your list.Advantages of public group Larger community/audience for marketing, showing value (a peek under the tent) Larger community for members to connect with others. Platform to find “lost” members and prospects. Participation of thought leaders who may not be members.Advantages of members-only group Exclusive benefit – still good argument today?Image -
  • What if there is already an unauthorized group? Join the group Connect with owner Express pleasure they’re providing member platform, offer help Give them correct logo. Suggest less confusing text. Ask if you can make announcement about your official group. Participate in the other group as the friendly resource-filled face of your association.Image -
  • If they’re a problem Misrepresent self as assn, don’t make it clear that they’re not Misuse your logo And you have tried to reason with them?Notify LinkedIn by going to the Group Profile > Report As > select reason (for example, Inappropriate Logo, Misrepresentation or Other).
  • LinkedIn Learning Center for step by step instructions. Even if you’ve already created a Group, check your settings.Groups > Create a Group Logo Create the group under the “Nonprofit” categoryKeywords in summary – 300 chars – visible to all (search) Description – 200 chars - visibleWebsite (create special page for social media) Email – common one? Open or closed groupYes to - Groups Directory (search) and Group be display on Profiles (viral)
  • Some features to consider: Timesaver - Import your blog or Twitter RSS feed intoNews - Go to News>Manage news feeds to add RSS feed. (example here YAP) Jobs tab Jobs expire after 14 days. Subgroups – new feature, will probably change, could be useful for councils/SIGs/committees.Requires separate membership -- only parent group members can join subgroups. Must post separately to subgroups.Default maximum size of groups 5000. Contact LI when 4800+, they’ll increase size limit.
  • Inviting people to join.Export first/last names/email addresses to Excel,save as CSV file. (Go to the Manage > Send Invitations > Upload a file) If you have a closed group, options to pre-approve people.Upload roster each month to capture new members.Can invite connections individually or in groups, or invite others using email addresses.
  • Welcome members and orient them to group.Send out automated welcome messages to members upon joining.(Can also create automatic message for those requesting to join closed group, while they wait for you to check status) Manage > Manage Templates > Welcome Message > Create message, check Auto-Send box & click Save Changes.Review group guidelines – featured discussions tooNo spam Better way to participate – value/not promo Consequences Marketing Profs guidelinesNo insultsAntitrustAdvice on My Settings – logo display, contact email, daily/weekly digest option Your contact information
  • Moderate to prevent noise. Spam is biggest turnoff. Promotional announcements (webinar/events) as spam. Address in welcome email and featured discussionsSubgroup for events. Delete spam. Message (w copied message) poster – put it in subgroup. Or, delete, message and teach. Worse case – remove/block
  • Moderating – more than most do, not enough. Need to engage/create community/destination. 80/20 rule Staff team Who’s a thought leader, social juice (influencer, sharer), need personal branding opportunity.Form kitchen cabinet – invite participationBrainstorm monthly for content seeds – hot issues, questions from students, continue conversations from publications/events Guest appearances from speakers or authors - for a few days – interview, questions from group(market it) - Readerville. Recognition - personal thanks, monthly award, interview, blog badge,public recognition Featured discussion – describe – good for marketing and recognizing others’ contributions Beware – only 2-3 (check “above fold”), mix of avatars, change frequently (stale) Social media coach – new LI features, share, explain, feedback Meet-upsImage -
  • Transcript

    • 1. ASAE Social Media WorkshopNovember 5, 2009
      Deirdre Reid
    • 2. 45 Intense Minutes
      Individual profile best practices.
      Reasons to create a group.
      Public or members-only group.
      Where are our members?
      Creating a group. Inviting and welcoming members. Moderating a group and engaging members.
      Marketing a group.
      Measuring success.
    • 3. Just the Facts
    • 4. First Steps - Create a
    • 5. Best Practices for Personal Profiles
      Completeness percentage?
      Add a photo
      Website links
      Customize URL
    • 6. Best Practices for Personal Profiles
      Accounts & Settings
      Public profile = full profile
      Visible to Everyone
      Email notifications
      Network updates
      RSS settings
      Personal information
      Privacy settings
    • 7. Best Practices for Personal Profiles
      Frequent status updates
      Personalize invitations
      Answer questions
      Your connection philosophy
    • 8. First Steps - Join Groups
    • 9. Find Your Members
      Upload a roster as a
      CSV file.
      Search Groups for conversation.
    • 10. Groups
      Familiarize yourself with your association’s strategic plan – goals and strategies
      Identify how a LinkedIn group will help your association achieve those goals.
      Focus your strategy and activities (content) on those areas.
    • 11. Open or Closed?
      Demonstrating value
      • Value of community for members
      • 13. Recruitment/reinstatement
      • 14. Online communities today
    • Unauthorized!
      Join the group.
      Offer help and resources.
      Request announcement.
      Participate as a friendly resource.
    • 15. Uh oh!
      Are they misrepresenting the group?
      Are they misusing your logo?
      Have you reasoned with them?
      Have you given them a warning?
      Then, notify LinkedIn.
    • 16.
    • 17. Group Best Practices
      Timesaver – import blog or Twitter feed (RSS)
      Jobs tab
      Subgroups for SIGs, board or committees
    • 18. Invitations to Join
      Upload a CSV file
      Send invitations.
    • 19. Welcome
      Create automated messages
      • Request to join
      • 20. Welcome
      No spam, libel or anti-trust issues
      My Settings advice
      Contact information
    • 21. Moderation
      Moderate Discussions to prevent noise/spam.
    • 22. Engage
      80/20 rule
      Identify and invite thought leaders, influencers and sharers to participate
      Brainstorm content ideas
      Speaker and author guest appearances
      Recognize contributors
      Be the coach
    • 23. Create Buzz
      Share link everywhere.
      Social media page on web site.
      Badges on home page.
      Badges for members.
      Intertwine the conversations – newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, blog.
    • 24. More Features
      Announcements = blast emails
      Presentations and handouts
      Company Profile
    • 25. What’s the ROI?
      Measuring success
      Weekly log
      Track clicks
      How do you measure other
      marketing efforts?
    • 26. Time Management
      Team content creation and collection
      Daily tasks
      Weekly tasks
      Monthly tasks
      Upload roster
      Use tools to automate
    • 27. Resources
      Handout/presentation -
      LinkedIn web site resources
      • Creating a Group video (search in Help)
      • 28. - webinars
      Blog posts on creating a LinkedIn profile
      • 29.
      • 30.
      • 31.
      • 32.
      LinkedIn blogs
      • 33.
      • 34.
      • 35.
    • Deirdre Reid