Wikis for University Faculty

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My presentation that encourages university faculty to learn to use wikis before expecting their students to engage in wiki assignments.

My presentation that encourages university faculty to learn to use wikis before expecting their students to engage in wiki assignments.

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  • 1. Wikis and University Faculty Deirdre Bonnycastle College of Medicine October 28 th , 2009
  • 2. What is a Wiki?
    • A wiki is a website that allows the visitors themselves to
    • easily add, remove, and otherwise edit and change
    • available content.
    • This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an
    • effective tool for mass collaborative authoring.
  • 3. Clinical Informatics Wiki
  • 4. Student Doctor Wiki
  • 5. I use several wikis for Research and Committee work because the team always knows that we are working on the most current document. -Dr. Marcel D’Eon Faculty of Medicine
  • 6. Committees Research Students S T O R E S S T O R E S S T O R E S Minutes Contact Info Images Agendas Reports Documentation Articles Statistics Images Interviews Articles Links Resources Questions Syllabus Universities are Obsessed with Paper A Wiki
  • 7. Committee Wiki (Invisible to public, multiple editors)
  • 8. Deirdre’s Post Workshop Wiki (Anyone can see, three people edit)
  • 9. Faculty Development Wiki (Anyone can see, ten people edit)
  • 10. Peanut Butter Wiki (no longer active) (Anyone can see, only I edit)
  • 11. College of Nursing Wiki (Anyone can view, multiple editors)
  • 12. Committees Research Students C R E A T E Plans Projects Draft Reports Draft Documentation Plans Draft Papers & Presentations Papers Team Projects Presentations Project Plans Universities are Obsessed with Papers C R E A T E C R E A T E A Wiki helps
  • 13. Committees Research Students S E C R E T A R Y Key Elements for Involvement L E A D M A R K S O B J E C T I V E S C L E A R T A S K S
  • 14. U of S Students Say
    • Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies I had never been assigned such a unique and challenging project.  It was unique in that I had never used or even heard of a “Wiki.”
    • It definitely inspired me to consider the future uses of such technology in my own work or future projects that require a lot of collaboration.
  • 15. Wiki Limitations
    • New technology
      • Wikis are new to you as a faculty member and
      • new to the university as a whole. Policies and
      • support systems are still being developed.
    • Web-based writing
      • Content created on wikis and copied to a word
      • document lose their formatting. This may be an
      • important consideration when preparing
      • collaborative articles for publication.
  • 16. How might you use a wiki?
    • ?
    You need to become proficient with Wikis before asking your students to use them.
  • 17. How might your students use a wiki?
    • ?