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Imc bournvita final

  1. 1. Praxis Business School Integrated Marketing Communication on Bournvita A report Submitted to Prof. D.P. Ghosh In partial fulfilment of the requirements of the course Integrated Marketing Communication On 21st December, 2011 ByDeepikaAgrawal B10007NishantKhattwani B10013PrateekChoudhuri B10015SushmitaAgrawal B10035 1
  2. 2. Executive SummaryStarting from 1948, when it first set its foot on the Indian Shores, Cadbury Bournvita had alustrous journey through the times, and emerged as a market leader in the brown healthdrink segment with a market share of 15%, as per a recent business standard survey.Communication, as we all know, has always been the integral part of any marketing activityand brand Bournvita has also resorted to a plethora integrated marketing communicationaltechniques over the time, through which it has made its ground, positioned andrepositioned itself to become more relevant with time and withstand competition andemerge with flying colours. In this report, we have tried to find out how Bournvita usedintegrated marketing communications for brand building and personality development andtried to assess the consumer’s degree of brand loyalty towards Bournvita and to find outwhat other factors apart from IMC have played their part in generating the loyalty. In doingso, we went through both primary and secondary research procedure, to find how thebrand has moved from “good” upbringing” to “intelligence” to “overall health” bundled withthe rich chocolate taste which has been at the top of the palette for its consumers, theirsegmentation strategies, their targeted audience and the mix of the 4Ps of marketing.Through laddering exercise we tried found out what a consumer looks at whilst buying ahealth drink wherein parameters like “tastes good with milk”, flavour, nutritive value etccome into play. A survey was conducted order to find out the extent of these parametersplaying their part in the purchase, the preference of mind ,the awareness about the brand,from tagline identification to knowledge about their promotional activities, loyalty andeffect of the ‘P’s. The results revealed that Bournvita scores highest in preference andloyalty with the individual’s opinion gaining the supreme whilst buying this drink whichscores highest in taste but scores a second to its closest competitor Horlicks on attributeslike being nutritious and being a food supplement. Bournvita also lags in case of taglineidentification to boost and Milo. Same holds for packaging identification as well. Bournvitaseem to have been addressing these issues through their communicational strategieswherein they are now talking about their nutritional benefits like having “Vitamin D” andimproving on their packaging. On the personality front, Bournvita comes out to be a reliablebrand which is focussed and confident as well and this goes well with Bournvita emphasizingon having “Bournvita confidence”.Considering the findings, Bournvita seem to need a brandambassador for easier recall, coupled with reinforcing advertisements emphasizing on thenutritional benefits (can do it by showing researchers and doctors) with special emphasis onR&D so as to improve its perception on nutrition. Additionally they also need to consider theidea of having something for the “freebie” loving consumer and gaining the ability of readyconsumption without milk, like that of its closest competitors. 2
  3. 3. Table of ContentsBournvita- A Power Brand 4  History 5  Events and Activities 5  Segmentation Strategy 6  Defining Key Audience 6  Product 7  Price  Place 7  Promotion 7  Packaging 7  SWOT Analysis 8Methodology 9Presentation of findings and conclusion for laddering 10methodAnalysis of findings and interpretation 11-18Recommendations 19 3
  4. 4. Bournvita – A Power BrandHistoryCadbury was incorporated in India on July 19th, 1948 as a private limited company underthe name of Cadbury-Fry (India). Cadbury Bournvita was launched in the same year.It is among the oldest brands in the Malt Based Food/Malt Food category with a richheritage and has always been known for its best nutritive values, combined with great tasteto aid growth and all round development and at the same time alluring to the palette. In thiscontext it may be meaningful to mention that throughout its history, it can be seen thatCadbury Bournvita has continuously evolved itself in terms of product, packaging,promotion and distribution. The Cadbury pedigree and rich brand legacy has helped thebrand maintain its headship position and image over the last 50 years.The brand is a market leader in the Brown health drink segment with a market share of over15% according to Business Standard which is an indicator to the fact that Cadburys - true toits reputation has managed to sustain this brand over years. The brand has sustainedbecause of Cadburys investment in the brand and also ensuring that the brand changed inwith times.Bournvita is a chocolate flavoured health drink. When the brand was introduced in themarket, it tried to solve a perpetual problem that mothers face: a need for a healthy foodwhich is tasty. Bournvita offered that unique combination of health and taste.It is also interesting to see how this brand has evolved over these years.Positioning and repositioning through taglines:In 1970s the brand was positioned as a product that helps in good upbringing. The brandused the tagline: Goodness that Grows with You.During 1980s the brand changed its focus from Upbringing to Intelligence. The tagline waschanged to: Brought up Right, Bournvita Bright.In 1990s the brand felt that it should be focusing on the overall health of the kid and thuschanged its focus on Body and Mind with the famous tagline: Tan Ki Shakti, Man Ki Shakti.During 1998, the brand faced intense competition from Milo from Nestle. At this time, thebrown health food drink segment was facing issues of stagnation because of lack of valueaddition. Bournvita then changed its positioning on the health platform. The brand usedamarconym RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) to reinforce the health positioning. Thebrand used a clever Nutritional meter to communicate the RDA formula: 2 cups of Bournvitafor balanced nutrition.The brand also set up a Bournvita Nutritional Centre where nutrition experts recommendedthe right RDA percentage to kids. The brand at that time used the cricketer Ajay Jadeja toendorse the brand. The brand also harped on the taste and used the tagline "No BournvitaNo Milk” to reinforce the taste attribute. 4
  5. 5. The brand over the years realized that every kid have a chance to excel in his chosen field ofendeavour if he have confidence. The brand now uses the tagline "Do you have BournvitaConfidence ".In the Brown beverages segment, Bournvita faces intense competition from Boost. In orderto defend the leadership position, Bournvita has invested heavily in product development,advertising and sales promotion. In the product development front, Bournvita hadsignificantly changed its packaging and the latest pack is inspired by Boost. Along withpackaging changes, the brand also had come out with a new variant: Bournvita FivestarMagic. The new variant has the unique chocolate with caramel flavour of Cadburys Fivestar. The brand is using the brand association with Five Star as a key differentiator.Events and activitiesBournvita Confidence Academy is not a School but a reality show. The show was premieredon July 2007 in the Pogo channel, is different from the usual reality shows. The showfeatures kids who have exceptional talents in various fields like dancing, racing, singing,magic, studies etc. In the reality show, these kids act as Gurus and are expected to teacheach other skills. So you have a magic whiz kid learning to sing. The point is that "You Need Confidence" to venture into unknown fields. Bournvita Confidence Academy is not the first event that this brand associates with. Bournvita Quiz is the longest running quiz show in Indian Television. In the sales promotion front also, the brand was active with its share of freebies and gifts. The association with Cartoon Network enabled this brand to use the famous characters likePower-puff girls and Dexter to the brands advantage. As a marketer, I feel that the latestfocus on Confidence is a smart move by the brand. Its arch rival Boost has built itself on theenergy platform and recently has gained headway using Sachin. Hence to counter Boost,Bournvita needed to own an important differentiation point. Confidence is something thatevery kid looks forward to. By featuring real whiz kids, the brand has been able to create animpact in the TG. But the challenge that Bournvita faces is not from Boost but from theConsumer Promotion trap that both these brands have fallen into. Now most of the salesare decided by the promotional gifts and freebies than the actual efficacy. Since mothers arehappy whether the kids drink either of these, brand loyalty has become a thing of past inthis segment.Segmentation strategyCadbury has segmented the market for their flagship product Bournvita ´demographically. Ithas segmented the market on the bases of age group; it is targeting children aged between5 to 16 yrs. of age. It is targeting one of the biggest consumer groups in India. Bournvita is achocolate flavoured health drink. In this segment the children give too much importance to 5
  6. 6. taste and their parents give importance to health and Cadbury has addressed both thethings very well. Thus it builds a bridge between mom and the child. And moreover with allthe fringe benefits coming Segmenting strategy Cadbury has segmented the market for theirflagship product Bournvita´ demographically. It has segmented the market on the basis ofage group; it is targeting children aged between 5 to 16 yrs. of age. It is targeting one of thebiggest consumer groups in India. Bournvita is a chocolate flavoured health drink. In thissegment the children give too much importance to taste and their parents give importanceto health and Cadbury has addressed both the things very well. Thus it builds a bridgebetween mom and the child.Defining key audienceMost of the promos are targeted at children who compel their parents into purchasing thebrand. Brand loyalties are very strong as the key target audience; children are alwayslooking for the change. Bournvita is a chocolate flavoured health drink. When the brand wasintroduced in the market, it tried to solve a perennial problem that mothers face: a need fora healthy food which is tasty. Bournvita offered that unique combination of health andtaste. Thus it targeted the mothers concern about her childs eating habits and used theNutrition Meter as an interesting device to communicate the RDA formula - "2 Cups ofBournvita for Balanced Nutrition". To further target the child section it has offered manyfreebies and gifts from time to time.Product:Cadbury India Ltd launched Cadbury Bournvita, a chocolate health drink in 1948 in India. Buteven before launching its new health product in the Indian market, Bournvita was one of themost loved chocolate drinks around the world. Bournvita is a combination of 2 words,Brown & Vita. Brown because it is brown in colour & Vita because it has lots of vitamins. It isa nutritional drink which acts as a dietary supplement providing nourishment along withgood taste & flavours. For today’s kids who detest milk in its pure state unless flavoured,this is an ideal drink. It has its own unique flavour, and the taste is rich and full-bodied.Ingredients: Malt extracts, sugar, cocoa powder, milk solids, liquid glucose, vitamins,Bourn Vitas nutritional facts:1) Gives protein.2) Provides Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin B12.3) Contains Calcium, Iron & Folic Acid.4) It also provides our body with Niacin, pyridoxine, Riboflavin, & Thiamin which is veryessential for the proper working of our nervous system. 6
  7. 7. PriceNormally, price is the most important element in deciding the fate of any product. Whilepurchasing any health drinks however, a housewife or a mother who is the ultimate buyergives price secondary importance. She will carefully study the taste & nutritive values in thehealth drinks. Bournvita being one of the most expensive health drinks in the market(Rs.101 for 500gms), but still due to its good taste & great nutritive values it has capturedthe majority of the market.PlaceThe distribution pattern followed by Cadburys Bournvita is more or less same as thetraditional channel of distribution. The company has a total consumer base of over 65mn.Besides use of IT to improve distribution logistics, Cadbury is also attempting to improvedistribution quality. To address the issues of product stability, it has installed coolers atseveral outlets. This helps in maintaining consumption in summer, when sales usually dipdue to the fact that the heat affects product quality and thereby off take.PromotionBournvita always comes up with consumer promotion activities from time to time e.g. givingfree gifts like plastic mugs, chess game or ludo etc. They also come up with the scheme ofextra Bournvita for the same price. The ads had very cleverly promoted this drink forintelligent school kids through organizing the famous Bournvita Quiz Contest betweendifferent schools. This was a fantastic gimmick on television, which had caught on so well,that even adults would spare some time to watch it without fail. The Quiz Master DerekO’Brian was loved by all, the young and the old alike. This Advertising concept was sosuccessful, that they even came out with the Bournvita General Knowledge Book (a miniencyclopaedia). Cartoon Network and Cadbury India has announced a one-year promotionallicense agreement. Bournvita positions itself as a healthy and nutritious drink for kids. Thefirst promotion is the Toon Mug offer. A 500 gram Bournvita pack comes with a mugfeaturing some of the best loved Cartoon Network characters. Toon buffs get a choice ofover six toon mugs including The Power puff Girls, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, JohnnyBravo, Dexter and Tom & Jerry. The Bournvita promotion is being supported by televisioncommercials and in-store advertising.PackagingEarlier packaging was not given the kind of importance to what it is gaining now. Marketershave now realized the importance of packaging in today’s competitive market. Hence theyare concentrating on various aspect of packing such as the colour, material used to makethe package & cost. They use glass jars for packaging which do not allow moisture to get in 7
  8. 8. the product and also increases its shelf life. They have also introduced the refill packs so there was no problem of buying Jars every now & then. They have also worked upon the colour which is now Red & Purple against the old one Brown & Yellow because kids love bright colours. SWOT Analysis OpportunitiesStrengths Weakness *Expansion into every Threats part of the country mainly*Very strong brand *Lack of penetration in *Cut throat competition rural part of the country.equity in India. rural market of India . from Nestle, Amul, *Bournvita can leverage*Backed by the brand *Bournvita is considered Horlicks who strives for its product name withCadbury . to be a high priced brand market leadership. brand Cadbury .*Big brand visibility. when compared to other *Large variety of *Expansion to white*Largest market share in malted drinks. flavours introduced by malted drinks.brown malted drinks *Bournvita is perceived other brands. *Having a wider reach by(15% acc. To Business to be having less *Frequent repositioning tapping other mediaStandard). nutritional value as might result in the sources.*A very strong research compared to its closest consumer not getting competitors. *Opportunities for line the desired extension, for example: the “nutribar” category. 8
  9. 9. MethodologyResearch Type-The research will include two legs, namely primary research andsecondary research, the detailed procedure to be followed is as below:Primary Research: The primary research will be carried out in adherence to this frameworkand will have a qualitative research component and a quantitative research component. Thequalitative research will involve “laddering “and for quantitative research a questionnairehas been designed.Secondary research: Searching the internet and consulting literature and other articles pertaining tothese contexts:  Communication platforms used and their effectiveness  Positioning strategies  Emerging opportunities/ challenges  Future predictions for the brandSample Selection- To collect the primary data, a questionnaire was made and a surveywas done both through a personal interview and through surveying through emails.Tools Used For Data Analysis-The tools which we used for the analysis are:-• Bar charts• Pie charts• Laddering process 9
  10. 10. Presentation of findings and conclusion for laddering methodThe responses were received from the respondents was analysed to form an A-C-V chainwhere A stands for attributes C stands for consequences and V stands for values. The ACV’Sare organized in the following table where similar values, attributes and consequences havebeen grouped together. They help us in understanding the factors considered before buyinga health drink and consumers perception about Bournvita. Bournvita Nutritiou Good Tasty s with milk Satisfies Improves Improve Taste Health s Fitness buds Improves Helps in Stay Improves Quality of achieving Happy Performa life success nce Attributes Consequences Values 1. Improves quality of life 1. Good with milk 1. Satisfies Taste buds 2. Helps in achieving 2. Tasty 2. Improves health success 3. nutritious 3. Improves fitness 3. Stay happy 10
  11. 11. Analysis of findings and interpretation:Which health drink do you prefer buying?This question was asked to find out the preference of mind of the consumers whilstchoosing their health drink and was aimed to find out the preference share of Bournvita Visa vis its 4 competitors (viz Horlicks, Milo, Boost and Complan) which we have chosen for ouranalysis.From the response we collected from our survey, and after plotting them into the pie chart,it can be seen that out of the total sample size of 80, a major chunk of 49% has indicatedBournvita as their preferred drink, followed by Horlicks at a significant 30% preference.Complan, Milo and Boost end up with getting a 12%, 5% and 4% respectively. This is a clearindicator that majority of the sample prefers Bournvita as compared to other health drinks. The next few questions are aimed to Health Drink Preference unearth the reasons for the consumer buying a health drink, what attributes Bournvita Horlicks Milo Boost Complan play a major role in this decisive 4% process and who is the prime 5% 12% influencer for this decision process 49% which will in turn help us to understand what are the factors and 30% attributes that have been used by Bournvita to leverage its communication effectively and how does it fares in the process. Thequestions and their respective responses are as follows:Percentage points of buying pattern Reasons for buying health drinks 60 50 100 80 84.75 76.25 40 52 80 64.25 67.5 55.75 46 30 60 20 40 10 20 4 6 4 0 0In the question of reasons for buying a health drink, we find out that the option of “Tastesgood with milk “ generates the highest amount of response at 52, and Nutrition clocks 46responses . peer recommendations, freebies and Doctors recommendation have generated 11
  12. 12. really low responses and thus indicates to the fact that taste and nutrition are the two primeattributes that need to be addressed to affect the consumer buying decission. To makethings more clear we asked this question “Rate the factors from 1-5 (1 being the lowest and5 being the highest)you look for before buying a health drink” whereby we calculatedpercentage points to find out how the buying pattern is dependent on these factors andwhich of them plays the key role,with nutrition left out of the options this time. Herein wealso find that taste has got the highest percentage points of 84.75 followed by Flavour at 80and the brand at 76. Availibility ,price and scheme follow the suite respectively. Hence thisagain strengthens the fact that taste and flavour does play the key role and nutrition, whichare thus the prime areas to be addressed whilst communicating about the brand. Bournvitahas been going right in this track since it is well known for its rich chocolate taste and at thesame time it had talked about its nutritive values like “DHA and off late, vitamin D. Now inthe context of who influences the buying decission, we find from out graph that anindividuals decision plays the most significant part (58 responses)followed by Family andDoctors opinion which points towards the fact that Bournvita should try to appeal to anindividual’s taste and beliefs about the product and communicate accordingly, and it has hitthis trump card as well,because many a times it has talked about the confidenceIn order to have an idea about the Loyality towards the brand, and to what extent bournvitahas leveraged the weapons from its arsenal of communication strategies, it is necessary tofind out the consumers loyality towards the brand and hence we asked the followingquestions about the last purchase and the last 5 purchases. The results are as follows: Last Brand Purchased 1% 5% 1% 1% Bournvita 8% Horlicks 3% 46% Milo Complan 35% Boost Cadburys delight Protien X NoneHerein it is seen that for 46% of our sample size Bournvita is the last purchased brandfollowed by horlicks at 35% 12
  13. 13. Even in case of last 5 purchased Last 5 Purchased Brands brand, the position of Bournvita is almost the same with 46% accounting 5% 1% 1% Bournvita 8% for the past 5 purchases and thus5% Horlicks fairly indicating towards the fact that 47% Milo the Bournvita has a fair share of loyal Complan consumers at its disposal which is 33% Boost certaily a beneficiary for the brand Cadburys delight and shows its success it connecting to Protien X tis consumers and gaining their share of loyality.Perhaps in case of communication, brand awareness plays the pivotal role,and in thiscontext we tried to identify the awareness and the efficiency of communication of Bournvitaamongst its consumers. For this, we asked questions like Identifying the tagline, Identifyingthe packaging and asking about their popular promotional campaigns to as to get the ideafrom the response generated.The first question in this purview was to identify the tagline of Bournvita and itscompetitors, to check for the brand awareness and recall. The outcome is as follows : Identify Taglines 88% 91.5% 80 82.5% 70% 60 57.5% 40 20 0 Horlicks Bournvita Boost Milo ComplanHerein we can see that Complan has got the highest tagline identification with 91.5%respondents identifying,and closely followed by Boost at 88% wherein for Bournvita it is ahumble 70%.This can be because of nthe fact that whilst Complan and Boost uses theirname into their taglines, ensuring seamless recalls, wherein in case of Bournvita, they havechanged their taglines and respective positioning quite a number of times and thus resultingin low recall of particular taglines.Packaging also holds a major key in product identification and recall and last but not theleast, , communication from the brand.hence herein we blurred the names in the respectivepackages and asked our respondents to dientify the product. The responses are as below. 13
  14. 14. Brand Packaging 90.00% 85.00% 80.00% 87.50% 75.00% 83.75% 82.50% 80% 70.00% 73.75% 65.00% Boost Bournvita Milo Complan HorlicksHerein we can see that Horlicks and Boost rules the roost with almost 87.5% and 83.75% ofthe respondents identifying Horlicks and Boost respectively, herein also Bournvita comesthird with 82.5% of the respondents identifying Bournvita.From the results it seems that the identification for that of Horlicks and Boost are high butBournvita is also on a constant vigil to evolve with times and has taken drastic efforts inmodifying their packaging to fine tune it with consumer insights so as to convey themessage more Aptly. With the recent changes in packaging, they have tried to deliver anessence of the positivity, optimism and enthusiasm in lieu of their tagline of “tann ki shakti,man ki shakti” wherein they try to encode this throught their new change in packaging andemphasizing on its power of value addition to milk. So from this it can be concluded thatinspite of a comparatively low recall in packaging, Bournvita is trying to catch up ,resonatingwith what consumers think about them, what they like to convey,and last but not the least,a significant improvement in packaging by making it more air tight and ergonomic.The third question in this context was asking the consumers whether they are aware of thevarious campaigns of Bournvita like that of the popular TV shows like Just Dance, Lil’Champs and perhaps the most talked of them all, The Bournvita Quiz contests (BQC)and theBournvita Confidence academy(BCA).The results are as follows: 14
  15. 15. 66 70 60 48 50 32 BCA 40 30 BQC 14 20 10 0 Yes NoHerein we can see that out of our 80 respondents, 66 of them are aware of the BournvitaQuiz Contest but only 48 of them are aware of Bournvita Confidence Academy. The reasonsfor these results can be attributed to the fact that Bournvita quiz contests are a well-knownphenomenon in schools which craved in a fair share of mind (Thanks to its host Mr. DerekO’Brian as well). Bournvita confidence academy has a lower recall, and Bournvita has beenstressing this point for quite some time through its “confidence” proposition which it hastaken up as its Core Brand Essence spreading the message that every kid have a chance toexcel in his chosen field of endeavour if he have confidence which essentially has beentranslated into their tagline of " Do you have Bournvita Confidence” and quite a plethora oftheir video advertisements have been bearing this fact, be it the case of “horse riding” or“the confidence needed for studying before the exams” .hence Bournvita seem to beneeding some more reinforcements to strengthen this proposition ,as evident from thesurvey results.Lastly the respondents were asked to rate the brands Bournvita , Horlicks, Complan Miloand Boost on the parameters of Nutrition, food Supplement, economical , Availability andschemes offered with the brands to gauge the position of each brand in that respectiveattribute and to see if Bournvita’s communication strategy is in line with its emphasised attributes. Nutritious In case of nutrition we see that Horlicks 90 84.5 scores the most with 84.5 percentage 77.25 76.5 80 69.75 points followed by complain at 76.5 70 62.5 percentage points and Bournvita at a 60 third place at 77.25 percentage points. 50 40 Bournvita scoring low on this parameter 30 can be conferred to the fact that in their 20 commercials, Horlicks and complain 10 reinforces on their Nutritional Value like 0 Horlicks advertises of 23 vitamins and Bournvita Horlicks Milo Boost Complan 15
  16. 16. their “Taller Stronger and Sharper “tagline and using laboratory Environment andrecommendations by Doctors and Researchers in their advertisements and with Complanalso playing the same card by using nutritionists etc.Whereas in case of Bournvita thisaspect seems to lag behind of its competitors which was also evident during our ladderingprocesses wherein respondents said that they think of Horlicks and Complan to be of morenutritional value than Bournvita and thus Bournvita needs to address this in theircommunication strategy. Food supplement 100 79.25 80 70 72.75 59.25 64.25 60 40 20 0 Bournvita Horlicks Milo Boost ComplanIn this case the same trend continues with Horlicks and Complan with 79.25 and 72.75percentage points and Bournvita again lagging behind with 70 percentage points,predominantly due to the above mentioned reasons. Hence this also needs attention fromthe communications aspect. Tasty 100 80 84.25 78 60 70.25 71.75 64 40 20 0 Bournvita Horlicks Milo Boost ComplanTaste has always been the very own forte of Bournvita wherein it has always maintained itsstronghold with its rich chocolate taste and the consumers acknowledging for it, be it duringthe laddering process or as evident from the previous findings and interpretation regardingfactors which customers lookout for whilst buying a healthdrink and the attributes on whichthey attach utmost importance and Bournvita is thus going strong with majority of therespondents vouching for its taste with a staggering 84.25 percentage points with Horlickscoming second with 78 percentage points. Bournvita seems to be going right in thisdirection wherein they have launched a new product called Bournvita 5star magic 16
  17. 17. borrowing its legacy from Cadbury’s well Availability known 5Star chocolate and the packaging 100 bearing significant cues to this. 74.25 77.25 72 80 56 59.75 Horlicks scores highest on Availability,with 60 77.25 percentage points followed by 40 Bournvita which can confer to their 20 respective strength of their distribution 0 channels,with both GSK and Cadbury being around from a very long time and with strong networks, and also availability in chemist stores.Horlicks here maintains thelead due to its capturing the rural market much before its competitors achieved throughtheir “HUT” activities and magic shows and expanding their distribution channels thoughsub distribution networks and satellite networks resulting in 30-355 of Horlicks sales originating out form the rural market. Economical 72 70.5 70 In this front, Horlicks and Complan are at 68 65.75 the 1st two positions followed by 66 Bournvita and Boost at 70.5 and 65.65 64 62 60.5 percentage points followed by Bournvita 60.5 59.75 60 and Boost jointly at 60.5 percentage 58 points.Boost and Bournvita have always 56 been neck to neck with their strategies, 54 be it using the same color pattern for Bournvita Horlicks Milo Boost Complan their packaging to Boost launching Chocoblast in response to Bournvita’s 5 star magic and Bournvita altering on its packaging,courtesy : Boost.Even they sell at the exactly same price point of Rs 155 for a 500 gmsbottle. In case of schemes,again Horlicks leads the pack with 60.5 percentage points Schemes closely followed by Bournvita at 57.5% 62 points. Bournvita has been quite 60.5 60 successful in organizing its quizzes and 57.75 events and has provided gift items like 58 57.25 55.75 55.75 Bournvita mugs, badminton rackets, and 56 watches with their products. They have 54 also offered extra products for the same 52 price which was a smart move than to a Bournvita Horlicks Milo Boost Complan price discount, which could have 17
  18. 18. otherwise diluted its image, and it being a Cadbury’s offering. Bournvita 60 63.75% 50 53.75% 52.5% 40 43.75% 30 20 10 0 Reliable Focussed Performer CheerfulWhile analysing the brand personality of the brand Bournvita during the laddering processconducted with a sample of 20 respondents (Apart from the set of 80 respondents), wecame to know that Bournvita is perceived as a brand which is known to be reliable in termsof its long existence in the market, focussed in terms of its deliverance based on theexpectations of its customers, performer in terms of achieving the desired results andcheerful due to its taste and packaging which comprises of vivid colours exhibiting joy.So we asked our respondents of the set of 80, to choose the attributes which they can relateto with the brand Bournvita. The responses generated showed that 63.75% of respondentsfeel that the brand is reliable followed by 53.75% focussed, 52.5% performer and finally43.75% feel that the brand is cheerful.The reasons for the above results could be that apart from the product’s long existence inthe market, the brand name of Cadbury being attached to it, which in itself an epitome ofreliability. 18
  19. 19. Recommendations1. Since herein through our research we have found that the brands having a brand ambassador possess greater recall (Boost performs exceptionally well as compared to Bournvita), hence Bournvita can go in for a brand ambassador.2. Should also concentrate on the section of the audience whose buying decision is influenced by the freebies provided along with a product, if that becomes the norm of the day due to its competitors.3. Should focus more on reinforcing advertisements stating nutritional facts supported by researchers and doctors as it is seen that the consumer preference tends to look out for these aspects whilst forming perceptions about the nutritional value of the offering.4. Should invest more in R&D in order to come up with a product which has more nutritional values as currently the consumer perception is that Horlicks leads on the nutritional aspect (as found out form the laddering exercise conducted).5. Bournvita should also focus on readily consumable product as milk is not available at all times and its closest competitors have this attribute which makes them consumable even with water. Thank You 19