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  1. 1. Praxis Business School Integrated Marketing Communication on Colgate Cibaca A report Submitted to Prof. D.P. Ghosh In partial fulfilment of the requirements of the course Integrated Marketing Communication On 4th January, 2012 ByDeepikaAgrawal B10007Nishant Khattwani B10013PrateekChoudhuri B10015SushmitaAgrawal B10035 1
  2. 2. ContentsOverview 3SWOT Analysis 4Target Audience 5Consumer Understanding 6Positioning 7Communication and creative strategy 8Media Planning 9 2
  3. 3. OverviewMarket leaders, Colgate& HLL, found new aggressive competition coming theirway from regional low priced competitors such as Anchor Healthcare & AjantaIndia who priced their offerings at over 40% discount, giving market leaders arun for their money which accounted for more than 80% of the growingdomestic segment.Colgate revitalized one of its existing brands, Cibaca as Colgate-cibaca .It wasto act as the price flanker brand in the portfolio.Colgate cibaca top is currently the fourth largest brand with 5.7% market sharein value terms and 3rd largest in the terms of volume after Colgate dentalcream and pepsodent.Colgate cibaca became big without any intensive communication support .Itrelied more on trade level activities and the below the line strategies for itssuccess.Only Colgate dental cream has launched print ads.In this assignment we were to find out the designated target audience,positioning, consumer understanding of the brand along with suggestivecommunication and creative strategy and media planning. The target audience,as found out involves the consumer base from the rural and semi urban areasthat are either not introduced to toothpastes or are switchers from localbrands. In the pretext of positioning, it was suggested that cibaca should bemaintaining its “value for money “proposition aiming at oral hygiene andfreshness of breath and the communication activity should be directed in thisregard with the creative side dealing with introduction of free dental healthcheck-up camps and awareness campaigns to promulgate the idea along withassociating Cibaca toothpaste with their way of life and thereby enhancing thebrand recall and awareness. Lastly whilst looking at the media planning, itshould be done in such as way so as to appeal to the targeted mass in theirway with the use of campaigns through local street shows, caps in schools andthrough the influence of shopkeepers as well. 3
  4. 4. SWOT AnalysisStrengths  Existing in India for over 70 years.  Big product portfolio.  Prescribed by the dentist and IDA.  Colgate has strong brand equity as it has been voted “The most trusted brand in the country” for 3 consecutive years in the Ac Nielsen brand equity survey.  Colgate acquired already established brand “cibaca” (Binaca), which was also popular as cibaca Geetmala radio program.Weaknesses  Per capita toothpaste consumption is the lowest in India.  Does not cater the premium customer segment.  Too many products in the brands which lead to less focus on the individual product.Opportunities  Economy toothpaste for an Indian family.  Leveraging by using Colgate’s campaign in the rural India.  Increased growth year on year.  Better awareness and distribution network can increase rural penetration.  With increasing lifestyle, People are becoming more conscious about hygiene.Threats  Stiff competition from Ajanta, Anchor and other private label brands with similar quality assurance.  Non users of the toothpaste are still reluctant to shift from usage of Neem stick, Ash, Charcoal etc.  Cannibalising the flagship brand. 4
  5. 5. Target AudienceThe key to target audience selection lies in the positioning of the brand itselfwherein it is targeted for a large chunk of population residing in the semi urbanand rural areas, for which price plays the pertinent role in selection. It is to bealso borne in mind whilst defining the target audience that the sense of oralhygiene is low by itself( India stands at the lowest).Hence foraying more intothe rural markets to acquire the non-users(conversion from other traditionalmode of oral care ) under its umbrella is something that needs to be dealtwith. Since it caters to the economic segment (the lower price point segmentitself holding some 25% of the category volume), hence it can as well focus onthe lower income segments of semi urban and urban India with specific focuson tier 2 cities since it already has a strong distribution channel at its disposalthereby easing the penetration which will also be aided by its tie ups with E-Choupal and Disha.. As hygiene sense is what develops right from thechildhood itself, hence families in the low to mid income segment with kids willform the prime base. Also the tooth powder market has been decliningconstantly and hence the switchers from the tooth powder segment can beadded to its consumer base. 5
  6. 6. Consumer Understanding  The Consumers perceive it as a paste which protects teeth from getting decayed & it’s refreshing flavour makes them breathe super fresh  Colgate has been present in the domestic oral market for the last 70 years and its oral care brands enjoy strong brand equity in the market  As cibaca being the first economical toothpaste from the umbrella of Colgate, it captured the market well with its primary audience being the rural & semi-urban section of the society, enjoys the position of being the third largest brand of Colgate with a share of 10.3% (in terms of volumes sold).  The product has been positioned in such a manner that it creates an emotional attachment with its consumers.  As this is targeted to introduce the non-user to its consumer base, hence it also holds the promise of providing the consumers family with better oral hygiene. 6
  7. 7. PositioningWhilst determining positioning, a lot of factors will come into play in thiscontext, as per the case study in which we need to consider the targetedsegment, it is meant for catering along with factors like its selling proposition,functional and emotional benefits and finally leveraging the strong brandimage of “Colgate” in pitching it against the competition. Cibaca is aneconomical offering with the inherent message that it provides the consumerwith freshness of breath and stronger teeth at a low price which assures theconsumer a full value for money proposition and with toothpaste penetrationin rural India standing at 39% as per 2006 NRS survey report. It can therebyposition itself as a value for money, complete oral care solution, for the entirefamily by highlighting on its beneficial aspects in both cosmetic and medicalgrounds as compared to the traditionally used substances like neem, coal, ashetc. Hence an economic toothpaste for the Indian families with cheaper priceand quality assurance and promoting cleaner oral hygiene habits among ruralhouseholds using non dentifrice products (as a superior alternative tothem)seems to be the apt home ground for Cibaca. It already comes with arefreshing mint flavour and might try out other flavours (with a subtle hint totheir medical benefits) as well based on the popular Indian palate to make it aname to reckon with. 7
  8. 8. Communication and creative strategyOwing to the huge untapped rural and semi urban market for dental careproducts, Cibaca should continue with their current communication strategywherein they pitch it in as a low priced economical offering with assurance offreshness of breath and a strong teeth, delivering perfect oral hygiene for thefamily with good ROI. Since the target segment is less knowledgeable as well asprice sensitive, hence it should emphasize on the aspects of price and theproduct benefits (attributes like strengthening of gums, removes bad breath,prevents decay, happy hygienic family etc.).The profile of the individualsbuying this brand also needs to be kept in mind, since they will be from therural and semi urban areas, hence shop keeper push is going to be a primecontributing factor in this regime and thus this is something that deservesemphasis and as well as word of mouth publicity which works best in ruralareas. Cibaca is targeted towards the price sensitive customers and they do notmind getting something extra for the buck spent and hence freebies liketoothbrush and tongue cleaners can also be provided to gel well with theoverall message of a healthy and hygienic family for the rural mass andpromulgating this idea extensively by pointing towards the ill effects of usingcoal and ash etc. “For the benefit of family” is also another aspect that needsto be highlighted since family value, ties and belongingness still holds supremewhen it comes to the mass Indian societal structure. Lastly, as it is mentionedthat the local brands hold good ground, hence the comparative benefits ofusing Cibaca as compared to them needs to be addressed by leveraging theequity of the mother brand Colgate.Creative ideas can be well implied in communicating the value of the brandthrough free dental check-up camps in the rural areas with free sampleswherein the residents will get the privilege of consulting with dentists for theiroral hygiene and thus serving two fold purpose of educating and therebyincreasing its brand awareness and recall as the “watsonian first” will also playits part here. It has been seen that the rural crowd relates well with somemascot or ambassador who has a “down to earth” “no-nonsense” attitude andhence this option can also be leveraged along with the above mentioned one.Also the concept of dental hygiene and reinforcing Cibaca thereupon can be 8
  9. 9. done through theme based acts or “yatras”, as they are popularly known. Sincethe mother brand Colgate speaks of it as being Dentists first choice, this canalso be shown through theme based plays as mentioned above.Media PlanningCibaca has already curved out its prominent position owing to its strongdistribution channel and significant below the line activities and coupled withits low price point, it aims at the rural and the semi urban non users to jumpinto its bandwagon. Hence whilst deciding on their media planning strategy,these issues needs to be kept in mind with the inherent objective of creatingawareness and recall and familiarity for the brand. In case of the rural scenarioa variety of relevant media can be used from posters and wall paintings inregional languages ( due lack of electricity and thereby nonexistence of glowsignboards and also to make the consume wary of the options).Radioadvertisements can also prove to be a good vehicle due to its access, a largenumber of upcoming FM stations and lastly, its reach in perhaps everyhousehold in the targeted segment. As mentioned earlier, free dental camps inschools, local mandis and other prominent places and do the trick as well alongwith transitory mobile vans and check-up camps .Awareness campaigns inschools will also ensure that both the child and the parent gets to know aboutit and the roots of the brand loyalty are well sown to be reaped. Thank You 9