Complete Project of Biomass Briquetting Machine


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Today, more than ever biomass briquetting machine make good business to recover energy from production ravage and becomes popular source of fuel.

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Complete Project of Biomass Briquetting Machine

  1. 1. Complete Project of Biomass Briquetting Machine
  2. 2. List of Contents • • • • • • • • • • Introduction Jumbo 90 Briquetting Machine Super 70 Briquetting Machine Crusher Hammer Mill Flash Air Dryer Raw Materials Output Product- Biomass Briquettes Advantages conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction With the enhancement of environmental awareness, more and more people tend to use the clean energy. The black coal is being replaced by the clean energy; biomass briquette is quite a best alternative choice. That’s why briquetting plant is growing in demand and everyone choose to purchase it.
  4. 4. Continue… Today, more than ever biomass briquetting machine make good business to recover energy from production ravage and becomes popular source of fuel. The people are well aware of this fact from their long experience in wood business; briquetting machine is the best way to solve environmental problems.
  5. 5. Jumbo 90 Briquetting Machine Jumbo 90 briquetting machine is able to grind various types of raw materials like groundnut shells, cotton Salk, bagasse, caster seed shells, rice husk, coffee husk and industrial waste or green waste into high energy concentrated fuel briquettes.
  6. 6. Technical Specification Model No: Jumbo 90 Production capacity Moisture Content Raw Material Size Finished Product Shape Power Requirement Biomass Type 1500kg/hr 10 to 12% Up to 25mm Cylindrical 91HP Agro residues (cotton salk, groundnut shells, almond shells, coffee husk and other agro residues.
  7. 7. Super 70 Briquetting Machine Super 70 briquetting machine is designed for medium scale industries. It can convert biomass or industrial waste into briquettes. Electricity cost is reduced by 35-40% and has high production capacity compare super 60 model.
  8. 8. Technical Specification Model No: Super 70 Production capacity Moisture Content Raw Material Size Finished Product Shape Power Requirement Biomass Type 750kg/hr 10 to 12% Maximum 10 to 12 mm Cylindrical 49 HP Agro residues (cotton salk, groundnut shells, almond shells, coffee husk and other agro residues.
  9. 9. Crusher / Cutter A Crusher is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust. In a simple language crusher is machine which can reduce large raw material into small pieces.
  10. 10. Technical Specification Model No: Crusher Production capacity 1500 kg/hr Power Requirement 15 HP Raw Material Size 25 mm to 50 mm Raw Material Length 300 mm to 2000mm Biomass Type Coconut Leaves, Cotton Stalks, tree barks
  11. 11. Hammer Mill A Hammer-Mill is a machine whose purpose is to shred or crush aggregate material into smaller pieces. Briquetting machine manufacturer are offering the best quality Hammer Mill for Grinding of biomass waste such as Groundnut shell, Wood Chips, Cotton Shell etc.
  12. 12. Technical Specification Model No: Hammer Mill Production capacity 1200 kg/hr Power Requirement 34 HP Raw Material Size 01 to 25 mm Output Product Size Powder Form
  13. 13. Flash Air Dryer Flash Air Dryer is used for suspension drying of powdery, ground or granulated material such as saw dust, coir pith and bagasse pith which are usually.
  14. 14. Technical Specification Model No: Dryer Production capacity 1200 kg/hr Drying Capacity 20% (In One Cycle) Input Moisture 35% Maximum Output Moisture 15% Power Requirement 23.5 HP
  15. 15. Raw Materials Almond Shells Bittelnut Shells Forest Leaves Jute Waste Cotton Salk Cummin Waste
  16. 16. Calorific Value of Raw Materials Raw Materials K Cal / Kg Bagasse 4200 Cotton salk 3800 Rice Husk 3500 Groundnut Shells 4000 Jute Waste 4500 Coffee Husk 4200
  17. 17. Biomass Briquettes Biomass and other wasted raw material are gathered and compressed together and then convert into global product which is known as biomass briquettes. This is also known as white coal. Biomass briquettes are perfect substitute to cola and charcoal.
  18. 18. Continue… Biomass briquettes are used in industries such as rubber industry, leather industry, spinning mills, food processing unit, textile industries, brick kilns and so on. This technology is used in electricity generation as well as home for cooking. Best option for heating industrial boilers from producing electricity for steam.
  19. 19. Advantages • Biomass briquette plant is made from green waste  and industrial waste. So, it is the clean and  renewable. • When the process of making briquette is going on, it  does not emit any harmful gases. • Easy availability of biomass and other raw material. • From this plant, biomass is converted into useful  biomass briquettes. It is also known as white coal. • Farmers and rural people can earn money by selling  their agro waste.
  20. 20. Continue… • The output from this plant briquettes are widely  used in the industries such as rubber industry,  leather industry, food processing unit, brick kilns and  so on… • Government also supports to this project due to its  eco friendly features and also gives subsidy to  purchase this briquette plant. • Completely, this project is hope for our upcoming  generation and to make environment greener.
  21. 21. Conclusion                            From the above discussion we can  conclude that briquetting plant is the renewable and  trustable source of energy.                            If you are engaged in environment  protection, and also interested in briquetting project  then please collect information about this plant and  make your future better. 
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