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What arts marketers can learn from big brands.

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  1. 1. 1.7 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTICS FROM THE DARK SIDEWhat arts marketers can learn from big brands.SAMAG: Monday 26th November 2012Emily Knox@DeependSocial Media Strategist
  2. 2. DOCUMENT OUTLINE 2.DOCUMENTOUTLINE. 1. About Deepend 2. Arts, Agencies, & Social Media 3. Audience Insights i. Facebook Ad Tool – random affinities ii. Hunch – audience insights iii. FollowerWonk – audience insights 4. Content Insights i. Facebook Insights – analysing past content ii. Facebook Insights – competitor analysis 5. Conversation Inspiration i. Topsy & Bottlenose – mining the conversation ii. Pinterest & WeHeartIt – visual inspiration 6. Using the Force – Ferrero Case Study
  4. 4. ABOUT DEEPEND 4. About Deepend Deepend – a full service digital agency: • Design & development • Strategy • Mobile • Moving image • Social media Our clients: • Our social media team represents a wide range of clients from within: • FMCG • Tourism • Entertainment • Beauty
  6. 6. ARTS, AGENCIES, & SOCIAL MEDIA 6. Arts, Agencies & Social Media Although Deepend has a long record of partnering with arts organisations, we do not represent any in social media... Arts organisations tend to: • Have in-house resources to manage social channels; • Be better placed to run their own social media profiles rather than hand to an agency; • Not always have access to costly social monitoring software; • Be time poor – not have full-time staff dedicated only to social media marketing. This presentation provides 7 methods I use to improve my clients’ social media presences which are: • Free – don’t require costly social monitoring or analytics subscriptions. • Simple – don’t require the use of complex tools. • Quick – and can be done on an ad hoc basis.
  8. 8. AUDIENCE INSIGHTS 8. Hunch Twitter Followers – Qualitative Follower Information What: • Hunch’s mission is to build a ‘Taste Graph’ of the entire web, using algorithmic machine learning to connect people with their affinities eg. fashion, books & gadgets and provide smart, taste- driven recommendations. • One of the ‘Goodies’ available on Hunch.com is the Twitter Follower Stats tool which provides info from the taste graph of the Followers of any Twitter profile with over 1k Followers. • Use Twitter Follower Stats to gain insights into your own fans and those of your competitors and peers. How: • Go to Hunch.com/Twitter-Followers/ and type in a @UserName and hit ‘Analyze’ hunch.com/twitter-followers/
  9. 9. AUDIENCE INSIGHTS 9. Hunch Twitter Followers – Qualitative Follower Information Insights – @Deepend example: • Tech-savvy, heavy social media users • Concerned with appearance, spend money on fashion • Middle class: • Health conscious • Managers • International • Australian/English • Live in metro areas Pros: • Gain insights into Followers’ tastes, lifestyles and values that go beyond what they declare in their bio, and beyond their conversations about the brand. Cons: • Relies on integrity of Hunch data • Only assesses fans of a brand who use Twitter • Data only available for accounts with 1K+ Followers
  10. 10. AUDIENCE INSIGHTS 10. FollowerWonk – Analyse Your Twitter Followers What: • Followerwonk is a (mostly) free tool that helps you explore and grow your social graph. • Examine your Twitter followers: • Who are they? • Where are they? • When are they most active? • Which ones are influential? followerwonk.com How: • Visit followerwonk.com and select the ‘Analyse Followers’ tab • Enter the @UserName of the account you’d like to analyse, and select ‘analyze their followers’ • Insights include psychographic segments: including gender, location, Twitter activity, and more.
  11. 11. AUDIENCE INSIGHTS 11. FollowerWonk – Analyse Your Twitter Followers Insights – @monamuseum: • Followers most active 9pm-11pm Don’t stop tweeting when you leave the office! Use a tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule tweets at the most active times • Most followers in Tas & AU Eastern seaboard, but they are also peppered around the world Remember to tweet in tune with UK & US timezones as well as AU • Most followers are arts professionals Is there a wider audience you can target who are Pros: interested in art? • Great overall demographic & psychographic snapshot of Twitter followers – both your Try using Twiangulate.com’s own & competitors Keyword tool to find more followers by Bio keywords • Option to also analyse those you follow Cons: • Doesn’t tell you who is most engaged with your Twitter profile
  12. 12. AUDIENCE INSIGHTS 12. Facebook Ad Targeting Tool – Find Random Affinities What: • Facebook’s self service Advertising tool can also provide insights into Facebook users’ taste graphs How: • Go to your brand’s Facebook page • Click ‘Build Audience’ • Select ‘Create An Advert’ • Scroll down to ‘Precise Interests’ and type in a term that is pertinent to your brand; eg. • Your company name • A general related interest eg. ‘theatre’ or ‘orchestra’ • Keywords associated with an upcoming performance eg. ‘Shakespeare’ • Facebook generates a list of Suggested Likes and Interests which are common among people who are interested in your search term
  13. 13. AUDIENCE INSIGHTS 13. Facebook Ad Targeting Tool – Find Random Affinities Insights – Shakespeare example: • The obvious: Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, Globe Theatre • The puzzling: the Japanese city of Tsu, the Mon language, African Union • The interesting: John Donne, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, Tate Modern Topics: these can be thought starters for future content Brands: check their social profiles to Pros: glean possible content ideas • Insights into random user affinities can inform social media content, and possibly even future performance content. (Not to mention Facebook Ad campaign target groups.) Cons: • Often only obvious suggestions eg. ‘Sydney Theatre Company’ suggests ‘Griffin Theatre’ • Limitations of AI – can’t tell if ‘Hamlet’ is a play or a prefecture
  15. 15. CONTENT INSIGHTS 15. Facebook Page Insights – What’s Your Best Content? What: • Facebook’s native analytics for Pages. • Useful for more than tracking fan numbers – start using previous content to inform and optimise your future posts. How: • Export your ‘Post level data’ for the last quarter. • Sort posts by Engagement rather than simply Reach, Likes or Shares. • Take top 10-20 and note the: • Post type eg (Photo, Album, Status, Link) • Content or theme of the post (eg. question, promotion/competition, behind-the-scenes), • Time of day • Day of week • Repeat quarterly (or monthly) to get a feel for what and when to post for the best engagement.
  16. 16. CONTENT INSIGHTS 16. Facebook Page Insights – What’s Your Best Content? Engagement Insights – Ferrero examples: • Fans respond best to Photo posts Invest more in original image content Overall engagement rose 33% • They’re most likely to engage before work and late afternoon/COB/evening Facebook Insights Post Level Export Most likely office workers accessing before & after Post Talking About This work Engagement % = ____________________ Make sure 8am-9am posts Post Reach & post-5pm posts are mobile device friendly for commuters Pros: • They’re most active mid-week • Great for giving direction on what content has really worked (Tue-Thur) Post less on weekends Cons: when engagement levels • Only works for content and times that you’ve already posted; are low For this analysis to be useful, you should ensure a diversity of posting content and times.
  17. 17. CONTENT INSIGHTS 17. Facebook Page Insights – Competitor Vital Signs What: • Limited analytics for your competitors’ or like brands’ Facebook Pages. • Useful for getting the DL on who follows your competitors and what their best content has been. How: • Click on the Likes tab of any Facebook Page • See data on: • People Talking About This • How engaged fans are • Divide by total fans to get a % • Total Likes • Most Popular Week • Go to that week on their Timeline & find the post or posts that did the best that week to find that page’s most popular recent post facebook.com/WarnerMusicAU/likes • Most Popular Age Group • Most Popular City
  18. 18. CONTENT INSIGHTS 18. Facebook Page Insights – Competitor Vital Signs Insights – Warner Music example: • Most popular week was 3 June • Most popular post (most Likes, Comments) during this week was a Photo of a Kylie Minogue performance. • Takeouts: Photos do well Fan-exclusive content? Sneak peek at a live performance Celebrity Kylie love Pros: • Sneaky insight into who your competitors/similar brands are speaking to and what their best content is. Cons: • Very limited data. • Take note of who their audience is and if it aligns with your own before according too much weight to content insights. Most Popular Week – 3 June Most Popular Post - Kylie
  20. 20. CONVERSATION INSPIRATION 20. Topsy & Bottlenose – Mining the Conversation Get an overview of how people are talking about topics relevant to your brand, and insight into what content is the most shared. Topsy.com: • Keyword search for the public social web, in real time or over time. • Identify key thoughts, opinions and content. • Dynamically reveal related ideas and unexpected insights. • Searching on ‘orchestra’ revealed a recent study into classical music listening habits Bottlenose.com: • Live streaming view of conversation around a keyword. • It gives you insights and analytics into what’s behind the trends and who is influencing the conversation. • Searching on ‘orchestra’ uncovered an article about an improv orchestra in Scotland.
  21. 21. CONVERSATION INSPIRATION 21. Google Image, Pinterest, & WeHeartIt – Visual Inspiration Use Google Image Search in combination with the curation of visual social networks to provide an image inspiration stream around any keyword. Pinterest.com: • Search ‘site:pinterest.com orchestra’ in Google and then click ‘Images’ to see a feed of Pins tagged ‘orchestra’ Weheartit.com: • Search ‘site:weheartit.com orchestra’ in Google and then click ‘Images’ to see a feed of Pins tagged ‘orchestra’
  23. 23. CASE STUDIES 23. Ferrero – Engaging the Right Chocolate Lovers Challenge: • Everyone loves chocolate, but how do we use Facebook to engage those most likely to purchase at the online store? Objectives: • GROW the Facebook Page • Economically (CPA < 1/3 Facebook Av.) • With users most likely to buy • ENGAGE with fans • At a category leading level (Engagement Rate > 2 x Facebook Av.) • DRIVE TRAFFIC to the ecommerce site • Target: 10% referrals from Facebook
  24. 24. CASE STUDIES 24. Ferrero – Engaging the Right Chocolate Lovers What we knew: • The top conversion rates from Xmas campaign banner ads came from 4 sites: 2threads, Nuffnang, MyInvites, Woman’s Day. What we found: Young, Rich • Used the Hunch Twitter Follower tool to analyse Twitter followers & Flashy of the 4 media brands. 2 psychographic groups emerged: 1. Young, Rich & Flashy: 2threads & Nuffnung – F18-34, urban, educated, large disposable income, fashion interest, OTT, tech savvy, blog readers 2. Caring Homemakers: Woman’s Day & MyInvites Followers – F35-55, lower middle class, Mums, homemakers, not tech savvy, religious/spiritual, moral, scrapbooking Caring Homemakers
  25. 25. CASE STUDIES 25. Ferrero – Engaging the Right Chocolate Lovers Young, Rich & Flashy Caring Homemakers What we did: • Content: • Created content themes aimed at 2 psychographic groups, which alienated neither. • YR&F – images with Tumblr sensibility appeal to fashion set, entertaining/lifestyle content with wow factor • CH – maternal nurturing, ‘cute’ imagery, demonstration of love via gifts & special occasions • Facebook Ads: • Different creative tailored to 2 psychographic profiles. • Psychographic sub-targets created & tested: • YR&F (F18-34) Fashion, Tech/Social Media, Beauty, Nightclubs & Parties, Entertaining & Decorating • CH targets (F35-55) Emotional, Spiritual/Superstitious, Positive Thinkers, Primary Grocery Buyers, Creative Gifters, Home Cooks
  26. 26. CASE STUDIES 26. Ferrero – Engaging the Right Chocolate Lovers Results: • GROW the Facebook Page • Economically (CPA < 1/3 Facebook Av.) • With users most likely to buy Average CPA ~$0.25 (1/8 industry average ~$2.00) Grew fan-base by 114k in 12 months • ENGAGE with fans • At a category leading level (Engagement Rate > 2 x Facebook Av.) Engagement Rate ~3-4 times industry average Consistently placed in top 20 AU Pages by Engagement Rate (outside of high-engagement campaign periods) • DRIVE TRAFFIC to the ecommerce site • Target: 10% referrals from Facebook Facebook is responsible for ~20% referral traffic to FerreroBoutique.com.au
  27. 27. THANK YOU 27.THANKYOU. For further information, please contact us at the following details: Emily Knox Social Media Strategist emily@deepend.com.au +61 2 8917 7900 @Deepend