Automation with selenium webdriver


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Automation with selenium webdriver

  1. 1. Test Automation usingSelenium Webdriver- Deepak Sharma, Independent Test Automation Consultant Keyword + Data driven Automation Framework
  2. 2. Automation Framework Architecture SeleniumApplication Webdriverunder Test Automated Test Scripts (.java) TestNG Test Data Apache POI Files ANT (.xls) (.xml) Keyword Libraries Automated (.java) Test Results (,html) Java Eclipse IDE
  3. 3. Keyword Implementation Example An example of a low level generic keyword implemented as a java class method with in-buit exception handling and result reporting capabilities
  4. 4. Keyword Automated test Example An example test case depicting conversion of manual test steps into automated test script by calling keywords i.e java methods with respective arguments such as Step No, Object Selector, Value to be set, etc
  5. 5. Excel Data driving via Apache POI Automated Script DataSheet.xls Keyword Library
  6. 6. Test Batch execution using TestNGTestNG Console showing overall summary of automated tests executed in batch TestNG xml scheduler depicting bundling of automated tests in a suite TestNG Console showing overall summary of automated tests executed in batch
  7. 7. Test Result Reporting Detailed step by step log generated in the console for each test
  8. 8. Test Results Reporting Contd. Step by step results generated (similar to results of manual test execution) for each test in Reporter output of TestNG html reports Link to failure screenshot for failed step