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Handyman pdr


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Reusable code, Someone could go buy glove + bluetooth module and create their own product that could be controlled.
  • Controllable car that can be driven wirelessly w/o vision from driver DON’T TALK ABOUT REAL WORLD APPLICATIONS
  • Sensors>controller capable of decrypting hand motions to readable outputs>sent via bluetooth to what is controlled (this case our vehicle)> microcontroller takes bluetooth inputs and encrypts the glove outputs to PWMs for both motor and camera---Camera > sends video feed
  • Glove: Basic layout (sensor locations); full arm glove;
  • Primary inputs: Sensors Primary processing: MSP430 Output: Readable bluetooth commands
  • MMA7260; wrist cancelation; x-y-z rotation planer movement
  • Use to generate a variable voltage that can be read by the MCU on the glove
  • Work similar to flex sensor; variable resistor that can be read as a variable voltage
  • Heart of the glove; Again, MSP430 decodes movement into packets to be sent out via bluetooth, has an RS232 to connect to computer
  • Linksys camera MP-101 Pan and Tilt motorized platform Bluetooth control inputs + and -15 degrees vertical tilt, + and -90 degrees horizontal sweep
  • Glove and car worked on simultaneously, once vehicle constructed work on camera and start work on bluetooth, testing throughout
  • Chris and blake primarily on glove, me and brian primarily on vehicle and peripherals. Everyone working on camera, testing and debugging
  • Transcript

    • 1. Blake Davis: Electrical Engineering Luke Haberkern: Electrical and Computer Engineering Brian Hacsi: Electrical and Computer Engineering Chris Kircher: Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • 2. Project Overview
      • Glove capable of encoding hand motions into generic instructions
      • Vehicle with controllable camera that can travel via Bluetooth communication using instructions from glove
    • 3. Purpose of the Glove
    • 4. Purpose of the Vehicle
      • Fully controllable vehicle using Bluetooth inputs to specify and direct speed, direction and a camera.
      • Simple obstacle avoidance
    • 5. System Block Diagram Gloves Vehicle MSP430 Microcontroller PWM Motor Controllers PWM Camera Controllers IR Obstacle Avoidance Accelerometers Flex Sensors Force Sensors MSP430 Microcontroller Bluetooth Module Video Feed Host Computer Bluetooth Module
    • 6. Real World Applications
    • 7. The Glove
    • 8. Block Diagram
    • 9. Accelerometers
      • MMA7260Q Triple Axis Accelerometers located on the base of the wrist and the top of the hand.
      • By comparing accelerometer outputs from each, we will be able to effectively deal with ambient movement by the person controlling
    • 10. Flex Sensors
      • 4.5 inch Flex Sensors for each digit of the glove.
      • Act as variable resistors with
        • Straight (unflexed) resistance: ~9000 Ohm
        • 90 degree bend resistance: ~14000 Ohm
        • 180 degree bend resistance : ~22000 Ohm
    • 11. Force sensors
      • One located at the end of each digit on the glove
        • Allows for additional user inputs for further control
    • 12. Custom Designed PCB
      • Bluetooth SMD Module - Roving Networks
      • MSP430F169
      • Inputs from accelerometers, flex and force sensors
    • 13. The Car
    • 14. Block Diagram
    • 15. Physical construction
      • Sheet metal
        • Chassis
        • Camera mount
      • Wheels
        • Polyolefin Hub Moldon Wheel 8”
        • 2” Ball Casters
      • DC motors
        • 7.2V 444RPM 206oz-in Planetary Gearmotor
      • Power System
    • 16. IR Sensors
      • Sharp gp2d12
      • Fail-safe control interrupt
        • Avoid running into people and other obstacles
    • 17. Vehicle Controller
      • Custom designed PCB
        • Bluetooth inputs for camera panning and rotation output
        • Bluetooth inputs to PWM output for motor control
        • IR sensor interrupt handler
        • MSP430F169 microcontroller
    • 18. Camera Linksys Camera Pan and Tilt Platform
    • 19. Block Diagram
    • 20. Goals
      • CDR
        • PCB’s designed, Vehicle built, sensor reading
      • 1 st milestone
        • Glove can provide output via Bluetooth
        • Vehicle can take inputs via Bluetooth
        • Collision protection
      • 2 nd milestone
        • Vehicle glove integration
        • Camera controller to camera integration
        • Collision interrupt
      • Expo
        • Complete camera and vehicle control using glove input
        • User friendly interface
    • 21. Timeline
    • 22. Division of Labor   Blake Chris Luke Brian Glove         Glove MCU Coding   X     Accelerometer X       Flex sensor X       Force sensor X       PCB X X X X Power X X     Glove Construction X X     Vehicle         Vehicle construction     X   PCB design X X X X PWM       X X IR sensors     X X Collision interrupt       X Camera         Camera interface     X   Camera tilt and pan control     X X Camera controller X X     Controller construction X X     Network/Bluetooth         Glove to Vehicle X X X X Camera controller to camera X X X X Testing and Debugging         Glove X X     Vehicle     X X Camera X X X X Integration X X X X Documentation         UROP/EEF X X     Preliminary User's Manual     X X Final Technical Reference X X X X User's Manual X X X X
    • 23. Budget   Description Units Cost Per Unit Total Cost Gloves           Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7260Q 5 $19.95 $99.75   Force Sensor .2" 10 $5.70 $57.00   Flex Sensor 4.5" 10 $11.66 $116.60   MSP430F169 development board 3 $40.95 $122.85   Bluetooth SMD Module - Roving Networks 3 $34.95 $104.85   Half Arm Gloves (Pair) 2 $42.95 $85.90 Battery 1 $40.00 Donated   PCB 2 $30.00 $60.00 Rover           PCB 1 $30.00 $30.00   MSP430F169 microcontroller 1 $10.00 $10.00   Bluetooth SMD Module - Roving Networks 1 $34.95 $34.95   MP-101 Pan and Tilt motorized platform 1 $124.99 $124.99   Analog IR Distance Sensor 4 $12.50 $50.00   DC Motors 2 $30.95 $61.90   Wheels 2 $49.00 $98.00   Hubs 2 $8.00 $16.00   Sheetmetal 1 $50.00 $50.00   Ball Casters 2 $9.54 $19.08 Batteries 2 $80.00 Donated Miscellaneous           Miscellaneous parts 1 $400.00 $400.00   Total       $1,541.87
    • 24. Future Aspirations
      • Glove
        • Portability
      • Vehicle
        • Robotic arm
        • Hazard control for communication loss
        • On-board diagnostics
        • Output voice
      • Camera
        • Output to portable screen (helmet system)
        • 360 degree panning ability
      • Network
        • Long range (Perhaps 3G or EDGE)
    • 25. Risks and Alternatives
      • Unfamiliar technology
        • Bluetooth
          • Wired communication
        • Microcontrollers (MSP430)
          • LabView interface
        • PCBs
      • Schedule Uncertainty
        • Due to the level of unfamiliar technology in this project, our schedule is very tentative
    • 26. Questions?