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You can't ignore this!! Share with everyone you care about


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Published in: Spiritual, Self Improvement

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  • 1. Did you ever stop for a while and ask yourself: What is going to happen to me the first night in my grave?
  • 2. What have I prepared for death? Will I be in Paradise or Hell fire? How often do I remember death? Think about the moment your body will be washed and prepared to enter your grave...
  • 3. Think about the day people will be carrying you to your grave..
  • 4. and your families crying. Think about the moment you are put in your grave
  • 5. Just imagine yourself in your grave. Down there in that dark hole..
  • 6. ALONE... it's too DARK... you cry for help, but there is no answer... Nobody can help you...  It becomes NARROW until your ribs our crushed..
  • 7.
    • The Prophet s.a.w. said
    • “ If it were not for the fact that you would stop burying your dead in the graves, I would have certainly made you hear the sound of the torment in the graves , which I can hear.” (Sahih Muslim)
    • “ Verily the grave is the first step in the stages of the Hereafter. If one finds salvation at this stage, the succeeding stages become easy for him. And if he does not find salvation at this stage, what follows this stage is very hard upon him. I have never seen a sight more horrible than that of the grave.” (Tirmidhi)
    • "The grave (or the life of the soul between one’s death and one’s resurrection on the Day of Judgment) is one of the Gardens of Paradise, or one of the pits of Hell!“ (Tirmidhi)
  • 8. You regret all the bad things you've done during your life... You regret missing the 5 PRAYERS.. You regret not completing the FASTS of Ramadan You regret LYING, BACKBITING, HURTING OTHERS You regret staring at the opposite sex and NOT LOWERING YOUR GAZE… You regret disrespecting your PARENTS… You regret not wearing your HIJAB… You regret ignoring the orders of ALLAH… You regret listening to Music and ignoring the Qur’an… You regret so bad!!! But now there is no escape… you will face your punishment for every thing you’ve done… You are ALONE in your grave only with your DEEDS.. No MONEY, No JEWELRY, nothing.. ONLY YOUR DEEDS..
  • 9. And when it is SHUT… You feel like SCREAMING and telling everyone not to go..
  • 10. BUT, you can’t be heard.. They leave you and go & you hear their footsteps.. And hear them crying as they walk away.. You thought your life was still long. You thought you will stay with your Friends and Family. You thought you will have more fun…No, You were Wrong!!!
  • 11. They left you ALONE… Prophet SAWS said: "Three (things) follow the funeral bier: Members of his family, his property and his deeds. Two of them return; and one remains with him. The people and his wealth return; his deeds remain with him". [Al-Bukhari]
  • 12. The Prophet SAWS said that when the sinner is placed in the grave “…a voice will call out from heaven ‘…Prepare for him a bed from Hell and open for him a door to Hell .’ And he will feel its hot winds and smell its stench, and his grave will become narrow for him until his ribs interlock . Then a man with an ugly face, ugly clothes and a horrible stench will come to him and say, ‘Bad news! This is the day that you were warned about.’ He will say, ‘Who are you? You face looks as if it brings bad news.’ He will say, 'I am your evil deeds.’ (The deceased) will say, ‘O Lord, do not let the Hour come!’”   (Musnad al-Imaam Ahmad, 17803; this is a saheeh hadeeth)
  • 13.
    • Just spend few minutes and look at your future home… and spend the whole of your life preparing for it.
  • 14. You cannot afford to ignore this, you need to remember this every minute, every hour, everyday. How long is your life? Let's say, 100 years. How long is the Hereafter? 100 years will pass and it will still be there; 1000 years will pass and it will still be there; a million years will pass and it will still be there; it will aways be there. A ratio of 100 years to infinity is zero. So, the importance of the world compared to the Hereafter is ZERO. Forward to your friends and family if you care about them.