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Ltec4121 pp1ill.d spencer.fall2012

  1. 1. Wellness, Work,and BetterGradesHow using your fitness goalscan prepare for a betteryou!
  2. 2. Identifying your goals Whathas challenged you yesterday that you want to change today?
  3. 3. Journal Entry! Make sure you are able to write down your entries as you watch this! What is your primary wellness goal?  What motivates this? List any other goal (diet or physical) that could help achieve this goal.
  4. 4. Types of Fitness Categories
  5. 5. Full Time Students
  6. 6. Why would cardio help me?
  7. 7. Brain Health
  8. 8. Young Professionals Overallhealth is connected to maintaining weight and safety prevention Choosing healthy diet options can promote stronger immune systems and prevent work related injury  pain/HQ00955
  9. 9. Common Injuries Back pain due to poor posture, lack of flexibility and stress can lead to more serious problems in your work routine Balancing a diet focused on bodily strength and adding a routine of core exercise can prevent poor habits
  10. 10. Prevention Workouts Focusing on how balancing strength and flexibility in your workout can help keep from injuries on the job!
  11. 11. Working Students Understanding how students can use brain health to promote studying habits, and young professionals can add a healthy diet in preventing injury –this section will focus on individual needs  Interactive workout plans for fitness goals  Diet plans for specific needs
  12. 12. Student Resources On campus gyms offer a variety of free classes and trail periods of personal training Local gyms in Denton/Dallas area have discounts for students wanting to join! Researching goals and planning for milestones help achieve a routine of healthy habits
  13. 13. Prep Before Planning BEFORE starting a new workout plan – FOCUS on nutrition  Knowing how to feed your body is crucial no matter what your fitness goals are Understanding how to add or change diet habits can make or break your goals!
  14. 14. Know how to utilize yourpanty! Sites like help keep you budget friendly while using your own kitchen to achieve your goals! RecipeKey Exercise!
  15. 15. Your first week in wellness Focus your first week in wellness on just changing your diet. The first 7 days of improving how you feed your body can kick start your metabolism! EASY AS THAT!  Check out my other videos for additional recipes!
  16. 16. Additional sites… fittest-foods /quick-recipes/dinner/vegetable-side- dishes/?page=4 nutrition/sunday-night-prep-to-eat-clean- all-week/
  17. 17. Journal Entry! Write down your ideal meal plan  What are you shopping for next?  What’s your budget, theme, is this within your goals?  What healthy meals can you make of that over the next week?  Can you use any healthier alternatives?  Is this helping your goals?
  18. 18. Apps for Thought! Forquick couponing to help with your list Tom Thumb and other retailers use Apps for your phone to help keep your grocery list available while you shop  thumb-new-just-for-u-personalized-savings- program/ Great way to plan while you look for deals!
  19. 19. How to find a workout plan Personal Trainers can help map out a plan with you Classes offered locally Self-motivate with at home workouts Personal research for your goals  Muscle Health  Brain Health  Core strength  Flexibility
  20. 20. Sites for At-Home  Many workout DVD plans offered have trainers of similar goals that are free online!
  21. 21. Alternatives Mobile Apps for young professionals while traveling help keep you fit on the go!  offers a new App through Apple Store and Google Play For a free session at home in between the gym, look at videos through your favorite personal trainers on their sites like Tony Horton and Charlene Johnson!
  22. 22. Play While You Workout! Games on the Wii, Xbox Kinect and PlayStation have gone physical Play socially with friends once a week or at home when the weather is too chilly! Scheduling an outdoor activity with friends once a week keeps you moving and motivated
  23. 23. Small but lean Cardio plans focus on heart health  Plan to do for 30-45 minutes at 3 times a week Pairwith a core strengthening session twice a week to keep muscle groups active  Lifting weights at any strength level challenges any body type
  24. 24. Medium and Muscular Flexibility exercises like yoga or Pilates are great options for keeping muscles loose. Tension in under used muscle groups cause major damage –prevention is key!  A change of routine each week will promote recovery in different areas of muscle groups over time  Remember even if you can’t tell a difference in a week doesn’t mean your body can’t!
  25. 25. Bigger but shrinking! Weightloss for anyone can be challenging  Fitness goals are 20% Physical and 80% Nutrition according to Personal Trainer Tony Horton.  Understanding your goals and tracking what you feed your body is your best tool before considering a workout plan
  26. 26. Find a time frame that fits YOU As on most late night infomercials, most of the longer running workout programs promote a 90-Day period of training. This is a good starting point for many beginners wanting to set milestones for fitness goals For larger goals, plan for periods of 180 days or even longer if needed  Same goes for shorter goals, a period of 30 days ONLY TAKES 21 DAYS TO FORM A HABIT!