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Are you between careers and trying to figure out how to best promote yourself. This webinar, prepared for, discusses education, transferable skills and soft skills as they relate to your job search. View the recorded webinar at

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  • From a January Forbes article:40% of unemployed Americans - roughly 4.8 million ppl have been jobless for six months or longer.  About half of those are over 50 years old.As of March 2013 39.6 of those unemployed have been unemployed for over 27 weeks.Those transitioning from the military and their families are at 8% unemployment where the total is now at 7.6%.  Those numbers reflect those 18 and over. 
  • No matter what you situation is, Illinois workNet can provide on-line resources to help you with your job search.
  • What skills do you currently have? You have spent at your current or previous job performing tasks and using skills that have been the building blocks for what you are today. Are those skills still current and able to help you land a position in a career path that will keep you from looking for another job in a short-period of time?
  • Natasha/Chelsea will handle this slide.
  • Polling Question – Which of these skills apply to you?
  • Suppose you were at your job for many years, or in a position that has been eliminated because of technology, or perhaps you have just been discharged and were a heavy artillery gunner.Whatever the reason, it may be time to select a totally new career path Before you choose, you should complete some research for you decision.Industry Super-Sector Employment Statistics and Projections:Provides solid data on which industries will be experiencing the fastest growth.Identifies fastest growing occupations by region to include wages and trends.Identifies downsizing occupations and industries in real-time.Provides better information on current employment trends and career advice.Largest (Local/Regional) Employers:Gauges economic development in your local area and identifies industries that will be adding most new jobs.A: Identify The Largest Employers Within these Industries. The Workforce Information Center website is a comprehensive online resource serving Illinois' job seekers, employers, education and training providers, counselors, news media, and workforce professionals. B: Identify Long-Term Employment Trends. Economic Development Region long-term employment projections are available as both a downloadable data file (Excel) or a downloadable printable report (Adobe Acrobat). C: Identify Job Loss Trends. Identify Industries with the most job losses to identify the clients that need assistance.Re-employment? v. Skills update? v. Re-training? 
  • Goodwill Community FoundationAdult Education: GED, ESL & TABEApprenticeshipsBasic SkillsCollege Admission Tests: ACT, SAT & GREComputer Skills TrainingSelf SurveyComputer Skill LevelIncrease SkillsFinancial Aid/ScholarshipsFind Education and Training OptionsFind by OccupationFind by ProgramFind by Type of SchoolVeterans ProgramsWIA Certified Training Providers
  • Polling Question – What are your dreams?RelocatingStart my own BusinessGet more training
  • 4 Reasons To Quit Your Job To Be An EntrepreneurHere are four reasons to consider a move to this new lifestyle:1. Recognition and R-E-S-P-E-C-TYes, you want respect. You want to feel validated in a way thus far robbed by the corporate world or regular day-to-day job you live in. If you crave the feeling of respect and validation from your family, friends and peers; it might be your time to become the entrepreneur you always dreamed of.Believe me – there is something about the lifestyle of an entrepreneur which naturally attracts recognition and respect from those around you. I think most people look at entrepreneurs with a bit of awe and wonder. Maybe somehow just a little jealous to not be part of such an elite group.And even those entrepreneurs who give it a shot but come up short earn the recognition and respect of those around them. At least they listened to the growl inside and tried to do something about it. At least they tried.2. ControlMost entrepreneurs I speak with finally take the plunge into entrepreneurship on the day they become sick and tired of not controlling their own destiny. Think about it – if you’re employed by someone else; then you’re automatically at their mercy. Period.If the ship goes down – regardless of the effort, talent and time you’ve put in – you’re out the door. And most of the time with zero notice and just a handful of beans as a token for your dedication.But what if the ship isn’t going down? Same thing. You’re still not the one in control of your destiny at work. Take heed my friend because the good old corporate umbrella of yesteryear is no more. Gone is the job security that once stood as a hallmark feature of working for “the man”. Times have changed and the sooner you recognize it – the sooner you can do something about it.3. FreedomWould it be nice to work the days you want and take off the days you don’t? Or decide to work from the beaches of Costa Rica in the summer and the slopes of Aspen during the winter?When you own your business – you can do pretty much whatever you want; whenever you want. It’s your gig and you’re the boss.One of the most tasty benefits of being an entrepreneur lies in the freedom to build your business around the life you choose. Yes – you’re free to build your work around your Ideal Life; instead of letting your work dictate the life you’re supposed to live. No more chains to hold you down.Imagine finally have the freedom to pursue the life you dream of without worrying about your job? Yes – this is the life of an entrepreneur.4. Financial RewardsGoodness – lest we forget the money and financial opportunities.Do you realize there is no better way to create wealth for yourself then by being an entrepreneur and business owner? Proven fact.Now I would be remiss to not throw in a disclaimer here; so please read carefully:You are not guaranteed a huge pot of gold by being an entrepreneur.Just because you decide to become an entrepreneur – does not mean you automatically are financially set for life. There are no guarantees on the money you’ll make and whoever tells you otherwise is pulling your leg. But here is the thing: if you really desire to live a life with no worries about money – entrepreneurship is your best ticket.And let’s not even talk about hitting a grand slam like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or even Mark Zuckerberg. No – I’m talking about just having the financial resources to live a very comfortable life. As an entrepreneur – this peace of mind is within your reach.So, what are you waiting for? Do you hear the sounds of entrepreneurship as it calls out your name?Don’t be afraid to step out. You can do it. You can break free from the bondage of your job and be the entrepreneur you dream of.
  • The Technician is someone - a bicycle mechanic, computer programmer, cook, etc... - who is an expert in his or her craft.  This often leads these people to go into business for themselves - they're good at what they do, and they know it, so why not reap the rewards of their labor?  The technician is happiest doing the work they are good at and ignoring the rest, which is, in the end, a recipe for failure.The Entrepreneur is the dreamer, the one who sets out to do something new, who reaches for the stars.  The Entrepreneur lives in the future, thinking about what could be (rather than in the present).  The Entrepreneur is often frustrated by how slow the world seems to move.The Manager is the detail-oriented one, who dots the i's and crosses the t's, the one who remembers to pay the bills, and wants a well-organized world with no surprises; a world where things happen in an orderly, predictable manner.All of these components are necessary in the founder of a business: without the Entrepreneur, you might as well keep working for someone else as a Technician.  Without any technical ability, the Entrepreneur must rely on others to get anything done, and without the organizational abilities of the Manager, the other two would probably find themselves with the electricity in the office turned off because they had other things to do than pay the bills.Polling Question – which one are you?
  • Career transitions webinar

    1. 1. Career TransitionsWhat to do when you are past “Just out of College”
    2. 2. You have achoice to makeabout the nextstep in yourcareer.Which way willyou go?2Career Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    3. 3. What is career transition?The process of making a career or job change (e.g., military tocivilian employment, mid-life career change). workNet provides information & services to assist you with theprocess of changing careers. These services are found throughoutthe Individuals area of the site. Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    4. 4. JobSeekersStart your ownBusinessEducation& TrainingHow canyoutransition?4Career Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    5. 5. 5J ob SeekersCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    6. 6. MatureWorkerR eturningVeteranLaid-OffWorker Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    7. 7. 7Career Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    8. 8. Education& TrainingT ransferableWorkplaceNew Pathway8Career Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    9. 9. ransferableCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    10. 10. Master these skills, and you will have a better chance at success thansomeone who hasn’t perfected them, no matter how high their IQ orhow impressive their resume.Exceptional Social SkillsA Growth MindsetEffective CommunicationEmotional IntelligenceConscientiousness12345 ransferableCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    11. 11. 11T ransferableCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransitionNow what?1. Reflect on past jobs, volunteer activities, trainingexperiences.2. List academic, technical, and soft skills that wereused.3. Use these skills as keywords to update yourresume, job applications, LinkedIn profile, etc.
    12. 12. Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    13. 13. 13WorkplaceCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransitionNow what?1. Reflect on past jobs, volunteer activities, trainingexperiences.2. List workplace skills that were used.3. Use these skills as keywords to update yourresume, job applications, LinkedIn profile, etc.
    14. 14. Interest SkillsWorkImportanceCareerCluster14Career Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransitionNew Pathway
    15. 15. do youchoose Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransitionNew Pathway
    16. 16. PathwayCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    17. 17. 17New PathwayCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    18. 18. 18New PathwayCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    19. 19. PathwayCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    20. 20. 20New PathwayCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransitionNow what?1. Identify where you are now.2. Where you want to be (goals).• Research Occupations that match your skills andinterests.• Make an informed decision about your future careerpath goals.3. How you going to get there.• Upgrade skills• Retrain• Relocate• Start your own business
    21. 21. tart yourown BusinessCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    22. 22. TechnicianEntrepreneur tart yourown BusinessCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    23. 23. tart yourown BusinessCareer Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    24. 24. 24Questions?Career Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition
    25. 25. Thank You for Attending• Watch for the post of this webinar on•• Watch for information on our upcoming webinarson our social media links:25Career Transition WebinarTweet with us at #ILworkNet or #CareerTransition