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Roane dwayne ted talk evaluation Roane dwayne ted talk evaluation Presentation Transcript

  • TED Talk Evaluation
  • Amy Tan
  • Amy Tan is one ofTED’s best speakers.She gives a lot ifinsight in herpresentations. Shetalks aboutcreativity and itsimportance. Sheis person to listen toif your want thefacts.
  • Amy Tan hasgreat delivery.She presents in a waythat keeps youlistening to learnmore about thesubject she ispresenting. Shespeaks with theknowledge thatshe knows hersubject and is doingthis presentation toinform more so thenentertain.
  • Amy Tan capture and maintain theaudience attention with Storytelling
  • Amy Tan followed the TED Commandment’s• Thou Shalt Dream a Great Dream• And Thou Shalt tell a storyShe explained a lot of facts about creativity andhad stories from her pass to back up her facts.
  • Amy’s dynamism is rated at a 3. Herspeech was mono tone really and it is easy to get bored. She could add a little more energy to her speeches.
  • Nancy Duarte referenced in her speech theimportance of Visual Aides. Amy Tan had them anddid well with not focusing her speech solely offthem.
  • Amy Tan compared to SirKen Robinson I feel is nota even comparison. AmyTan lacks the greatstorytelling ability andenergy that Sir KenRobinson has in hisspeeches.
  • Sir KenRobinsonbrings energyto his speechwith his artofstorytelling. The way hedoes it, hekeeps theaudienceinvolvedandinterested. Amy Tan isa greatspeaker thatjust needs to
  • Amy Tan teaches you the valueof simplifying importantinformation in yourpresentation. Your audience islistening to learn about or togain new information aboutwhat your talkingabout.Simplifying yourinformation in a way thatstill explains your point isthe best way to present aspeech.
  • I also learned from Amy Tan what not to do. keep theYou want todynamics of your voicewide so you wouldn’t have this problem.To keep your audience engaged in your you want topresentation,speak cleanly anddynamically.
  • I think the best tip Ican give to my fellowclassmates is DOYOUR RESEARCH .Amy Tan is a excellentresearcher forinformation when itcans to her speeches.She is a great exampleof how a person canpresent theirinformation in aprofessional andinformal way.
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