GLOW Concept Document                                                       CONFIDENTIALOverviewHigh ConceptGLOW is a thri...
GLOW Concept Document                                                        CONFIDENTIALThe World of LumeriaIn a parallel...
GLOW Concept Document                                                     CONFIDENTIALFitness Merged With GamingAt times, ...
GLOW Concept Document                                                      CONFIDENTIALcommunity is doing compared to anot...
GLOW Concept Document                                                       CONFIDENTIALData can be collected through thes...
GLOW Concept Document                                                      CONFIDENTIALSoftware DescriptionThis project de...
GLOW Concept Document                                                       CONFIDENTIALCommunity DeploymentSince GLOW wou...
GLOW Concept Document                                                       CONFIDENTIALAbout the TeamSande Chen has over ...
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Glow concept document


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Glow concept document

  1. 1. GLOW Concept Document CONFIDENTIALOverviewHigh ConceptGLOW is a thrilling augmented reality game (AR) that merges virtual world, cell phone,and Web technologies to promote real-world fitness. Through verifiable measurementdevices and real-world check-ins a la Foursquare, players collect virtual supplies,uncover clues, and participate in an epic race to recharge an ailing society decimated byan insidious virus.As operatives from the digital colony and virtual world, Lumeria, players have access toall the greatest minds of Lumeria and can explore the expansive, serene landscapes. Theholistic approach to life is ever-present in Lumeria’s famous Chi Gardens, where playerscan engage in meditative mini-games, practice yoga, and converse with non-playingcharacters (NPCs). Over time, players can view a comparative progress report based onindividual health or community health. Game Highlights Epic adventure full of twists and surprises Real-world activities affect virtual world Virtual world elicits serenity and teaches stress reduction skillsVisionAccording to a study conducted in 2012, 73% of respondents with fitness resolutions failto commit to a lifestyle change. By enlisting players as protagonists in an engaging story,GLOW motivates players to make fitness a part of their lives. Lumeria itself is also adraw, as a virtual oasis away from the harried stresses of the real world.AudienceGLOW appeals to adventure gamers, virtual world enthusiasts, ARG players, and peoplewho want an engaging way to track daily health and progress. 1
  2. 2. GLOW Concept Document CONFIDENTIALThe World of LumeriaIn a parallel universe far, far away…Lumeria is the last refuge of humankind. As an inexplicable virus ravages the populace,the remnants of the digerati download their minds into avatars that live in this vast virtualworld. Most Lumerians exist only in digital form, but a few have bodies on stasis.Like the others, you, the player, are well aware of the world’s main center, Chi Gardens,where you can be trained in the art of tai chi, guided visualization, yoga, and so forth.You can even try one of the meditative mini-games to win credits, the land’s currency.Vendors selling everything from castles to the latest fashions are hawking their wares.You can communicate with other avatars, even leave notes or gifts at their homes. ASocial Committee Chair provides a list of scheduled activities, which ranges fromCommunity Challenges to Poetry Corners.Life for you, though, is about to change. Lately, the virus has found its way into thedigital networks, threatening life in Lumeria. As one of few with available bodies, youare selected for a special mission and sent via side-stepping technology to a parallelworld with no taint of the deadly virus. It is there where you hope to put together a cureto stop the virus while at the same time, unravel the mystery behind the virus’beginnings.Since the virus can be spread to Lumeria, it is imperative that you check your vitals andgo through a health check before each re-entry to Lumeria. And of course, you wouldn’twant to lose that body of yours… 2
  3. 3. GLOW Concept Document CONFIDENTIALFitness Merged With GamingAt times, your missions will require supplies from Lumeria. To facilitate transfer, theprofessors in Lumeria have rigged your cell phone to show an overlay of the projecteddrop points. If you happen to be in a mall, you would see the route mapped out inside themall.You can walk, run, canoe, swim, bicycle, or whatever, as long as it is exercisemeasurable and registered through your cell phone. Once you start the mission, it isimperative that you reach the drop points within the time slot.An Active CommunitySocial bonds in the GLOW community encourage players to commit to fitness goalsthrough various means:Notes and GiftingPlayers can leave notes at another player’s home and can “gift” items.Badges and LeaderboardPlayer achievements are celebrated with badges that can be displayed on the PlayerProfile. A comparative leaderboard (based on communities) shows how well one 3
  4. 4. GLOW Concept Document CONFIDENTIALcommunity is doing compared to another. The leaderboard can be sorted for variousmeasures, such as obesity or lowest blood pressure.Community QuestsCommunities can also have quests and require certain number of members to reach a goalin order to complete the Community Quest. The members who helped to complete theCommunity Quest receive in-game currency and a monument is placed in the ChiGardens to commemorate the event.Posting to Facebook or TwitterBadges and images can be posted on Facebook or Twitter.Data Collection and UsageData CollectionThere will be two levels of data collection, general and preferred:  General data will include automatic activity data generated from cell phone apps for exercise and heart rate.  Preferred data will come from users linking personal Wi-Fi health data devices such as scales, blood pressure cuffs, and glucose meters. Players sharing this type of specific, verified health data will receive access to special content. 4
  5. 5. GLOW Concept Document CONFIDENTIALData can be collected through these methods:  Manual Input from Player—Personal data and physical statistics input through web forms. Player’s health goals may be to increase activity, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, manage weight, manage diabetes, or improve mood.  Automatic Input from Phone Apps—Region check-ins, accelerometer (distance, speed, altitude) and GPS activity data. Various cell phone apps check for exercise and measure heart rate.  Automatic input from game world—achievements, currency earned, content purchases, in-game changes in heart rate, strategy elements.Virtual World Health BenefitsRecently, it was reported that through self-identification with avatars, it is possible forplayers to receive real-world health benefits by viewing avatars perform exercise andmeditative routines such as tai chi. In addition, the impact of playing a game with acalming virtual environment has been shown to have a calming effect on players and haseven been compared to the act of meditation itself.Research into the impact of calming game environments and avatar exercise routinesmerits further study. This is where GLOW can break new ground. While promotingphysical activity, GLOW can also collect data on how virtual world activities cantranslate into tangible, real-world health benefits.Data UsageTarget AF4Q geography--OhioUse of Aligning Forces for Quality and County Health Rankings DataAF4 and County Rankings data from the Ohio region will be used for a motivationalchallenge to Glow players.Glow Community ChallengeThe entire community’s challenge will be to beat the County Health Rankings percentobese, as determined by BMI.Glow Elite Community ChallengeElite members must beat the 2011 average of unacceptable blood pressure and glucoselevels for the Aligning Forces Ohio county data at the end of the year.Rankings board will display community progress. Users will be able to see their personalranking on their private dashboard. 5
  6. 6. GLOW Concept Document CONFIDENTIALSoftware DescriptionThis project delivers exciting and motivational content for users, while collectingvaluable data for researchers and delivering flexible and sortable datasets. The softwaredevelopment is done by a team experienced in the design of multi-use sortable datacollection.Game play and task tracking will occur across three different platforms:Cell Phone AppCross-platform application designed delivers location-based-map-driven content, activitytracking, and communications from in-game NPC mentors. The underlying architecturefor this portion of the game is complete. It allows Foursquare check-ins at parks in theAligning Forces Ohio region where a player can complete real world activity challenges.An augmented reality layer shows players location of digital content on a map. They canclick and capture that content when they approach within target range. Captured contentand calorie burn numbers earn game currency and special content.Virtual WorldThe initial game world is an expandable 2x2 region running Opensimulator – “OpenSimulator is an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server. It can be used to create a virtual environment (or world) which can be accessed through a variety of clients, on multiple protocols.” platform includes a physics engine and allows for customized scripts in-game in avariety of languages, including LSL/OSSL, C# and VB.NET.  Allows for Prim and Mesh content, as well as scripted NPCs, and avatar health/damage tracking.  An entry region with basic content and a greeter NPC is already in place.Interactive WebsiteThe website is the hub driving the game:  Collecting initial personal information, health goals, and physical data from players via form input.  Delivering feedback to players via data driven graphs  Displaying Aligning Forces and County Health Data in the community challenge center and comparing those statistics to statistics generated by Glow players.  Gathering specialized, verifiable health data (blood glucose, blood pressure, weight) from premium players via Wi-Fi linked devices. 6
  7. 7. GLOW Concept Document CONFIDENTIALCommunity DeploymentSince GLOW would need widespread community adoption for a meaningful socialexperience, we intend to ask clinics, doctor associations, and medical groups in thetargeted region to support a pilot program. The pilot program would be a shortenedversion of entire game. Various communities can go through the pilot program at thesame time.The full game is intended to last one year so that researchers can obtain meaningful data.It is certainly possible to extend the program beyond one year, but additional content likea sequel to the story would need to be added.We can also partner with local businesses, schools, and medical device makers topromote sign-ups.Research ReferencesAu, Wagner James. “Woman With Parkinson’s Reports Significant Physical RecoveryAfter Using Second Life – Academics Researching,” New World Notes, February 7,2013,, Mary. “Relaxing Video Games May Calm Players in Real Life,” Tech News Daily,June 13, 2011, 7
  8. 8. GLOW Concept Document CONFIDENTIALAbout the TeamSande Chen has over 10 years of experience in the game industry as a writer, producer,and designer. She is the author of the book, Serious Games: Games That Educate, Train,and Inform, and has spoken at conferences around the world on the topic of virtualworlds and serious games. She is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology, the London School of Economics, and USC’s School of Cinema-Television.She has been nominated for Grammy and Writers Guild of America Awards.Dorothy Hurtt is an award winning poet and author of several published short stories,novels and games. She developed the story, characters, dialogue and contributed to thegameplay design process for the casual adventure game, Spirit Walkers: Curse of theCypress Witch, just released by Orchid Games. In addition to ten years of experience as awriter, she ran her own computer repair shop, supporting networking, software, webdesign, and repair needs for the local business community. Program languages includePython, Javascript, HTML5, LSL and OSSL scripting languages. Her diverse interestsand skill set provide a resource of knowledge and connections for pulling together andguiding a unique development team.Stuart W. Templeton is a community-engaged musician, artist, and software developer.He is the director of the Open Form Foundation, creators of innovative products such asXamalga and Flyer Zero. In addition to his 15 years of hands-on developmentexperience, Stuart is studied in visual culture and history, ultimately creating his uniquebusiness perspective.Thomas Hurtt has 15 years experience in the Software industry with a background inQA as well as development; 10 years software development experience at all levels fromdevice drivers, desktop applications, application servers, and applications for web andmobile platforms; and 5 years working in an agile environment using ExtremeProgramming, SCRUM and Kanban. Experience using the followinglanguages/technologies in a production development environment: C++, Python, Ruby onRails, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Perl, Java, C#, and Intel x86 assembly.Stacey Taylor has been building virtual worlds and developing virtual reality basedgames since 2008. Projects included: An interactive game Survive!, a Survivor-esquetropical paradise with challenges, puzzles, and a built in mystery. Dark Carnival, a fullgrunge killer clown sim, which produced a static, ongoing game called Diary of AMadman. In opensim-based Kitely she put up a freebie world, Virtual Clover, and startedthe Kitely Mentors Group leading residents in the building of Kitely Beach, a sort of HQfor Kitely and intended originally to be a place to host Kitelys breakout mega launchparty. 8