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This is a PowerPoint presentation I designed for my academic team. The project was to create a presentation to assist new students with navigating the online library.

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  • Note: Ensure that students and instructors have a physical copy of the “Online Library User Manual” as a reference and supplement to the PowerPoint presentation.Welcome to the University of Phoenix online library! The purpose of this presentation is to instruct you on how to navigate and use the online library. This presentation will also cover the important library resources that are available to each student and instructor.
  • Introductory Statement:It is important for University of Phoenix students and instructors to be familiar with the online library. Student success is the number one priority of the University of Phoenix and the online library is specifically designed to ensure that students have all of the tools and resources needed to be successful students and professionals. Not only is help available for research, grammar, writing, and mathematics, help is also available for classroom etiquette, and how to manage time and stress inside and outside the classroom.
  • Clicking the Library tab at the top of the page will take you to the library main page featuring links to the four main sections of the online library: University Library,Center for Writing Excellence, Center for Mathematics Excellence, and eBooks. Other areas of interest include links to Element K Tutorials, Student Labs, Learning Team Toolkit, Useful Links, and Special Offers which are discussed in the University Library User Manual. The four main links will be covered throughout this PowerPoint® presentation.
  • Note: Refer to the user manual page 5 through 7Searching the online library is fast and easy. Entering a keyword or phrase into the Keywords search bar together with the Subject pull-down menu yields accurate and powerful search results that are displayed in the university library in order of relevance. The university library has resources ranging from general and specific to encyclopedias and multimedia and the results of a search can be saved to your local hard drive as Adobe Portable Document format (PDF) files for easy printing and reading.Library Services include: Ask a Librarian, Request a Document, Research Tutorial, and the Library Handbook.Ask a Librarian provides students with a live librarian to aid in finding specific online research materials, much like asking a librarian for help in a physical library.Request a Document allows students to access materials outside of the university library. If the material can be found within the university library instructions will be included on how that material can be retrieved.The Research Tutorial and the Library Handbook aid students in navigating the university library.
  • Note: Refer to the user manual page 5 through 7Students of University of Phoenix can submit papers for grammar, writing, and plagiarism review. WritePoint℠is an automated review system used to review documents and papers, Tutor Review submits the paper to a live reviewer for feedback, Plagiarism Checker checks documents for originality, and there are plenty of tutorials and guides to assist students in understanding writing and grammar principles. These tools are meant to assist students in developing essential written communication skills. In addition to these services Riverpoint Writer, a plug-in for Microsoft Word, can be downloaded making APA formatting as simple as the click of a button.It is encouraged that students submit a final copy of each assignment to the automated reviewers before submission to instructors to ensure the best results.
  • Note: Refer to the user manual page 9 through 11Employers seek out professionals who are comfortable working with data and using their numerical skills when faced with challenging problems to solve, but for many students mathematics brings about feelings of anxiety and stress. The library’s Center for Mathematics Excellence helps students overcome these challenges by providing workshops, labs, study tips, and interactive tutoring to help build math skills and increase confidence. There are four levels of study from beginner to advanced and students can increase mathematical performance through review, re-asses, and repetition.
  • Note: Refer to the user manual page 11 through 12With eBooks students have online access to hundreds of course textbooks. Using Adobe Reader students can search for and download entire textbooks in business management, education, general studies, health and human services, information technology, and doctoral. Students can read the book online, buy the physical textbook, or download the eBook onto a computer for offline reading.
  • Concluding Statement:It can be difficult to travel to a distant library and to meet library business hours. The solution to fulfill students needs is to make available all of the resources found in a typical brick and mortar library accessible on the Internet.Students enrolled in the University of Phoenix online program understand the importance of being able to access all of the learning tools and resources available at any time wherever Internet services are available.Not only are research materials extensive and accessible online but getting the help finding the necessary resources is equally available.Please refer to the University of Phoenix “Online Library User Manual” for further details.
  • University Library Navigation Resource

    1. 1. University of Phoenix Online Library<br />By Ian Spencer, DeeAnna Ryant, Jeff Hannel, and David Laughinghouse<br />
    2. 2. Table of Contents<br /><ul><li> Getting Started
    3. 3. Library Main Page
    4. 4. University Library
    5. 5. Center for Writing Excellence
    6. 6. Center for Mathematics Excellence
    7. 7. eBooks
    8. 8. Conclusion
    9. 9. References</li></li></ul><li>Getting Started<br />Student success is our number one priority<br />Help is available for:<br /><ul><li> Navigating the eCampus
    10. 10. Academic success
    11. 11. Time management
    12. 12. Stress management</li></li></ul><li>Main Resources<br /><ul><li>University Library
    13. 13. Center for Writing Excellence (CWE)
    14. 14. Center for Mathematics Excellence (CME)
    15. 15. eBooks</li></ul>Areas of Interest<br /><ul><li>Element K Tutorials
    16. 16. Student Labs
    17. 17. Learning Team Toolkit
    18. 18. Useful Links
    19. 19. Special Offers</li></ul>Library Main Page<br />
    20. 20. University Library<br />Library Resources<br />Search the Library<br /><ul><li>How to Search</li></ul>Library Services<br /><ul><li>Ask a Librarian
    21. 21. Request a Document
    22. 22. Research Tutorial
    23. 23. Library Handbook</li></li></ul><li>Center for Writing Excellence<br /><ul><li>WritePoint℠
    24. 24. Tutor Review
    25. 25. Plagiarism Checker
    26. 26. Tutorials & Guides</li></li></ul><li>Center for Mathematics Excellence<br />Running Start & Building Math Confidence<br /><ul><li>Coping with Math Anxiety
    27. 27. Math Tips
    28. 28. Math Concepts
    29. 29. Interactive Tutoring
    30. 30. Workshops
    31. 31. Student Labs
    32. 32. Self Assessment</li></li></ul><li>eBooks<br /><ul><li>Business Management
    33. 33. Education
    34. 34. General Studies
    35. 35. Health and Human Services
    36. 36. Information Technology
    37. 37. Education
    38. 38. Doctoral</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion<br />Access the online library from anywhere with a computer and Internet<br /><ul><li>Access the online library at any time and on any day</li></li></ul><li>University Library (2011) Retrieved from:<br />References<br />