Top Mistakes People Make When Purchasing Car Insurance


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Top Mistakes People Make When Purchasing Car Insurance

  1. 1. Top Mistakes People Make When Purchasing Car Insurance
  2. 2. Studies say that an average American pays about 80.000 USD in his entirelife, on car insurance. The question is: are there things a person can do inorder to cut down this cost? In this article we are going to talk about themistakes that people do when they decide to get car insurance.First, there are people who make wrong decisions. For example, there aremany people who choose the smallest, less expensive car insurance. Butthis can show to be a big mistake because if you are insured for 10.000 USDbut you get involved in a car accident and the damages exceed 15.000 USD,you will need to pay the difference.So, in order to avoid this problem, it is better to pay few dollars more everymonth but have an insurance policy that covers you no matter how costlythe car accident is.Another mistake that people do is to keep some info from the car insuranceagency. Eventually the insurer will find out about those hidden info and youwill be the one held responsible and penalized. So, it is simpler and fairer tojust mention every fine or accident you have been involved in.Honesty is and should be highly valued by any reputable car insurer. If youchoose to hide info, when the truth is found out, you will begin to be seen asa not so trustable individual and you will be refused insurance or anypossible discount.Speaking about discounts, it is wise to know that major car insuranceagencies usually offer special discounts and you should ask about them andtry to qualify for them. When you benefit from a discount, the monthly
  3. 3. premium will be the first to be influenced. If you, for example, have certainsecurity devices installed in your car, you should mention them to the carinsurer as they will certainly get you a legitimate discount.Also, if you have a clean driving record, tell the agency about it. This recordwill tell that you are a good and correct driver that may deserve a price cut.If you have two cars that you want to insure, ask for a discount as well.Another mistake is to refuse to pay up front. When you do pay, it is verypossible you get a substantial discount. Insurance companies want to getyour money at once and so they try to persuade you offering a substantialdiscount. If you choose to pay a big amount of money at the beginning, themonthly premium will be a much smaller.There are many other mistakes that people make when getting an insurancepolicy. The wisest decision would be to get the help of an insurance broker,which is much more knowledgeable than the average insurance broker; infact, this document was put up by a professional working at MilleniumInsurance RCA in Bucharest, Romania. The professional brokers will takecare of your personal interest and will show you the advantages anddisadvantages of each and every policy existing on the market.When you give the insurance broker all the information he needs and if heis well trained and has a good reputation, his help would prove to beextremely valuable.