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Work commute Top 10 Mobile apps
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Work commute Top 10 Mobile apps


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  • 1. One: Pulse AppDesigned for the IPhone and Ipad, Pluse is your news, blog, magazine andsocial Reader organizer. This app is free and is great for easily accessing allyour favourite reads on the way to work without having to manually go toyour bookmarked sites.
  • 2. Two: Draw SomethingDesigned for Iphone and Ipad Draw Something is one of those addictiveguessing games where you draw a word or a guess a word that has beendrawn. It is free and one the most popular social games in the App store.
  • 3. Three: DuolingoDuolingo is a Free app that is available on Iphone and Ipad. It offers afantastic opportunity to learn a new language with fun and engagingexercises.
  • 4. Four: VocabologyFor less than a pound Vocabology is a great app for Iphones and Ipads thatcan help to improve your vocabulary, even offering words in other languages.
  • 5. Five: TanZenTanzen is a free app that is relaxing and engaging puzzle game. Developed forthe Iphone and Ipad devices, Tanzen offers over 50 puzzles that will keep youamused on your way to work.
  • 6. Six: ShoeboxedShoeboxed is a receipt and mileage tracker that is free for Iphones and Ipads.This nifty app allows you to organise your paper work in a revolutionary wayjust by taking a picture. Shoeboxed then organises your photographedreceipts for example into digital data which you can gain effortlessly reports.
  • 7. Seven: ShoeboxedFor a mere £2.49 this app for Ipad and Iphone is the ultimate wardrobe lifesaver, whether your going out for drinks after work on a friday or away on abusiness trip. Styleboxed app provides over 90 features to help you organiseyour most stylish looks.
  • 8. Eight: Book MobileThis app for under a five pounds enables you to listen to your most favouritenovels whilst driving to work. Bookmobile also allows for listening topodcasts or any spoken word content.
  • 9. Nine: CalmCalm is a free app for Iphones and Ipads. The app takes you to a beautifulscenic views where you can look at a truly idyllic view, the idea is for you tothen take that time to think which will help you to relieve your stress.
  • 10. Ten: WithingsWithing is a free app that allows you to monitor your wellness. The cleardisplay helps users monitor weekly progress towards long term goals. Thisapp also helps keep track of other stats including blood pressure and sleep.