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Rotary Membership Survey Results
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Rotary Membership Survey Results


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Membership results when polled 34 active Hudson Ohio Clocktower Rotary members.

Membership results when polled 34 active Hudson Ohio Clocktower Rotary members.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. 100% 0 1. Do You feel Welcome at Our Rotary Club? Yes No
  • 2. 100% 0% 2. Do You feel comfortable sharing concerns with Club Leaders? Yes No
  • 3. 5% 18% 23% 55% 3. How Long have you been a Rotary Member? Less than a Year 1-3 Years 4-10 Years More than 10 Years
  • 4. 100% 0% 4. Have you Participated in Club Projects and Activities? Yes No
  • 5. 20% 26% 24% 21% 6% 3% 5. Which Club Projects and Activities? Leadership Hudson Taste of Hudson Farmers Market Memorial Day Float Junior Leadership Hudson Other
  • 6. 59% 32% 9% 6. How often do you participate in Club Projects and Activities? Monthly Quarterly Yearly
  • 7. 95% 5% 7. Do You Enjoy our Weekly Meetings? Yes No
  • 8. 86% 14% 8. The Amount of Rotary Content in our meetings is… Adequate Insufficient The Rotary information needs to be well presented We need variety and exciting, fun data sharing More international information More about Hudson and community involvement Currently, discussion about Club activities is limited or non- existent.. Meetings are mainly lunch.
  • 9. 95% 5% 9. The Length of Time of the Meeting is… Adequate Insufficient
  • 10. 95% 5% 10. Our Weekly Club Bulletin is… Adequate Insufficient
  • 11. 30% 36% 24% 3% 6% 11. Our Club Bulletin is… Interesting Useful Informative Boring Limited Need More Photos and Graphics within the Bulletin, less words.
  • 12. 91% 9% 12. Our Meetings are… Convenient Inconvenient
  • 13. 91% 9% 13. Our Meeting Location is… Convenient Inconvenient
  • 14. 14. Please Give Us Suggestions on other Meeting Times and Locations • 7:30 AM • On Day Per Month, having the Meeting on a Different Day of the Week
  • 15. 10% 10% 17% 23% 20% 10% 10% 15. Which of the Following Aspects of the Club Meeting do you feel We have an Opportunity to Improve Upon? Day of the Week Time of the Meeting Meal Quality Meal Variety Cost of the Meal Seating at the Meeting Other Involve a variety of members at each meeting (welcoming, sharing projects, community updates) More fresh veggies and salads Weird meal selection offered
  • 16. 11% 11% 19% 22% 11% 4% 7% 15% 16. Which of the Following Changes would Improve our Club Meetings? Better Speakers Increased Variety of Program Topics More Family Involvement More Service Opportunities More Focus on Fellowship Better Time Management More Leadership Opportunities Other 1. Sharing Updates on projects, club goals, and finances 2. Less Weekly Meetings 3. Better Speaker Selection 4. Everyone Should Participate
  • 17. 17. If there was ONLY ONE Change you would like to see implemented in the Club for year 2011-12 (July 1 – June 30), what would it be? • Recruit New Members • Increase Membership, especially younger members • Better Speakers • More Time for Speakers • More Committees for Speaker Selection • More Positive Response to Speakers • More Involvement with Leadership Hudson Board • Reduce Member Negativity • Sponsor Scholarships for HHS Rotary Youth Exchange • Change the Day of the Week the Meeting is Held
  • 18. 18. Additional Comments • We need new members • Greater variety in membership. More women and younger members to balance the older male majority. More pressure on ALL members to participate in projects. • I think we have too many meetings. The members are friendly and welcoming but coming every week is a hassle. Additionally, I think the $1,000/year it costs to be a member (dues+meals+happy buck) would be better redirected to some service project. • Can we reduce to number of required meals? • It’s difficult to meet every week for lunch based on my schedule but if meetings were more engaging, it would make it easier to rearrange daily activities to attend.
  • 19. 18. Additional Comments • We need to recruit younger members, especially for succession. • Speakers – invite Leadership Hudson participants to speak (may get them to join Rotary) • Do we have representation at Newcomers meeting? Again, a great way to recruit new members. • Broad appeal to increase membership would be especially helpful for the long-term viability of the Club. • Probably need to keep prospecting for new members. • I have a certain uneasiness about our meetings. The speaker sometimes verges on being dull. Gerry does a superb job, but I suspect the position needs to be part of our executive management, possibly 3rd in line of succession to President. This would bring fresh ideas.
  • 20. 18. Additional Comments • I am concerned with the overall membership of the Club. There are many long-term Club members, but I feel there is little or no effort to increase membership. There are several events that as a result of Leadership Hudson and there should be Club representation at each event with the sole intention of helping people understand what Rotary is all about and attempting to get new members. At the very least, literature should be available at each event (Opportunity missed). I am concerned with the current activities and events listed under #5. The Club wants to claim these as Rotary activities and events, yet there appears to be little or no involvement from Club members to help support them and keep them flourishing. There is no strategic plan for the Club with regards to Leadership Hudson and the projects of each class. I would like to see this change as well.
  • 21. On the Whole, Our Members… • Are Welcome at the Club and Comfortable Sharing Their Concerns with Our Leaders • Actively Participate in Club Activities • Enjoy our Weekly Meetings • Think the Length of the Meeting is Good • Think our Club Bulletin is Useful and Interesting • Our Meetings and Location are Convenient
  • 22. On the Whole, Our Members… • Would like more Rotary content at each meeting • Want an improvement in the Meal Quality and Variety. They are also concerned about the Cost of the Meal. • Want More Service Opportunities and More Focus on Fellowship. • Want More Members. • Want Better Speaker Selection and Management
  • 23. Our Committee Recommends the Following: • Try and Bring More Rotary Content to Every Meeting • Financial Reporting at least Twice a Year • Once a Month, President recap Previous Board Meeting • Have the President Appoint a Meal Committee to address member concerns and make recommendations. • President will be working with Board Members to develop a Strategic Plan to address Service Opportunities and More Focus on Fellowship. • Membership Committee will develop a plan to attract more Members. Will be presented within 3 to 4 months. • President will Appoint a Speaker Selection Committee.