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An introduction to a new book and model for entrepreneurs and business leaders called Advantage

An introduction to a new book and model for entrepreneurs and business leaders called Advantage

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  • 1. www.advantage-book.com
  • 2. Who should read “Advantage”?Entrepreneur’s “Starting a new venture”Intrapreneur’s “Entrepreneurs within an enterprise”Leader’s “Starting, Scaling, or changing a venture”Student’s “Seeking to learn the application of Models”www.advantage-book.com
  • 3. What is Advantage About ?How to create sustainable differentiation & valueDoing “The right things, the right way at the right time”Every stage and every function of a ventures life-cycleWhen and How to apply management model’sMinimising risk and maximising Success potentialwww.advantage-book.com
  • 4. What the expert reviewers say“The model presented in the book is a step forward vis-à-vis the old fashioned model of the business plan, which isstatic and deterministic. I see in the BAM™ approach anorganic, non-linear component which is in line with Theinternational Academy for Entrepreneurship experimentalmethodology. Therefore, most sincere compliments.”Professor Piero FormicaPiero is a founder of the InternationalEntrepreneurship Academy, SeniorResearch Fellow, NUIM and IntelInnovation Value Institute, ProfessorEntrepreneurship , King SaudUniversity, Riyadh, Professor ofKnowledge Economics andEntrepreneurship University of Tartu,Estoniawww.advantage-book.com
  • 5. What the expert reviewers say“Declan Kavanagh, author of this well thought out approachto entrepreneurship has been a solid supporter of theconcept of IBM Smart Camps since its initial inception. As asuccessful entrepreneur and investor, Declan has alwaysseen the need to ‘give back’ and to help other start-upsachieve the success he has himself enjoyed over theyears.”Noel leads the IBM Innovation Centre,he created IBM Smart Camp and is adesigner of IBM Global EntrepreneurProgram, creating a Globalentrepreneurial ecosystem enablingmutual benefits for IBM &entrepreneurs by delivering new andinnovative solutions to customers.www.advantage-book.com
  • 6. What the expert reviewers sayAs an entrepreneur, I found “Advantage” easy to read and covering all thekey areas on setting up and scaling a new business, it really draws out theimportance of managing competitive advantage, but equally as importantprovides a pragmatic guide on what to focus on at any point in thedevelopment of the business and how to do it right. This is a crucial anduseful model/book that addresses the feasibility of a new or existingproduct/services to validate the concept and bring to reality, if I had thisbook, I would have saved time and energy searching each of themindependently to know which areas to focus on in the ventures I have beeninvolved with.Vaus is a serial entrepreneur andfounder and president of silicon valleystart up Truegencewww.advantage-book.com
  • 7. How can I get a copy ?Try a preview @http://intelligentorg.com/preview-advantage/Buy & Download PDF eBookhttp://advantage-book.comPre-order Paperback versionhttp://advantage-comComing May 2013Kindle version, eBook version (all platforms), Paper releaseLearn more about The Business Advantage Model™http://intelligentorg.com/the-business-advantage-model-2/www.advantage-book.com
  • 8. www.advantage-book.comContact Author Link