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Irish Recruiters 2010 Winter Conference Introduction
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Irish Recruiters 2010 Winter Conference Introduction


Irish Recruiters is Ireland's largest online recruitment community formed in 2007 by Declan Fitzgerald this is the introduction to the 2010 conference

Irish Recruiters is Ireland's largest online recruitment community formed in 2007 by Declan Fitzgerald this is the introduction to the 2010 conference

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Irish Recruiters Winter ConferenceYou can use #irishrecruiters as today’s hashtag
  • 2. WelcomeAgenda• 1.30+ Current Practices and Trends, Survey Results• 2.30+ Innovation at LinkedIn• 3.15+ Break• 3.30+ The basic building blocks for a social media recruitment strategy or Advanced Recruitment Techniques• 4.15+ Panel Discussion• 5.00+ Networking• 5.15+ Hat Tip Awards• 5.45+ Break Out Session• 6.15 – 6.30 Year Ahead
  • 3. Interesting facts about Irish Recruiters LinkedIn Group• Currently has 1388 members and Deloitte Digicel growing. Diageo Pocket Kings• Set up December 2007 Hertz Amnesty• 130 CEO/Owners and 99 directors Sales Force Accenture of Recruitment Agencies Cisco Siemens Pfizer• 309 recruitment agencies Tesco ARUP represented Vodafone The Irish Times• 19 Job Boards Eircom Pocket Kings• 111 Recruitment Managers Bank of Ireland Microsoft Bank of Scotland Modus Link• 28 HR Managers from 145 companies Ulster Bank Morgan McKinley BT Dell• Approx. 4% are from overseas Independent Google• 40 from Australia Abbot Xerox• 25% of members are non agency Board Bia Ericsson Yahoo KPMG Facebook UCC Concern LinkedIn Paddy Powers
  • 4. “Liking” your own recruitment!FACEBOOK FAN PAGES? 4
  • 5. Attracting Talent to Discussions: Facebook Engineering
  • 6. Facebook Dublin
  • 7. Facebook Marketing
  • 8. Twitter Recruitment Tactics!WHAT ARE THE FLOCKFLAPPING ON ABOUT? 8
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12. Twitter and Facebook
  • 13. Mid tail search strategy!WHAT IS MICROSOFTDOING? 13
  • 14. World class recruitment blog! 14
  • 15. World Class SEO Marketing Analytics Platform 15
  • 16. Microsoft Facebook Careers 16
  • 17. Stirring up a social media recruitment brew!STARBUCK’S BEST INCLASS? 17
  • 18. Starbucks and Facebook 18
  • 19. Starbucks Jobs App in Facebook 19
  • 20. Really nice job with twitter 20
  • 21. Starbucks Jobs App in Facebook 21
  • 22. Only getting started! & TALENT GRAPHS? 22
  • 23. Get ready for referral engine!
  • 24. Career Pages
  • 25. Talent Direct
  • 26. Some interesting insights!• All of these companies are hiring dedicated social media recruitment teams• Content calendars is key! 60-20-20• Metrics are a must and “engagement Q [“EQ”]” is becoming a key stat• They are thinking more about video• Social Ads are being experimented with• The are investing heavily in direct sourcing models
  • 27. Predictions for FY111. Search is getting local – Yelp, Foursquare2. The convergence of data will create the “new monetized innovation economy” defined by the way people interact with data. Highly localized data that will reflect the knowledge inventory of a community and will be represented by a virtual currency.
  • 28. 3. Group Buying – Groupon and Microsoft even getting in game with Cudo4. Search to continue to get more social5. people are going to be much more diligent about curating their own content into a more managable form e.g. Cadmus,
  • 29. 6. Location based technologies will go niche7. Ads will become more interactive with videos especially coming to the fore and sensor technology interacting with Augmented Reality8. Like niche job boards we will see niche social networks forming
  • 30. 9. Near Field CommunicationNear field communication technology works bycreating a connection between two chips using high-frequency transmission through the air. As long asthe chips are within four inches of each other, aconnection can be made and data can be transferred.With NFC chips built into smartphones, consumerscan wave their phone at an NFC tag and obtaincontext-sensitive information. With the impendinglaunch of the NFC-equipped Google Nexus S phoneon December 16, expect NFC to take a substantialstep into the mainstream.
  • 31. 10. Recognition technologies like Google Googles will become more main stream11. The first Irish Recruiters human brain will explode because of social media!
  • 32. Survey Results
  • 33. Happy to take a question!Q&A
  • 34. PANEL DISCUSSION" The trials and tribulations of developing a social media recruitment strategy"
  • 36. Best use of social media or technology in recruitment - Agency• Early adopter leadership team to invest in social media recruitment Hays• They have given social media training to all their consultants• They have hired a dedicated resource to run their social media strategy• They’ve concentrated on three channels that suit the recruitment environment. “LinkedIn because it’s a career networking site; twitter because it produces real-time results and a blog as part of a content strategy”• They currently manage 8 LinkedIn Groups – Construction Ireland which has over 800 members with a lot of quality engagement• Two Twitter accounts: HaysIreland and HaysIrelandJobs.• Excellent blog content with multiple consultants contribution and 1000 pageviews per month
  • 37. Honurable mention! FX2 RecruitmentHighest number of Fan Page Members in Ireland! (1247)
  • 38. Best use of social media or technology in recruitment - Company Huge investment in a scalable Microsoft social media platform strategy with integrated social media groups, twitter accounts, facebook pages with a powerful metric tool in the background to understand ROI
  • 39. Best use of social media or technology in recruitment - Other• Creation of an innovative business model• Use of mobile technologies• Fully integrated social media job board• Over 1700 Facebook fans• Launch of iPhone app
  • 40. Most responsive individual or company to change?First to Irish market with iPhone app Vantage
  • 41. Discussion• Please break into groups of 6/7 Musical chairs• Please separate from colleagues you work with• 30 second intro from everyone – Company, Title, Industry Speciality• Round robin approach where everyone gets 2 minutes to speak and then a free for all• Can I ask one volunteer to be chair for the discussion and decide when to move the conversation on and one volunteer for scribe.• Be respectful to the audience and do not sell your products or services inappropriately (use your business cards to talk offline)• At the end the chairman speak for a minute on what salient points you’d like to share
  • 42. Topic“What are the things you’d like to know more about social media or internet recruitment?”
  • 43. Irish Recruiters Event Calendar 2011 Irish Recruiters Survey Annual Members Only Tuesday ClubWebinar Pilot Tuesday Club Kick Off & Christmas Dinner Australia & Dublin, Cork, SlgoJuly Aug Sept Oct Nov December Jan 2012 Tweet Up Survey Results Post Well deserved break!
  • 44. Roadmap Deliverable Start Finish StatusIrish Recruiters Winter Conference 16-12-2010 16-12-2010 Not StartedWebinar – Introduction to Boolean and the CIR course 20-01-2011 20-01-2011 Not StartedEnd of application to become Irish Recruiters 2011 Annual Now 14- 01-2011 StartedMemberIrish Recruiters Tuesday Club – Dublin, Cork & Sligo Free Training 8-03-2011 8-03-2011 Not StartedEventIrish Recruiters Annual Conference – This is going to be the best 26-05-2011 26-05-2011 Not Startedone ever!Irish Recruiters Tweet Up – Food, Pints and Craic 17-06-2011 18-06-2011  Not StartedWebinar – Introduction to Advanced Searching Techniques and 14-07-2011 14-07-2011 Not StartedAutomationIrish Recruiters Tuesday Club – New Frontiers 23-08-2011 23-20-2011 Not StartedIrish Recruiters Tweet Up – Food, Pints and Craic 16-09-2011 17-09-2011  Not StartedIrish Recruiters Survey 18-11-2011 18-11-2011 Not StartedIrish Recruiters Members Tuesday Club and Christmas Dinner 29-11-2011 29-11-2011 Not Started
  • 45. Learn world class techniquesTRAINING
  • 46. Courses• Irish Recruiters in association with CIPD have created 3 world-class internet recruitment courses for the Irish market to help raise the level of recruitment sophistication in Ireland and bring the best talent the world has to offer to these shores• The courses are mostly evening courses delivered in Dublin but there will also be 1 day courses on offer in and outside of Dublin, as well as options for in company training when training is for 6 or more people• This year courses will be based in Dublin and Cork and cost 499 euros per person and a special rate of €399 for Irish Recruiters Annual Members
  • 47. Certified Internet RecruiterCourse Outline:• The distinction between traditional and social media and cloud recruitment• Introduction to the tools you will need to start mastering internet sourcing e.g. browsers, search engines, toolbars, social networks, blogs• A comprehensive section outlining what are search engines, how they work, and the differences between them• A detailed dive into learning how to use Boolean logic to unlock millions of CVs on the internet. This section will involve a lot of practical exercise generation and sharing of results within the class. How to flip search and x-ray servers and peel back URLs• The important anatomy of a URL• You’ll learn how to use field commands and wild card searches• What is the deep web and why it is so important for a recruiter• What is our philosophy on passive candidates and why we thing they increase quality of hire• How to tailor your search to international recruitment assignments so that you can carefully craft Boolean strings for the European and Asia markets• How to do time machine searching, code language searching as well as quick competitive analysis tag sourcing
  • 48. Advanced Certified Internet RecruiterCourse Outline:• Understanding the semantic web and the different types of semantic indexes that exist and the advantages that can be gained by proximity searching• A deep dive into the advanced search syntax that exists in Google with clear example of how to use some of the more useful modifiers• World class discussion and tips on how to create a systematic approach to finding candidates email addresses on the Internet• A look at some of Irish Recruiter’s favourite productivity tools and techniques• There will also be teaching on the advanced anatomy of “Locators” which will assist those who want to understand how to get creative with URLs• The important subject of syndication and automation will also be discussed with examples of how it can make all levels of recruiters understand their industry, markets and competitors better• There is a module on the ever increasingly complex world of advanced Twitter techniques• We’ll look at the world of search at LinkedIn• An introduction to capturing techniques• A look at people search engines• You’ll also get to understand a new concept called slashing• We’ll finish off then with a dive into the evolving world of social search
  • 49. Certified Social Media RecruiterCourse Outline:• Understanding the importance of social media with examples of best case scenarios from world class brands• A deep dive into the world of social networking and the variety of networks that exist around the world• How to create a social media recruitment strategy that scales. This section will dive into the main considerations that need to be taken into account before you build your strategy.• A deep dive into LinkedIn and the plethora of tools and techniques that can be deployed on the site to drive your social media recruitment strategy. We’ll take a close look at some of the more advanced features that most people do not pay close attention to but offer huge advantages when deployed properly• A deep dive into Facebook and how it can be used to build brand. At this part of the course we’ll dive into some world and Irish examples of Fan Pages in the recruitment industry worth reviewing• The course also takes a close look at using Twitter and picks a small number of recommended apps to be aware of.• We’ll also look at the power of using YouTube to build brand and we’ll take a close look at how building your own YouTube channel into your social media strategy is worth considering
  • 50. Ctd• We’ll look at the interesting topic of widgets and buttons and why they are so important• The important topic of metrics will be carefully analysed with recommendations given for free and paid tools that can help you understand your ROI on investment.• We’ll then look at the innovation that is currently taking part in the world of social media with plenty of time spent reviewing apps, blogs and other social tools and sources that every recruiter in Ireland interested in the world of social media recruitment should be aware of.• Finally, we’ll talk about the future of social media recruitment and some of the trends and technologies that will shape the industry in the coming years.
  • 51. Companies who have taken the courses in 2010Google Principal HR Harvey NashFacebook Hays Recruitment Boston Scientific GSK Concern WorldwideArithon CITCOSelect People Sigmar Recruitment MilliporeJohnson and Johnson TTM Sligo Institute of TechnologySynergy Recruitment Matheson Ormsby Prentice Lotus Technical Sabeo Contracting ServicesDeloitte
  • 52. Training OfferIf you book all 3 course by eveningin Dublin by 14th of January 2011– Non Annual Members = 1250 per person– Annual Members = 1000 per person
  • 53. Big thanks to the sponsors and have a great Christmas!THANKS FOR COMING!