Pertinence de Polycom dans l'écosystème Lync


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Pertinence de Polycom dans l'écosystème Lync.
Animée par Gérard Béraud-Sudreau.

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  • To Set the stage: Polycom at a Glance …THE leading dedicated pure-play open standards-based unified communications provider. We’re a $1.4 billion company today, and growing.Market: Unified Communications & Collaboration. Our technology provides seamless connections between diverse audio and video endpoints. Market-leading ecosystem: Global network of more than 7,000 partners (Microsoft, IBM). We are also putting a lot of emphasis on developers, System Integrators and Service Provider partners (such as AT&T, BT, Telstra, China Unicom, Airtel) —relationships that are increasingly important for us as a platform provider. I’ll be talking more about this in a minute. Global customer base (415,000+) very well diversified across industry verticals as all types of organization benefit from UCPolycom leadership evidenced by market share gains and recognition from Forrester as the #1 player in the video conferencing space ….
  • Top analyst firms view Polycom as a leading provider of video collaboration.
  • Video collaboration is the new standard in communications. It is evolving rapidly – how it’s used, where it’s used, by whom and for what – and its use as an enterprise productivity tool is also growing rapidly.New survey of almost 5,000 enterprise video end-users around the world, fielded byWainhouse Research and Polycom found:The top benefit of video conferencing is increased efficiency/productivity (94 percent), followed by increased impact of discussions (88 percent), expedited decision making (87 percent), and reduced travel costs (87 percent). Video helps remote workers feel more connected to their colleagues. Of the total respondents who work from home, 87 percent strongly agree or agree that the use of video conferencing allows them to work from home without feeling disconnected. When asked how their companies are using video conferencing today for specific, newly emerging use cases, “Meet with Customers and Partners” is the top response(71 percent).Couple other stats not on this slide:Quarter of respondents say they video conference daily, 39 percent weekly, 21 percent monthly, and 14 percent every few months.Multivendor environments are the norm, so interoperability is critical – 60 percent say they “primarily use” more than one vendor’s equipment or software to videoconference; 32 percent use three or more.
  • Polycom and the industry has changed considerable over the past 20 years… from conferencing to video conferencing in the 1990s, to immersive telepresence, and in the last year or so software-based mobile video collaboration that extends video beyond the traditional conference room.In addition, Polycom is driving cloud-delivered Video offerings– working with leading service providers – which will be another way businesses purchase video collaboration. And most recently, with the unveiling of RealPresence CloudAxis, Polycom will offer browser based video to extend enterprise video to anyone with a browser.
  • A year ago we put forth a very assertive Vision: to make video collaboration ubiquitous.We have done a great deal to drive it forward with our Strategy: To make video collaboration simple to use and available to everyone through open, standards-based software—delivered through private and public clouds—that connect people securely across any network, protocol, application or device they want to useAnd we’ve made significant progress on this vision, quarter after quarter.
  • This chart depicts Polycom® RealPresence® Video Solutions. The foundation layer of core networking and security sits at the bottom. Our software platform sits in between the foundation layer and the application layer, in the blue box.The light blue bar represents our rich suite of open APIs that we just announced in July. The APIs enable for developers, partners, and service providers to integrate business apps such as billing, scheduling, directory, management, and monitoring with the RealPresence Platform, making it much easier to enhance and extend the value of RealPresence video solutions to new industries, new use cases, new users. Above that is application layer – business & communication applications provided primarily by our partners. At the top of the chart you see the environments in which customers use our solutions whether on the go, at work, in conference rooms or immersive theaters, regardless of the networks, protocols, or devices.In between the application layer and the environments, you see the RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite. The RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite is a breakthrough solution that extends secure Polycom video collaboration to anyone with a browser and camera on their smartphone, tablet, or PC—including Skype, Facebook, and Google Talk contacts. The RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite is an extension to the Polycom RealPresence Platform. I’ll share more on this shortly. Now, let me draw your attention back to the bright blue box – the RealPresence Platform. There are 5 key components, or functional modules, to the Platform. Universal Video Collaboration – software for multipoint video, voice, and content collaboration that connects multiple protocols, enabling people and content to connect at the highest quality for the lowest cost. (You know this as Video Collaboration Servers and the RMX family.)Video Resource Management – software to centrally manage, monitor, and deliver video collaboration across an organization. (You know this as Resource manager and CMA.) Virtualization Management – The Polycom RealPresence Virtualization Manager is a unique network-based virtualization application for managing and distributing calls across collaboration networks.  Virtualization Manager offers scalability, redundancy, and resiliency – up to 25,000 concurrent sessions and 75,000 device registrations on up to 64 video servers – needed for global enterprises and cloud deployments. (Historically, DMA.) Firewall Traversal and Security – software that easily and securely connects video participants inside and outside the organization while optimizing for the best collaboration experience, whether delivered within the enterprise, business-to-business, or business-to-consumer. (You know this as RealPresence Access Director and VBP.)Video Content Management – software for secure video capture (recording and playback) as well as content management, administration, and delivery of video content. (includes Media Manager, RSS video recording and streaming and the Capture Station for content capture and live streaming from any number of audio/video inputs.)And the entire group of RealPresence solutions are supported by a robust portfolio of Polycom services, supporting customers at event step – from planning, deploying and operating.
  • Last October, we made the most significant series of product announcements in Polycom and our industry’s history – and we are delivering on this, with these solutions available to customers today. These four industry-transforming announcements include:1. A superior new User Experience and next-generation end points with bring stunning design, intuitive UI, and unique technologies you can only get from Polycom. I’ll show these to you in a moment.2. New enhancements to the RealPresence Platform that future-proofs our customers because they are EXTENSIONS of our platform.3. A new portfolio of Mid-Market solutions that ensures companies of all sizes can benefit from the power of video conferencing while staying within their budgets, and will allow us to be more competitive in this space4. And RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite, an industry first. This new product extends enterprise-grade video collaboration to anyone with a web browser, as well as those on Skype, GoogleTalk, Facebook: making B2B and B2C collaboration possible
  • 10 Million Audio Devices and CountingWe have an expansive product line of innovative audio technology, which includes the legendary Polycom® SoundStation® conference phones, Polycom VVX Business Media Phones and other devices.Polycom has been the industry leader in audio conferencing solutions for more than 20 years. Showcasing the company's continued innovation and commitment to providing the best possible communication experience, Polycom recently announced it recently shipped more than 10 million audio devices since the company's founding in 1990.
  • 10 Million devices and counting - Extending our voice leadership, openness and integration with Microsoft® Lync™ across the new Polycom® VVX® Business Media Phones
  • Nearly every solution Polycom offers today supports some level of direct integration into Microsoft Lync and Exchange platforms.
  • The key concept here is Polycom’s direct and native integration approach into Microsoft that no one else provides end-to-end. Others use one or more gateways to get some or nearly all the same capabilities, while others support some level of direct integration, but with a limited feature-set.
  • We also have a lower cost “USB only” option without SIP Telephony – ordered as “CX5100”. In most cases, you should position the CX5500 which can be used as a “conference phone” in the room when Lync video is not used on a call.
  • *Polycom Conferencing Outlook or Lync Online Meeting supported
  • * Polycom Conferencing Outlook or Lync Online Meeting supported
  • *Hyper-V support is available on CSS v1.1.1
  • Overview: PRMM v6 SharePoint IM tightly integrates Media Management with, and provides additional ROI for customer’s SharePoint implementation. End users visit one portal – SharePoint, and get full benefit of MM.
  • Pertinence de Polycom dans l'écosystème Lync

    1. 1. Polycom at a Glance Polycom at glance Financial Strength US$1.4B Revenue in 2012 US$728M in cash and investments Strategic Partnerships 7,000 partners 40 Interoperable Microsoft Lync Solutions Robust IBM and AT&T Alliances Market-Leading Ecosystem Customer Momentum 415,000+ customers 100% of the Fortune 100 97% of the Fortune 500 96% of the Fortune Global 100 Industry Momentum Polycom named Video Conferencing Leader in new Forrester Wave Report
    2. 2. Industry Analyst Recognition Perfect Scores: Quality of Experience Interoperability Product Roadmap Partners Security and Compliance “Strong Positive” Group Video MarketScope • New Group series improves UI and adds additional control • Extended service provider relationships • “The best integration with Microsoft® Lync™” Leader Enterprise Videoconference MarketScape “Polycom is the leading best-of-breed vendor in the video collaboration market.” The Forrester Wave is copyrighted by Forrester Research, Inc. Forrester and Forrester Wave are trademarks of Forrester Research, Inc. The Forrester Wave is a graphical representation of Forrester's call on a market and is plotted using a detailed spreadsheet with exposed scores, weightings, and comments. Forrester does not endorse any vendor, product, or service depicted in the Forrester Wave. Information is based on best available resources. Opinions reflect judgment at the time and are subject to change.
    3. 3. Video Collaboration is the New Standard in Communication Businesses say the top benefits of video conferencing are: 94% Increased efficiency and productivity 88% 87% Say video helps employees work remotely without feeling disconnected from their colleagues Increased impact of discussions 87% Expedited decision making 71% Say they want to use video to meet with customers and partners 87% Reduced travel costs Polycom and Wainhouse Research Report, “The Real Benefits of Video”
    4. 4. Polycom UC&C Innovation Journey CloudAXIS Browser Based Video Cloud-Delivered Video Powered by Polycom RealPresence Platform Software Based Mobile Video Immersive Telepresence Video Conferencing Conference Calling 1992 1998 2007 2011 2012
    5. 5. Polycom Vision and Strategy Vision Strategy To Make Video Collaboration Ubiquitous To make video and voice collaboration simple to use and available to everyone through open, standards-based software—delivered on-premises or from the cloud—that connects people securely across any network, protocol, application or device they want to use.
    6. 6. Polycom RealPresence Video Solutions ® ® Polycom Services On the Go Home Office Work Office Conference Room Immersive Theater RealPresence® CloudAXIS™ Suite IM/PRESENCE CALL CONTROL WEB CONFERENCING VIDEO COLLABORATION MOBILITY SOCIAL BUSINESS APPS Polycom® RealPresence® Platform RealPresence APIs Universal Video Collaboration Video Resource Management Virtualization Management Core Networking & Security Firewall Traversal and Security Video Content Management
    7. 7. Future of Video Collaboration Is Here Now Industry-Transforming, Breakthrough Solutions Superior Polycom User Experience and Next-Generation Endpoints New UI, RealPresence® Group Series, RealPresence® VisualEdge™, RealPresence® Desktop 3.0, RealPresence® Mobile 3.0 Enhancements to RealPresence® Platform Deliver 3X HD Video Capacity via Open StandardsBased SVC New Portfolio of Mid-Market Solutions RealPresence® Collaboration Server 800s, Virtual Edition—industry’s first multi-protocol, integrated software MCU that runs on industry-standard servers Industry First! RealPresence® CloudAXIS™ Suite lets customers extend secure enterprise-grade video collaboration to users of Skype®, Facebook®, Google Talk™ and anyone with a browser and camera
    8. 8. Industry Leading Voice Solutions 10 Million Devices and Counting Extending our voice leadership, openness and integration with Microsoft® Lync™ across the new Polycom® VVX® Business Media Phones
    9. 9. Polycom + Microsoft Momentum 70 250 5M 86% 97 + 10M 76 40+
    10. 10. 7 Reasons Customers Choose Polycom 1 2 3 4 Easy to use Open Standards and Interoperable Best TCO Investment protection 5 6 7 Broad range of solutions and delivery options Enterprise-level security and carrier-grade scalability Polycom + Microsoft Lync = most complete solution
    11. 11. Broadest Voice/Video Solutions Available for Lync
    12. 12. Polycom‟s Unique Architecture Solution Lowers Cost, Reduces Complexity, Increases Scalability, Provides Redundancy • Polycom provides Direct Integration versus Gateway approach  NO implementation complexity  NO additional network overhead  NO single point of failure  NO additional hardware costs Conferencing Core Lync Clients Lync Phones Video Endpoints SIP Phones
    13. 13. Polycom Video Interoperability Microsoft Lync Video Qualification Optimized for - CX family of devices offering native rich collaboration experience Video Interoperability – Tested and qualified for video interoperability program The Polycom Approach Offer customers optimized and interoperable solutions Integrate existing video infrastructure (endpoints, MCUs) with Lync and other core MS infrastructure (AD, Exchange, SharePoint) Provide direct integration for best user experience, lower TCO, and less complexity for management End-to-end video solutions for enterprise as well as vertical applications, such as healthcare, education
    14. 14. Microsoft Native Video Endpoints CX5000 HD Collaborative meeting spaces USB Plug-and-Play Small conference rooms/informal table settings Possibly no central display/projector All/most attendees have laptops Office 365 support CX7000 Lync optimized conference room experience Simple User interface AD Search, IM, Voice, Video, Collaboration Supported Ideal for collaborative meeting with video Enhanced video quality (HD with high-end optics) Supports Lync Management and Monitoring 360º Panorama
    15. 15. Enhancing the Value of Lync with new CX CX5500 (Availability target: Q4, 2013) General use with laptop in rooms Standalone audio conference capability eliminates the need for a second device on the tabletop Works with Open SIP Voice platforms or Lync Server CX5100 (Availability target: Oct 30, 2013) USB connection to a laptop or a Lync room system Telephony via Lync Room System
    16. 16. Technical Specifications CX5000 HD (2012) New CX5500 and CX5100 Active Speaker Video 720p/15fps 1080p/30fps Panoramic Video 1056 x 144 1920 x 288 Audio 150 Hz – 7.5 kHz 160Hz to 22kHz Telephony Analog (POTS) or USB CX5500 – USB (via Lync client) or SIP Telephony CX5100 – USB only (via Lync client) USB USB 2.0 USB 3.0 Privacy Cap None NEW Locking Captive Privacy Cap 2X video improvement with highest Polycom audio quality
    17. 17. Polycom RealPresence Room HDX Features HDX 4000, 4500 H.264 High Profile support for reduced bandwidth (720p30 at 512kbps) HD 1080p, Polycom HD Voice and H.239 content sharing Polycom Lost Packet Recovery QoS technology, which helps ensure great quality even amid network issues Industry-standard protocols that connect to millions of standards-based video systems in use today Lync Interoperability Same firmware and Lync integration capabilities across all HDX desktop and room models Real-time Video (RTV) support Dual registration with H.323 and SIP Exchange Calendar support* HDX 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000
    18. 18. Polycom RealPresence Room Group Series Features 1080p/60 People or Content streams Redesigned, simple user interface and remote Eagle Eye Acoustic Camera H.264 SVC Support Polycom SmartPairing technology to control Group Series with tablet H.264 High Profile support for reduced bandwidth (720p30 at 512kbps) Lync Interoperability Same native registration approach Real-Time Video support Capability to leverage H.264/SVC with Lync 2013 Exchange Calendar support Group 300, 500, 700
    19. 19. Polycom RealPresence – Immersive OTX RealPresence Immersive Industry’s most realistic and high-definition face-to-face meeting experiences for larger teams Driven by special Immersive Telepresence (ITP) software on multiple standard HDX units Only the primary codec appears in Lync directory Capabilities Peer-to-Peer calling support in Lync Content shared from rooms can be seen by Lync clients ATX RPX
    20. 20. Polycom UC Infrastructure - RealPresence Platform RealPresence Platform is the Interoperability Engine for Lync Collaboration Server 800s, Virtual Edition and 1500, 2000, 4000 Collaboration Server / RMX Bridge Extends Continuous Presence and High Definition conferencing to Lync clients Transcoding for different call rates, video/audio algorithms, signaling, and resolution Conferencing interconnectivity to SIP and H.323 endpoints Supports Cisco CUCM, Microsoft Lync, and Polycom environments in the same multipoint calls (through DMA) Distributed Management Application (DMA) Provides extensive scalability and redundancy features Virtualizes conferencing resources Extends peer calling capabilities out to H.323/SIP endpoints SIP trunk to multiple SIP servers DMA
    21. 21. Polycom UC Infrastructure - RealPresence Platform Content Sharing Suite Content Sharing Suite Enable Lync and standards-based (H.239/SIP BFCP) video solutions to share content together Lync client is able to send or receive H.264 content stream from Collaboration Server Virtual appliance, runs on VMWare or Hyper-V* Web-browser-based access also supported Lync 2013 Client Lync 2010 Client Web-browser Access
    22. 22. Video Content Management Companies are looking for VMC solutions integrated into their infrastructure RealPresence Media Manager – Lync and SharePoint integration Content Capture Content Management Content Delivery End-User Experience • Tight relationship to Lync • Supports a wide variety of content sources • Strong workflow for content governance* • Standardize video processes with rules and automation • Broad spectrum of network optimization capabilities* • Easy on your network • Easy for IT Staff • Tightly integrated search within SharePoint • Do more inside SharePoint
    23. 23. Enhance the User Experience for Content Viewing within Your SharePoint Site SharePoint Integration Module v2 for Polycom® RealPresence™ Media Manager 6.0 Delivers unique enterprise video management capabilities within Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Embeds Media Manager functions for video content browsing, integrated search, and program viewing with the SharePoint environment Optional module for SharePoint users for Polycom RealPresence Media Manager V6
    24. 24. Polycom RealPresence platform Corporate Network • Intégration native des plateformes de communications unifiées telles que Microsoft lync UC Platform CloudAXIS RSS RMX + CSS • Appel point a point , multipoint • Partage de l‟audio,de la video et du contenu DMZ HTTP Reverse Proxy RPAD RM DMA Video Endpoints Internet
    25. 25. Polycom Expands the Microsoft UC Portfolio Experience Extended Architecture Optimized Broad Interoperability Enabled Operations Scaled Multi-party HD conferencing Integrated recording, playback and streaming Wide range of natively integrated room and personal devices to fit the experience Design the Lync and Polycom RealPresence environment in the way that best suits your organization Leverages the strengths of each while increasing functionality Combines the adoption of Lync with vast amount of standardsbased platforms for unprecedented reach Extends and accelerates integration with new devices and platforms Increase large meeting capacity and localize the bulk of media traffic No additional network overhead No single points of failure
    26. 26. UC Professional Services FULL SOLUTION DEPLOYMENT FOR MICROSOFT SOLUTIONS* Includes design, planning and execution Deployment team installs and optimizes all necessary Polycom equipment and software to provide complete solution Polycom remote and onsite personnel (Solution Consultant, Project Manager, Delivery Engineer) Deliverables: Functional integration of Polycom products not currently part of the solution A working integration between the your existing Microsoft environment and Polycom video conferencing solution and/or PCO integration Verified test plan results Comprehensive orientation on operation and management of the integrated solution *Required service when integrating with a Microsoft environment
    27. 27. Summary Polycom provides the most comprehensive and complete solutions for Microsoft UC, including voice, video, conferencing, and video collaboration solutions. As a result of direct integration, Polycom solutions become part of workflow to enhance productivity along with Microsoft applications. With backward and forward compatibility and industry-best interoperability, Polycom solutions provide wide interoperability for the joint solutions. UC Professional Services ensure successful deployment of integrated solutions.
    28. 28. Solution Voix pour Lync Partie Commune Bureau / Poste de Travail CX100 95 EUR MSRP CX500 153 EUR MSRP CX300 130 EUR MSRP SoundPoint IP 321 92 EUR MSRP SoundPoint IP 331 115 EUR MSRP CX600 230 EUR MSRP Salle de Réunion CX700 455 EUR MSRP SoundPoint IP 335 / 450 / 550 / 560 / 650 VVX300 149 EUR MSRP VVX310 183 EUR MSRP CX3000 653 EUR MSRP SoundStation Duo 655 EUR MSRP SoundStation IP 5000 439 EUR MSRP VVX400 216 EUR MSRP VVX410 249 EUR MSRP VVX600 VVX500 368 EUR MSRP 292 EUR MSRP VVX500/VVX600 Camera 99 EUR MSRP SoundStructure C8 / C12 / C16 4227 / 5496 / 6765 EUR MSRP
    29. 29. Téléphones optimisés Lync  Extension naturelle du client Lync à laquelle sont habitués Facteurs de les utilisateurs Gamme Polycom CX Présentation différenciation/Positionnement Phone Edition  Logiciel Microsoft Lync CX3000 CX700 CX600 embarqué dans les CX500/CX600/CX700 et CX3000 : simplicité et facilité d'emploi  Gamme la plus complète de solutions optimisées pour Lync  Simplicité de déploiement  Intégration directe à l‟infrastructure Microsoft (Lync, Exchange, Active Directory) CX500 CX100 CX300 Avantages  Faible coût total de possession (TCO)  Faible coût de formation  ROI maximum grâce à votre infrastructure Microsoft Lync existante  Usages interne (dans l‟entreprise) et externe (petit site distant, télétravail, point de vente)
    30. 30. Positionnement des téléphones CX Haut-parleur mains-libres Périphérique USB, système audio HD „plug-and-play‟ avec 2 micros et 1 haut-parleur, jusqu‟à 2/3 personnes Centres d'appels, bureaux cloisonnés Parties communes, halls, couloirs, salles d'attente Bureaux, télétravail, „open space‟ Salle de réunion CX700 Combiné USB „plugand-play‟ avec écran monochrome, pavé numérique et indicateur de présence 455€ MSRP CX3000 655€ MSRP CX500 153€ MSRP CX600 230€ MSRP CX300 130€ MSRP CX100 95€ MSRP Téléphone IP pour partie commune, écran couleur, connectivité et fonctions restreintes (sécurité) Téléphone IP complet, écran couleur, mode „Better Together‟ pour couplage avec PC/client Lync, switch Ethernet (CX600 GigE) Téléphone de conférence IP, complet, écran couleur, mode „Better Together‟ pour couplage avec PC/client Lync
    31. 31. Gamme VVX Présentation Téléphones compatibles Lync  Téléphones multimédia pour Communications Facteurs de Unifiées différenciation/Positionnement VVX600 VVX500 Caméra VVX (uniquement pour VVX500/600)  Logiciel Polycom UC Software : Open SIP + Lync  Intégrables à un très grand nombre d'environnements de téléphonie et de Communications Unifiées VVX400 VVX410 VVX300 VVX310 Modules d‟extension VVX Avantages  Prise en charge de l'audio HD et de la vidéo HD  Interface simple et intuitive, écran tactile (VVX500 et VVX600)  Richesse fonctionnelle pour des échanges plus efficaces  Déploiement, gestion & maintenance centralisés  Intégration aux applications métiers
    32. 32. Positionnement des téléphones VVX Entrée de gamme Téléphone entrée de gamme, excellente qualité audio, 6 touches de lignes, SIP standard + compatible Lync Bureau, centre d'appels, poste standardiste, bureau cloisonné, bureau de cadre Bureau de direction Téléphone milieu de gamme, écran couleur, excellente qualité audio, 12 touches de lignes VVX600 VVX500 368€ MSRP 292€ MSRP VVX400 216€ MSRP VVX300 VVX410 149€ MSRP 249€ MSRP VVX310 183€ MSRP Téléphone milieu/haut de gamme, écran couleur tactile, calendrier Microsoft Exchange, navigateur web, 12 touches de lignes, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, etc. Téléphone haut de gamme, écran couleur tactile, 16 touches de lignes, USB, Bluetooth
    33. 33. Accessoires gamme VVX Entrée de gamme Bureau, centre d'appels, poste standardiste, bureau cloisonné, bureau de cadre Module d‟extension 88€ MSRP Module d‟extension couleur 188€ MSRP VVX300 VVX310 VVX400 VVX410 Caméra VVX 99€ MSRP (VVX500/VVX600) Module écran couleur, 28 touches configurables avec indicateur lumineux bicolore, 3 touches de pagination, jusqu‟à 3 modules par VVX, alimentation par le VVX Module papier, 40 touches configurables avec indicateur lumineux bicolore, jusqu‟à 3 modules par VVX, alimentation par le VVX Bureau de direction VVX500 Double stack SIP et H.323, transmission vidéo jusqu‟à 2Mbps en 720p30, obturateur, inclinaison réglable, alimentation par USB VVX600
    34. 34. Usages : CX600 et CX3000 Calendrier / ‘Better Together’ Contacts / Recherche Interface Graphique Utilisateur Microsoft Lync Phone Edition Appel en conférence / Contrôle visuel
    35. 35. Usages : VVX500 et VVX600 Écrans principaux Contacts Interface Graphique Utilisateur Polycom UCS Calendrier Navigateur, patron/ secrétaire, BT oE, Apps Caméra pour VVX500 et VVX600
    36. 36. Points forts de l‟offre voix Polycom
    37. 37.
    38. 38. Une base de connaissance accessible 24h/24 Un espace de collaboration Indicateurs pilotage Vision 360 Paye & compta simulations - CERFRANCE Poitou-Charentes fait partie du 1er réseau associatif de conseil et d'expertise comptable. - 12500 Clients (Agriculteurs, commerçants, artisans, PME, professions libérales ou encore services) - 600 Collaborateurs - 35 agences réparties sur la région Poitou-Charentes Arnaud ROSSIGNOL CERFRANCE Poitou-Charentes I Témoignage LYNC - 12 novembre 2013
    39. 39. Une base de connaissance accessible 24h/24 Un espace Constat de collaboration Indicateurs pilotage Vision 360 Paye & compta simulations oUtilisation en constante augmentation de la messagerie instantanée oDifficultés de télémaintenance (mise en place d’écrans externes) oDispersion géographique : - Méconnaissance des disponibilités immédiates - Accès non personnalisé à la visioconférence hors salles équipées Arnaud ROSSIGNOL CERFRANCE Poitou-Charentes I Témoignage LYNC - 12 novembre 2013
    40. 40. Une base de connaissance accessible 24h/24 Indicateurs pilotage Vision o Désengorgement des messageries Outlook/Exchange → Objectif : 30% de mails en moins 360 Un espace de collaboration Paye & compta o Immédiateté des réponses simulations o Efficacité de l’assistance informatique o Outil d’accompagnement à distance Arnaud ROSSIGNOL CERFRANCE Poitou-Charentes I Témoignage LYNC - 12 novembre 2013
    41. 41. Une base de connaissance accessible 24h/24 Indicateurs pilotage Vision 360 Un espace de collaboration Paye & compta Déploiement en 3 étapes : oService Informatique + Relais comptable + Responsables (environ 100 personnes) oExtension à l’ensemble des collaborateurs (600) simulations oLes adhérents via CERFRANCE connect Arnaud ROSSIGNOL CERFRANCE Poitou-Charentes I Témoignage LYNC - 12 novembre 2013
    42. 42. Une base de connaissance accessible 24h/24 Indicateurs pilotage Vision 360 Un espace de collaboration Paye & compta simulations o o o o o o o Intégration à Outlook/Exchange Indicateur de présence Télémaintenance Partage de bureau / applications Messagerie instantanée Visioconférence Outil nomade (sous réserve d’une connexion internet) Arnaud ROSSIGNOL CERFRANCE Poitou-Charentes I Témoignage LYNC - 12 novembre 2013
    43. 43. Une base de connaissance accessible 24h/24 Indicateurs pilotage Vision 360 Un espace de collaboration Paye & compta simulations o Facilité d’utilisation: intégration à Outlook/Echange o Fiabilité de l’outil o Avoir des bonnes pratiques au niveau messagerie instantanée o Maitrise technique interne o Accompagnement des collaborateurs o Outil s’inscrivant dans l’évolution actuelle de l’informatique Arnaud ROSSIGNOL CERFRANCE Poitou-Charentes I Témoignage LYNC - 12 novembre 2013
    44. 44. Une base de connaissance accessible 24h/24 Indicateurs pilotage Vision 360 o Baisse des frais de déplacement o + de réunions mais qui durent moins longtemps (2h) et plus efficace et productive Un espace de collaboration Paye & compta o Plus de réactivité grâce à la messagerie instantanée simulations Arnaud ROSSIGNOL CERFRANCE Poitou-Charentes I Témoignage LYNC - 12 novembre 2013
    45. 45. Rendez-vous cet après-midi : 14h30 – 15h30 : TO3 Innovaton Video en Lync 2013 – Salle Rubis 16h00 – 17h00 : TO8 Extension de Lync côté client – Salle Rubis