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Antoine Reid - Design Portfolio & Resume 2010 (Version 2)

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This is an alternate version of my design portfolio E-mailer with my new logo and personal branding. You may view more samples of my work at www.antoinereid.com and send comments to …

This is an alternate version of my design portfolio E-mailer with my new logo and personal branding. You may view more samples of my work at www.antoinereid.com and send comments to Decaptain@gmail.com.

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  • 1. INE NTO UN A H DUS ne D Antoi Green Stre eid ushun R et REID GRAP HIC ART IST, DES IGNER AN g D ILLU n Saymp STRATO les R 1212 701 n Desi rop rt of , N.C. 27 764 Resumse nalosdd are thteupe oreredistribute Durham 19.215.0 c e age e lease do no s (P )9 The im m Antoine written or expre Reid. P ssed co nsent. ail.co apt ain@gm ct.html without (E) Dec com/conta reid. www .antoine
  • 2. ABOUT ANTOINE REID Antoine Reid is an innovative XPE RIENCE WORK E ORK &NCE graphic designer with over five years 2010 -August experience in print design special- June 2006 master W IE b izing in promotion and publication ctor, We ine rt Direa Gardener Magaz .C. A lin oro, N EXPER design, illustration, and creating Caro nsb nd Gree ra by dynamic content for the Web. Durham a azine into a new e new old g b with a the ma tte. Steered it into a new era colorful pale by ter, nching ced a brigh of the Website ep lau trodu d the utility to ke n that in f Twitter . redesig atically increase ing the use o future readers SHIPS Dram e overse h current and INTERN ing and introducstant contact w it ay 2006 resent 2006-Mgn Intern y 2008-P y Januar ic Desi in con Maic Artist h Graphid Designs Grapna Performing A rts e elancAntoine Re Fre , N.C. Car oli ill, N.C. Durham lH task of Chape h the complex pieces for a g market by- d wit tional rseein “What I really appreciated in the fr eelance es that re ic Entruste g the promo rtist and ove al of the about Antoine and his ing new trail tic design serv ’ promotion de signin cert a g and arriv an excit d artis lients file con rin Blazed g illustration an orated many caffordable pric e. high-proing and orde design process was that he offerin d and reinvig efforts at an ric the p ces. listened very carefully to 006 final pie st 2005 e g energiz nd advertisin 4-May 2 5-Augu riter ntern a 00 ber 2 y 200 Januar ic Design I what we were looking for, Septem igner and Wazine he stuck to his guns when Des Mag h Graps Network, Inc. it was important and he Graphic Lambda el Hill, N.C. Rucku , Va. Chap ore n graphic s by gave us plenty of options. at garn ered m an Herndo e web r illustration g-edg f vecto His creative process mirrored a cover th conversation th ry. d cuttin o ustrated rked more ’s histo Create n unique style fluence that . d and ill lication ga e in ience our own and that payed off a Designe liments and sp ver in the pub usin ith a gru ng et aud comp any other co style w led to the targ in the final result.” appea — Michael Fagans, Secret Identity Media
  • 3. “Antoine has a gifted eye for graphics, and the ability to bring them to life. He always ILLS & ON brought a very fresh, vibrant SK TI style to whatever he was working on at the magazine, DUCA and he had a personable, E RE easy-going attitude. SOFT WA op I enjoyed working alongside Photosh him, as he helped produce Adobe InDesign Adobe strator the ads internally for clients Illu Adobe e Suite ION when necessary, so the ft Offic EDUCAT arolina collaboration was fun. He’s Microso HP HTML/P h ty of North C quick to learn new things, Flas Universi el Hill mmun ication at Chap alism and M d PC ass Co and a breeze to work with.” Mac an ation nced with of Journ unic Experie School Comm /Visual sign, 2003-2006 — Daniel Monday, urnalism e Carolina Gardener, Inc. DESIGN B.A., Jo in Graphic D phy Emphasis Typogra ory The Miami ersity of les, Fl. Color ition / Comp os Univ Layout l Gab at Cora , 2002-2003 ed Attend MPLES 1212 Green Street DE SIGN SA LIO AND o.html Durham, NC 27701 PORTFO om /portfoli (P) (919) 215-0764 ereid.c w.antoinn and design port folio. (E) Decaptain@gmail.com ww .comrk and o Illustrati Online rdpress reid.wloamples of my w o www.antoinereid.com/portfolio.html oine //antwith additiona s www.linkedin.com/in/antoinedreid http: blog Design ieces. http://antoinereid.wordpress.com desig np Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/antoinereid
  • 4. RedHat DJ The Daily Tarheel, UNC-Chapel Hill This illustration started out as an illustration for a class project but turned into a signature piece in my design portfolio. I was entrusted with the task of coming up with an image for the cover of a magazine with the feature story of mixing different forms of media in today’s digital age. The illustration went on to be featured in a December 2005 edition of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s campus paper, The Daily Tarheel. It garnered many compliments and attention across Chapel Hill and has continued to be one of my most popular illustration works to date.
  • 5. ‘Attraction’ Lambda Magazine, UNC-Chapel Hill Lambda Magazine had a long history of covering issues related to the gay, lesbian and bisexual community but suffered from a lack of readers on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. As the primary graphic designer, I wanted to change people’s perceptions of the magazine and make the first issue of the 2005 fall semester a brand new start for the magazine. The use of illustration, the retro treatment of color and playing with the themes of sex and gender were combined to create this stunning front and back cover. The issue was the most popular of the semester with many new readers picking up the issue and reading through it just because of the visual appeal. The illustrations and change in design helped to open the publication up to the entire campus community, not just to those who identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual.
  • 6. Unity 2008 GLBTSA, UNC-Chapel Hill Every year the GLBTSA of UNC- Chapel Hill hosts a regional conference called Unity. Usually an undergrad is given the task of creating the artwork for the conference but in 2008, I offered to design all of the marketing collateral pro bono. I set out to visually make the conference stand out by using bright, vibrant colors to convey the diverse community the conference attempts to serve. The poster (right) was used as well as a postcard and website I created. The conference turned out to be one of the one most popular and many commented on how the artwork was attractive and a great departure from the past year’s efforts. This gave the conference and its organizers more credibility and took it from amateur status to a professional and well marketed event.
  • 7. Brochure Carolina Gardener, Inc., 2007-2008 In previous years, Carolina Gardener’s annual direct mail campaign consisted of a 2 color card and long letter. One of the first things I recommended when taking on the art director position was to change the design of the direct mail pieces to be more visually appealing. Instead of a long drawn out letter, I condensed the text into smaller, quicker points and turned the 2- color card into a tri-fold full color 4/4 brochure. The change made the direct mail effort of 2007 more effective, gaining a better return than previous years’ campaigns. It was also so successful that we chose to stick with this new, brighter, reader-friendly version for another year.
  • 8. ‘Travel’ Garden Discovery Tours, 2007 Garden Discovery Tours, in conjuction with Carolina Gardener, Inc., offered garden-related tours and marketed to the readers of Carolina Gardener magazine. The past methods of marketing wasn’t as effective so I recommended a postcard. The postcard was more cost effective than the previous bi-fold method. I based the design on the opening titles of the 1980s television show “Dynasty” to give the postcard a formal, regal feel that would resonate with Garden Discovery Tours’ typical clients who were in the 50-60 female age group. The postcard was highly effective in reaching new potential clients in a cost-efficent manner and was easier to manage and keep track of than the large forrmat brochure the company had been using in the previous years.
  • 9. Rose Hall Carolina Gardener Magazine As art director of Carolina Gardener I was responsible for the design of advertisements featured in the magazine. Rose Hall was a new client and they had a lot of information they wanted to display in their quarter-page ad. I wanted the ad to convey Rose Hall’s classic, historic background and keep the design modern, easy to read and uncomplicated. The client responded positively to the final design of their advertisement and felt that it was money well spent.
  • 10. Butterfly Carolina Gardener Magazine When I came into Carolina Gardener in 2006, the magazine lacked color and looked more like a newspaper than a glossy magazine. I introduced more illustrations throughout the publication, as with the butterfly to liven up the classified section of the magazine’s marketplace. The illustrations brought new personality, attitude and life into the well-established publication and helped set it apart from other competing gardening magazines.
  • 11. Menu Design Teriyakin’ Morrisville, NC , In July of 2010 I was presented the opportunity to design the menu for a new restaurant called Teriyakin’. To set them apart from other Japanese restaurants, the client wanted a distinctive, fun, family-friendly look. With a combination of illustrated characters and the use of bright colors that popped, the restaurant’s identity was shaped into being personable and light, just as the owner wanted. The 4 panel menu board was 24” x 24” (each). The design of the boards was such a success that I was later asked to design the printed menu as well. Using some of the elements from the bigger boards, the print version of the menu stands on its own as a fun, retro feel that makes people smile and feel at home at this young establishment.
  • 12. PARTIAL LIST OF CLIENTS SERVED: A&A Plants, Carolina Gardener, Inc., Carolina Performing Arts (UNC-Chapel Hill), Farm House Gardeners, Garden Discovery Tours, GLBTSA (UNC-Chapel Hill), KISU Healthy Lips, Lambda Magazine, Ruckus Network, Inc., Secret Identity Media, KISU, State-By-State Gardening, Teriyakin’ (Morrisville, NC), Wyatt-Quarles Seed Company. visit me online www.antoinereid.com