Adult Learner Success Series: Meeting the Programming Needs of Adult Learners

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Presented with Penn State Lehigh Valley Staff at 2009 Hendrick Conference.

Presented with Penn State Lehigh Valley Staff at 2009 Hendrick Conference.

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  • 1. Jessica L. Kirkwood, Coordinator of Career & Internship Services Debra Mynar, Adult Learner Penn State Lehigh Valley
  • 2. Penn State Lehigh Valley Approximately 850 students enrolled Five Bachelor degree programs Three Associate degree programs Two minors Adult Learner population of approx. 22%
  • 3. Adult Development Theories Erickson : 3/8 stages of psychosocial development focus on adulthood  Intimacy vs. Isolation, Generativity vs. Stagnation, Integrity vs. Despair Schlossberg: transitions & adult development Belenky, Clichy, Goldberger, & Tarule (1986): women finding a “voice” Reeves, P.M. (1999)
  • 4. Programming Topics & AdultDevelopment Theories Financial Planning  Generativity vs. Stagnation, Integrity vs. Despair Technology  Schlossberg Networking/Mentoring  Intimacy vs. Isolation Empowerment of Women  Belenky, Clichy, Goldberger, & Tarule (1986)
  • 5. Goals of ALSS Increase recruitment, retention, and satisfaction of adult learners at Penn State Lehigh Valley Connect adult learners to the campus community through the development of relationships with each other Help adult learners develop their own “identity” and support system on campus Provide programs of interest that will increase learning (knowledge) & participation of adult learners in out-of-class (co-curricular) activities
  • 6. Adult Learner Advisory Council Developed to provide feedback and suggestions for the ALSS program Requirements:  Attend two meetings each semester  Attend one ALSS event each semester
  • 7. ALAC Membership 16 adult learners 5 faculty 4 staff members
  • 8. Collaborations & Support University Relations Digital Commons Alumni Relations Penn State Alumni Career Services Student Affairs Faculty/staff Area professionals/community members
  • 9. Marketing, Advertising, Promotion Invitations sent via postal mail to all PSLV adult learners (Fall 160, Spring 142) Invitations emailed to all PSLV adult learners Active participation of adult learners in programs (presenters) 14” X 8.5” colored posters PSLV Newswire PSLV News & Events on homepage PSLV online campus calendar Career Services website (Events page) Table tents PSU LV Adult Learner group on Facebook Student Affairs emails to students regarding campus events Emails to faculty & staff to promote events Adult Learner Success Series: Nittany Networking Event Word of mouth Allentown BrewWorks, Promotion by Adult Learner Advisory Council Hamilton Room February 26, 2009
  • 10. Financial Planning for the FutureFocusing on money management in the current economic climate, as adultlearners face multiple challenges such as supporting a family, funding theireducation, debt, job loss and retirementATTENDANCE: 50 adult learners, faculty, staff, evening business class
  • 11. Investing, Budgeting & Decreasing Debt Kevin Brosious, CFP, CPA, PFS  Founder & President of Wealth Management, Inc., a financial planning and registered investment advisory firm  Adjunct professor at both Penn State Lehigh Valley and DeSales Universities teaching personal finance, investments and other business courses
  • 12. Saving Strategies &Finding the “Right” Financial Planner  Ray Hitti  Marketing Manager for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals  10 years with John Hancock Mutual Life  Adjunct business professor at Penn State Lehigh Valley
  • 13. Empowering Adult Learners through TechnologyCombining technology andnetworking to increasecommunity identity amongadult learners by providingalternative methods ofconnecting.ATTENDANCE:16 adult learners, faculty and staff
  • 14. Empowering Adult Learners through Technology PSU-LV Adult Learners on Facebook  Tricia Clark – Instructional Designer  Eileen Grodziak – Digital Commons  Jessica Kirkwood – Coordinator, Career Services  Debra Mynar – a student’s perspective
  • 15. Empowering Adult Learners through Technology LionLink  Professional networking program for PSU students and alumni offered through Alumni Career Services  Connects and establishes relationships with alumni for career information, advice and more connections  Networking etiquette
  • 16. Empowering Adult Learners through Technology Nittany Lion Recruiting  PSU on-line internship and job posting system  Create a profile  Post a resume  Search for internships  Search for part-time and full-time employment opportunities
  • 17. Empowering Adult Learners through Technology Blogging  Kate Morgan - Director, University Relations  Sharin Crivellaro – a student’s perspective  The blogs at Penn State  Alex Burdine – a student’s perspective  Blogging for $
  • 18. Nittany Networking Event WE ARE PENN STATE! Bringing adult learners and alumni together to build a bridge for mentoring and networking ATTENDANCE: 68 adult learners, faculty, staff, alumni and guests
  • 19. Nittany Networking Event A joint effort of:  PSU-LV Career Services  PSU-LV Alumni Society  PSU Alumni Career Services Tips on effective networking  Jennifer Wetzel & Misty Pavlic, PSU Alumni Career Services
  • 20. Nittany Networking Event William Baker – Owner, Dunderbak’s Cafe  Director of National Restaurant Association
  • 21. Women & WorkDeveloping anunderstanding of womenas leaders and learningabout opportunities forwomen in localorganizationsATTENDANCE: Adult Learner Success Series:14 adult learners, faculty, staff Women & Work Penn State Lehigh Valleyand organization representatives May 7, 2009
  • 22. Women & Work Dr. David Livert  Asst. Professor of Psychology Lorraine McClure – a student’s perspective  Asst. to Director of Student Affairs  May B.S. Business graduate
  • 23. Women’s Organizations Business & Professional Women’s Club of the Lehigh Valley  To achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information League of Women Voters  A nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy CareerLink  Connects communities, organizations and individuals to new ideas, technologies, talent, jobs, and opportunities
  • 24. ALSS Program Survey Likert 4 point scale = 5 questions Assessed knowledge, interaction, connectedness, and likelihood of future participation One open-ended question One multiple choice question 30 surveys completed
  • 25. ALSS Survey RESULTSProgram Know Interact Connect Know Particip Program Check AvgFinancial 3.73 3.25 3.25 3.58 3.75 3.51PlanningTechnology 3.38 3.00 3.13 3.25 3.38 3.23Nittany 4.00 4.00 3.50 3.50 3.50 3.70NetworkWomen & 3.63 2.86 3.25 3.63 3.50 3.37WorkOVERALL 3.62 3.14 3.23 3.5 3.57 3.41/4.0
  • 26. ALSS Survey RESULTS What programs/services/events will increase satisfaction levels? (multiple choice)  Adult learner organization (23)  Professional development (17)  Lecture series (16)  Family-friendly activities (7)  Other (1 – mentoring)
  • 27. ALSS Survey RESULTS How can PSLV enhance the co-curricular experience & increase investment in campus community?  “These workshops and discussions are a great beginning.”  “By continuing to build relationships on the level of an adult learner and offer them more programs which will be helpful to them in their everyday lives.”  “I’ve enjoyed hearing the personal stories that have been shared through these sessions. Thank you.”  Specific topic suggestions: more detailed & active Facebook group, time management, Second Life, direct mentoring
  • 28. Group Discussion What programs or activities are most likely to attract a large percentage of such a diverse population of adult learners?
  • 29. Suggested Improvements Actively utilizing adult learners and/or Adult Learner Advisory Council to plan & implement programs Participation in SGA Development of Adult Learner Organization Collaboration with departments  Student Development Team (Student Affairs)  Alumni Relations Faculty buy-in
  • 30. Reeves, P. M. (1999). Psychological Development. In M. C. Clark & R. S. Caffarella (Eds.), New directions for adult and continuing education: Number 84. An update on adult development theory: New ways of thinking about the life course (pp. 19-27). San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass Publishers.